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  1. Acceptance Letter from College
  2. 99% on midterm
  3. Accepted into the nursing program!!!
  4. Gwyn will be a Graduate soon....good news
  5. Graduation Day pictures
  6. Final Grades...gwyn is done
  7. I passed my GED online !!
  8. Back to School?
  9. New School, New Classes, and Overwhelmed
  10. My First Day Of Cosmetology School, Ladies!!!!
  11. Pto Students
  12. Any tips on studying for finals?
  13. Well...I have decided to go back to school!!!!!
  14. getting your degee online is expensive fafsa won,t cover all of it.
  15. How about a "Higher Education" forum
  16. Continuing Education: ??? about Financing
  17. Any attorneys or people who have attended law school here?
  18. How Would Marriage Affect my Financial Aid?
  19. Has anyone ever took a home career study course, and got a job after?
  20. College courses ONLINE?
  21. Grammar Police On Patrol....Post your papers if you want them to be proofread!
  22. Have a Degree? In What?
  23. Helpful College Links...Financial Aid and Study Links!
  24. What classes are you taking? Or have taken?
  25. Getting Financial Aid for College...
  26. What is the most unusual class you have taken?
  27. The Student Lounge.....Classwork loading you down?? Vent it out!
  28. I am thinking about automotive classes
  29. Anyone studying Interior Design/Decorating?
  30. What Extra Curriculars do you take?
  31. Offering Criminal Justice Term Papers for reference
  32. Classes you wish they would offer
  33. How many of us have went BACK to school?
  34. What is the hardest thing about being a student for you?
  35. Welcome to the Continuing and Adult Education Forum!!
  36. Alma Mater Shout Outs!!
  37. What is your favorite thing about being a student?
  38. Are you going to school to be a paralegal?
  39. What would you like to see in the Continuing and Adult Education forums?
  40. What is the best class that you have taken?
  41. Test Taking Tips
  42. Need suggestions/Ideas for a topic for a paper
  43. Mini-Intro's for our Students
  44. What about further education that isn't college?
  45. Has anyone tried Correspondence Courses?
  46. Study Hall!
  47. Backpacks - which is best for eliminating backaches?
  48. How long are your school quarters or semesters?
  49. TRiO Programs - Good chance you're ELIGIBLE!
  50. Has anyone taken PCDI College Courses?
  51. Are you a night owl when it comes to studying?
  52. Corresponce Course degrees vs. Degrees earning while attending?
  53. Anyone studying Early Childhood Education?
  54. Frustrated About Financial Aid
  55. Student Loans....VENT!
  56. Hypothesis
  57. Note-taking Assignment
  58. Funny/Unfunny Things that happened in School!
  59. Easy grammar and spelling mistakes everyone makes...
  60. Any Doctoral students out there?
  61. Web Site Assgniment
  62. Assigniment Due Sun
  63. Cite Question about how to list a referenced work
  64. Looking for sign Language class Online (ASL)
  65. Semester Hours vs. Quarter Hours?
  66. I Need Help starting an Essay!
  67. Am I Doing This Right? Summarizing and more..
  68. I Hate Writing Papers!!!
  69. Defintions needed!
  70. Want higher education but unsure what to do
  71. I Knew This Was Coming
  72. I GOT a 4.0 on MY REPORT CARD!!!!
  73. CNAs or HHAs Out There Question Please?
  74. Nervous about Anatomy and Physiology
  75. When is your winter break
  76. Example Of Arguments
  77. Tips and Reminders about being a student again...
  78. Personal statement - Need help!
  79. My grades and my mom (vent)
  80. Charts And Graphs
  81. When My Studies Cause Problems
  82. Doing research paper on women who marry men in prison
  83. Will my student loan debt hurt his chances?
  84. Incomplete Status - Medical Condition - VENT!
  85. Example of Journal Entry
  86. Criminal Justice Degree-What can you do with it?
  87. Student Loans - What if you need more money?
  88. New student!!! Questions about criminal justice studies...
  89. Readability Formula-What is it?
  90. I passed my state exam for cosmetology!!!!
  91. I got a B by the skin of my teeth in my Medical Terminology class
  92. How to write a cover letter???
  93. Fall 2005 is over!!
  94. Strange but GREAT day!!!
  95. I got straight A's!!
  96. JobCorps-Any experience or feedback?
  97. Free computer classes online
  98. The Spring School Semester - Just Days Away
  99. Who has taken Physics
  100. Geez! The cost of text books!!!
  101. HELP!! Taking MicroBiology and freaking out
  102. Taking too MANY classes?
  103. I Decided To Get A Degree And The School Wants A 500 Word Essay
  104. Help!!! Who likes theater? I need help with my final project!
  105. What classes are you taking this semester?
  106. Cosmetology Student looking 4 Cheap place to buy ceramic flat iron????
  107. Sex Therapy class-An adventure!
  108. Important Things to know when attending College!!
  109. Spring 2006 Welcome Back to School!
  110. How old were you when you started the Adult Education phase of your life
  111. Psychology AA, BA or Masters
  112. UGHHHHHH, so frustrated. I have to switch math classes.
  113. Clueless...Need help writing a Thesis-Support Essay
  114. What are you going to school for?
  115. Has anyone attended Ashworth College? Corresponce Classes?
  116. Time Management
  117. Study Strategies!
  118. Any experience with student loans?
  119. Honor Society--I got invited to join!
  120. intro anatomy and physiology-Help!
  121. Top 10 Most Profitable College Majors
  122. An essay on "all men are equal unless you are a black man"--Need input!
  123. Math for Decision Making-Can anyone help?
  124. How much school did you finish and what do you do?
  125. Are you remembering to apply for scholarships?
  126. Finding good professors
  127. I just found out that I might not be able to get my CPA license
  128. Need this book for a class I am taking, by Alan Monroe
  129. These finals are killing me!!!!
  130. FAFSA question
  131. I am in trouble with my loans, what can I do?
  132. HELP ME! Need info on Student Loans ASAP
  133. Horticulture or Architecture
  134. School Project - Feedback from those whose parents abused drugs/alcohol..
  135. Choosing a Major/Undecided
  136. How many of you have college degrees?
  137. Back to School!
  138. I have a question about requesting transcripts...
  139. I didn't even know it! I got an AA Degree.
  140. Online schools...please share your experiences!!!
  141. EFC - exactly what is it?
  142. I Got Accepted!!
  143. Anyone Work in a Florist Shop???
  144. Good Luck to Everyone
  145. Fall Semester Starting R U Ready?
  146. Any other Medical Asst. students here?
  147. What classes are you taking?
  148. Full Time Work/School?
  149. Fall 2006 ~ Share your school stresses
  150. Top 10 "Best Value" Colleges/Private Colleges
  151. Just venting
  152. DeVry University??????
  153. Government Loans
  154. Higher Education; Masters & Doctorate Support
  155. GED Test?
  156. APA Format on Research Papers (do you know anything about it)?
  157. FYI about pell grants-you can include your spouse!
  158. Scholarships???
  159. What to study to be a BOP counselor?
  160. older lady going to college
  161. Information on getting your GED!
  162. University of Phoenix Online
  163. Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits
  164. AIU Online
  165. need help with a research paper...please
  166. Where do YOU attend school?
  167. Need YOUR HELP! Project Due in a Week!
  168. Need Help with School Math Project!!
  169. School for wife of inmate
  170. I want to get some schooling but where do I start
  171. Opinions on Online Schools
  172. Majors Explored
  173. Psychology Seminar
  174. College Financial Aid for felons with drug convictions
  175. Anthem College Online
  176. Is anybody else here doing Upromise?
  177. Living off finacial aid
  178. Help with research proposal paper
  179. Here is a free civics class called "Radical Civics"....ongoing...
  180. Need info on withdrawing from classes and how it affects financial aid
  181. Need Help!
  182. Basic!!!
  183. Fall 2007 school stressors
  184. Can't keep up
  185. Are you in the field of your degree?
  186. I think i want to get a degree in Logistics
  187. Does Anyone Have Advice On Bcming A Massage Therapist
  188. Financial Aid Question
  189. Online Education
  190. Correspondence Courses
  191. Help With Changing My Major?
  192. Did anyone here get a grant for their Education?
  193. Ashford University
  194. Back to School
  195. Does anyone from the UK go to school in USA???
  196. Questions about lying on an applications
  197. Your thoughts on age/education and the importance of a degree.
  198. i am an educational/enrollment counselor
  199. Job Interviews
  200. When & How to apply for financial aid?
  201. Term Paper Need Help
  202. Info still needed about Tommy Lynn Sells
  203. Please help me with my paper if you have a minute
  204. School next year
  205. 8 days til my semester starts!
  206. EXTRA LONG!!! My paper for school...Tell me how bad it is LOL
  207. improving you
  208. 2009-2010 What are you taking?
  209. your thoghts on how education affect family structure
  210. how to know if your school is accredited
  211. Crazy Professor...
  212. Writing paper need help
  213. Reviews on my paper...(kinda long)
  214. Criminal Justice Majors???
  215. Which is better traditional classroom or on-line?
  216. which university should i choose?
  217. What would you do?
  218. Hi Ladies- Need help with a paper
  219. Anyone know of any Free classes out there?
  220. LPN Entrance Exam
  221. Bar Exam
  222. seeking a reader
  223. Certified nursing assistant/home healthcare assistant training
  224. Anyone taking computer classes
  225. Is anyone else going crazy with all the homework/job duties and family/bf priorities?
  226. online school
  227. First time in this forum
  228. Just signed up for Criminal Justice!...
  229. How to prepare for the GED?
  230. Kaplan University
  231. can an ex-prisoner get a realtor license?
  232. how many passed the ged first time out?
  233. just signed up for Community college
  234. Purple Math - Algebra Help
  235. Correspondance course for inmates
  236. All my intelligent ladies - Do you have a college degree?
  237. Going back to school after almost 4 years!!!!
  238. Help with financial aid
  239. Fall Transfers
  240. Motivation for do you do it?
  241. Fashion School.. Anyone??
  242. Is College or University for everyone?
  243. What is this equal to in the USA?
  244. 2010- 2011 what class r u taking?
  245. Requesting School and Career Advice
  246. I may have to change majors and need a little help!
  247. Unemployment Benefits & Going to School
  248. Relieved and nervous at the same time, had to drop a class!
  249. Cosmetology People... Input please
  250. Private student loans 101 help please...