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  1. Can Americans with a felony conviction visit Canada?
  2. child support in Canada
  3. Gun Laws?
  4. Help (Sex offender registry in Ontario?)
  5. Can you help???
  6. Any info on job re-entry for newly released friend?
  7. I need some Info?
  8. Canuk with felony wanting to go to US
  9. Offenders Serving Life Sentences for Murder
  10. Conditional Release and Parole
  11. Temporary Absences from Prison
  12. Canadian in the US
  13. Personal Reference Letters to Court
  14. Bill C-16 - FYI
  15. How long after parole until release?
  16. parole 2006
  17. is there hope for parole with murder in the 2nd?
  18. !@$^ off - vent about parole officer
  19. my parole letter
  20. getting a community assessment
  21. Community Assessment
  22. What is a community assessment?
  23. DUI conviction HELP!
  24. Parole Yesterday - No Phone Call yet - What do i think?
  25. First Parole Attempt A No Go
  26. parole moved
  27. felon travelling to Canada
  28. Problems after Parole....
  29. Recommended Parole Revoked
  30. Welcome to the Canadian Parole, Probation & Legal News
  31. Please help, information needed/Canadian youth prisons
  32. National Parole Board Information
  33. BC,Ontario and Quebec parole boards
  34. Correctional Service of Canada: Integrated Police & Parole Initiative
  35. Pre-sentence Report Question
  36. Writing a letter for appeal... and the appeal process
  37. parole community assessment
  38. Inside a long time - adjusting on the outside
  39. Parole Board Forms
  40. British Columbia Parole Board Members Profiles
  42. Questions regarding parole
  43. AIDWYC - Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted
  44. How to find out parole or release dates
  45. Conditional Sentences
  46. How is a conditional sentence enforced?
  47. The Canadian Constitutional Act - Part 1
  48. Legal Aid Services Act
  49. How much time for prostitution?
  50. Work Release Eligibility Dates
  51. update on ringo / New Update: Halfway House Bound
  52. Back Support payments? Does anyone know about this?
  53. Restitution ?
  54. How long for parole volation ? pls.Help
  55. Please Read -- Question Regarding Parole Violation
  56. On the RUn ..
  57. Need advice (turning myself in)
  58. I just had my pre-sentence report
  59. B.C.Parolees lose parachute in decision to merge parole boards
  60. drug offence...
  61. intense supervision probation
  62. Can someone please answer my intensive supervision questions?
  63. Husband Paroled!!!
  64. Aaron's Detention Hearing...
  65. Deportation information
  66. Parole Officer
  67. Trying to Prepare for my brothers release
  68. Parole Question
  69. Parole offices and community correctional centres
  70. Parole Hearing
  71. Bench Warrants/How long in jail?
  72. 2nd time parole
  73. Are prisoners able to attend major events like weddings?
  74. Criminal Records in Canada
  75. can anyone help me??Boyfriend going up for parole
  76. Getting out of prison-FAQs about releasing offenders
  77. finding employment after parole...
  78. Traveling to Canada as a felon...just found out about inadmissability
  79. support letter??????
  80. Looking for information
  81. Voilation
  82. Appealing Parole Decision
  83. concerned and confused about DUI charge
  84. Moving provinces on probation
  85. Letters of support
  86. name change after prison?
  87. Need some info please...concerning Toronto West Detention!!
  88. Info on Deportation TO Canada?
  89. Background Check after Job Offer?
  90. help with some questions
  91. Parole on a provincial sentence
  92. Community Assessment questions
  93. Community Assessment questions
  94. parole in Canada-Federal prison
  95. Private Placement
  96. A Question About Finishing Probation
  97. Marriage to a USA inmate???
  98. Parole Question
  99. Travel while on parole
  100. Parole Hearing and Halfway House info needed
  101. 1st degree murder and attempted murder charges in Canada
  102. does anyone know anything about this?Need info on parole hearing
  103. Probation-moving province.
  104. parole officer homophobic at parole hearing
  105. Search Warrant Voided?!? pls help
  106. Break and Enter charges.. how long in jail?
  107. lawyers-how to find a good one?
  108. Is my past coming back to haunt me?
  109. violating probabtion......
  110. Plea Bargain...and stuff
  111. do people actually get full parole at 1/3rd?
  112. dead time
  113. Long Term Seg in Pretrial
  114. transfer from Provincial to Federal
  115. Day parole
  116. First time offender but violent charge
  117. What exactly is day parole?
  118. Abolishing Statutory Release?
  119. Travelling with a Felony?
  120. Warrants
  121. "dead time"
  122. pardon question
  123. Jointly Charged? Need some opinions pls :)
  124. Need information on Parole hearings please
  125. Disability Pension in Prison
  126. Parole info please
  127. New Charges on Parole
  128. parol board lawyer
  129. deportation then immigration
  130. parole board question
  131. Time served in a Federal Penetentiary question
  132. Canada Criminal Records Database
  133. It's almost time...what do you think?
  134. writing a letter of Support
  135. HELP!!! Pleeaassee.
  136. I am very sad and scared
  137. Urgent
  138. Very Happy
  139. On to chapter 2 of our saga...
  140. Can an inmate be granted a pass for child birth??
  141. 1st offence
  142. I need help (again) lol
  143. a.p.r. question
  144. Parole hearing: how often, and can you move it up?
  145. ontario justice system, this normal?
  146. Couple questions (CNCC)
  147. Legal question. Any good lawyers here?
  148. Filing bankruptcy while incarcerated
  149. halfway house-provincial full parole
  150. need information on the rights of the inmates in a provincial jail.
  151. Anyone familiar with no contact conditions?
  152. APR TAKEN AWAY!!! help please
  153. Halfway houses
  154. Correctional Service Canada Parole Information
  155. Community Assessment Interviews?
  156. Fast Tracking
  157. Eligible for early release?
  158. Transfer Request-what is the process?
  159. I am a young offender
  160. APR and Camp??
  161. New and have questions on his possible sentence
  162. Halfway house question
  163. A mother needs answers!
  164. parolee arrested for "trafficking"
  165. what happens to a parolee when he pisses dirty?
  166. Turning in a gun and getting your charges dropped
  167. im going nuts trying to get a clue what the outcome might be..
  168. Support for National Parole Hearing???
  169. WED...what happens after that?!
  170. Important question! marrying a Convicted us felon.
  171. No Help For Persons On Parole, Just Lie Down And Take It!
  172. Ankle Bracelets
  173. How often can you apply for parole in provincal custody
  174. Parole Haearing - anyone gone to one?
  175. entitled for parole?
  176. Quick Question about release
  177. Need Info on Transfer Ontario to Quebec
  178. I need legal information for my spouse, who is currently residing in Lindsay. (CECC)
  179. Needing Advice On Sentences - (Ontario, Canada)
  180. In need of a Lawyer in a bad way!!
  181. What Would You Do If......
  182. LTO Assessment Application
  183. My Parole Officer Lied To Put Me In Jail, Parole Board Also Went Along With It!!
  184. Correctional Investigator's Office
  185. Foreign Conviction
  186. Parole Lawyers - Kingston
  187. Information needed
  188. Please help!- parole violation question
  189. His transfer treaty got excepted
  190. Please help me find answers ! very scared
  191. Info on Bill C-59 (Accelerated Parole Release)
  192. Parole at 8 months?
  193. Waiving parole right
  194. Whats next?
  195. Joint recommendation agreed to crown played dirty
  196. Provincial parole questions (Ontario)
  197. Letters of support - when should you start writing?
  198. Ups and downs
  199. Reading Material/Books 4 inmates soon released??
  200. Release Info from Penetang?
  201. Support letters for parole
  202. Reduced sentence... Now what?
  203. Day parole vs Full parole for 2 yrs sentence
  204. What type of restrictions are put on sex offenders on release
  205. Legal Aid Services
  206. Parole interview
  207. Parole Transportation
  208. Lifer's-PFV's
  209. Info on house arrest
  210. Anyone got parole in provincial jail
  211. My Father sentenced questions about Parole
  212. Info on Parole in provincial jail in Ontario
  213. Looking for parole information
  214. Bill C-10
  215. Parol waving because the P.Offiter said, did he do wrong?? plss help
  216. Canadian Sex offense laws
  217. Parole Hearing in 20 Days
  218. Letter from the alcohol addiction centre! Please, help!!!
  219. Example of letter outlining reasons fot T.A.P. (Temporary Absence Program)
  220. Parole Question
  221. Parole Revoked
  222. Will an Appeal affect parole?
  223. What happens when he is released?
  224. Where do I turn after community assesment PO strongly against contact?
  225. Income tax questions.
  226. Advice\info on husband being detained
  227. I need help writing a letter for community release
  228. Needs to take program to address risk factor?
  229. New relationship with Day parolee?
  230. Confused - question about parole
  231. Parole - looking for more information
  232. Can they look into a YO record of a support person
  233. Very upset with the parole board!
  234. Do they always get parole? this is ridiculous!
  235. Advance Parole Release..?
  236. Should I change the lawyer or my charges are really serious?
  237. Parole in Ontario - under 2 years
  238. His parole starts 2015, does that mean that's when he'll be released?
  239. My son is doing 5 years/when is parole?
  240. Parole unfairly revoked
  241. How to apply for Day parole?
  242. Alberta Parole Suspended
  243. Didn't get the insurance coverage
  244. Can He Get An Early Release on a Manslaughter Charge?
  245. Faint Hope Clause
  246. Question about Temporary Absence
  247. Need info about parole process in Alberta
  248. Anybody get treaty transfer from US to Canadian Federal prison
  249. Private Home Release???
  250. Boyfriend's parole officer & my pending charges. He wants me to call his PO