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  1. 10% Date & Home Confinement
  2. getting a job after getting out?
  3. Home confinement with small children?
  4. Judge upholds use of halfway houses
  5. Federal Probation
  6. Federal Arrest Warrant
  7. Federal --- Restituion
  8. Restitution
  9. Federal Half-Way House (CCC) Placement & Time Calculations
  10. Is anyone purposely violating supervised release?
  11. Restitution Obligation at End of Supervised Release
  12. Travel permit
  13. Where Can a Felon Travel
  14. likelyhood of getting home confinement
  15. halfway house
  16. half-way house
  17. Release to CCC/Halfway House Questions
  18. half way house nightmare
  19. Need advice from people who have been in halfway houses!
  20. Supervise Release
  21. federal halfway house
  22. Supervised release questions
  23. Explanation of the Federal Half-Way House / CCC
  24. Federal 1/2 house & home confinement?
  25. tranferring states
  26. Will he get halfway house by Thanksgiving???
  27. home visit
  28. When does the Federal Probation Officer visit to approve a release site?
  29. Home Confinement
  30. After Probation
  31. Halfway House or jail?
  32. CCM and halfway house question
  33. Celebrate with me! My Club FED membership expired!
  34. federal halfway house locations
  35. Need Info on Federal parole stipulations
  36. Federal Supervised Release
  37. Traveling while on federal probation
  38. Restitution and Supervised Release?
  39. Procedures for Home Visits from the US Probation Office
  40. Federal Probation Restitution
  41. Regional Probation/Parole Offices, How much power?
  42. what is allowed in the federal halfway house
  43. Federal Restitution - In a nutshell
  44. pre-trial officer same as probation officer?
  45. Can hubbie be around his brother who is a felon???
  46. Question about halfway house
  47. Serving time in a halfway house
  48. Federal parole
  49. **Finally, the PO is Coming**
  50. Can convicted felon on probation visit inmate in prison
  51. What to expect with Federal Probation / Supervised Release
  52. Half Way House
  53. What are the chances of a convicted felon having the opportunity to hunt again?
  54. Federal Probation... Need Early Release Forms?
  55. Info on Limitations on CCC Transfers to Home Confinement
  56. New Limits on Transfer of CCC Prisoners to Home Confinement
  57. Rules of Probation
  58. House Arrest Information
  59. Federal Probation / Community Service
  60. What are the "Rules" for House Arrest?
  61. going early to half-way house
  62. First visit with my federal P.O.
  63. Does Anyone Know Anything About Probation Violations?
  64. Lookin for advice for a halfway houser going back to prison
  65. Release and probation question?
  66. Home plan after release
  67. Crash with no license... ? re: Federal Probation Violation
  68. Questions about rdap,halfway..etc
  69. Can a person on federal probation move while on supervised release?
  70. question about new housearrest
  71. Question on Transfer to Halfway House
  72. Question about federal restitution
  73. cjjack question (home confinement)
  74. What exactly is 'Supervised Release'?
  75. Percentage of Income towards restitution
  76. Fed-X is off probation tonight! - I MADE IT! :)
  77. Home Confinement - Question?
  78. halfway question and money question
  79. Halfway house employment question
  80. I have a list of ALL the federal halfway houses in the U.S. If anyone needs info.
  81. Federal Probation Nevada
  82. Halfway house - home confinement questions
  83. Disclosure of Federal Conviction (Employment)
  84. Possession of firearms while on probation
  85. Did Martha violate house arrest?
  86. Federal Probation
  87. Planning to leave the country after probation
  88. Federal house arrest question
  89. Shock Probation?
  90. Federal Probation violation question...
  91. Question about his pre-release, (living arangements)
  92. what its only been 2mnths... Question re: Fed Probation
  93. halfway rules
  94. HalfWay House
  95. by passing halfway house
  96. help for home confinement
  97. Halfway Houses too crowded, he'll be staying in prison for the duration
  98. Halfway House Time
  99. I Am Excited To Read My PSR
  100. probation for a SO or CP crime
  101. A question About when Probation Adds Points in PSR
  102. DNA Collection
  103. Questions about supervised release
  104. early supervised release question
  105. Halfway House Question???
  106. Questions about firearms in the home
  107. Probation procedure for former federal inmates
  108. I have a question about federal halfway house
  109. Probation Officer Home Approval?
  110. I am on Federal Probation and just got a DUI - what will happen?
  111. Half-way House? What Is It?
  112. I have a Federal Halfway house question relating to violent crime
  113. What percentage of time can be served on home confinement?
  114. Is someone with a gun charge able to go to federal half-way house?
  115. Help! 72 hours to report to federal "supervised release"
  116. Not Going To Prison
  117. Sample letters for early federal probation termination?
  118. Writing Inmates when you are on Probation
  119. Supervised Release Question
  120. what I had to do to travel While on Home Confinement
  121. What can you take to fed halfway house?
  122. Halfway house question St. Louis
  123. Question about home confinement after halfway house
  124. Halfway House Questions????
  125. Home Confinement Started Today
  126. Employment requirements while at Federal Halfway houses
  127. Parole, Probation in the Federal system?
  128. Halfway House Time
  129. HC Fever!
  130. Moving on Federal Supervised Release
  131. Do you get the same Federal Probation Officer when you get released from prison?
  132. Finished 5 months of home confinement
  133. Federal Half way houses - how do they work?
  134. U.S. Probation and Parole Home Visit - what are they like?
  135. To Those of You That Have Been on Home Confinement
  136. Federal Home Confinement
  137. Halfway House: Does it matter where you work? Can you have visitors?
  138. Whats a Halfway House and am I gonna go there?
  139. Federal Probation and Community Service hours question
  140. Is Federal probation even a possibility?
  141. Federal Probation Early Termination?
  142. Federal Halfway house information
  143. Questions on Federal sentence length, parole, house arrest .
  144. Federal Home confinement questions
  145. question on supervised release
  146. Probation / halfway Houses: Which Cities are Easiest In The Fed System to Get Through
  147. Do I need permission to get married if I'm on federal probation?
  148. Welcome to the Federal Probation & Community Supervision forum
  149. Sentenced to 5 years state with federal (22 mos) running concurrent...parole??
  150. Does anyone know about any Federal HH near Tampa?
  151. Federal Probation - what is the maximum you can get
  152. A List of All Federal Halfway Houses Here
  153. Difference Between Probation & Supervised Release?
  154. U.S. Probation Officer paid me a visit.
  155. Question about home confinement
  156. any info on hwh in Creston, Bronx
  157. Husband released from federal prison and probation now says we can't live together?
  158. How to leave the halfway house?
  159. Is This Allowed/Can I see him if he's in Jail and I'm on Federal Probation?
  160. Need some clarity, I think he is being dishonest!
  161. Cornell Federal Halfway House Resident Handbook - Houston, Texas
  162. Cavalcorp, Raleigh, NC
  163. Halfway House Time
  164. Federal Probation Transfer
  165. Can I Work For My Own Company While On House Arrest
  166. Question about probation/fines
  167. where you are placed
  168. info on going back to school
  169. Halfway House Question about having a vehicle
  170. Will There Ever Be Parole?
  171. Supervised Release and Money
  172. Both on probation. What are the chances?
  173. How much time to serve on a 30month sentence and time to 1/2 way house?
  174. Early termination of SR- asked my PO today
  175. Sex Offenders in Halfway Houses
  176. 3rd Party Risk for Employers
  177. federal time
  178. Failing Drug Test While on RDAP After Care
  179. Phone use at Halfway House --- Questions
  180. Halfway House Questions
  181. What Location???
  182. question about revocation!(kinda long)
  183. Today is our BIG day!!
  184. Need some quick help with restitution
  185. Can he work for me?
  186. Time Served on Class C Revocation?
  187. Probation power limited
  188. Problem with halfway house driving priviledge
  189. Yep!! You Guessed It Another Halfway House Question...
  190. Halfway House Visitation List - another problem
  191. Halfway House In Oklahoma City
  192. The PSI- What you need to know (#2)
  193. Can PO require full-time vs. part-time job?
  194. Traveling outside of state on supervised release
  195. Early Termination of Probation or Supervised Release
  196. Halfway House takes 25% of travel expense?
  197. Question About Probation
  198. New Halfway House in Wheeling, WV
  199. Going home from half-way house????
  200. home confinement
  201. Anyone - Michael - Please Help!!!!
  202. Release Process? Information needed
  203. Please help - supervised release questions
  204. HWH Drug testing question
  205. Please I need some advice
  206. USPO house visit question -- Need advice
  207. Told my PO about PTO
  208. Federal Probation and transfers-Please help!
  209. Federal Probation and transfers-Please help!
  210. Supervised Release Questions - Please Help
  211. half-way house time part of probation?
  212. Question for FED PO
  213. Driving Rules at HWH
  214. Newark Half-way House
  215. Need information for his transition to halfway house (Leavenworth)
  216. Probation officer making life really hard!!!
  217. Early Termination of Pro. in WI
  218. Halfway house and College
  219. working for family while in 1/2 house
  220. PO Home Visit questions
  221. QUESTION: Weekend visitation rights with kids restored
  222. Some Probation Questions
  223. Question about traveling from the HWH...?!?
  224. restitution after off paper
  225. Question About Getting Transfer?
  226. State and Federal running concurrent- Help
  227. Question if I will be allowed to drive him from prison to the HWH
  228. having dsl while on home confinement
  229. How much time can they give on PO violation?
  230. Sex Offenders -Halfway House or Home Monitoring?
  231. Restitution To Be Paid In Full & Probation
  232. Supervised Release
  233. Supervised release-early termination
  234. I'm worried I won't make it off my probation in 4 months
  235. Federal and State
  236. HWH- Home Confinement
  237. Federal Supervised Release Rules
  238. Questions
  239. hwh-question
  240. HWH vrs Home Confinement- Rules the same?
  241. New Problem- HWH Home Inspection
  242. Help!!!
  243. WARNING! HWH Home Inspection
  244. RDAP grad probation after care info
  245. what is federal probation?
  246. How long does HWH have to get home insp. done?
  247. successful early termination of SR
  248. hwh-question
  249. Anyone familiar with 1/2way house in Council Bluffs, IA?
  250. how much time will he likely serve on a 40 mth sentence?