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  1. International Harm Reduction Battle Heating Up
  2. Afghan Anti-Opium Drive Causes Prices to Rise, Makes New Planting More Att
  3. At US Behest, Pakistan Clerics Vow Jihad Against Drugs
  4. With Prohibition Failing, China Calls for "Peoples' War" on Drugs
  5. Ugandan Farmers Call for Marijuana Legalization
  6. Malaysia Considering Drug Maintenance Programs?
  7. In Civil Obedience Campaign, Hungarian Drug Users Turn Themselves In
  8. India: Crackdown on Opium Growers Spurs Confusion, Protests in Karnataka
  9. Update: Australian Woman Faces Possible Death Sentence for Marijuana
  10. Bush Administration Claims Success in Colombia Drug War, Seeks More Money
  11. Mexico - approx. 485 killed so far this year
  12. Guardian:A psychonaut gets caught
  13. China Says Drug War Is Failing
  14. Mexico: Another Big Victim In Mexico's Drug War
  15. Scientists: Insect Would Kill Coca Crops
  16. Columbia: Drug war in Colombia, Is there any progress?
  17. Guardian:Revealed: how drugs war failed
  18. Iran:Interesting liberal changes on their drug policies
  19. Drug War Summits in South America - host 40 countries
  20. Indonesia - A factory of shame
  21. Australia, Tasmania - Addict program full
  22. Scotland: Annabel Goldie’s 'war on drugs'
  23. Mexico: Drug gangs corrupt Mexico’s elite ‘FBI’
  25. Singapore: refuses to budge on Australian drug trafficker's execution
  26. Hong Kong: Asia's 'grim view on drug crime'
  27. Colombia: Watchdog challenges U.S. drug war in Colombia
  28. Drugs and the Death Penalty
  29. Article: Japan/Drug rehab facilities give hope to addicts
  30. Bolivia: Likely new Bolivian leader out to change the drug war
  31. England: Cops call out the dogs in drug war
  32. Scotland: 7 OUT OF TEN ARE ADDICTS
  33. Colombia: Colombian drug war mired in doubt
  34. Watchdog challenges U.S. drug war in Colombia
  35. England: Jail declares war on drug barons
  36. Britain:Cannabis 'won't be reclassified'
  37. England: Police, addict testify in alleged crack ring
  38. India: 8% of its inmates are junkies
  39. Caymen Islds: Modern drug war now wages in cyberspace
  40. Italy cracks down on drugs-marijuana on a par with heroin or cocaine
  41. Jakarta: Apartment under scrutiny in drug war
  42. United Kingdom: DRUG WAR 'IS A FLOP'
  43. Scotland: Proposal to give free pipes to crack addicts
  44. Bolivia's Knot: No to Cocaine, but Yes to Coca
  45. Northern Ireland:Review report calls for addiction services for young people
  46. India: De-addiction centres for women
  47. Wales: Family kidnaps relative to save them from junkie hell
  48. Georgia (former Soviet Union country) Police Confiscated 67,4 Grams Of Heroin
  49. Colombia - Tug of war over cocaine
  50. Third World Opioid Painkiller Shortage - Let a thousand licensed poppies bloom
  51. Belfast - Health chiefs fear cheap heroin will attract more young users
  52. Wales - Give drug initiative a chance
  53. Action urged on poppy crop in Afghanistan
  54. Israel's Green Leaf (Marijuana) Party Could Win Knesset Seats
  55. Scotland - Inmates Wife Took Drugs Into Jail
  56. Australia - Ex-drug squad pair on trial
  57. Nigeria - NDLEA Arrests Drug Baron In Lagos
  58. 185 Million Drug Addicts Worldwide
  59. U.S. indicts 50 Colombians it calls 'narcoterrorists'
  60. Guatemala army destroying clandestine airstrips
  61. Bolivia: Drug war takes different tack
  62. Afghanistan: Canada treads dangerous line over poppy eradication in Afghanistan
  63. England:Secondary Pupils Use of Cocaine Rises
  64. Britain:Prosecutions to soar under plan to slash limits for drug possession
  65. Australia - Police Crack Huge Drug Syndicate
  66. Philippines Court Orders Life Sentence for Selling Two Grams of Marijuana
  67. Portugal Decriminalization-It Works!
  68. Mexico contemplates relaxed marijuana laws