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  1. Gone Straight
  2. My Best Wishes to Ex-Offenders
  3. Probation Officers?
  4. Custody after prison
  5. Helpful link
  6. Freedom
  7. Should I Run Or Go To Prison??
  8. Curious Questions I Have
  9. How long does it take, to feel free
  10. a link
  11. Problems with other inmates..
  12. Seeking enlightenment about Federal Prison
  13. Is he gonna get hurt?
  14. SO - please help?
  15. A call to ex-offenders
  16. Gang affiliations inside the walls
  17. Ghostface? (Does anyone know what this means?)
  18. Ex-Prisoners / Cons Please Sign In!
  19. The cost of pride?
  20. Awaiting Sentencing for Drug Offense
  21. A Gang Affiliation or what?????
  22. Choices - Almost a Prison Return Story
  23. Being out after doing 7 yrs. is hard, but not impossible.
  24. 5 years later and still getting judged
  25. catch 22
  26. Don't trust the police for anything!!!
  27. Question for those who have been inside
  28. Education After Prison
  29. Help the press has agreed to speak with me about my fiance's case
  30. Disillusioned about America
  31. Ways to prepare for release.
  32. I'm tired and just need someone to listen
  33. what has good trading value on the inside..example- magazines?
  34. can anyone tell me about techincal parole violations?
  35. San Quentin Inmates not getting mail
  36. i have a question it may not be the right place but here goes
  37. Am I kidding Myself?
  38. Question for those that have been there..
  39. Traveling abroad??
  40. Levels Differences?
  41. Those on the outside demanding accountability of those on the inside
  42. Son Soon to Be Sentenced
  43. Does Anybody No??
  44. Dating with a record
  45. the scars
  46. Abuse in Our Prison Systms Similar to Iraqi Prisoners
  47. Parole Is Do -able
  48. I have a problem
  49. California Parole questions?
  50. Fmc Lexington Womens Camp
  51. Fergerson Unit Midway Tx
  52. Calling Prisoners who spent a long term inside??
  53. anyone felt like this before?--harsh judgement even tho I am bettering my life
  54. Firearm Ownership is a Right?
  55. Half Way house........does anyone know about half way houses rules/policies?
  56. Jobs Outside?
  57. just SPLURGING
  58. What is a prison "Blanket Party" ?????????
  59. Help me out Guys and Gals
  60. I am making a successful come back - so why do I feel guilty about it?
  61. New release syndrome.
  62. Am I the only one that sometimes wish you were still in prison?
  63. has anyone here done time in NC?
  64. Body Issues with Making Love
  65. Anything good coming out of prison? You Have to Be joking?
  66. help the young folk?
  67. Safe P .....1/2 Way House..any Idea's
  68. Calling all GA ex-cons!!!
  69. prisoner rehabilitation/ good or bad?
  70. Moving Forward
  71. my experience, part one.
  72. Information on each state's felon voting policies
  73. Requesting an Interview
  74. College Project on Supermax Prisons - Need Info
  75. Still Do-able
  76. How can you legally protect yourself in prison
  77. How do inmates earn $ doing fed time?
  78. shaken babies and abusive death
  79. Is Anybody Here A Co Or Ex-co???
  80. question: can a felon obtain a passport?
  81. Expungement
  82. A bit about myself
  83. Been awhile since I have been in here
  84. Guardian:A life outside
  85. What is the truth behind Prison Rape
  86. Question for Inmates-Why do inmates ask their pen-pals what kind of car they drive
  87. ok now what
  88. How can I get my rights restored to bare arms
  89. Liberty and Justice for ALL???
  90. Tell me about the day you were released.
  91. The Day my brother got out of KDOC....
  92. Journalist needs info regarding jail violence
  93. been there,done that
  94. Those who have served a long sentence....
  95. Circumstance/consequences of explosive ingredients
  96. Would like to talk with a ex-con
  97. When a application asks if you have been convicted in the last 10 years
  98. Thoughts about being "Lost"
  99. Can I talk about this??? Losing sexual intrest after release?
  100. Question for Former Inmates- Guys & Multiple Girls on the Outside??
  101. What is the stupidest thing that you did and got a major infraction for?
  102. Keep walking the edge
  103. For those who remained with a C/O once released
  104. survey about voting and prisoners participating in the political system after release
  105. i miss my girls
  106. is it against the law for someone to reach my old man since I cant due to r.o.
  107. Question for Ex-Cons
  108. I have a question for an ex con.
  109. i have a question for all of you regarding Parole
  110. I did 14 years and am here to help
  111. Need opinions, why would my son act this way?
  112. sentencing tomorrow......
  113. Am I the only one who feels like this is normal?
  114. Convicted Felons, can they stay with someone who owns a gun?
  115. I just got out of the Federal Penn today!
  116. I have been under Some Emotional Strain dealing with being out
  117. Does anyone else have Prison Dreams??
  118. The "real deal" about "young" inmates in adult pop??
  119. A question.....I need advice! (kinda long!) He doesn't want to write anymore
  120. If you had the choice... Federal or State?
  121. Cool Hand Luke - Story of an attempted Escape
  122. advice by an ex-con - Oklahoma Prison (15 Years)
  123. If you've abandoned your kids. . .Why have more?
  124. Need advice from an ex-offender
  125. Does the prison memories still haunt you?
  126. What do I do, sexual assault on me in prison
  127. Would you like to ask an ex-con a question?
  128. Sex trafficking: Looking for inmates for documentary
  129. Anyone willing to share stories?
  130. Will It Be This Time???????
  131. With Your Help PTO Is Here To Help YOU - 2006 Fund Raiser
  132. Ex-Prisoner here to answer questions
  133. Superintendit APPEALS?
  134. Pseudoephedrine charges: let's talk!
  135. There is this place......
  136. Book by Victor Hassine 3rd ed.: Life without parole
  137. info from inside the prison walls
  138. Asian Women in prison When I go am I the only one
  139. The "Prison mentality"
  140. Being released after non-violent offence
  141. Welcome Home Ringoswife!
  142. Straight Talk Chat is Back. Come Join Us.
  143. Know Yourself/Opinion about Prison
  144. Ex-lifer- glad to answer questions
  145. I Have A ? Too...............
  146. Welcome Mama2myangel to Straight Talk!
  147. What is prison like, and the risk of rape?
  148. How do you get felonies pardoned, etc..?
  149. Making it on the outside
  150. Questions about Prison Reform
  151. Questions for Violent Offenders
  152. Questions for an ex con
  153. No disrespect, need info from a ex con
  154. Poll: How important is visitation to inmates?
  155. HAPPY FREEDOM DAY to ALL of us!
  156. Need Ex-Con's Experience, PLEASE
  157. Parole and alcohol
  158. questions on sentencing
  159. Question for ex offenders
  160. Yep, Another ?? For the Ex-Cons :-)
  161. I was in Marysville Ohio
  162. Surviving Hard Time
  163. Spent 23+ years in prison- can answer questions
  164. What's an average day in prison like?
  165. Questions for those who have been there
  166. Is it against some code to ask what you are in for?
  167. His call to me is Breaking my Heart
  168. Ex-inmate--just got out and have questions
  169. Prison Slang
  170. What are the chances of freeworld charges in this case?
  171. Are New Arrivals still called fish?!
  172. I did 15 yrs in prison
  173. Education Question for anyone who has been in prison
  174. I need some serious advice about getting a pardon or expungment
  175. possiblity of going back can my employer file charges?
  176. What are the consequences of being convicted as as FELON?
  177. Any felons have luck obtaining Life Insurance
  178. Do Over half the men participate in relationships with each other in prison???
  179. Is there anyway to get a felony off your record
  180. Are Women's Prison's in America violent?
  181. Experience in maximum-security prisons needed
  182. Questions for those who know
  183. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  184. Ever paroled from one hell to another???
  185. What is Prison life like?
  186. Did you live in the past or future...
  187. For ex inmates!!
  188. Curious!
  189. Question on Inmates/Prison Staff
  190. Does his behavior within reflect his future behavior when he gets out?
  191. What's It Mean When He Says He's Tired?
  192. Can Anyone Descibe The Way It Is In Prison Truthfully???
  193. help with writing children's book
  194. Getting a ticket in Jail
  195. Anyone willing to help me on my thesis for my Master's??
  196. Help kindly needed
  197. The truth and observation about our system
  198. New York Shock Program
  199. This is for all Male Ex-cons PLEASE HELP ME
  200. up the river i go
  201. How can you tell if they've been using inside?
  202. Advice please: having problems with other inmate
  203. new need some anwswers thanks
  204. Not and Ex inmate, but have a question?
  205. Getting a Passport/Visa for travel
  206. die-preesed - new member just released
  207. Die-preesed
  208. Hi!! glad to be a part of the Ex-offender PTO Community
  209. Self-destructing
  210. Need to know...doing research for a novel
  211. questions....
  212. Question for offenders about relationship/visits
  213. so soon??
  214. Fiance received a ticket HELP! HELP! HELP!
  215. MTV True Life: I'm getting out of Prison
  216. Been out for over 2 years, still adapting...
  217. Behind the wall
  218. Shondo
  219. women and inside relationships % of them
  220. 10 Years: His Mindset
  221. Not for the easily offended - I will finally begin posting my journal...
  222. Marriage after the (iron) bars
  223. hard times when released
  224. could use some direction
  225. Cant forget
  226. What would you say to High School kids if you could?
  227. question for ex inmates
  228. Do they really want to help us or hurt us..
  229. Don't give Up!
  230. boyfriend got new charge parole violation what will happen?
  231. Question for X-offenders / Is it fair or realistic?
  232. ex-cons please respond
  233. Have you ever seen a dead baby?
  234. How to do "good time"????
  235. Will he be faithful?
  236. Fines after release
  237. Hi please read, new here and needs some support
  238. do u have given number in prison?
  239. Need your advice...
  240. Restitution and their efforts to collect
  241. Do ex-convicts recognize other ex-convicts on the street?
  242. From prison to halfway house
  243. Self Destruction: Ex-Con's only please
  244. Women Ex-cons Please Respond
  245. were you a problem child
  246. Harsh Sentences
  247. What would you say to High School kids if you could?
  248. Prison Discipline?
  249. Any nurses out there tonight/ or persons that know about legal stuff
  250. An ex-con would be able to answer this best..