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  1. Interracial Relationships
  2. Do you get crap cuz your man is another race?
  3. Ethnic/Cultural Differences Cause Challenges? (in your IR relationship)
  4. Well, I guess I will start.....(new to IR relationships) and he's incarcerated...
  5. (IR Couples) What is your race? What is your partner's race?
  6. IR Intros & Stories...Feel Free To Share Yours!
  7. Does Anybody Else Get "Curious" Glances During Visits?(in IRR or biracial children)
  8. How Would You Respond (daughter outcasted by other parents for dating interracially)
  9. On statistic forms - bi-racial children (which option do you check)
  10. Stupidest comment you have heard! (regarding your IR relationship)
  11. Raising your Children (Do you teach them values from both cultures?)
  12. We know what's bad...but what's good? (in IR relationships)
  13. Funniest thing that's happened because of your I/R relationship
  14. (Do you) Ignore the Difference (in race between you and your partner?)
  15. Anyone read any books about interracial relationships and dating?
  16. White females and Black Men
  17. Interracial relationships and the Texas prison system?
  18. Anyone had their man stereotyped cuz of race?
  19. CO's making me feel uncomfortable (treating us differently for being IRR)
  20. Black Women And White Or Hispanic Men (have you noticed when you visit?)
  21. It's already hard enough.
  22. new to PTO & the IRR any of you have problems with stares during visit?
  23. am i making a big deal over nothing?
  24. Downright Disrespectful Stares From Another Inmate!!
  25. With all due respect
  26. Understanding English Language differences
  27. I'm The Talk Of The Freakin Facility!!
  28. why is it more one sided ?..........
  29. problem solvers help!...what race is this person?.....
  30. re;color doesnt matter
  31. (IRR Couples) How Did You Meet?
  32. ALOT of White women are with Black American men
  33. Are there no IRR's including Asian?
  34. "White girls are brownie points"
  35. No offense......But I could care less!!!!!!!!!!
  36. (?? for IRR Couples) Cheating, Which Would Make You Angrier
  37. Race And Ethinicy
  38. It's not always about the race.
  39. What matters more - character or race?
  40. A Question About IR couples looking at other IR couples
  41. What do you call your Black man? (any particular 'nicknames'?)
  42. Do you find the cultural difference challenging???
  43. White & Hispanic
  44. Are you ashamed?
  45. what??!?!? no IR drama on a prison visit??!?!
  46. what do you see when you look at yourselves?
  47. Mixed Children
  48. Do you feel the same way I do?
  49. I Can't Even Believe This Is A Subject Here
  50. Hi I'm Kate :) ~ new to IRR forum
  51. One Day Thread - 2/16/06 Only
  52. It's easy to forget... (pondering a prison visit)
  53. The "n" Word =(
  54. Interesting View on Interracial Relationships
  55. "No Apology Necessary"
  56. What's it like for them to be in IRRs while in prison?
  57. I'm just a dumb blonde irish woman but
  58. Are You Caught Up In The Drama
  59. Comic strip about IRRs
  60. Color's Not The Issue.....
  61. Does It Make It Harder For Our Men On The Inside???
  62. Do you feel the need or know someone who
  63. Must run in the family
  64. Any Wasco Ladies In IR Relationships
  65. "Is that your child?" Why is it so hard to answer?
  66. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  67. Color ???
  68. New to here and need a friend
  69. If you've faced opposition from the Prison System
  70. feelings hurt by my friends.
  71. Are they ashamed?
  72. Anyone Else Have A Man That is A 5 Percenter?
  73. How does his family treat you?
  74. any white women with asian men?
  75. Any suggestion on how to handle constant stares while visiting him at prison?
  76. we are in an irr and he's in prison
  77. Help! He didnt want me.. now he does.
  78. What do you say?!?!
  79. Here's the story ~ Parole Office opposed to IRR ?
  80. First time in a inter-racial relationship AND he's in prison
  81. I Can Understand Why This Section Is Here Because of the DOC
  82. Smile To My Face Because of all the IRR's at the prison my man is in
  83. Are black females dating white males still taboo?
  84. Need help locating interracial art
  85. What should I do about CO's Harrassment?
  86. Is it Truly Different?
  87. How do you tell your family he is a black man?
  88. Unexplained emotions (unsupportive friend)
  89. anyone else have this happen?(getting picked on at visit)
  90. egyptian love ~ upset by treatment in prison
  91. had to move at visit being stared down
  92. Black/Hispanic relationship
  93. Black Men Love THICK WOMAN!
  94. Why Cant We All Just Get Along!!!!
  95. do you knwo what this is like
  96. Have you ever dated a black man because your daddy didn't like it?
  97. Is he equally jealous of other races?
  98. Interracial Relationships & The Prison System forum welcome and posting guidelines...
  99. How have you dealt with racism?
  100. Why is this forum still open?
  101. Does race really matter?
  102. Happy Thanksgiving To the IRR Forum!
  103. I'm Over Hating...
  104. 1st time for everything
  105. I'm SICK and TIRED of it!!!!!!
  106. do you and your man believe in different religions?
  107. Would You Ever End Your IR Relationship??
  108. Help...How would you feel?
  109. question about visiting as an IR couple
  110. Introduction From Clearwater
  111. Aren't most of us mixed one way or another?
  112. what challenges have you had to overcome being in an IRR whether in the prison system
  113. i love my man !!
  114. Need some insight about what my husband said.
  115. What are your views on IRR and why do you feel this way?
  116. Others Mad Because We're Not The Same Race?
  117. IRR Resource Index
  118. Stereotypes
  119. When it comes to visiting, have you noticed
  120. his mom is driving me crazy!
  121. First Time Shocker!
  122. wat to do when your child ask you this
  123. Some thoughts on racism and relationships
  124. Do you feel that the court system is racist?
  125. What is it about Black Men that makes them attractive to other Races?
  126. Latin Lovers,,Do they write better love letters!
  127. what cultural adjustments did you have to make?
  128. Ever been given problems for who you date
  129. Any ideas, looking for Interracial Relationship Movies
  130. Hispanic Men dating non-Hispanics
  131. Hispanic or Latino -- which one is right? Here is one explanation...
  132. Why do more non-white guys find me attractive than white guys?
  133. The Mexican MIL- how can I win her heart???
  134. A prison love vs. an IRR love what is "worse"?
  135. Since this is a sensitive issue for many of us...
  136. Taking Offense
  137. Just needing some support
  138. My family disowned me called me a N gger Lover
  139. Is HIS/HER family racist against YOU?
  140. How many women are older than their IRR partner and do you worry about it?
  141. Do you have girlfriends of his Race as well?
  142. Oh My God he is Black
  143. Looking to talk too others who are in my situation
  144. Racial Issues
  145. What's the most racist/prejudice thing you've experienced?
  146. Show Me The Love
  147. World Tour
  148. I Dont Want Anything To Happen To Him
  149. fears
  150. The south & interracial couples.
  151. What would you say?
  152. Ashamed of his own child.
  153. My Black Man
  154. My Hispanic honey
  155. Why Does Race Matter Anyway?
  156. Deceive-"ism"
  157. How many of you fell in love with a person of another race from the get go?
  158. do the parents know and accept ya'lls I/R relationship?
  159. there must be something wrong with me? being attracted to opposite races?
  160. Question for black women dating outside their race
  161. Does your man say this
  162. I was so mad he said this...
  163. Boricua-Morena????
  164. concern, worry & sadness
  165. well - its not really a relationship as i'm in the uk
  166. my life...the start of a bad joke lol
  167. First Year of Marriage
  168. Do you (or your loved one) mention your differing races during sex
  169. Native American & African American
  170. sick of the opposition.....
  171. Sistas and Ricans
  172. Help? Has anybody else out there ever...?
  173. I am white, He is black
  174. How do u deal with the stares?
  175. family and the two of you?
  176. Does this mean he cheated?
  177. Do you get asked when will you have babies?
  178. Which race is more accepting of inter racial couples?
  179. Racial Segeration
  180. Would it matter if your loved one cheated with someone of a different race?
  181. What is the cultural lifestyle in Laos?
  182. Relationship Survey for research purpose
  183. Do you feel IRR are more closely monitored by COs?
  184. North vs South and IRR
  185. If there were a magazine...
  186. Saddened and frustrated...
  187. How to deal with family?
  188. How do you answer this question (about why you date who you do)?
  189. When you hear racist comments, do you speak up?
  190. What is your view on the "N" word?
  191. Some advice?
  192. How Did Your Family React?
  193. Is this his/her first IRR?
  194. If you stress interacial relationship, what does that mean about you?
  195. Black Females, White males
  196. Can an Ex-Skinhead really change?
  197. Explain something to me..
  198. Differences in cultures?
  199. Hispanic men, discussing their pasts and yours (or not)
  200. If you MWI, did you pick them according to race?
  201. how i handled my prejudice parents
  202. How many of you 'fit' into his culture well ???
  203. DR IR relationship
  204. He said the topic in the yard is :Most things on a white woman are fake
  205. Why SOME black men date white women..
  206. What's HIS preference?
  207. Translation please!
  208. Double Standards????
  209. Baby Name
  210. What negative experience has your multiracial child gone thru?
  211. Need support here badly!
  212. Why is it hard to embrace that the Races ARE different?
  213. What is it about Hispanic men?
  214. What is it about the white men that we love????
  215. Did you change who you are just to fit into his culture?
  216. Black women with Hispanic men...
  217. let's put race aside for a second, love knows no colors
  218. What would happen if a white man w/a black wife wanted to join the AB
  219. I am in an irr should i go visit?
  220. Attitudes that suck towards IRR !!!
  221. For irr couples and children
  222. Do you ever get so tired of the stares to the point where you just wanna give up
  223. Interracial love songs?
  224. Will a black mom ever respect the white wife?
  225. Do you consider them a sell out when they date outside their race??
  226. About time to tell the parents....
  227. Something unique that they've taught you.
  228. Does your partner know alot about his cultural roots?
  229. Whats the deal with Jamaican men???
  230. If you ignore race, do you think it will it go away?
  231. Does gender play a role; White male/other race female?
  232. A Black Woman took down the ban on IRR.
  233. What makes you an IRR
  234. Can someone be in an IRR AND be racist?
  235. An IRR movie : Profoundly Normal
  236. Profoundly grateful...
  237. Going into your first IRR and if it is did you have any reservations going into it?
  238. Shocked on my husband's response
  239. What do Hispanic women think of White women with Hispanic men?
  240. can't belive what my friend said to me today about my IRR
  241. Any girl's in here dating a Fillipino guy?
  242. Anybody trying to get to know your IRR's family before he's released?
  243. Why is being in an IRR so hard for others to deal with?
  244. First time for everything...right?
  245. How does HE deal with the comments?
  246. ever look twice?
  247. What if "it" ain't what you hope it is?
  248. Vice versa
  249. What would you think if your man called you a snow bunny?
  250. Is This Your First Time Involved In An Interracial Relationship?