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  1. New Michigan Law on Mandatory Minimums
  2. PLease help - Michigan Truth in Sentencing
  3. Truth in Sentencing Questions?
  4. Michigan Truth in Sentencing?
  5. Truth in Sentencing question
  6. TIS question
  7. what is truth in sentencing
  8. tis
  9. House Bills--need to contact your senator
  10. truth in sentencing
  11. Inmates settle 15 yr. suit!
  12. Truth in Sentencing - TIS
  13. There is justice sometimes......
  14. Tis
  15. Early Release & TIS
  16. MDOC Legislative Report 2/1/04
  17. MI Legislature Question...
  18. Vote on the budget and what to cut or increase in the Detroit News...
  19. SB 973 Amendment for Parole of Lifers
  20. HJR W (2204) The DP Bill
  21. GOP Bill flops in House
  22. TIS - Need information
  23. Vote against the Death Penalty in Michigan! (2004)
  24. Parole Legislation
  25. Tis
  26. Tracking a new bill for lifers
  27. Early Releases
  28. Are they giving Good Time back?
  29. House Bill 4050: Establish Prison Phone Rules
  30. House Bill 4039: Electronic Tether for Child SUpport Dilinquents
  31. Good Time????????
  32. Current Bills introduced in House
  33. We need to do some research and help each other with Info on Good Time
  34. OUIL 3rd
  35. Law MCL 769.12
  36. US Constituntion: Our 8th Ammendment (links)~A MUST READ!!
  37. Need Info (need Case #)
  38. Michigan laws/ drug case
  39. WELCOME = What this forum is all about!
  40. taking someones mail is it....
  41. Another Question, Please Help!!! (Early Release)
  42. I'm SOOOO excited! Senate bill 2066
  43. Help making a decision whether to fight FOIA refusal
  44. Michigan's Driver's Responsibility Fee
  45. Min 5yr cap...
  46. Bills to eliminate Prelim in committee
  47. MI Medicaid Patients may be penalized for health bad habits
  48. Referred to committee on judiciary?
  49. More crazy laws, as if we don't have enough
  50. Senate Bill 825/ implement new guidelines
  51. They must have passed bill to create new felony
  52. felon in possesion/felony firearm-How long do they have to charge them?
  53. New DUI law???
  54. Truth in Sentencing Law
  55. Help Needed Finding Law Making it a Felony to be in Arrears on Child Support
  56. how long does it take to get sentenced??
  57. i heard something (granholm rumor)
  58. How to respond to Court Petition while incarcerated
  59. Bill aims to clear up child abuse laws
  60. House Bill Taxing inmate purchases
  61. Smoking or Non Smoking in Michigan Prisons?
  62. Bills introduced, questions??
  63. New bills introduced today (9/08/05) regarding Truth in Sentencing
  64. Michigan Driver Responsibility Fees
  65. New State Law - Grandparents Rights
  66. Felony Child Neglect....
  67. Circuit Court ?
  68. How does a bill become a law?
  69. Help getting good time law back
  70. Question about new Sex Offender laws
  71. Bill introduced in House regarding parole
  72. Letters of support for good time Bill to judiciary committee chair
  73. crp placment for firearm charges
  74. where to find Michigan statutes
  75. Judiciary committee meeting 10/5/2005
  76. Names/E-mails of All Judiciary Committee Members
  77. New law (Michigan)
  78. Was there a new law passed recently in MI?
  79. quick question re: 'Forfeit of Good Time'
  80. Suggestions On Writing/emailing Your Legislator
  81. Does anyone know... (HB 5129 and HB 5130)
  82. Resentencing
  83. Truth in Sentencing??
  84. HB 5129/5130 (Bringing back good time to MI) Discussion Thread
  85. Michigan True and Sentencing law
  86. State guidelines for Sentencing? Appeals for sentencing?
  87. Good time is back?
  88. Policy on Transfer 05.01.140/Unsecured Level I Facilities
  89. Truth In Sentencing (Michigan)
  90. good time
  91. Guide to Michigan US Representatives
  92. Michigan Court Of Appeals
  93. Attorney General
  94. Secretary Of State
  95. Michigan House Of Representatives
  96. Michigan Senate
  97. How A Bill Becomes A Law
  98. Michigan Courts Self-Help Center
  99. Online Ticket Payment Information
  100. Michigan eLibrary
  101. Statewide Road Construction/Lane Closures
  102. MI State Police Internet Criminal History Access Tool
  103. A to Z Listing of Available Online State of MI Services
  104. TIS News
  105. Plzzzzzzzzz HELP me with a Question!!!
  106. Anyone ever heard of this? (good time laws)
  107. Back child support information - Michigan
  108. what is truth in sentence?
  109. We deserve a day in our honor... please read.
  110. no more truth in sentencing--rumor??
  111. Taxes to be charged on store orders...
  112. ATTENTION: Truth in Sentencing questions
  113. House Bill 5512 - to abolish LWOP for Juveniles
  114. House Bill 5513 - to amend probate code for LWOP parole eligibility for juveniles
  115. HB 5514 to allow parole for certain juvenile offenders currently sentenced to LWOP
  116. HB 5515 to amend Michigan Penal code as to the penalties of Juvenile offenders
  117. New Laws/Changes for SO's and gun laws??
  118. New Rumor Good time or Parole Board
  119. Petition Started In Petitions Forum For House Bills 5129, 5130, 5131
  120. Index
  121. Need some assistance (re:good time)
  122. Never Get Out Unless the Law Changes-What can be do to change it?
  123. We Need Your Support Michigan Residents!!!
  124. Only Items On Jud. Com. Agenda...
  125. Failure to register as an SO--Where would I found out if it's higher or lower time?
  126. Bring Back Good Time To Prisoners-Ways to do something!
  127. New bill introduced for conjugal visits in the Michigan prison system!
  128. Conjugal visit bill proposed.........
  129. I need a little help Understanding sentencing for failure to register
  130. Re: HB1019
  131. Pine River Facility-Info on the Warden and info on Good time granted needed...
  132. COURT OF Appeals Questions & confusion
  133. TIS Law
  134. Getting Charges Discharged?
  135. Reinstating Good Time To Michigan Prisoners
  136. Anyone know about any changes to the RSAT program?
  137. Hearing on Prisoner ID & Re-entry
  138. Question about sentencing
  139. UDAA Charges...HELP!!!!!!!!
  140. ? about county housing bill
  141. Major Victory
  142. prisoners are saying Michigan is coming back with congical visits??
  143. After time of appeal is past...
  144. New Law: Charging Prisoners More $$$???
  145. Senate Passes MDOC Budget
  146. governor election...
  147. Gerritt to do column on 35% surcharge
  148. Today's Surcharge Column...
  149. Double jepoardy?
  150. due process for arrest-How long can they be held without being charged?
  151. Offender e-mail notification bill advances
  152. Corrections Law CD
  153. Michigan Marriages not Valid UNLESS....
  154. question on this kind of a hearing
  155. Truth in Sentencing Changed?
  156. Corrections Budget Meeting Wednesday
  157. Drunk Driving Bills in Michigan
  158. I have a question on minimum sentence
  159. Need help finding a good attorney
  160. Bill 5800 seeks options for Badwin
  161. Early Release or Commutation
  162. Embezzlement at Newberry?
  163. Question about Michigan Misdemeanors
  164. appelete court garanted appeal
  165. Truth In Sentence (any updates?)
  166. Next Step - Prisoner Store Surcharge
  167. ANYONE KNOW whats going on about good behavior?
  168. how long (can they hold someone for a PV)
  169. Resentencing
  170. GPS used by the MDOC
  171. Parole Board Decision Definitions
  172. Conference Report SB 1084
  173. applette court wants his brief again
  174. Phone Hearing
  175. Does the same judge handle the appeal?
  176. Prisoner restitution and mortgage liens
  177. Zero Tolerance Policy for Parolees and Probationers Involved with Guns
  178. going from Kinross to Macomb County for trial
  179. Can convicted felons own fire arms & vote in michigan
  180. Guides to Michigan Government
  181. Meeting on failures of correctional system
  182. Attention: Relief for Drug Offendors!
  183. Assault w/intent to murder & felony firearm - sentencing questions
  184. Help please with legal questions - appear in front of the judge to change attorney?
  185. Ombudsman-Why did it close? How to re-open
  186. How Do we get an order about Paying Restitution?
  187. Has anyone followed MI HB 5622?
  188. What age is considered an adult in MI?
  189. Michigan Law- Parole violator- help
  190. How does a Cobb's agreement work?
  191. have a question on parole suspensions
  192. What's Next? For Reinstating Good time...
  193. Income Taxes. Can You claim your loved one?
  194. What's the lasted scoop on "good time"?
  195. Reducing Maximum Sentence
  196. appeal need some help
  197. There May Be Light at the End of the Tunnel - Petition related to felony firearm
  198. Biggest Joke Ever~MDOC response to e-mail about BB gun as firearm
  199. Is my lawyer trying to scam me?
  200. Who will be the new Chairman of the Judicial Committee?
  201. Bankruptcy from prison?
  202. how does good behavior work?
  203. question about investments
  204. Is it a felony if you get caught DUI period/if you get caught 3 times in a lifetime?
  205. Adultery--Life in Prison as it is a CSC Charge in Michigan
  206. Civil Disobedience/Disorderly Conduct
  207. U.S. Supreme Court sides with 3 Michigan inmates!
  208. Sex Offenders Registry New Format
  209. Child Custody and Support Survey
  210. Questions about Granholm's plans re MDOC and releases
  211. Updated Policy to allow tether
  212. Second Chance Legislation Supporters
  213. 2007 Good Times Bills....
  214. Balancing the Budget -- Corrections
  215. Info on getting a misdeameanor espunged
  216. Granholm's Releasing of Inmates Question
  217. Michigan Supreme Court "Gag Order" ???
  218. Response From Craig Deroche, House Republican Leader
  219. Offender Health Care Committee Meeting
  220. Bills Passed - Where can you find information?
  221. Gun law Parole Violation and Possiblility to appeal
  222. Citizens Alliance on prisons and public spending
  223. NEW Legislation--Felony Drunk Drivings to Increase Prison Population by 5 to 10,000
  224. Republican Proposed Budget???
  225. Early Release Granholm
  226. Meeting - Truth in Sentencing and more...
  227. Sales Tax on Prison Store Items
  228. Felony Dangerous Drug Charge
  229. Any information on 90 day cuts?
  230. Granholm's Plan...
  231. New Legislation on Parole Guidelines....
  232. gov. granholm....
  233. Child support
  234. HB 4548 Hearings/Help Request
  235. Hb 4348
  236. MDOC were bad behavior is rewarded
  237. sample letter to legislator
  238. Bill Introduced to Double GTC in County
  239. Bill to cut Flop sentences in half??
  240. clemency~what's the process, does it still go to the board?
  241. HIV Bill proposed
  242. Gov. Granholm supposedly signed a bill today for lifers...???
  243. inmates seen by warden at Lakeland
  244. Can anyone recommend an attorney
  245. terms used to request same judge in 2 cases?
  246. 6500 Motion - What is it?
  247. Truth In Sentencing Gone??
  248. House Bill for Parolable (sp) lifers in Michigan
  249. Paroling people 30 months before their ERD.
  250. You Can Not Go Home Befor Your Erd!!!