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  1. Article: Candidate Risks Election Over Lifer Pardons
  2. NYTimes article:To More Inmates, Life Term Means Dying Behind Bars
  3. Article: US Leads in Life Sentences for Youth
  4. Article: No LWOP minimum in Nebraska, court says
  5. Welcome to the 'Lifers News' forum!!
  6. Article: Lifers enhonerated by dead lab worker's legacy
  7. Article: By the numbers--Sentencing enhancements mean more Minn. lifers
  8. Article: NY drunk driver hasn't killed anyone but faces life because he might
  9. News Release: Only 12 kids serving LWOP outside USA
  10. Serving Life for Crimes Commited During Childhood
  11. Editorial: Holding Arnold accountable on lifer parole
  12. Landmark decision for California lifers!!!
  13. Senator: no more life without parole for juveniles
  14. Editorial: Don't Discard Youthful Offenders
  15. Article: Convicted killer receives order for new hearing
  16. Inmates Get Chance To Publicly Express The Need For Prisons To Focus On Rehabilitatio
  17. Articles: Sad tale of the youngest lifer
  18. Argentina Ends Life Sentences for Minors
  19. Getting Out: Politics keep lifers behind bars
  20. Update, California Lifers!
  21. Cutting life sentences not equitable process
  22. Getting pregnant with your lifer through Artificial Insemination
  23. Maine has strictest guidelines for handing life sentences
  24. Increase in LWOP means many aging lifers
  25. Colorado newspaper series inspires movement to give parole for juvenile lifers
  26. Awesome series: Teen Crime, Adult Time -- Teen lifers in Colorado
  27. Children Sentenced to LWOP
  28. Amnesty Int'l. Answers the Critics on Juvie Life Sentences
  29. Article: Emotionally charged play about women lifers
  30. 'Inmates should have conjugal visits' -- U.S. prison official
  31. Article: Rethinking Life Sentences
  32. News: U.N. panel to review life sentences for juveniles
  33. Convicts confront their past (CA)
  34. PA: Criminologists, [life-serving] prisoners seek end to street crime
  35. Maryland Gov. gives clemency to lifers
  36. Lifeline: Hope for Lifers Without Parole
  37. Mississippi tackles youth life sentence changes
  38. News: Ca Bill to Reform Juvenile Life Sentences
  39. Fresh assault against Rockefeller drug laws
  40. Mo. to Free 2 Lifers Who Killed Abusive Mates
  41. Lessons taught by lifers
  42. Rare lifer parolee gets second chance
  43. NLA Newsletter from MI encourages PTO to loved ones
  44. Article: Lifers living with their families
  45. prison costs 101
  46. Lifers series, part 1: Sentencing children to life
  47. Radio story on teen lifers
  48. Article: What is a life sentence? The meaning of life
  49. Article: Parole board members feel pressure
  50. Second chance for young lifer
  51. Lifer parole policy needs balance
  52. Editorial: Young lifers deserve at least a chance at parole
  53. Bill would change Florida lifer laws for kids
  54. Triumph, tragedy mark lives of men exonerated in '88 murder
  55. THE CAGED LIFE! Is Thomas Silverstein a prisoner of his own deadly past.
  56. Locked Up for Life -- FOX News series
  57. Sentenced to Life, Not Death By Franklin Castle
  58. A comment I found on an article.....Makes alot of sense!
  59. Supreme Court will hear cases on LWOP for juveniles!
  60. Escape makes it hard for others
  61. Last chance for CA juvenile fair sentencing act.... your support is needed
  62. No Exit: The Expanding Use of Life Sentences in America
  63. Article on Life sentences and need for change
  64. 3 judge panel on early release...
  65. The unforgiven-must read!
  66. ARTICLE: Supreme Court considers life in prison for juveniles
  67. When California denies a murderer parole, should it need a reason?
  68. Project Decarceration
  69. James Bain Exonerated after 35 years in prison
  70. Life in Prison: The Cost of Punishment (Documentary)
  71. Federal lawsuit filed against Va. Parole Board
  72. More States Rethinking Life Sentences for Teens
  73. Life Does Not Mean Life Without Parole
  74. Life Does Not Mean Life Without Parole
  75. Please help restore family visits to CA lifers
  76. Former Fort Ord soldier adjusts to new world after his release from prison
  77. Lifer Support Alliance March News Letter
  78. Lifer Support Alliance News Letter
  79. Michigan Mlive special edition on Juvenile Lifers
  80. Title and Summary issued to Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012
  81. Lifer Support Alliance November 2011 Issue
  82. Lifer's Family and Friends Project
  83. UK "Whole Life" sentences deemed legal.
  84. Help for Lifers in California?
  85. Marsy'Law!!!