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  1. Property question about Lakeland~Can he have his guitar?
  2. Stabbings? Beatings?
  3. Visiting @ Deerfield CF this weekend
  4. Transfers from Mid Michigan
  5. Question for the Bellamy Chics
  6. Carpooling to Florence Crane in Coldwater, MI
  7. Mid-Michigan photo tickets available
  8. westshoreline
  9. grand rapids to Deerfield in Ionia
  10. Does anyone else have someone in Westshoreline right now?
  11. ANOTHER fence goes up at Bellamy Creek..
  12. Hubby just arrived at West Shoreline..........
  13. How to post money to his account right away..............
  14. Need a place to stay overnight.........
  15. First visit at West Shoreline today...........
  16. Florence Crane Questions
  17. Pine River anyone???
  18. Boyer Road... anybody?!
  19. Adrian, MI
  20. Hubby says MPRI doesn't start until.........
  21. Mid Michigan Correctional Facility
  22. new phone carrier at crane
  23. Did anyone hear of an inmate passing this morning at Lakeland?
  24. anyone going to Deerfield in Ionia from Lansing area?
  25. Deerfield
  26. Concern Girlfriend Looking for Info on Pine River
  27. Pine River
  28. RE-Entry @ Bellamy Creek
  29. he dont want to leave
  30. Motel near Deerfield for next weekend
  31. Questions about getting married at Florence Crane
  32. Riverside CF
  33. Transfers At Handlon
  34. Questions about Bellamy Creek
  35. pine river
  36. Visitor Application Lost @ Deerfield :(
  37. Pine River mail Question
  38. Letters at Handlon
  39. Pine River Phone Question
  40. Pine River Visitors need info
  41. Question about Lakeland CF
  42. Mid Michigan
  43. Looking for info on the Boyer Road Correctional Facility
  44. Information on sending things to Riverside CF
  45. Carson City Vs. St. Louis
  46. Okayy Im New tO all this! - Looking for info on Pugsley
  47. Deerfield Correctional Facility???
  48. anyone heading to Pine River ?
  49. florancecrane new rules and visiting
  50. anyone travel illinois (or near)-Ionia??
  51. Michigan Reformatory Check-in, Gossip and Info Thread
  52. Questions?~about Brooks Level II visting
  53. Mid-Michigan CF VENT
  54. Florence Crane Correctional Facility
  55. Michigan Reformatory
  56. Lakeland Correctional PPL
  57. St. Louis MI Correctional Facility and Money Orders
  58. Camp Branch Check-In, Gossip and Info Thread..
  59. Tri City area to Coldwater
  60. Richard Wolfe jr?!?! at Lakeland Correctional
  61. Car pooling to St. Louis
  62. An awkward Phone call
  63. Bellamy Creek the Dorm
  64. St. Louis CF
  65. Lakeland correctional
  66. Questions about Cooper Street CF
  67. Loved One in Pine River
  68. Earnest C Brooks Correctional Facility Check In, Gossip and Info
  69. Im back and so is he :(
  70. Mid-Michigan Correctional
  71. How do U address your envelope to an inmate at Ernest C Brooks.
  72. Carpooling to St. Louis
  73. Experience at Deerfield?
  74. Visiting at Mid-Michigan
  75. Bellamy Creek Re- Entry
  76. Posting PTO flyer I went to post it and got told by a CO it had to be approved.
  77. New to St Louis
  78. Bellamy Creek Carpool
  79. I need transportation to Muskegon CF
  80. Bridge Builders Class?
  81. Clearing out W. Shoreline???
  82. Earnest C Brooks releases
  83. Anyone Traveling From Detroit,MI to Ionia, MI
  84. Programs at Muskegon Correctional Facility?
  85. Heading to St. Louis this week 8/08
  86. Updated Van Services
  87. Marriage process @ Florence Crane, Coldwater?
  88. Where is everyone from Lakeland???
  89. Florence Crane CF Information
  90. E C Brooks Correctional Facilities
  91. Carson City
  92. Bellamy Creek
  93. Mail problems at Crane?
  94. Let The 30 Day Countdown Begin...
  95. I've Got Good & Bad News..should be MDOC's motto, seriously..
  96. Calling Home :(
  97. West Shoreline becoming level 2?
  98. Effected by Detroit Crime Lab Shut Down
  99. Anyone have a loved one at Lakeland CF
  100. How much would they take out.....
  101. Camp Branch
  102. Cooper Fac Jackson
  103. Pine river has shut down business office!!
  104. Christmas gift?
  105. Lakeland Newbie
  106. Camp Branch Closing
  107. Camp Branch
  108. I've tried putting it elsewhere...
  109. Hi...I miss everyone
  110. Closure dates moved ahead
  111. Where money has to go for inmates as 2-1-09
  112. Death at Richard A. Handlon
  113. jpay or jaypay?
  114. Info on bellamay creek needed
  115. Jpay is up for richard a handlon and kinross
  116. Lakeland??
  117. Chicken pox/shingles at pine river
  118. Death of former lakeland inmate, please read (long)
  119. Boyer Rd. CF
  120. Bellamy creek
  121. Ionia Max~Anything recent??
  122. Pine River Being Changed to Level II???
  123. Visiting at Mid-Michigan Correctional
  124. Bay City driving to West Shoreline anyone need a lift?
  125. Anyone who knows what color Mid-Michigan wears?
  126. Personal Contact Information and Ridesharing (All Michigan Members Read)
  127. Rumor:Transferring Standish Inmates to Brooks?
  128. Visiting at Florence Crane
  129. Rumor - Moving all Muskegon inmates to Mound???
  130. Visiting at Handlon
  131. Might Be A Stupid Question~heard a siren when on the phone
  132. Carson City Correctional - 1st time visit questions
  133. New~Looking for info on West Shoreline/EC Brooks
  134. Holidays
  135. Is anyone going to Muskegon this weekend? Or ever!
  136. WATCHES in RMI~Visitor asked to lock up his watch!
  137. Looking for carpool to Ionia Max...
  138. how can i get up to carson city for my husbands parole hearing?
  139. Visit canceled because of alarm at Carson City East
  140. Going to visit at Parnall Sunday before TRRP
  141. Need info about carson city. Son just moved there.
  142. Warning!!! Bed bugs at alma motel
  143. Muskegon Via Metro Detroit Area
  144. Visiting info for Mid-MI
  145. New 2 Richard A. Handlon...question...
  146. Can you verify lockdowns and incidents at facilities?
  147. Going to Muskegon Correctional Facitily
  148. Florence crane Correctional Fac. (coldwater)
  149. Hotel/Motel near Mid-MI CF
  150. Son Transfered to St. Louis Facility
  151. Visiting Crane
  152. Jpay at Crane
  153. Visiting Someone in Pine River
  154. Anyone from Standish area going to West Shoreline
  155. Mosquitos at Handlon
  156. Is there a carpool to Florence Crane?
  157. Contact in lansing to move son closer to home
  158. Anyone going to West Shoreline this month??
  159. First Visit to Crane
  160. Any advice for first visit @ Carson City?
  161. Need a carpool a s a p
  162. Michigan Reformatory
  163. Happy Holiday message
  164. Any thing new going on at Florence Crane
  165. Level 2 facilities and medications questions
  166. Carson City and Mdoc "Canes" policy
  167. West Shoreline
  168. Hunny has been transfered to West Shoreline
  169. I need a preacher for my wedding. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  170. Son's at Earnest C Brooks
  171. Florence Crane Closing... :(
  172. Attention West Shoreline Inmates Family and Friends
  173. Hotels in Muskegon?
  174. Much need transfer info !!
  175. Michigan Reformatory?
  176. St. Louis, lets update this thing!
  177. MPRI Program?
  178. Cpl questions
  179. Visitor Application Approved! / Updated: "Red Flag" questions
  180. Central Michigan=Mid Michigan?
  181. Carsen City
  182. Central MI Corr. Facility (STF) info?
  183. St. Louis, MI 1st time visiting--Any Suggestions
  184. Info about Michigan Reformatory?
  185. Ionia info
  186. Finally he is at Ionia! Need info please!
  187. Ionia??
  188. Brown water at Handlon???
  189. Parole Hearing at Central Michigan (STF)
  190. Central in lockdown tonight
  191. Central Michigan CF (STF)
  192. A Few Bellamy Creek Questions
  193. Staph at STF (Pine River)
  194. Prisoners being moved and locked down due to riot
  195. Outside visits at Carson City East
  197. Bellamy Creek Prison Level II
  198. Carson city level iv...What to expect...
  199. Slow Mail at Ernest Brooks?
  200. Bellamy Creek Protective Custody
  201. Need info on Muskegon Correctional Facility (MCF) & visitation
  202. Bellamy Creek, Ionia, MI - visting while in the hole
  203. Moving to Carson City Level 1
  204. Requesting information/Help about Michigan prisons
  205. Carson City General Line not answering
  206. Central MI-St. Louis 2015
  207. Anyone have a loved one at Earnest C Brooks. How is it??
  208. St Louis Correctional Facility
  209. Lakeland Correctional guard abuses inmate
  210. Back again. This time Bellamy Creek
  211. Muskegon Corr. Facility
  212. Visiting at Michigan reformatory
  213. Lock Down - St.Louis
  214. Earnest C. Brooks: Any interaction between level 1 & level 4 inmates?