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  1. Will The Virginia system get better?
  2. HELP - Grooming Policy DOP 864
  3. For those who have someone incarcerated in Virginia...
  4. Council gets update on crime-Virginia
  5. petiton on line
  6. Some Info - Prison chief defends tenure
  7. Virginia Prison Closings
  8. VIrginia - prisons not closing
  9. Medical Treatment in Virginia Beach, VA Jail
  10. Virginia Prison Info
  11. Parole and interstate compact
  12. Visitation in Virginia - Need Info!
  13. ?about GED req vs already has college dregree??
  14. life after prison
  15. News on VA 65% law??
  16. Need Help - Looking for contact for Interstate Compact
  17. DEana - I read you were in SWVA
  18. sever medical help needed
  19. Good time
  20. Anyone know about the 65% bill for July 1??
  21. Inmate Locator In Virginia
  22. Report: Stun gun implicated in prisoner's death at Wallens Ridge
  23. Virginia's Death Penalty..... (old, but interesting)
  24. Va Cure
  25. I actually have something nice to say about VA DOC..
  26. new good time credit bill in works
  27. remember to vote
  28. Does anyone know?
  29. Virginia Prisons!
  30. Less Time for Federal Prisoners?
  31. Please Answer This Asap!!!
  32. how long left??
  33. This goes against the entire "Innocent until Convicted" issue!
  34. return parole in virginia
  35. getting a divorce while in prison
  36. cost of divorce while in va prison
  37. Getting A Handle On Probation
  38. Need Suggestions
  39. 15 Nat'l. Youth Crime Prevention Conf. in VA needs yths to serve as Conf. Ambassadors
  40. transfers of doc inmates
  41. Advocacy Day Jan. 19th
  42. Money Orders
  43. Convicted Molester Found Dead in Prison (Waverly)
  44. Interstate compact and more
  45. Advocacy Day
  46. Good time?
  47. Voting Rights for Felons
  48. Senate Votes to Lift Time Limit on New Evidence
  49. looking for a lawyer in norfolk VA
  50. looking for post-conviction lawyer in botetourt county area
  51. Broccoletti the best lawyer in VA !!!!
  52. Brett Alger
  53. Speak up VA
  54. Va. to Send Out-of-State Inmates Packing
  55. Guards Attack Inmates with Mace
  56. So-called "Mental Health" Jail
  57. Virginia CURE
  58. "18-year-old gets no sympathy in complaints about prison"
  59. Va. to Pay Exonerated Prisoner $1.2M
  60. Indigent Defense Panel Is Approved- Caseloads in Va. Could Be Limited!!!
  61. the %65 thing
  62. With depression and anxiety got jailed
  63. VA CURE Spring Meeting
  64. I am looking for a lawyer
  65. DNA Tests Clear Ex-Va. Inmate, Lawyers Say
  66. HB362 bill in Virginia?
  67. Fight MCI
  68. "minimum-security Prisons Bulging"
  69. Jewish inmate sues state over meals, religious rights
  70. Governor Warner restoring rights to felons at quick pace
  71. DoC Officer Charged for Torture
  72. 85% Sentence Rule
  73. Good Time Credit
  74. Sentence Reduction in Virginia
  75. I am confused...can someone help me????
  76. Article: JUDGE rejects bias suit by inmate over kosher meals
  77. Passing of Good Conduct Allowances for Prisoners in State of Virginia...Bill SB75
  78. Inmate's family sues jail
  79. question about healthcare
  80. Restoring Voting Rights of Ex-Felons in Virginia
  81. Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence
  82. How can I find out where he is??
  83. VA Code Section 19.2-303
  84. Reentry and alternatives to incarceration
  85. CT Inmate Transfers returning to Connecticut
  86. Muhammad's Lawyers Want Prosecutor Off the Case
  87. Inmates Help in Rescue of Captive Guard
  88. Plan Could Curb Crime; Probation Officer Pushes 'Holistic' Rehab Approach; Virginia
  89. Anger Shadows Freedom Parole, Not Exoneration to Release Virginia Man.
  90. Ex sheriff convicted of assault on prisoner
  91. Have questions about parole denial in virginia
  92. Man dies in jail while awaiting deportation
  93. good time bill
  94. Virginia DNA may get 2nd look
  95. Virginia man cleared of charges after 22 years thanks to DNA
  96. Soering releases book on prisons
  97. A Virginia Exoneration
  98. Surge in filings fails to appear
  99. Write of Innocence for this Gentleman
  100. Pardon just faxed to Governor
  101. Article: Virginia Gets U.S. Funds For DNA Backlog
  102. Article: Aging Behind Bars - Virginia
  103. Article: Expected growth spurt doesn't materialize - Virginia
  104. Article: Children in court may not know why - Virginia
  105. Article: Mixed blessing as no-parole turns 10 - Virginia
  106. Aging behind bars, A decade after Virginia abolished parole
  107. Female Prisoner Being Abused and needs support URGENTLY
  108. Article: Overcrowding Problems At Virginia Beach Jail
  109. "Second Chance for the Next Decade October 13, 2004
  110. Article: Identity issues - Virginia
  111. Article: Virginia's no-parole system seems to work - up to a point.
  112. Article: Prison ministry celebrates 21 years of good news
  113. Article: Plans for new prison advancing - Virginia
  114. Parole Board advice needed in Virginia
  115. Info: New Bill- Good Conduct and Mandatory Literacy Allowances 4 Incarcerated Persons
  116. Tomorrow!
  117. I give up....SB 75???
  118. Prisoners help prep U.S. Christmas tree
  119. Let's get fired up on the letter writing to Senators and the Gov!
  120. Wasington Post editorial on appellate process
  121. How to get the Governor's Attention
  122. Prisoner Advocacy Day - January 17th 2005- Please Join Us
  123. Parole and Non-Parole Eligible - How SB75 Fits In
  124. Article : Ten Years After It Eliminated Parole, Va. Considers Costs
  125. Va Sb 75
  126. Article: Program sponsors gifts for inmates' children
  127. Article: State prescription drug bill on horizon
  128. Article: Parole abolition: inmate numbers up, but not as much as expected
  129. Article: Officer: 'The kids are beginning to fight us'
  130. Urgent - Sb 75 Good Conduct Bill - Update
  131. Sb 75 Is Now Sb 805- Good Conduct Mandatory Literacy Bill
  132. Want To Surprise Your Love One ---
  133. Article: Improvements at Kentucky Prison where Vermont Prisoners are Being Held
  134. Make a difference stop or lower phone costs HB 1765
  135. Update: Sb 805- Good Conduct Mandatory Literacy Bill
  136. Urgent/emergency: Sb 805 Formerly Sb 75
  137. S.B. 805 LERA being heard 1/21/05
  138. SB 805...Guess What :)
  139. Bill to lower phone rates prisoners
  140. SB 805 Good time credit 1/21/05
  141. More Bills
  142. Do You Va. DOC To Be Accountable? - Support HB 2890
  143. Article: Bill to lower phone rates for prisoners advances
  144. Eight injured in explosion at Chesapeake correctional center
  145. Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul
  146. Sb 805 - January 28, 2005 Vote
  147. Conference - Who's all coming?
  148. HB 1765 Telephone systems within correctional facilities
  149. Governor's Race results are VERY IMPORTANT for INMATES and FAMILIES
  150. Guardian:Why underpants must stay under in the state of Virginia
  151. Article:Embarrassed Va. Lawmakers Drop Low-Cut Pants Bill (Richmond, Va)
  152. Your voice is valuable through out year
  153. Getting involved in Community or starting group
  154. Criminal Justice Reform for Virginia
  155. article: Problems With Police Lineups
  156. Article:Candidate wants tough penalties for nonviolent offenders
  157. Medical care report
  158. Examine US Prison conditions information
  160. VADP information
  161. S.B.805 information
  162. letter from the governor's office
  163. Virginia CURE mrechandise, check it out
  164. Charlottesville lawyer awarded for his advocacy (disadvantaged/anti death penalty)
  165. PTO Day at Cedar Point - Sandusky Ohio - July 9th!
  166. Some police departments change lineups
  167. Warner signs law allowing prosecutors to appeal procedural decisions
  168. 2005 Legislative Updates
  169. Preventing wrongful convictions in VA - Innocence Commission report
  170. Preventing Wrongful Convictions
  171. Support L.E.R.A. SB 805
  172. Information on issues if you do not know
  173. News article of 2000, interesting
  174. You can make changes in Virginia
  175. VA C.U.R.E. Richmond/Petersburg Area Chapter
  176. Get Tough on Crime article March 23, 2005
  177. Article: Some police deartments change lineups
  178. Messages Project
  179. New Parole Board Law -HB 2823
  180. Ya Know!
  181. Radio Station 88.7 FM "Holla to the Hood"
  182. Annual Family Day 7/16/2005
  183. Writ of Actual Innocence SB 914
  184. Family Member March August 13, 2005
  185. Family Member March: August 13, 2005
  186. Annual Family Day 7/16/2005
  187. Directions to the Prison & Hotel Information
  188. Arrest of officers calls charges into question
  189. NYTimes:Virginia Justices Set Death Sentence in Washington Sniper Case
  190. SB 805 - LERA State Version - CONTACT INFORMATION
  191. Article: Friends Against Crack
  192. NYTimes:Muslim Cleric Found Guilty in the 'Virginia Jihad' Case
  193. Second Chance Act
  194. `Literacy, Education, and Rehabilitation'
  195. Warner First In America In Restoring Felons' Rights
  196. Felon Voting Rights Pushed In VA
  197. Group Demands Felons' Rights
  198. NYTimes:Virginia Governor Orders Review of 150 DNA Cases by Crime Lab
  199. Local Area Meetings
  200. Jury foreman supports pardon for convicted ex-Navy SEAL
  201. Article:Inmate hangs himself hours before sentencing
  202. Letters to MCI
  203. Trying to make plains for summer support
  204. Whatever happened with the bill to allow calling cards?
  205. Questions about Freedom of Information Act in Virginia
  207. Mecklenburg inmates got food infested with maggots
  208. HB 1761 - Food stamp benefits; drug-related felonies
  209. article on DNA issues in VA DP
  210. Husband, 84, sent to prison for 'mercy killing' of wife with Alzheimer's
  211. Baker Claim
  212. Is this legal???? Turn off water and restrict intake?
  213. Accidentally erased message...
  214. Help With Sb805/valera/50%/good Conduct/mandatory Literacy Bill
  215. Virginians - Inmate Holiday Packages - Acs Information
  216. Virginia Pardons/Clemency - State and Federal Information/Application
  217. Mandatory Parole under "New Law" sentences
  218. Virginia Literacy, Education, Rehabilitation Act - aka VaLERA, SB 805, SB 75, Good
  219. Parole Continues in Virginia 10 Years After It Was Abolished
  220. Program brings pups to prison, comfort to inmates
  221. Crowded Norfolk jail at breaking point
  222. Ex-officer charged in pregnant-inmate case
  223. The were 3 deaths in 10days
  224. Lab review of old DNA samples reveals two men wrongly convicted
  225. Human Error To Blame For Mistaken Release Of Dangerous Inmate
  226. Suit filed over jail access,Woody's transition team denied entry to city jail
  227. Just What We Needed Another Prison - Here's The Information
  228. Do any facilities have separate areas for those needing special medical treatments?
  229. Woody gets first look inside city jail
  230. Legislative Updates & Rehabilitation News
  231. Death Penalty Bill - 2006 Legislation
  232. Contact Information for the VaLERA - SB 805, SB 75, Good Conduct/Literacy, 50% Bill
  233. parole violation in VA
  234. Waters on at Wallens Ridge
  235. ex inmates kill members of 2 families
  236. Restoring the Right to Vote
  237. DNA confirms that Coleman was guilty
  238. Legislative Update
  239. VaLERA - SB 105 aka SB 805, SB 75, HB 362 - PUBLIC HEARING JAN 20TH
  240. Ask the Governor
  241. need support from VA incarcerated families
  242. Legislative News, Updates & Questions ~ Please read before posting
  243. We still need to contact Legislators
  244. You can't hide your lying eyes
  245. EMail to the Governor
  246. Reentry Challenges and Solutions
  247. Blakely Decision Affecting Sentencing??
  248. Sheriff orders undercoverus interruptus
  249. Any News?
  250. Code of Virginia