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  1. War on drugs is a war on families
  2. England downgrading penalties for marijana
  3. Life In Prison
  4. Subject: De-criminalization of currently illegal drugs.
  5. So Sick of it all!!!
  6. Your child and drugs
  7. war on the poor to middle classes and freedom
  8. Congratulations to the Texas drug defendants allowed to go free after 4 unjust years
  9. More treatment & Less prison time
  10. It's not a drug war--it's a business
  11. Do you think that drugs should be illegal?
  12. The drug war- What has it done to YOU?
  13. Fallen Soilders
  14. Let's make our own plan.........
  15. treatment or not
  16. When will the war on drugs end?
  17. War on Drugs!
  18. We need PTO, now PTO needs us!
  19. How many of your loved ones are locked up because of drugs?
  20. POLL: Drug cases should be dealt with by?
  21. drug war a joke
  22. What about the traffickers and dealers?
  23. Foot in mouth again!
  24. Mandatory Drug Sentancing A JOKE!!
  25. Welcome to the Drug War Forum
  26. Do Not Judge!
  27. Sixth Circuit filed opinion in USA v. Combs
  28. I Am A Casualty Of The Drug War
  29. Ecstasy sentence seems unfair
  30. Just wanted to introduce myself to this forum!!!
  31. I'm finally introducing myself after lurking for months...
  32. Your opinions.....
  33. How many of you know that drugs are in the prison that your loved one's are at?
  34. Drug offenders sent to prison
  35. Differences in Drug Sentences
  36. I was wondering (dumb random thought!)
  37. How many of our loved ones were talked into a plea bargain?
  38. selling/sales and distributing/distribution of Marijuana
  39. Perhaps most of the war is in the wrong place
  40. What is the most "popular" drug in your town?
  41. war on drugs? help me understand!!!
  42. The Battle
  43. Taxing Illegal Drugs
  44. Poll: Legalization Question
  45. Whats this? Proof of chemical dependancy and rehab efforts
  46. The WAR on Americans
  47. Drug War In Prisons
  48. Help- can a tentative parole date change?
  49. trafficing cocaine
  50. Drugs are Easier to Get on the Inside
  51. how much does cocaine cost?........
  52. Sentence Reduction?
  53. Marijuana tax ?
  54. Drug War Related Links
  55. I have been accused that I think I am better than tweekers
  56. Great thread about prison rehabilitation/your opinion needed
  57. What are your thoughts and opinions about weed!!!
  58. Less Drugs in Federal
  59. Prison Reform/Stamping out Drugs in Prison
  60. Help, what is he facing
  61. Are drug dealers to blame for drug use?
  62. Casualties of War
  63. Grad Student needs Help
  64. I smoke Marijuana and.........
  65. 2006 PTO Fund Raiser has begun !!!
  66. A War By Anyother Name Is Still..........
  67. How do I fight corruption in Louisiana ? Help !
  68. Beefing up Law Enforcement isn't going to help treat those with drug addictions!
  69. The Shame Of The Nation and Crime Against Humanity
  70. Drug War or Race War?
  71. Leader of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) Speaks at FPC
  72. Walter Cronkite: Telling the Truth About the War on Drugs
  73. The Opium Kings - Heroin
  74. The Misuse of SWAT - Paramilitary Policing in the Drug War
  75. Historic Drug War Facts
  76. Reformers Calendar
  77. Down with Dope
  78. Upcoming PBS program on Frontline - April 4/2006
  79. Just how much more?
  80. Cheap Shots
  81. Frontline program: The Meth Epidemic
  82. wierd
  83. What would you do
  84. Police or Storm Troopers
  85. What about Judges
  86. Local Drug Wars
  87. as i type this......friend is self-surrendering
  88. Ecstasy
  89. Sadly, it looks like I will now be joining the Drug War Forum.
  90. Patrick Kennedy Under the Influence - Special Treatment ? You decide
  91. Sadly, The other side of the coin
  92. Two Years for One Joint / 17 year old
  93. Canada - Ex-'chemist' blows the whistle on crystal meth (must see video)
  94. How Many Consider Smoking Pot a Bad Thing?
  95. Need advice on a book for the addict to read
  96. I'd like to share my story
  97. The Real Story Of A Young Soldier Stuck In The Game in the Drug War
  98. Timeline Battle with Life
  99. 85 % Law for Drug Offenders??? We can change that!
  100. Irritated- Younger Brother dealing again? !
  101. Drugs/Alcohol- What can we as loved ones do to help??
  102. Federal or State
  103. Methadone Clinics
  104. messed up situation....
  105. heroin drug laws in new york
  106. NY State Correction Law 805
  107. West Virginia Police To Use New Device in Drug Detection
  108. Discussion about first-time drug charges going to prison
  109. Drug War and its effects on inmates
  110. A Powerful Motivation to Quit Abusing Drugs
  111. How many received the federal drug charge plea that was offered to them?
  112. Drug video Help
  113. An Interesting Site...
  114. when will they understand
  115. options for conspiracy charge?
  116. Sentencing is bullcrap
  117. " The Drug War "
  118. Need Help Please!!!!
  119. Just need some advice about Meth video
  120. If you have children you must have them watch this
  121. Addiction:Choice or Disease?
  122. Is Suboxen the cure for opiate addiction?
  123. What would you say if you were asked to bring drugs to a visit??
  124. Please help! My baby's having dope dreams
  125. another drug victim...
  126. ok - one day away from 1 year sober
  127. Question Please... Re: Drug Charge
  128. Drug Charges
  129. 135 Years For Man Who Sold 6 Pills
  130. Interesting article on the (un)constitutionality of Federal Drug Laws
  131. help!
  132. My husband was just arrested
  133. Marijuana in the car
  134. war on drugs racist war?
  135. US Sentencing Commission: New Day for crack cocaine sentencing
  136. mike tyson!
  137. Drug Set Up?
  138. Justices: Judges can slash crack sentences
  139. Drug Court (friend skipped first one-now warrent out?-help)
  140. Marijuana
  141. Anyone gone thru the Eastern District in NOLA?
  142. Appeals Court Snuffs Out Warrantless Marijuana Search
  143. Is It Possible To Quit "meth"?
  144. marijuana
  145. WA Bill to REGISTER Drug Offenders
  146. The War on Drugs
  147. How Bad Is Marijuana Really
  148. Did You Know
  149. Early release for some crack offenders March 3
  150. Talk on nationís war on drugs presented April 5 at Appalachian
  151. Our Struggle With His Addiction
  152. Skimming off The Top Fuels National Scam in War Against The People
  153. My daughter and CRACK
  154. Question about when one self admits to treatment
  155. Outrageous time for first offense drug crimes....
  156. Xanax and stealing?
  157. Does the staute you're charged with apply to you?
  158. My sister and heroin
  159. My Nephew - Need to Vent
  160. Need To Vent...but please read!
  161. Its all about Paul and Saul
  162. Addiction has deeply hurt me
  163. Best Friends
  164. Excessive Sentencing in Texas
  165. I had to share these videos!!! They are very emotional!!!
  166. Addiction PICS and Drinking
  167. Article on Drug War
  168. a good meth recovery/ info site
  169. Books for alcoholics and/or crack addicts
  170. This is a REAL Proposition on the 2008 General Election Ballot. We need signatures.
  171. Lost a friend to Heroin overdose today
  172. His Funeral Was Saturday
  173. cartel leader caught
  174. What is the detox process for meth
  175. Help......
  176. My Family Suffers the aftermath of addiction
  177. Heroin use in prison
  178. Obamas Appt Atty Gen-Tough Stance on Drugs
  179. American Drug War -Showtime
  180. Jim Ramstad as Drug Czar?
  181. Please help keep non-violent drug offenders out of already crowded prisons
  182. ecstasy / marijuana use & addiction?
  183. Nov 08 Article on Obama's Drug Czar Pick
  184. Drugs question?
  185. Lets legalize drugs!!!
  186. Anyone Anti-Drug?
  187. Question on Meth
  188. great documentary in oklahoma
  189. Obama's drug czar -Gil Kerlikowske
  190. Incarcerex....the politican drug
  191. this may be of interest re: drug law
  192. NYS drug statistics....
  193. Drug war
  194. Charged with distribution, need help with calcualtions?
  195. Positive news on Drug war
  196. War on drugs losing hope
  197. Addictiong Ratings of Various Drugs and the Effects on Legislation
  198. Advice needed, he's back on meth
  199. Pill pop killed her ~summer white~
  200. Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Urge Congress to Reform Federal Sentencing
  201. The Fairness in Cocaine Sentencing Act of 2009 passes subcommittee!
  202. marijuana rights movement going back in time
  203. Why we have a drug war
  204. GA. Lawmaker Calls for Caning and Execution of Marijuana Offenders
  205. i've come to realize
  206. Great and Wonderful News
  207. Obama's Tuesday Speech to Students - "Don't Do Drugs"
  208. Book: Why Marijuana is Legal in America
  209. What "Marijuana Rights" would make it legal
  210. What Would You Do If Your Loved One Went Back To...
  211. Drug trafficking vs Drug violation
  212. Why the difference between crack and cocaine sentences?
  213. Making meth with bug spray?
  214. Are drug laws too harsh?
  215. UPDATE - American Spending Billions, Our Friends/Fam still Addicted!
  216. Informative show on Showtime
  217. Prescription Opiates
  218. Drug profits & addiction
  219. Racism and the War on Drugs
  220. How do you deal with an addict?
  221. Thoughts on Californian's voting to legalize marijuana this November, 2010.
  222. Could we fill a prison w/ non violent drug offenders?
  223. Marijuana and 1st offense sentencing question
  224. I'm so upset at him! When is he gonna grow up?
  225. I just responded to a news station thread in my city
  226. Our loved ones need to find a way to say no to drugs
  227. I'm new - She's relapsed on Crack and gone again
  228. Organizations that fight against the War on Drugs
  229. Crack-Cocaine Disparity Legislation Updates ???
  230. Question about drug use and behavior
  231. Drugs - the devils candy!
  232. Personal cost of addictions
  233. Should I report drug activity?
  234. How long does it take...
  235. How long do you think he will do?
  236. Friend got sentenced... another slap on the wrist & NO rehab!
  237. Please help with any information!
  238. Opiate Death
  239. Selling drugs online --- how is it legal?
  240. DA tools for 100% conviction rate CONSPIRACY
  241. Help me understand his drug cycle
  242. This guy (schumer) is a real scumbag!
  243. My friend wants me to get along w/ the brother that got him hooked!
  244. ? Regarding necessary narcotics- I want your answer
  245. Crazy idea about who should be punished
  246. What the heck is going on with Charlie Sheen?
  247. Ban OxyContin Rally in FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
  248. And how will that work? Drug treatment required but he's already clean?
  249. Neuro-enhancers?
  250. Does anyone consider themselves as a co-addict?