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  1. Article: Mail Call @ Snake River Correctional Institution
  2. Oregon Jails deal with new problem: Meth mouth
  3. Supreme Court ruling: Drug dogs can sniff your car in public
  4. Oregon High Court Overturns Sex Offender labeling process
  5. OSP and mentally ill prisoners
  6. Editorial: Oregon State Penitentiary mentally ill inmates need more help
  7. Ore. sex offenders receive no treatment in prison
  8. After a residential neighborhood erupts in protest, zoning rules are reviewed
  9. Western Prison Project/Action Alert/Lobby Day March 1
  10. Oregon's Conservatives' budget scam: costs hit home
  11. Oregon looks to faith-based programs to curm recidivism
  12. Washington County will open drug court
  13. Oregon takes unusual route to fill top jobs
  14. Allegations that a PO abused juveniles should spark reforms in the Oregon
  15. Two Rivers Correctional Institution inmate attempts suicide
  16. Oregon is about to deploy "the most addictive form of gambling in history"
  17. How to volenteer at Coffe Creek Correctional Facility
  18. Education Service District returns to Linn County Juvenile detention center
  19. Some sex charges dismissed after witness's prison suicide
  20. State Senate Report - Public Safety Subcommittee Update, March 16
  21. OR DOC doesn't have startup funds for Madras prison
  22. Article: Borrowing $670,000 just to stay afloat
  23. The Oregon State Penitentiary surveys inmates on its meals
  24. Editorials - Jail and Prison: What a waste
  25. Linn County (Oregon) urged to list sex offenders online
  26. Officials praise inmate labor Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
  27. State struggles to employ inmates (Measure 17)
  28. Article: Persuit to publish ALL SO information on Oregon web site.
  29. Article: Program for ex-cons may move to UO area
  30. Student-inmates at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility look toward their futures
  31. Douglas County Sheriff visited Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
  32. Nearly 400 Santiam prison inmates are evacuated after small lint fire
  33. Article: Probation, parole facing funding crisis (Bend Bulletin)
  34. Article: Jury: Corrections officials liable in rape
  35. Article: Bush Park’s Famed Crooked House Undergoes Rehabilitation
  36. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution Prisoners learn parenting skills
  37. Mandatory prison sentencing laws are the sacred cow of Oregon politics
  38. Thirty-four inmates died in Oregon prisons last year.
  39. Old Town gallery tries to find a receptive audience for art created by prison inmates
  40. Oregonian: Jail sits idle as inmates go free
  41. It seems a failure to build a new prison while a 525-bed jail sits unused
  42. Coffee Creek Correctional Facility advisory committee seeking to fill four positions
  43. (OpEd) Oregon lacks enlightment
  44. Board will seek uses for empty Wapato jail
  45. Inmates & Daughters Connect Through Scout Troop
  46. Clackamas justice system under stress
  47. Oregon must confront a mental health crisis
  48. Former MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility invokes silence privilege
  49. Salem police say school girls trade sex for meth
  50. Congressman asks for halfway house for imprisoned executive
  51. Oregon House Passes Unborn Victims Of Violence Act
  52. Western Prison Project Alert: Demand a Hearing for Key Measure 11 Reform Bills
  53. Oregon State Rep Hansen Proposes Changes To Slow $60-Million Public Safety Deficit
  54. Bill would create Web site to identify sex offenders
  55. A Night Of Solidarity With Jeff ‘free’ Luers
  56. Oregon State Senators Receive Award for Increasing Hepatitis C Awareness
  57. Western Prison Project Alert: Will the Legislature Pass Earned Time Before Adjourning
  58. Coos County second highest per capita for sexual predators
  59. Oregon High Court Upholds Death Sentence
  60. Timeline for Oregon's medical marijuana law
  61. OR SB 528 would support use of aggravating factors to lengthen prison time
  62. Preschool program lets inmate mothers help teach their kids/may fall to budget cuts
  63. Marion County Juvenile Department gets new director
  64. Western Prison Project Alert: Measure 11 Reform is an On-Going Struggle
  65. Oregon's Measure 37
  66. Multnomah County can stop the revolving door at jail if it chooses
  67. Young adults at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn donation
  68. First-ever court order bars closure of jail beds
  69. Twice a week, the Prices go to the Oregon State Correctional Institution
  70. County jails, state will share prisoner information before transfers
  71. State considers Polk County plan on sex offender housing
  72. Western Prison Project Alert: Inmate Telephone Rule Changes
  73. Western Prison Project: Criminal Justice Alert: Legislative Wrap-Up
  74. Oregon seeks space for 500 prisoners
  75. Accident kills inmate from Shutter Creek Crew
  76. Inmate stabs guard
  77. Death of inmate investigated
  78. Please read before posting articles!
  79. Western Prison Project Alert: Help Us Identify the Biggest Barriers for Ex-Felons
  80. Hard-bitten exterior and a soft spot for her dogs
  81. Losing a lifeline: Funding ends for girls' addiction treatment plan
  82. Petitioners target sex offenders
  83. Urgent Action Request
  84. Gang program works, but it's not in the budget
  85. 'Home for Good' helps inmates likely to reoffend
  86. Oregon Court overturns sex-show laws
  87. Oregon prepares to replace its longest-serving top judge
  88. Salem prison chaplain success integrating high-risk felons back into society
  89. Lincoln County Jail receives high marks from statewide group
  90. Officer at prison target in inquiry
  91. Judge skips guidelines in sex-abuse sentence
  92. Costly mandatory sentences don't halt crime
  93. Clackamas County Sheriff asks panel to weigh all jail ideas
  94. A little show-business glamour will come to rural Marion County
  95. The StoryCorps Project visits Salem prison to get stories of the inside
  96. Congressmen visit Oregon to see meth's toll
  97. Prisons union to vote on contract
  98. Fall Burning Begins On Central Oregon Federal Lands
  99. Inmates, opportunities mix
  100. 'Necktie Parties' does justice to legal hangings in Oregon
  101. Steering the right course against crime
  102. Article: Ex-trooper gets probation, fines (why even print this??)
  103. Article: Ex-trooper gets probation, fines (why even print this??)
  104. Inmate found dead at Oregon State Penitentiary
  105. Corrections center project in Oregon falls through
  106. Teacher in Tenn. Should Thank God She Doesn't Live In OR
  107. Sex between workers, inmates now is barred
  108. Jail inmates get more exposure
  109. Lane Co. officials say rogue cop gets off easy
  110. Insider’s view on Weaver killings goes to press — and the feds wince
  111. An all-female staff unrealistic; Move would leave Wilsonville facility short
  112. Shutter Creek recruiting to fill jobs created by expansion
  113. Class offers new skills, attitudes for inmates
  114. Frank Gable's request for transfer was denied
  115. Year's work to deliver holiday joy
  116. Survey of inmates reveals 'staggering' meth numbers
  117. Court documents detail deputy's alleged robbery
  118. Oregon High court clears way for changed sentencing
  119. New Prison opening.....
  120. An inmate crew from the Oregon State Correctional Institution repaired Salem parks
  121. NYTimes:F.B.I. Is Cleared of Misconduct in Jailing of Oregon Man
  122. Registry rule aids police in meth case
  123. Clothing industry would be a good fit for state prisons
  124. Statesman Journal: Inmate's "Warm up America" work praised
  125. Hunger Strike at Two Rivers
  126. Court orders new hearing on Gable's sentence
  127. Oregon is now a lifetime registration state
  128. FBI ends silence on Weaver case
  129. Short on jail space, county free youths
  130. WPP Action Alert: Get Your Letters Published 1/19/06
  131. Oregon DOC Inmate Newsletters (SRCI, OSP, EOCI and TRCI)
  132. News Article: Oregon Prison guard, once praised, accused of sex with killer
  133. Western Prison Project Survey
  134. Article: Meth law attack problem here and abroad
  135. Article: Oregon crime lab hits milestone in DNA testing
  136. Article: Tai chi master volenteers at Oregon State Penitentiary
  137. Article: Allegations of sexual abuse of OR female inmates housed out of state (CCA)
  138. Interview with Bill Hoefel/Coffee Creek
  139. Article: OR Supreme Court: too late to challenge aggrevating factors
  140. Article: Video games a hit with Oregon inmates
  141. Article: This Jail Takes No Prisoners
  142. Article: OR: County Plan to House Former Prisoners Stopped by Community
  143. Article: OR: In Memory of Anne Rose-Pierce
  144. Article: Jail looks to trim back food bill, kitchen staff
  145. Article: Project pooch MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility
  146. Article: 'Restitution court' pays off for crime victims
  147. Prison canteens move to automated system
  148. Article: Nomination bittersweet for Guthrie
  149. Article: Medical pot in jail? No way, sheriff says
  150. Article: Feed dealer is sentenced in meth case
  151. Article: 'Time running out' for abuse programs
  152. Article: Parole officers win right to arm selves
  153. Article: Lethal Ore. prison gang is rapidly growing
  155. WPP: Alert: Changes to Grievance Policy Will Hurt Prisoners
  156. Article: Pine Creek jumps its banks
  157. Article: Prison growth expected to slow
  158. Article: Alternative school that hired ex-con is allowed to reopen
  159. Yard Altercations Necessitate Lockdown at Pendleton Prison
  160. EOCI on Lockdown
  161. New System for Oregon Prison inmates?
  162. Snake River Newsletter???
  163. eastern oregon correctional institute riot
  164. Article: Lincoln County Jail inmates to be charged a daily fee
  165. Western Prison Project-Action Alert: Help Second Chance Act
  166. Western Prison Project-Action Alert: Help Second Chance Act Part 2
  167. Prison inmates claim gang extorts them for money
  168. Article: Inmates tell of extortion by violent gang members
  169. Oregon prison officials interviewed on NPR about supermax
  170. R.A.P. 5th Annual Hands Across the Bridge ~ 9/4 ~
  171. Article: One in 9 Ore. prisoners mentally ill
  172. Article: Robin Williams is in an Oregon rehab facility
  173. Early prisoner releases riling some Oregon DAs
  174. Article: Chef says prison food program prepares inmates for trade
  175. The ‘Under Cover Police’ shirt was a clue
  176. Article: Oregon State seeks to ease AIP concerns (alternative incarceration program)
  177. Article: Today's bands aren't much for the behind-bars scene
  178. State penitentiary inmate died of strangulation, official finds
  179. Article: Corrections officer arrested for sex with inmate
  180. Article: Oak Creek may reopen to house only girls
  181. Western Prison Project-Action Alert: Join Us for a Fall Event
  182. Just found this out....
  183. Western Prison Project Becomes Partnership for Safety and Justice
  184. Article: Giving Local Women Filmmakers Their Due
  185. Article: Warning shot quells skirmish at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
  186. Article: Salem school ‘persistently dangerous'
  187. Article: Prosecutors report Alternative Incarceration Program progress
  188. Multnomah County Jail Report
  189. 3 Snake River Prison Guards Fired
  190. Inmate Escape from Shutter Creek CI in North Bend
  191. Inmate fight disrupts prison operations
  192. Prison food manager accused of kickback scheme
  193. Partnership for Safety & Justice: Support rules changes that help families
  194. Justice Policy Center Update - March, 2007: New Publications
  195. Oregon Leg: House Bill 2880
  196. The Second Chance Act has a real chance!
  197. PSJ Celebrates Victory on Re-entry Policy Goal
  198. Extreme Isolation in Prison is Never Justifiable
  199. Charges Dropped Against Boys Accused of Bottom-Slapping
  200. Oregonian reports on rape in Oregon prisons
  201. Another New Prison Snuck up on us...
  202. Expansion of Measure 11
  203. News Release Re: OSP
  204. Recent News Releases from DOC
  205. Vernonia Cleanup
  206. Support Reforms to Federal Drug Sentencing Laws
  207. State of Oregon VS Thomas Ice Oregon supreme court decision
  208. Article on Release and Post-Prison Supervision
  209. ACRS and you know about them?
  210. DOC: Veronia Recognition
  211. Parole Board ~ 1/27/08 Oregonian
  212. Interesting Posts about the "Prison Blues" OR DOC Industry
  213. Loren Marks pours money into Mannix initiative
  214. ODOC Flood Recognition Ceremony -- So Great!
  215. DOC News Releases 02-14-08
  216. State Med Examiner finds inmate's death in Dec "accidental"
  217. Prisoner's death is called a homicide
  218. Euphemisms collaterally damage words
  219. Oregon juvenile justice: Here’s how system works
  220. Oregonian on new ballot measures
  221. Opposition to New Mandatory Minimums
  222. Americans Behind Bars ...
  223. Prisontown Myth in Oregon article
  224. Article: Tent city idea for Lane County Jail is floated
  225. Article: Program helps women convicts get back on track
  226. Article: University students help spruce up prison library
  227. Prison Population Forecast
  228. Snake River Correctional Institution - lockdown today!!!
  229. I want to know: Can Shutter Creek inmates do work for you?
  230. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution on lockdown
  231. Interesting article
  232. Suicide at SRCI
  233. OSP Inmate found dead in SMU
  234. Inmate families sue DOC over suicides
  235. Lane County Mentorship Program seeking youth with incarcerated parents
  236. News Story, Parole criticized:
  237. Used Books for Prisoners
  238. Help Challenge Proponents of Measure 11
  239. What do you think of this??? Great idea!
  240. Article: Charting a path from inmate to entrepreneur
  241. Article: Measure 11 too harsh
  242. Article: Tuberculosis found in Multnomah County Jail
  243. Article: Seven measures qualify for Nov. 4 vote in Ore. so far
  244. Emergency Preparedness Exercise Schedule
  245. Article: Book details day-in-the-life of women
  246. Article: Prisoners earn clockwork honor
  247. Coffee Creek Hostage Situation Resolved
  248. Proposed legislation
  250. Article: Mannix prison measure would cost at least $2 billion