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  1. Employment Resources For Ex-offenders - Washington D.C. Area
  2. Post Incarceration Workshops and Programs In Albany, NY
  3. Project RIO in Texas
  4. Employment Assistance In NY
  5. Employment Help For Ex-offenders
  6. northern california service league
  7. buy or sell AVON products
  8. employment guide
  9. Ex-offender Employment
  10. Veterans Administration and convicts
  11. Government Jobs
  12. I Need Resources
  13. Programmer/Analyst wanted for 2003
  14. Programs for prisoners once they get out
  15. Higher education for folks with felony records
  16. harvard-educated ex-felon unable to find a job
  17. Re-entry programs
  18. Need info on : Job for hubby when he gets out. We live just outside Detroit.
  19. Ex-Offender Jobs in Truck Driving
  20. Society shuns ex-cons - Article
  21. Massachusetts employment
  22. Telecommuting
  23. employment in counseling
  24. Grants to Start a business
  25. Ohio programs??
  26. Frank Is Back At Work
  27. Introduction From Moderator
  28. Resource Guide - Beginning Stages
  29. Need Information on Where to Call to Inquire about Jobs
  30. Criminal Background Checks - Will they impede employment?
  31. Work possibility
  32. Fired for being a felon!
  33. Thanks for reality check!
  34. Jobs in Ohio
  35. What kind of jobs can ex-cons get?
  36. Looking for work in GA
  37. No one knows companies that hire convicted felons??
  38. 'Bonding" info on Ex-Prisoners
  39. "SBA" loans better site
  40. Work for yourself if possible
  41. Resume
  42. anyone know who hires felons in OH?
  43. Jobs that a felon can't have
  44. Starting a business
  45. Looking for a job in Southeastern Pa.
  46. MY experience in job hunting after doing 7 yrs. for a VIOLENT crime..
  47. Employment with UPS
  48. Wondering what post graduate jobs are available to felons...
  49. little known law here in florida
  50. Anyone have leads or advice for emplyment for Ex-Offenders in Texas? (Dallas area)
  51. Los Angeles Unified School Dist.
  52. Criminal record under a different name
  53. Employment - Oregon
  54. Self employed??
  55. looking for work in the dfw area
  56. How Do Background Checks Work?
  57. Looking for a job in Oklahoma metro area
  58. So How Limited Are We?
  59. Non-traditional work for women
  60. Giving "Ex-Cons" a 2nd Chance--NPR reports.
  61. Help! I need some tips or advice
  62. listening to family
  63. Temporary Agencies
  64. I got hired today
  65. Employment in Kansas City for felons
  66. Teaching Certificate
  67. Jobs
  68. Job help in the Phoenix Metro area
  69. Pilot Programs-second Chance Programs
  70. Employment Program In Miami, Fl
  71. Expungement in California - real thing or just a myth?
  72. Seeking Employment in Metropolitan Detroit Area
  73. Shortning prison years
  74. Self employed???
  75. An Incredible Resource...and not just Employment!!! A MUST-SEE Website
  76. Anyone one in the San Francisco Bay Area
  77. Convicted felon with a college degree - need job in Tampa FL
  78. This website is cool -------finally
  79. Discouraged and getting bad attitude - sorry
  80. Need Employment help for next year Parole
  81. how hard is it to find a place to live and a job?
  82. California-parolees looking for work? Check this out!
  83. "Sue-your-boss bill becomes law", Sacramento Bee, Oct. 20).
  84. Any jobs for Bay Area, Calif
  85. This is a great tool!
  86. americas job bank, great site
  87. Tax Credits...Federal Bonding Programs
  88. Corrections Employment Eligibility for Ex-Offenders
  89. Where Can A Convicted Felon Get A Job IN THE DALLAS AREA!
  90. transitional housing
  91. Can't get a job becuase I have a felony.
  92. Do dismissed cases show up on background checks??
  93. Does anyone know of any employment resources in the Salt Lake City Area?
  94. Vocational Training / Employment
  95. Ex Inmate-run Help Site
  96. Who's hiring in Parolee's Housotn, TX?
  97. felons, and job applications
  98. Ex-con/Parolee Employment in Michigan
  99. Iowa Guide
  100. New Member seeking advice
  101. Educated & Employed.. For Now, at least. (long)
  102. Employment Applications & Pardons?
  103. The (ADA) protects recovered substance abusers when they apply for a job. However,
  104. Answers to Questions and 'How to's' for ex-offenders getting a job.....
  105. Starting a business
  106. Employment advice in the DC area
  107. Temporary Service Tips
  108. Trying to move closer to loved one.
  109. PROBLEM: Major employment problems
  110. need to know - companies in Roanoke VA hiring convicted felons?
  111. worried...
  112. SB 475 Employment discrimination; prior convictions
  113. Financial Assistance for Ex-Cons to Start a Business?
  114. Ex-Offender Resource
  115. Looking for opportunities in the MD area
  116. Who thinks it helps if...
  117. I GOT FIRED!!! NEED HELP, please. I am so sad..
  118. Job Seeker in Detroit
  119. Why You Need A Background Check!
  120. Resumes
  121. Can ex con work out of the homes for employment?
  122. Re-Entry National Outreach Campaign
  123. Offering Help
  124. Is it even worth it?
  125. DWI and Employment
  126. Part 2 For Employment For Ex Cons
  127. Zambia and Phoenix Rising
  128. Bonding in certain career fields
  129. Job Lead for Nothern California
  130. Nursing jobs for ex cons?
  131. Advice needed!!
  132. Education and Training
  133. employment help for ex-con in tx.
  134. Becoming his own boss...
  135. Half Way Houses
  136. Bureau of Prisons offender employment program
  137. Start New Job on Monday
  138. Employment in Massachussettes
  139. I Got The Job!!!!
  140. Looking For Work In Ga.
  141. Work in NJ for Felon?
  142. Changing Careers Upon Release
  143. "A Catch-22 for Ex-Offenders"
  144. may consider employing a felon--questions
  145. Use this link to find Employment Resources for Ex-Offenders in ALL States
  146. Employment Discrimination and What to Do About it -CA,IL,NY,PA,VA
  147. Employment Laws Affecting Individuals With Criminal Convictions
  148. professor jobs
  149. Welding Opportunities on the Central Coast...CA
  150. Cross your fingers!
  151. Idea for sticky
  152. Start new job on Monday....
  153. List Of Helpful Ny Agencies Etc
  154. finding a job after release
  155. Jobs? What kinds are available for our men?
  156. Is anyone out there with some advice? I am new here...
  157. Applying for job at Sherriff's Department.....
  158. Any info on employment for ex offenders in Minnesota
  159. Whats the best state to find work in after release?
  160. Medical Career with Felony
  161. Lookin for employment for my babys parole!!!
  162. Rules on what can and cannot be said...
  163. Do all admit they are felons on application? Does a degree help at all?
  164. He got a job in less than a week
  165. Indiana Employment Opportunities?
  166. No Luck!
  167. Sealed or Expunged Felony records
  168. Wisconsin legislation for employment
  169. Chattanooga Query
  170. Rebuilding his life
  171. Re-entry: Giving ex-offenders a fighting chance
  172. Arizona Employers for Felons?
  173. passin the background check
  174. Iron Workers, Carpenters, Construction jobs
  175. Employment after incarceration question
  176. Jobs for felons
  177. Maybe we are unemployable?
  178. Fired due to backround check
  179. California Employers for felons..
  180. Applications - anyone ever try this?
  181. Help with employment
  182. Info. for California / Bay Area Job Seekers
  183. part time work in columbus ohio
  184. Found a Job - Do I have anything to worry about?
  185. how does an ex-felon get a job?!?
  186. Which type of jobs are not allowed in federal halfway house??
  187. Tv Series Looking For Former Offenders
  188. I had a job for him but he can't take it
  189. In & Out Book
  190. criminal background checks, need advice
  191. Employment Info Needed - NJ
  192. lost my job because of backround check
  193. Appealing hiring discrimination
  194. Finding a job
  195. Fortune Society
  196. Check this out...
  197. Does a Federal Felony conviction show up on a regular background check?
  198. Tell me it's not all bad
  199. Are There Any Jobs In Texas??
  200. Ohio Jobs??
  201. Finding a job in the Chicagoland area with a felony conviction
  202. Cincinnati, Ohio jobs?
  203. I have question about my son finding a job when he is released.
  204. Book for Ex-Offender on Jobs
  205. Pre-employment physical legal questions...
  206. It Seems unfair to me
  207. Now Employed!!!
  208. Found a job!
  209. Should he apply to CDF before being released??
  210. indictment-Finding employment?
  211. SF / Bay Area Job Fair for Ex-Offenders
  212. How about some good news?
  213. I am paying taxes....'cause I have a job! Yipee!
  214. My Story/help
  215. Kissing A*s
  216. working as topless dancer?
  217. Need an Opportunity
  218. Employment & Living arrangements for a convicted felon????
  219. Why would boss ask for SSN and DOB?
  220. 73 Days free!!!!!!
  221. Can former inmate get license?
  222. Employment with the Federal Government?
  223. Hard to get a job with felony on record
  224. One success story for you all..
  225. Employment Background check ???
  226. The Federal Government offers a Tax Credit to businesses (up to $2400 a year) for hir
  227. Problem
  228. In No Ca, went back to school, Got a BA, Now what
  229. Good News for Ca Felons
  230. Finding employment after release
  231. Background check
  232. Iowa Legislation
  233. The lie didn't work but...
  234. Working as a security guard??
  235. See what we can and can not do
  236. This May Be A Dumb ? But...
  237. The Pending Charges question
  238. Do you know any Unions who will hire ex-cons?
  239. Investing in ex-cons?
  240. Employment for Texas Sex Offender?
  241. Part Time laborer Needed in Houston Tx.
  242. looking to get a job for immate before release...
  243. Background checks
  244. Trucking Jobs
  245. Finding employment in PA
  246. No Background Checks
  247. San Diego Area - El Cajon ???
  248. Columbus Ohio Jobs???
  249. Bay Area (Alameda County) Expungement Summit 4/2/05
  250. Article: Martha And Cynthia: A Tale of Two Convicted Felons