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  1. Parole help - wife in Goodman Correctional Institution!!
  2. Parole - South Carolina
  3. Probation Violation
  4. Intensive drug program at Lee Correctional Institution before parole
  5. Parole question / ATU
  6. South Carolina Parole?
  7. South Carolina Parole Hearing?
  8. Parole Date Change
  9. Parole Dates Being Taken - Omnibus Crime Bill
  10. Chances of Parole on first try
  11. How much time will he have to serve?
  12. Parole Date Soon!!
  13. Can an 85% felony EVER become parolable from SC prison?
  14. First Offense.....first parole hearing...will he get out?
  15. Parole - Fishy Psychologist - URGENT
  16. Does lawyer from trial also represent felon at parole hearing?
  17. Need Prayers Please - Parole Date Near
  18. Home visit before parole?
  19. Change of release date
  20. Probation and Parole Policies
  21. Probation and Parole telephone call
  22. Paroled to home state
  23. Parole Denied - New Here
  24. Parole Lawyers - Do they help?
  25. Need Help In Rock Hill, SC Inmate Needs Halfway House
  26. South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services
  27. Parole hearing in March - what can we do to help?
  28. Parole date when YOA sentence
  29. Release Date - Just a question
  30. What happens after a parole violation?
  31. Going for Parole tomorrow
  32. Money problems after parole
  33. my son is at tyger river correctional institution - rejected for parole
  34. Suggestions on his Home Coming
  35. Transferring Probation from SC to MI (Interstate Compact)
  36. Parole on May 16th - please help!
  37. Parole 2nd Time!
  38. Youth offender intensification program
  39. YOIP Program ????
  40. Does He Have to Be Employed After Release
  41. Parole Rejected
  42. Is it my imagination that so few of the inmates are making parole (m)
  43. We can change the 85 % Law!!!!!!!
  44. Life After Parole
  45. Probation Support Packet
  46. SC drug rehab AFTER release?
  47. What does it mean if the parole date is blank?
  48. Daughter in ATU Unit - Have Questions
  49. transfers
  50. Coming Home?
  51. Financial aid for felons after release
  52. lots of questions please help
  53. Update - fiance was denied parole
  54. What If There Arent Alot Or Very Many "support" Letters To Be Sent To The Board???
  55. Is it common for a prisoner to pass on a parole hearing and just let his time max out
  56. SCDC Release Date at the first of the month?
  57. 85% and Community Supervision?
  58. 15 yrs in prison - can answer questions about parole and probation
  59. Post-Release Questions
  60. Need to Vent
  61. Question about release date
  62. Question about probation/parole fees
  63. Anyone know what this means? Husband's parole date is after max out date on Web site
  64. National HIRE Network helps with Job Opportunities
  65. Friend at Leath Correctional Institution
  66. Question about the release dates on SCDC
  67. Letters of Support for a Parole Hearing
  68. A year and a couple months later...
  69. Trying to locate friend from Greenwood, SC
  70. Job Finding Issues
  71. He Made Parole - has to attend the SPICE program
  72. yay! YOA 90 Day Program
  73. Can someone with drug charges qualify for parole?
  74. Need Encouragement-my husband goes up for parole Dec 6th and I have a few questions
  75. Husband going up for parole April 2nd - how can I help?
  76. address verification
  77. Trying to find a friend on parole in SC
  78. Supervision after release?
  79. Do you think the parole board would frown upon this....
  80. Supervised Furlough
  81. Can someone who has been incarcerated become a Correctional Officer in SC?
  82. What Does He Wear When Released?
  83. Release Date
  84. possible parole, or not???
  85. We Have A Parole Date-- HELP
  86. parole date
  87. He's Comming Home!!!!!
  88. Parole packet
  89. Parole Rejected...has anyone ever appealed
  90. classification - what does MB2 mean?
  91. Son's roommate released soon
  92. when will he get out?!?
  93. Last Day - fiance coming home
  94. Have a friend at Graham Correctional for Women
  95. why was his parole hearing rescheduled?
  96. Parole pending
  97. How much time for a parole violation?
  98. YOA offender broke parole - how long will he have to serve?
  99. How likely are projected Parole Dates?
  100. Boyfriend arrested for not going to court while incarcerated!
  101. Anyone know the Parole and furlough rules???
  102. Can someone who is incarcerated write someone who is on parole?
  103. Resources to assist everyone
  104. "Running Time"???
  105. Projected probation dates
  106. 1 year wait for PARDON
  107. Supervised furlough rules???
  108. Release on the first of the month
  109. parole hearing or not
  110. Projected release date... is county time involved?
  111. parole hearing questions
  112. How do I find a correct parole date?
  113. looking for some help to understand
  114. Have a FELONY? and NEED A JOB!
  115. projected parole date, or not?
  116. Lockdown at Kirkland
  117. Email For Support Of Parole
  118. Needs a job before parole hearing
  119. sentenced to 6 mths
  120. first of the month
  121. realease date
  122. 2nd time around
  123. Question about release/parole date
  124. getting out
  125. release date change
  126. YOA Program.....
  127. Confused about parole
  128. Parole/Release Date
  129. Parole site update?
  130. Missing Parole Date
  131. violating probation in s.c
  132. What time Do they Release inmates?
  133. Parole information is needed. Can some help me?
  134. Can probation be moved to another state?
  135. Reduction in Sentence
  136. how long do we have to wait????????
  137. How to apply time served after sentencing?
  138. How much does Probation in SC cost?
  139. why did parole date and release date change on website?
  140. YOA Parole Violation
  141. Interstate Compact
  142. Supervised furlough question....
  143. Q about Interstate Compact
  144. Pardon anyone?
  145. Parole info
  146. Can someone be paroled from S.M.U.?
  147. Cost of electronic monitoring (house arrest)?
  148. Release Questions
  149. sc early release
  150. internet printout to inmate at lee
  151. Chances of parole?
  152. Here's Mike Fair's Early Release General Bill S 0725
  153. Preparing for release.......
  154. Sentencing Reform Commission Power Point Presentation
  155. How to have sexual offender designation removed (non-sex related crime)
  156. About Release From Kirkland???
  157. Projected Parole Date Moved Up
  158. Intra state parole
  159. YOA and parole date ... Help and advice needed.
  160. New Here, questions about parole eligibility and goodtime
  161. comment on parole board an programs for inmates
  162. after the parole hearing
  163. Address Verification
  164. Outcome terms of parole hearing
  165. Question about parole
  166. Projected Release Date
  167. Last Parole Hearing
  168. Who decides parole hearing date?
  169. Pardon Info for Ex Offender
  170. I have a question about my parole?
  171. South Carolina Parole, Probation and Pardon Contact Question
  172. What to expect at a hearing
  173. exoffendor question regarding owning a firearm
  174. Need info about release?
  175. Being released/ need info on how it's done
  176. Notification detainer???
  177. How Long Will Parole Be?
  178. Early parole hearing
  179. SC State Parole Legislature
  180. Strong program
  181. Probation and House arrest, after max out date?
  182. Question for probation comming up
  183. Projected Parole Date/ Release Date Quest.
  184. Day of Release
  185. What to expect when the po visits?
  186. Trenton, SC - marriage license help and parole out of state
  187. The Senate passed the Early Release Bill for non violent defenders!!
  188. YOA Parole Violation
  189. SC bill allowing warrantless searches advances
  190. How do you help your loved one get parole?
  191. Police no longer need a warrant to search people on probation or parole
  192. Once released, getting a job?
  193. What happens if they have no address????
  194. What does a inmate need before they can get released on Probation?
  195. Preparation Referral Program, before release?
  196. Let down but it was expected
  197. Phone call from Parole officer??
  198. Question Re: Probation/ What does it mean?
  199. Does anyone have any job info?
  200. No Wonder they keep going back!!!! NO HELP when released
  201. Parole Hearing at Broad River
  202. He's coming home!
  203. To Be Released Or Not To Be Released?
  204. Parole/Release date questions
  205. Pre-parole?????
  206. He's coming home
  207. Do we have to be married for him to be allowed to parole to my home?
  208. Hubby Made Parole! How Long Typical Until Actual Release?
  209. He's coming home tomorrow!!!
  210. Split decision for parole??
  211. Preparole investagation?
  212. 85% to 65%
  213. Best case for 5 years?
  214. Can my probation be revoked for inability to pay?
  215. Parole question at Lee Correctional, South Carolina
  216. Need help getting together PAROLE INFO SCDC
  217. Release from KCI
  218. Here's a tricky question..All replies appreciated
  219. Getting paroled in SC with pending charges in GA
  220. So confused can someone answer this question about transfers & release date?
  221. Update-son is coming up for parole (March 23)
  222. Shock, ABHAN & pv questions
  223. Time of Release/Lee C.I.
  224. Can You Get A PV For Not Paying A Bonds Man?
  225. How does the release work?
  226. Parole approved residence question
  227. Early release of YOA inmates?
  228. New here have a question
  229. Question about YOA after they get out..
  230. Release date
  231. Parole package?
  232. Interstate compact
  233. Parole denied
  234. Parole/Some Questions
  235. He Made Parole! How soon before he's released?
  236. Paying Probation & Court Costs??
  237. Parole Backlog?
  238. Home approval for parole question?
  239. Help. YOA parole detainer.
  240. Early release? true?
  241. Why would a Board Member call his parents?
  242. Interstate compact...SC is receiving state...will they accept me?
  243. 41 percent for non violent offenders
  244. No parole and must max out
  245. What happens if he was on parole already??
  246. Release Date
  247. Probation question
  248. Has anyone's LO gone through Post-Conviction Relief?
  249. Parole hearing -what can I expect?
  250. Questions about improving chances for parole