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  14. Anyone know of Books by lifers for lifers
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  18. Life Insurance for Inmates
  19. July 2nd update for Family Visits!!
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  21. ? Any Lifer Support Groups on the Inside-Bellamy Creek, MI
  22. Canada: documentary about Lifers (2001)
  23. Article: (Midwest) Lifers group: Taking Life imprisonment seriously
  24. Sufi projects for Lifers
  25. Canada: SaskPen Lifers group
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  27. PA: Lifers promote a program of personal change
  28. NY: Exodus group for Lifers (Eastern Correctional Facility)
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  35. How can I find out info on lifers in Georgia?
  36. F.A.C.T.S. Meetings (Los Angeles area)
  37. California sb399 -- what would it mean for juvenile Lifers?
  38. Are there lifers meetings/get togethers for everyone?
  39. CURE LIFE-LONG Chapter
  40. Article: Federal Sentence Reduction for special circumstances
  41. Lifer Support Group in Philly
  42. Hayward's Case ruling...(re: making parole)
  43. Putting family visits on as a ballot initiative
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  46. Preparing for Parole (Attn Lifers) - class today 1/27/11
  47. My Husband Got 25-Life
  48. Prisoner Rights Workshop for LIFER Family and Friends
  49. Propesed New BPH Regulations
  50. Call to action: Regardgin BPH Regulations!!!!
  51. Regulation Disaproval
  52. More Good News For Lifer IN RE:VICKS DEALS BLOW TO MARSY’S LAW
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  54. Lifers' Families & Friends July Meeting
  55. Parole board hearing attorney?
  56. juvenile lifer books?
  57. Anyone know of Self help books lifers can use for parole packet?
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  59. Help with appealing Life in Il
  60. Getting by day by day.
  61. Hope for Lifers in WV?
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  63. What To Expect At A Lifer Hearing in California
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