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  1. Cop tries to help fellow cop
  2. College student charged in pipe bomb cases
  3. Interesting article
  4. Is crime really wrong.........
  5. Dangerous Predator
  6. America aa police state????
  7. Federal Prosecutor Madness....
  8. On Crime & Punishment
  9. Mom of sunburned twins faces 15 years prison
  10. An act of child abuse that was viewed around the world...
  11. Bones of Missing Va. Girl Identified as Jennifer Short
  12. Profiling a killer
  13. Shootings In Va/md
  14. CIA World Factbook 2002
  15. Terror has come to Australia
  16. Miss Cleo - $500 million settlement - Didn't she see it coming?
  17. Baby sitter drunk in car
  18. A Los Angeles woman was sentenced
  19. Jailhouse Beauty Pageant Captivates Lithuania
  20. Woman Abducted on Way to Visit La. Prison
  21. Lesson on forgiveness found in court
  22. NJ- children starved, 1 dead. WHY?
  23. dutchman sold pieces of the moon
  24. Coroner Finds Trooper Justified in Killing Unarmed Boy
  25. Michael Jackson..
  26. Robbery Rising In England
  27. Four people killed in Alabama
  28. Key Al Qaeda figure arrested in Pakistan
  29. Man arrested after rescuing his dog.
  30. Laci Peterson's remains identified; husband arrested
  31. Kris Leija - "A hero", but yet a 'criminal' arrested for probation violation...
  32. Olympic Park bombing suspect Eric Rudolph arrested in N.C.
  33. How do you feel about Marth Stewart's Federal Indictment?
  34. justice in CA
  35. Father to return to N.H. to face criminal charges
  36. Police Jail Drummer and His Cat
  37. Feds Say They Busted Fake Documents Ring
  38. Newbee Qeustion/looking for info on an inmate at attica
  39. Arrest Warrant for Michael Jackson & Newsconference
  40. more michael jackson drama
  41. Al Gore's Son Arrested for Marijuana Possession
  42. Martha Stewart GUILTY on all counts!!!!
  43. Peterson's attorney accuses woman of lying to get on jury
  44. Advice for Martha!
  45. Famous Ex-Convicts?
  46. Jury duty....stupid question
  47. Terror Group Beheads American Paul Johnson
  48. Peterson Trial - Detective admits to deleting key part of tape - Lacey did see boat
  49. Peterson Trial - Juror say's Scott is innocent and blasts prosecution
  50. Would you have Consensual sex just after you've been raped?
  51. Unethical Question?? - "Would you have consensual sex just after being raped?"
  52. KOBE case dropped
  53. man accused of leaving an inadequate tip at a restaurant was arrested
  54. Homeland Security: Arrest woman for carrying bookmark into airport
  55. Article: Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving Faster Than 200 MPH
  56. Is Scott Peterson Guilty or innocent??
  57. Ever been a crime victim?
  58. Scott Peterson Trial
  59. Daughter turns in dad who called police on her.
  60. Do you think the whole "Martha Stewart" ordeal has helped or hurt
  61. Article: Man Allegedly Assualys Clerk With Burger
  62. ARTICLE: Doctor Fined For Paying Ticket With Feces Smeared Money
  63. Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death
  64. officers just charged
  65. Possible Criminal Charges against Continental Airlines over Concorde Crash!?
  66. Scott Peterson/Others lack of emotion during trial.
  67. Article: Pregnant Mom Murdered-Fetus Stolen! (Skidmore, Mo)
  68. UPDATE: ARTICLE:Suspect Allegedly Presents Baby Cut From Womb As Hers
  69. French Hostages Released After Four Months of Captivity in Iraq
  70. Article: Martha Stewarts Holiday Message: Prison Food Is BAD
  71. Article: Police Watch As Robbery Suspect Locks Keys In Car
  72. Article: Man Accused Of Cooking Roommate's Pet Rabbit
  73. Article: Be Careful Making Donations To Tsunami Victims
  74. Article: Robber Armed With Syringe Threatens To Infect With AIDS (Mass.)
  75. Article: Crematory Operator Sentenced in Tenn. for Corpse Abuse
  76. Article: California Man's SUV Stolen With Mom's Remains Inside (Citrus Heights, Cal)
  77. Article: Listerine Bottle Gets Driver In Trouble For 'Open Container' (Mich.)
  78. I've been called for jury duty tomorrow, HELP ME
  79. Boy Sues Math Teacher Who Assigned Summer Homework
  80. Article: Mom Accused Of Giving Crack To 4-Year-Old
  81. Article: Pregnant High School Student Beaten To Death
  82. Teens fined for giving cookies to neighbors!!
  83. Captured in teeth of the evidence
  84. Article: Kids' Fight Over Pot Pie Results In Stabbing (Mich.)
  85. Article: Police Foil Valentine's Day Mass Suicide Pact Involving 32 People (Ore.)
  86. article: House arrest not same for all (martha stewart story)
  87. What's up with "Pinky" the red head Scott Peterson Juror??
  88. For those who believe Scott Peterson is innocent - friendly questions
  89. Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson
  90. Observer:Americans are recoiling as the shocking details of the Michael Jackson case
  91. Article: Chinese Man Gets Prison For Eating Dead Body
  92. Dumb Laws
  93. Oliver Stone Arrested on Drug, DUI Charges
  94. Michael Jackson, guilty or not
  95. Body of missing Alabama Teen - Natalee Holloway - (Corrected - Not Found)
  96. They reached a verdict in the Michael Jackson Trial....
  97. Michael Jackson trial verdict just in!
  98. Michael Jackson found NOT-GUILTY on ALL Counts! Discussion about it here
  99. Do you believe the Michael Jackson verdict was right?
  100. Welcome to the Crime & Court Talk Forum - Introduction
  101. What are your feelings about the Natalie Holloway Case in Aruba?
  102. Nigerian cops free killer cow
  103. Joe Duncan's (the S.O. from Minnesota) Blog
  104. Richard Ramirez Night Stalker Question
  105. Baby dies after rape and beating
  106. Felony Murder Bill and Racism
  107. "Precious Doe" Baby
  108. Article: Jackson Jury Gone Wild
  109. BTK Serial Killer - Dennis Rader - sentenced to life in prison
  110. Dennis Rader - BTK Serial Killer - Do you think he'll be killed in prison?
  111. Ex-child actor, wife, charged in second murder
  112. Missing Groom - George Smith IV
  113. Hello from the Smoot Family
  114. Deepak & Satish Calpoe re-arrested on suspicion of Rape & Murder
  115. Martha Stewart home confinement (house arrest) set to end soon
  116. Alleged Spyware Mastermind, Buyers of the Program Indicted
  117. America's Corrupt Legal System
  118. Lawyer Verbally Attacked in Blake Case
  119. Joran Van der Sloot & Calpoe Brothers ordered RELEASED!
  120. Dutch courts consider arrest of President Bush for war crimes during his visit
  121. Guardian: A life again
  122. Denton County Tx Constable in Jail in Colorado
  123. NYTimes:Berger to Pay $50,000 Fine for Taking Papers
  124. Press Association:Freedom plea by terror suspect wife
  125. NYTimes: D.C.-Area Arsonist Sentenced to Life in Prison
  126. Guidelines for Posting Copyright Articles
  127. Lil Kim doing Federal Time for Lying - What do you think?
  128. Sigel's Attempted Murder Trial Opens
  129. NYTimes:American University Chief Is Investigated Over Spending
  130. Manson's 'No. 1 girl'
  131. NYTimes:Private Found Guilty in Abu Ghraib Abuse
  132. NYTimes:DeLay is Indicted and Forced to Step Down as Majority Leader
  133. Dead man's mental records allowed in wife's murder trial
  134. Mother of Toddler Killed in LAPD Shootout Files Claim
  135. NYTimes:2 Top Bayou Executives Plead Guilty to Fraud
  136. Manson follower Bruce Davis is denied parole
  137. Kevorkian:Doctor says he won't aid deaths on parole
  138. NYTimes:Times Reporter Free From Jail; She Will Testify
  139. A new class of evidence for the courtroom
  140. Woman sentenced for son's absences
  141. Some of the cases that will be heard by the Supreme Court in the term that begins Mon
  142. Blake's Testy Testimony
  143. DeLay indicted on New Money Laundering Charges
  144. U.S. District Court strikes down California financial privacy law
  145. Pledge challenge takes another step toward appellate court
  146. DeLay's Lawyers Subpoena His Prosecutor
  147. The 24-year old son of renowned defense attorney Robert Shapiro died Monday
  148. Miers' religion takes center stage
  149. Ex-Officer Faces 65 Molestation Counts
  150. NYTimes Editorial:Another One Bites the Dust
  151. Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Kidnapped
  152. NYTimes:Miers Failed to Win Support of Key Senators and Conservatives
  153. NYTimes:Rove Apparently Is Not Indicted Today;Libby Indicted.
  154. NYTimes:Nomination Likely to Please G.O.P., but Not Some Democrats
  155. Judge removed from DeLay's criminal case
  156. Australias justice Vs Americas?
  157. Missed It? (Texas vs Laney - Stoning Case - Court TV)
  158. NYTimes Letter: Lying in court
  159. NYTimes:Supreme Court Nominee Seen as Favoring Federal Constraint
  160. Alito Tells U.S. Senators Roe Ruling Merits Respect
  161. Texas appeals court upholds ruling allowing new trial for Andrea Yates
  162. Feinstein asks Alito about 1985 abortion statement
  163. Civil jury says Blake behind wife's murder
  164. Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito's Rulings Pique Interest
  165. Holocaust Survivor, Polish Woman Reunite
  166. Criminals share a common genetic flaw
  167. NYTimes:Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case in 5 Years
  168. NYTimes Editorial:Trying Saddam, and His System
  169. Guardian:Cheney 'may be guilty of war crime'
  170. AP:Justice Department Lawyers Objected to Texas Redistricting Plan
  171. Alito: On prisoner rights, a telling dissent
  172. NYTimes Editorial:Fixing the Game
  173. Foxy Brown's Case Adjourned Until Dec. 23
  174. More Trouble for Tom Sizemore
  175. Eminem Impersonator Faces Life in Prison
  176. DeLay's Money Laundering Charges Upheld
  177. Lockyer Asks Justices to Rein In 9th Circuit Court
  178. Lawyer jailed for more than decade on contempt charge has hearing
  179. The Unsolved Mystery of the Notorious B.I.G
  180. State Agency To Investigate L.A. Judge
  181. Child rapist can sue over right to write porn tales
  182. Mass Graves Uncovered in Lebanon
  183. AP:Judge Reportedly Resigns Over U.S. Spy Program
  184. Hussein Says He Was Beaten in Custody
  185. NYTimes:Appeals Court Rejects U.S. Bid to Transfer Terror Suspect
  186. 9th Circuit remains intact - for now
  187. Involuntary manslaughter for pit bull attack
  188. Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned, Alito Said In 1985 Memo
  189. Effort to speed executions stalls in Senate
  190. Libya Court Overturns 6 Death Sentences
  191. 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Faces Jan. Trial
  192. R. Kelly's Lawyers File Motion For Dismissal
  193. C.A. Orders New Trial for Man Convicted of Gang-Related Murder
  194. NYTimes:Criminal Inquiry Opens Into Leak in Eavesdropping
  195. NYTImes:Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program
  196. My thoughts on OJ Simpson
  197. New York Staton Ferry Captain sentenced to 18 months
  198. NYTimes Editorial:Judge Alito, in His Own Words
  199. Erik Menendez
  200. Former teen idol Leif Garrett arrested
  201. Hatch's "Survivor" Tax Trial Twist
  202. L.A. to Pay $1.1M to Slain Rapper's Family
  203. Survivor Richard Hatch Convicted and Jailed
  204. Cody Found Guilty
  205. Busta Rhymes: Shuns wake, cops
  206. Bobby Brown Arrested...14 Years Later
  207. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  208. Reaching out to "Vanished" Kid Star via MySpace
  209. TV mogul loses bid to seal papers in court fight
  210. Another rapper killed-D12 Member "Proof" killed in club shooting
  211. Another Rapper Killed
  212. Rapper Proof Killed at Detroit Nightclub
  213. Police Arrest 19-Year-Old in Holloway Case
  214. The Children that are Our Future
  215. Snoop Arrested in Airport Brawl
  216. Public Access to Information???
  217. Another Rapper Killed ~ big Hawk
  218. Zacarius Moussaoui Sentenced to Life
  219. T.i's Personal Assistant killed
  220. New Arrest in Natalee Holloway Case
  221. Woman who killed son's alleged molester freed from prison
  222. Katrina Looting Convictions
  223. Lawyer who defended John Hinckley dies
  224. Arrest in JonBenet Ramsey Case
  225. John Mark Karr - fact or fiction?
  226. Case against JonBenet suspect collapses
  227. Nancy Grace Commits Premeditated Murder
  228. Willie Nelson Busted
  229. New Trial Ordered For Former Weather Underground Radical
  230. Paris Hilton charged in Los Angeles with driving under the influence
  231. Judge Dismisses Child Porn Charges Against John Mark Karr
  232. Attorney Lynne Stewart gets 28 months for aiding terrorists
  233. Wesley Snipes indicted on tax fraud
  234. Judge Vacates Conviction of Ken Lay
  235. Indicted Snipes filming in Namibia - no extradition treaty with U.S.!
  236. Elderly California man convicted of vehicular manslaughter
  237. America's Dumbest Criminal
  238. TV Documentaries and shows: good or bad?
  239. Another Honor Killing
  240. San mateo county victims
  241. Why are the Columbine Photos On line? Disturbing
  242. Mafia sting nets 13, including elderly woman
  243. Bay Area Collapse
  244. Turner guilty of L.A. murders
  245. Death penalty foe pleads guilty over filings
  246. Really Worth $65 Million??? - Dry Cleaning Mishap
  247. Paris Hilton is going to jail.
  248. Paris Hilton OUT of jail already..UPDATE - She may go back
  249. Paris Hilton Back In Jail
  250. Anyone know whats up with cynthia martinez-lyda?