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  1. SAI and how it works?
  2. Who Do I Write For This To Happen?
  3. Ok So We Wrote Our Letters!
  4. Does Anyone What This Means?
  5. Need Answers About SAI Eligibility
  6. Charles Egeler Correctional Facility-How long until...
  7. Cost of Collect call From Charles Egeler
  8. Boot Camp (SAI) in Michigan
  9. What do you know about reception
  10. Author Seeking Info. on Life at Egeler
  11. Cassidy Lake-Questions!!!!!!!
  12. writting a letter while in reception
  13. question regarding Reception
  14. Phones at Charles Egeler Correctional Facility
  15. Charles Egeler Reception And Guidance Center
  16. SAI Program
  17. Any RGC to SAI Boot Camp info, PLEASE HELP
  18. From Egeler, right to SAI
  19. The hardest part
  20. RGC and Wedding Rings
  21. All You Could Ever Know About Special Alternative Incarceration *aka* SAI Boot Camp
  22. Help! Overkooked for boot camp interview
  23. New eligibility rules for SAI Boot Camp
  24. Charles Egeler - Being Transferred From
  25. Sai's Or Boot Camp Questions, Need Help
  26. Questions about C. Egeler Reception
  27. Boot Camp
  28. RG&C visits (what our loved ones are told)
  29. Can we use Western Union for Reception & Guidance Center?
  30. Help with quarantine at Jackson.
  31. michigan state boot camp-adding time if they don't complete program?
  32. Can my brother choose which prison?? Please help!
  33. Cassidy Lake (SAI Boot Camp)
  34. Help! Questions regarding SAI Boot Camp
  35. My Husband was JUST Sentenced to 7 Years
  36. SAI Cassidy Lake Bootcamp-Any info
  37. Mail to and from charles Egler
  38. phone calls at reception
  39. Can I send Pics to him at Egeler Facility???? Is there a limit??
  40. Books and other questions
  41. Can I call to find out how much is in his account?
  42. phone cards at Egeler Facility-What is it and how does it work?
  43. Charles Egeler more info and some questions
  44. I called and they said it's all on my end
  45. SAI Boot Camp Chit Chat
  46. Write the governor?
  47. Charles Engler Reception Center-C housing unit
  48. Corporal for a Day?!?!?!
  49. Help! Need Copy Of SAI Papers!
  50. The Hold On My Man - Judge Approval for Bootcamp & Dental Hold
  51. receptions center help
  52. I Found Him At Last!
  53. ? How Many Men Graduate In Boot Camp
  54. mail process at reception
  55. Status at Egeler?
  56. Qualifications for SAI
  57. Please Tell Me how long to process for SAI bootcamp?
  58. Do you have or recently had someone at Charles Egeler Reception Center?
  59. Index
  60. help (how is boot camp for women?)
  61. How long does it take for offenders to show up in OTIS?
  62. How long does it take to get to boot camp from time approved?
  63. What are the yard times at RGC?
  64. Why 40 days?!? (Still in reception)
  65. Classification-How soon are they moved from reception after being classified?
  66. What happens if they quit or flunk out of boot camp?
  67. Mi members who have had or have a loved on in SAI....
  68. Who all has a man in Egeler reception?
  69. How do I send money and mail to him in reception?
  70. Does anyone know how I can get a number for the SAI bootcamp?
  71. Why would he be moved to a difference cell block in reception?
  72. Getting into Boot Camp after medical release? How?
  73. Money Order Max Limit??
  74. I'm New to this, Could really use support, bf in Egeler.
  75. pls give yr input about this no mail yet
  76. What does each Security Level Entail?
  77. I'm Back!!!!
  78. Charles Egeler RGC how long is it taking right now to get moved ??
  79. will they transport from jackson back to county so he can be at his sentencing
  80. phone calls from S.A.I??????
  81. level 4 and 5 - Do the higher security levels leave reception faster?
  82. Holiday Visitation at Egler???
  83. Help-Need to know what to expect when he goes to SAI/Bootcamp
  84. Daily Events; Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center
  85. Information on 7 Block
  86. Feels like he died
  87. Scabies Outbreak?
  88. Were you Scared?
  89. Who decides if a person goes to SAI?
  90. My man's first time experience
  91. Still No Security Level
  92. Rolling in letters and phone calls!!!
  93. 100 guys with out Whites At Charles Egeler
  94. Charles Egeler RGC
  95. My bf had a parole hearing and is now in bootcamp, did he get flopped?
  96. Any news from Egeler????
  97. Dental at Egeler?
  98. 2 to 60 years or Bootcamp..? How does that make sense...?
  99. 2 questions... depression and ship out time
  100. Egeler 7 Block - HOW LONG????
  101. Update Prison Info Needed
  102. DONE with Egeler
  103. Hard Cover Books!
  104. change in security level
  105. Lake Cassidy Boot Camp Mail
  106. Reception!
  107. Confused about sending books to Egeler...
  108. Holy baldness!
  109. Egeler - Money/Restitution/ HELP!!!!
  110. Anyone else scared about the tranfers???
  111. Bootcamp: 2 questions
  112. Omg Help Me! He's a LEVEL II and his ERD is not posted
  113. Yard time question???
  114. "Blocks" in Egeler
  115. Any newly single moms have guys in reception?
  116. Now it's 7 BLOCK and a Ticket????
  117. Dental Kite delay at Egeler
  118. His first five days in Egeler
  119. So long away
  120. He just got his security level!
  121. Got there yesterday
  122. Jail time instead of Boot Camp?
  123. Haven't heard from him..
  124. Missed his FIRST call!!!
  125. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  126. 43rd day at SAI just around the corner
  127. Do they lose everything every time they move?
  128. Anyone else at SAI??
  129. boot camp question
  130. boot camp questions
  131. Security Level questions and a find...
  132. Can you please explain the "counselor" to me?
  133. 2 months in reception. How much longer?
  134. ? about boot camp
  135. Boot Camp Info
  136. how soon before they can call home?
  137. is there anyway to find out if they are approved for SAI?
  138. Anyone??? Where will he go, when can I visit?
  139. Finally..out of Reception!!
  140. ...just a waiting game.
  141. My Man's Outta Reception!!!
  142. When Will He Move
  143. 7 Block East Lockdown?
  144. MDOC Policy Directive SAI eff 1/1/06
  145. How much money does he need while at Egeler?
  146. egeler guidance center
  147. Are magazines acceptable at Egeler?
  148. SAI.. any info?
  149. Info About Charles Egeler
  150. I'm back...
  151. Simple Question About Mailing to Egeler!
  152. Cooper Street Facility the same as 7 block?
  153. I finally got a 2nd Letter!!
  154. Cassidy Lake
  155. 7 Block Closing
  156. All have to do time in the UP?
  157. Anyone know yard time for this week?
  158. SAI Questions?
  159. TOO Much Money at Engeler!
  160. Info needed re: SAI
  161. Waiting For Boot Camp Approval, Help!
  162. Boot Camp Approval
  163. S.A.I BOOT CAMP Graduate Here, Maybe I CAN HELP
  164. Let me introduce myself
  165. It's been 15 days!
  166. Egeler/Money
  167. Prison GED
  168. Medical Supervisor
  169. Differences
  170. I got a letter
  171. I got my 1st phone call!!
  172. Jackson Quarantine
  173. Boyer Road Correctional Facility
  174. Receiving Phone Calls - SAI
  175. security level
  176. what is gp protection at Charles Egeler
  177. How the days are counted in prison
  178. anyone know of updated commissary list and prices for Egeler
  179. It's been 3 1/2 weeks and haven't heard from him..
  180. SAI answers from an SAI grad
  181. Can you only be sent to bootcamp once?
  182. Sai Question
  183. R.G.C. question
  184. Recent releases from Egeler
  185. Just arrived at Egelar & already been sentenced by county
  186. 7 Block?
  187. I Got My 1st Letter!! :)
  188. Question about mail..
  189. What do I say?!?
  190. Sort of/kinda heard from him today...
  191. Did anyone else hear of inmates getting sick in Jackson?
  192. He finally called today!!
  193. Just do it...
  194. would you be mad? or am i just a spazz?
  195. when will he call
  196. Got 1st letter :)
  197. He transfered out of Egeler
  198. Parole violation hearing by satellite?
  199. Send affidavit to parole board?
  200. Got my first letters!!
  201. Lockdown at egeler causing mail problems
  202. Violation hearing on the 17th
  203. Need Help With Info about Boot Camp
  204. Okay, I'm really confused about this!
  205. Richard B. Fowler (Ricky)
  206. typical day at SAI?
  207. sentencing reevaluation?
  208. SAI Question
  209. Hyta~Holmes Youthful Trainee Act
  210. my boyfriend is..
  211. How long does it take to receive books?
  212. When can he call?
  213. SAI Boot Camp ???
  214. How long is the stay at Egeler?
  215. Freaking out about him not getting my mail
  216. Husband moved to Mound CF
  217. Lost in the system at Egeler?? 45 days????
  218. Are they in a single cell at Egeler for quarantine?
  219. questions about writing letters while in sai
  220. How long will it take?
  221. S.A.I. Eligiblity Info
  222. Can someone answer my question about intake please
  223. Abuse at Egler new member
  224. Brand New to This
  225. Sai
  226. No mail yet!!!!
  227. who are the approved magazine vendors
  228. getting the store at R C & G...
  229. A little Info for Familys of SAI Chelsea Boot Camp
  230. Update
  231. Lake Cassidy Graduation
  232. Where will he go?SAI or prison
  233. HELP I am new
  234. In need question answered fast please!
  235. Question RE: Phone calls from C. Egeler Reception & Guidance Center
  236. Thoughts--Ideas for PTO re RC & G info
  237. Money to Inmates
  238. SAI Documentary
  239. Who's Getting into SAI??
  240. Going crazy!?!
  241. What kind of books can we have sent to them?
  242. New to this!!
  243. New To They Still Get 1 Envelope?
  244. Security Levels and Where are they going?
  245. My Husband is in S.A.I. Boot Camp, They called today..
  246. S.A.I. Bootcamp Video Documentary
  247. SAI graduate
  248. phone call's
  249. S.a.i. Program Airing On June 17th
  250. Still eligable for SAI?