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  1. Tears of Joy - Parole Granted - He doesn't know....
  2. Omg, He Got Parole
  3. Parole Officer coming on Monday....
  4. He finally got a parole date
  5. He's been Paroled!!!
  6. Congrats & Best Wishes
  7. Dusty got Parole!!!
  8. help with my parole
  9. Parole hearing results...
  10. ? About Parole Placement
  11. He's Coming Home!!!!!
  12. Placement problems--UPDATE!!
  13. what happens after parole officer visit?
  14. When should I expect visit from parole officer?
  15. Allowed to go out of state on vacation?
  16. Help!! He needs an AA/NA sponsor ASAP!!!
  17. Parole w/N.F.D.waiting for home visit before long does it take?
  18. Update on Parole Decision
  19. anyone had a loved one released from cooper st. facility ?
  20. home visit over with!
  21. question about release
  22. Parole conditions for sex offenders
  23. The verdict is in on my home visit.
  24. Well we finally heard back from the Parole Board
  25. Pick Up Tomorrow at Cooper Street In Jackson
  26. Update on my husbands release.
  27. home visit question-will his po call 1st??
  28. He Got It!!!!
  29. Help with probation location
  30. To Pick Up or to Not Pick Up? That is the question...
  31. Anyone willing to rent?
  32. He's Coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. 3 Days Out of Prison - Here is How It is Going
  34. Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative is ready to roll
  35. 12 Days Out of Prison - Here is how it is going...
  36. 21 days of pure JOY...
  37. He's Home...
  38. home visit done!!!!
  39. Need some info please?re:Parole living expense check
  40. Driver's License-Getting one after release
  41. Interstate transfer problem
  42. parole policy
  43. 3 weeks and counting.....
  44. He's coming home!!!
  45. questions on getting out???
  46. who do I contact?
  47. Worried About Placement
  48. 18 hours
  49. 2 weeks to go
  50. He got parole
  51. Parole Rules
  52. ? about SCRAM PROGRAM
  53. Here's A Good One PB's Definition of SCRAM Program
  54. Do we have to be married for him to parole here?
  55. Home Visit Done
  56. Being released from "central"?
  57. parole and marriage
  58. Release Questions/Michigan
  59. In need of info for electronic tethering
  60. How does Tether work in Michigan?
  61. Paroled "Under The Door"
  62. when picking someone up...
  63. Only 11 sleeps and a wake up WOOOOHOOOO
  64. have a question-Parole Officer Visits
  65. No Word Yet!! However.... UPDATE!
  66. Haven't heard from him--Update!
  67. AquarianEssence.........Hubby Received Parole
  68. Got Parole
  69. home visits and what to expect
  70. decision notice--Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Home visit happened and I wasn't even home
  72. Question about home visit
  73. Guess What Pto Family?!?! My baby made parole!
  74. Another parole report! (Parole granted!!)
  75. He Got It!!!!!!
  76. driver's license
  77. question about release date/Coming home on Friday, Oct 7!!!
  78. Question about parole restrictions
  79. When can a parolee change his address he is paroling to?
  80. Detroit Halfway house
  81. Change of address he listed as where he will parole
  82. The wait is finally over!!
  83. He got paroled (woohoo)
  84. Praise the Lord he is finally getting out!
  85. Parole, Parole, Paroled!!
  86. Form signed regarding no firearms upon parole?
  87. AquarianEssence.........Hubby came home
  88. Almost Home from Prison!!
  89. BIGBREE31 wanted me to tell the family, David got PAROLE!!
  90. Paroled by mail
  91. Finally Got A Response From The Parole Board
  92. My baby got a parole!!!!
  93. Resources or Programs in Kent County/Grand Rapids for when he is released...
  94. He's Coming Home!
  95. "Finally Free Michigan" any info on
  96. Parole Granted!!!!!
  97. When on Parole is he allowed to spend the night elsewhere??
  98. 5 Days and a WAKE UP! - He'll Be Home!!!!
  99. How to Use this Forum
  100. Hubby rode out to Cooper Street - the last leg of a 19 year journey!
  101. Parole to a rented home? Does the *owner* have to approve?
  102. 5 Days And A Wake Up!!!!
  103. Comin home!!!
  104. Mdoc Screws Up - Dragons Suffer
  105. Home visit
  106. Home visit today
  107. Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  108. How Can I Put His Name On The Lease before being paroled?
  109. Tuesday is his big day
  110. He's home
  111. His family wants to be there when he walks out the doors....
  112. BigBree31's Man is Home!!!
  113. He's COMING HOME!!! "APPROVED" Aug.22, 2006
  114. MrsD...where's the countdown??
  115. I'm Leaving to go Pick him up!!
  116. We Got Our Parole!!!!
  117. Holiday Release
  118. Help with final release from a MI prison
  119. 4 weeks free tomorrow - a few observations!
  120. Resocialization programs???
  121. Oh happy day (tomorrow tomorrow.......)
  122. Fireworks on July 10... - UPDATE!
  123. Community Placement
  124. WELCOME HOME MR. Denimblue!!
  125. Home From Prison for Two Months - Some Observations!
  126. FYI....Clothes for going home
  127. Released 3-7-2006
  128. OMG!! He's Coming Home
  129. Index
  130. WOW! He's been home 3 months already!!
  131. Almost Home!!!!!
  132. coming home from trv center
  133. Good news....He got his Parole
  134. Surprise change in Parole date
  135. Congrads & good luck.....He's commin
  136. 3 days to go !!!!!
  137. Count Down Begins!
  138. He's coming home(i hope) I'm nervous!!
  139. Almost Free at Last!
  140. Count Down Begins!!!!! Update~ He's home!!!
  141. No Kids allowed when you pick up your loved one from prison
  142. finally coming home
  143. He's finally home!
  144. Home for 2 weeks
  145. Want to know how others homecoming experience went
  146. Today 8 months free
  147. I'm leaving today to pick him up tomorrow,,,
  148. He Is Coming Home Update ~ He's home!!!
  149. WOW.. Home 6 months already!!!
  150. Home 8 months now
  151. He may be released tomorrow ~ Update he's in jail in Gaylord
  152. Only 4 more days
  153. When will the parole officer come?
  154. Finally! - We have a release date
  155. Last Step - Almost Home!!
  156. Coming Home Finally!! Question On Release
  157. He's Getting Closer By The Minute
  158. Need info on Cotton releases.....
  159. He's Home Finally
  160. He's coming home!!!!!
  161. 1 Yr Free
  162. Moving while on parole - what's the process?
  163. just released questions - Is MDOC responsible for medical during parole?
  164. He's almost out!! WOOHOO!
  165. Question on Mel Trotter Ministries
  166. Great news on a few fronts...
  167. daughter received parole
  168. What do they wear home?
  169. PO Visits
  170. where do i live? Housing for felons
  171. coming home may 29
  172. We have a date for release!!! FINALLY!!!!
  173. Finally we got a release date!
  174. PO from Muskegon phoned me..............
  175. Oh My Goodness!!!what Will U Do When They Get Home
  176. They don't give you much notice on their outdate, do they?
  177. Release from UP Camp?
  178. He is HOME AND I am ALONE
  179. Guess What?
  180. Update~He's home and doing well
  181. 3 weeks from today
  182. He's coming HOME!!!
  183. Out of state parole
  184. Can a felon vote?
  185. Tomorrow!!!!!
  186. Tomorrow's the day
  187. Sex Offender Restrictions
  188. How are they different? How to treat them?
  189. Saturday is the day!
  190. 7 days and a wake up
  191. Yay!!!!!!!
  192. He's home and......
  193. We Got Parole!!!!!!
  194. false positives
  195. Tomorrow is the day!
  196. What Is Pre Release???
  197. He will be HOME TODAY
  198. parole granted!
  199. Quick Update
  200. Update
  201. Mpri At Saginaw
  202. Got parole papers
  203. Healthcare Program Valuable to Parolees
  204. a little nervous about coming home
  205. How do I know where to pick him up from?
  206. Mpri
  207. Update....
  208. Parole Officer visit
  209. Help! I need some advice!
  210. 7 month update
  211. Michigan State IDS
  212. release from the u.p.?
  213. He's home-4 month update
  214. Six month home update
  215. Medicaid when they come home?
  216. Question about a calender
  217. Please pray for me!
  218. Adjustment Help
  219. Early Release & Probation Question
  220. My Baby signed his release papers today!
  221. home at last!
  222. My Man Is Coming Home!!!!!
  223. Question On Release Process...
  224. July 3rd
  225. He's home!!
  226. Where can he parole too?
  227. Interstate compact to non-spouse?
  228. 2nd Parole Option?
  229. 2 Years Free Today
  230. Strange Scenario
  231. He is getting off of Parole I think
  232. Connecting with MPI Resources?
  233. MPRI Conference in Port Huron (St. Clair County)
  234. My Sugar is comin home!!
  235. Second time home
  236. wondering how long it will be before my love can come home- responses needed
  237. Jay is in prerelease! Could you tell me what that means?
  238. Can anyone help? Need info...
  239. Missing him
  240. home sweet home
  241. Does he miss me too? Feedback needed!
  242. I'm Starting To Resent Him, But I Luv Him
  243. Job Applications
  244. AOP completed but moved to Kinross
  245. Transitional Housing for females...
  246. homecoming
  247. more money for Mich if MDOC would stop holding inmates eligible for parole
  248. cash when they max out
  249. When can I expect the Home Visit now?
  250. Nfd?