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  1. The OBTS System and how lo see what they say about you
  2. i need a website address (Prisoner Look Up Site?)
  3. 1/2 time help pl;ease!!!
  4. State Inmates Should Get Bulk Mail
  5. Washington Parole ?
  6. court reccords
  7. 55%???
  8. "Unique" Wayz to REDUCE TIME
  9. Need Some Advice
  10. Cost of Phone Calls - reporter wants input
  11. Mail Restriction Notice???
  12. Washington Weddings
  13. Intermediate Sentencing Review Board
  14. Info. for inmates going to prison from jail re: % of money taken
  15. I Need Help!!
  16. Where Can I Find Information
  17. Mandatory Enhancement Sentence?
  18. Parole Procedures....... Help!!!
  19. WA online offender search?
  20. Need info on a warrant in Washington
  21. Monitoring Fees
  22. education in WA
  23. Financial Resources Upon Release?
  24. Postage only money order
  25. Finally I Get To See Him
  26. legal question
  27. Questions about work relese
  28. Halfway Houses in Washington
  29. Family Bus Service-Simon of Cyrene Society (visiting transportation)
  30. Washington Department of Correction by Region (Offices and Facilities)
  31. What exactly is Closed Custody?
  32. 85% of inmates money in WA.?
  33. Bus Service to Washington Prisons
  34. Carpool List (as of 02/05/08)
  35. No parole, do your 85% and get out??
  36. WA. State No more 55%!!!
  37. King county is now online
  38. earned release time impact
  39. Any one know about conjugal visits in washington state prisons?
  40. Does Anyone know???
  41. Washington Department of Corrections Contact Information
  42. WA Family and Loved ones Carpool thread link:
  43. ACLU of Washington
  44. WA Legislators email addresses:
  45. Just me with another ?
  46. Letter tapes....
  47. Restoring Right to Vote after incarceration
  48. Oxford House Info. and House listings
  49. To contact WA DOC....
  50. Taking more money % from money orders from Sept. 1st?
  51. Washington Interminate Sentence Review Board link
  52. Book donations sites for WA prisons
  53. Question: How to Answer 2 Questions on the Visitor's Application Form for WA State
  54. Meritorious Good Time
  55. I am so lonesome when y'all go visiting!!
  56. Need Help With a Pardon in Washington State/ Getting Some Paperwork???
  57. Got the phonebill today and it made me sick...
  58. Collect Calls
  59. Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
  60. What does Close custody or lower mean?
  62. Basic info on Community Custody/Supervision
  63. What is the visit schedule at the WA prison you visit?
  64. Phone company
  65. Read This -phones!!!
  66. Silly question alert! I moved, do I have to tell WA DOC?
  67. Visiting x2 and some venting
  68. Phones....any idea?
  69. Got a letter
  70. Work Release Questions (Thurston vs Kitsap Counties)
  71. most emotional visit yet
  72. Washington State Employment Security for ex Offenders
  73. Criminal Record Repository (WA state)
  74. Washington Correctional Industries
  75. Work Release Program
  76. WA DOC Pre-Release Program
  77. Community Field Services, Department of Corrections (Parole)
  78. Free or low-cost legal resources in WA state
  79. Question regarding Criminal History Records, WA state
  80. WA WorkSource Offender Reentry Guide
  81. New Link on WA DOC web site.
  82. I am not sure where to put this
  83. !!!Urgent!!!
  84. What is a Christmas package form?
  85. Resources for Prisoners with Disabilities
  86. Washington Attorney Services For Prisoner w/ Disabilities Rights
  87. WA State Prison Detention Ministry
  88. Quickest way to transfer $$ in Washington prison system?
  89. What kind of food would you order for quarterly package?
  90. Washington State DOC- Current in custody numbers.
  91. What are the regulations and rules for WA Family (conjucal) Visits?
  92. Visiting list question for Washington State...
  93. Phone Bill
  94. WA prison times to be cut in HALF!!!
  95. Washington DOC Website links & General Info
  96. Jail House Law Book
  97. WA/DOC Dress Code
  98. WA/DOC Visitation rules
  99. WA. State 'Extended Family Visit' program
  100. Phone Rumor
  101. Disciplinary Sanctions and Punishment
  102. How do I get a DOC number?
  103. Class Action Suit -Early Release Date's
  104. Alternate Prison Calls Service for Cheaper Collects???
  105. Persistent prison misbehavior. (RCW 9.94.070)
  106. Switching From One Inmate's List to Another
  107. Inmate Locator?
  108. List of Charges you can't have vacated in the State of WA.
  109. Airway Heights Family Relations Rep. Anyone have information??
  110. Coming Home on Probation Question
  111. forwarded calls
  112. Help
  113. How to have Legal Financial Obligations reduced/removed
  114. How long after felony charges do courts have to arraign?
  115. Legal Financial Obligations -Washington
  116. Question on Transcripts
  117. Yakima Phone Information
  118. hi I;''m new and need information reg; Getting married in jail
  119. Does anyone know about DOC charging #'s?
  120. WA State DOC phone system is illegal
  121. Photos of Inmates' Cells and the Rest of the Institution?
  122. Anyone know the details for an inmate attending a family members funeral in WA?
  123. ??? about paroling to WA from NM...
  124. Collect call blocking.....
  125. WA State DOC Civil Commitment Process
  126. WA State Sex Offender Search Link
  127. Unclaimed property search
  128. Mail restrictions
  129. Questions answered at visit... (long again...)
  130. A question about call blocks in washington...
  131. clothing packages for WA inmates
  132. Help you guys...anyone know if there is any recourse if "victim" lied ??
  133. Great News...the Supreme Court Of Wa...
  134. does anyone know how to withdraw a statement
  135. Question(s) about family visits in Wa
  136. Rehabilitation or Punishment? Question regarding WA correction system
  137. does anyone know what convictions will prevent you from nursing home work?
  138. 2 year waiting period for extended family visits..?
  139. Welcome to the What you need to know about WA DOC forum!!
  140. How to get Child Support Payments modified in Washington State
  141. WA DOC Inmate Friends and Family Guide Link
  142. Can defendants have copies of their discovery????
  143. Wa State Laws Re K9 Searches?????
  144. Searching For An Inmate In Wa!!!
  145. Searching for an Washington Inmate. What you need to know!
  147. How to file for a Motion for Discovery
  148. sentencing
  149. Online inmate look up.....
  150. Refresher on Washington Legislature Bills
  151. 10 Easy Steps to Legal Research
  152. Legal Research on the Internet
  153. Confused ( visits )
  154. Have question regarding visits
  155. Code & Class questions....
  156. Why so many frequent transfers in WA state prisons?
  157. Regulations for opening inmate's mail
  158. He doesn't want me to visit
  159. pictures in prison
  160. Title 28 Judicial Administration
  161. New Contract Attorneys at Airway Heights Correctional Center
  162. MAPS program?? (Washington)
  163. Wanna mess with my phone calls???? HA!!!
  164. DOC PHONE WAR-bring it on
  165. Prison & the IRS
  166. Know your rights: Disciplinary Sanctions in Prison
  167. Department of Corrections/Washington Administrative Code's
  168. WA Inmate Accounts: Postage, Work Release, Medical, Education???
  169. More rookie questions re: release dates...
  170. Offender Family Advisory Committee?
  171. Inmate money accounts
  172. WA Offender Family Advisory Committee
  173. Maximum allowables-mens
  174. Question about married vs unmarried inmates books in Wa state
  175. Prison book program
  176. question regarding phones...
  177. How do they determine amount of "good time"?
  178. ok question for you child support
  179. When sending money in WA does it have to be a postal money order?
  180. Does Washington have a 3 strike law???
  181. Unwritten Rules
  182. Questions about where to find information on charges...
  183. Cell Phones
  184. Dosa Crimes
  185. DOC Phone Update
  186. half-time
  187. questions about protective custody
  188. Question regarding: Washington Workcamps
  189. What Is Clemency ?
  190. County-Disciplinary Board Hearing?
  191. Looking for information on release address
  192. work release questions
  193. reinstate right to bare arms?
  194. question regard institution choice
  195. what falls under the 3 strike law
  196. What can you tell me about D.O.S.A.??
  197. WA State DSHS Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA)
  198. work release eligibility question
  199. fines and other WA DOC deductions
  200. WA/DOC Inmate Deductions
  201. any other ways to locate inmate???
  202. Work ethics camps in Washington??
  203. Is it Christmas Package Shopping time yet???
  204. What i found out about inmates property when transferring from jail to prison
  205. Washington Parole Board
  206. How many times can a trial be continued/postponed in Wa??
  207. Sending money question???
  208. Boy Scouts Behind Bars (Scout Reach) program at Washington Womens Correctional Center
  209. WA DSHS: JRA Mentor Program: Mentoring Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
  210. Visitation in Maximum (closed) Custody
  211. Filing for Indigency????
  212. Unlawful firearm possesion - Is it a violent offense in Washington??
  213. sending tapes vs. CD's
  214. Imma gunna quote my man/question regarding picking up mail from prison
  215. Need to know what to do after the appeal was sent
  216. Intake Facility Plan/Transfer question???
  217. Locating husband in transport
  218. Washington State Safe Communities Collaborative link
  219. Is that true if there is not a bed my man might get sent somewhere else?
  220. Indeterminate Parole board trap
  221. calls: can inmates make 1-800 calls
  222. trying to find homies DOC number
  223. Problems with getting your loved ones call?
  224. Question about transfering from Ore to WA state
  225. A question about Wa state sentencing.....
  226. money orders..
  227. Why are inmates suddenly transfered?
  228. What is a Postal Fund??
  229. Cassette Tapes for Prisoners?
  230. Sending Money Orders/Community Property
  231. New law reinstating parole?
  232. Mug Shots...Does anyone know how to get a copy of the booking photo in WA?
  233. Van Transportation to Washington State Prisons
  234. We need help/advice...regarding juvenile system in WA
  235. Extradition Treaty's...Is a class c felony with a bail jumping is extraditeable?
  236. Inmate Files...where do I go in order to get a prisoners file?
  237. How can I find out his Early Release Date?
  238. My husband will be sent to camp
  239. sex offender classification
  240. How I can get the jury verdict paperwork???
  241. probation/community custody question
  242. I need some help... it's important to me
  243. WA DOC Offender Transition Services
  244. WA DOC End of Sentence Review/Civil Commitment Program
  245. WA DOC Going Home Initative
  246. WA DOC Offender Accountability Act (E2SSB 5421)
  247. WA DOC DOC Statistical Brochure (February 2006)
  248. WA DOC Future Search
  249. WA DOC Email List Signup Information for Corrections - News
  250. What are the different degrees of Robbery in WA???