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  1. Nc New Legislation
  2. Budget Recommendations for NCDOC
  3. NCDOC Budget Overview
  4. Letter To Nc State Legislature
  5. Deaths In Nc Jails
  6. Parole Bill In Congress It Needs Your Help!
  7. All North Carolinians: Important Post
  8. Execution Alert.
  9. Weighing Parole Against Construction in N.C.
  10. NC Dropping HCV Treatment?
  11. Articles I found about Structured Sentencing
  12. US/North Carolina/Jailhouse sometimes a death trap
  13. House leader endorses moratorium on Executions.
  14. N.C. needs more time for justice.
  15. Death Penalty Moratorium Reaches N.C. State House
  16. Execution delay gets lengthy hearing. But no sign NC will vote on it this year.
  17. 65% Law
  18. Link to News Articles
  19. New Law just passed <28 coc.grams only a Misdemenor now?
  20. Candlelight/prayer Vigil For Robbie
  21. Rally To Save The Life Of Robbie Lyons
  22. DNA Frees NC Man
  23. Public Protest (regarding new vistation policies in NC)
  24. NC Prison Debate Focuses On Habitual Offender Law
  25. Two Former North Carolina DR Inmates Speak
  26. "America's Toughest Sheriff" Pleads Guilty to Two Felonies
  27. "Bizarre" - Judge declared defendant guilty - before defence has given evidence
  28. New Legislation maybe?
  29. Tornado Warning
  30. Mecklenburg sheriff's captain, ex-sergeant in court Monday, accused of
  31. UPDATE..., Two guards accused of beating inmate at Mecklenburg Jail may go free today
  32. Did Anyone Hear About The Escape From Lexington Honor Grade Camp?
  33. Fighting Fear
  34. Article: Cabarrus seeks solution to crowded jail
  35. Police: Escapee Hid in Store for Months
  36. Articel: Amber Alert: Armed Parents Take Kids From N.C. Foster Home
  37. Article: N.C. prison officials plan separate unit for gangs
  38. Deception in the Murder of Michael Jordan's Father ~Daniel's Story~
  39. Lawsuit Alleges Police Brutality, Seeks Damages
  40. Lawyers Debate Impeachment In Hoke/Graves Bar Hearing (prosecutor misconduct)
  41. U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Hits Home
  42. Man sues SBI and agent over shooting
  43. Article: NC neglects children of imprisoned mothers
  44. Famm's legislative day
  45. Article: Prison alternative saves a life
  46. Article: Man sentenced in prisoner fraud scheme
  47. Police wary of taping suspects
  48. North carolina executes murderer
  49. N. C. Prisoner Legal Services
  50. Article: Topless Sunbathing OK At N.C. Beach
  51. Happenings at Caledonia--It Isn't All Bad
  52. Article: Police: Teen Admits Killing Parents, Probably On Prom Weekend
  53. Miranda rights issues on juveniles
  54. Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Stealing TV Will Get Parole
  55. Boy up for manslaughter
  56. TV Thief Out of N.C. Prison After 35 Years
  57. Smoking Ban in NC Prisons
  58. At least five hurt in fighting at juvenile center
  59. Teen gets scholarship from death row prisoners' group
  60. Article: Forsyth prison inmates, state employee moved
  61. Article: Demonstrations In Raleigh Mark
  62. Guardian/AP :'Bad loser' governor refuses pardon
  63. Inmates on leashes
  64. ATTN NEWS POSTERS!!: When posting news items....
  65. New Legislation
  66. Article: NC executions early in the morning
  67. Article: NC News
  68. Article: 2005 Art Show
  69. Article: Prison's cooking school whips up hope
  70. Article: Sex offender found dead in prison cell
  71. Article: Women Inmates Counseled About Domestic Violence
  72. Article: Genesis Project Helps Ex-Offenders Adjust To Their New Freedom In Life
  73. Article: MAPP freeing many facing life in prison
  74. Article: Could you leave your son in jail?
  75. Article: The prison life: Infractions, discontent
  76. Article: Prison Fellowship needs cash for Angel Tree gifts
  77. Article: 7 U.S. soldiers charged in Web porn case
  78. Article: 911 call: Driver sought to ‘punish government’
  79. Article: Escape from Pamlico jail is short for 3 inmates
  80. Article: Innocence Panel in N.C.
  81. Article: N.C. gov. sets up innocence commission
  82. Rape charges dropped against Duke lacrosse players
  83. Article: Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Case
  84. Death Penalty
  85. Article: N.C. Woman Claims $74.5M Powerball Prize
  86. 2 New Bills listed on General Assembly Site
  87. Alexander CI
  88. House Bill 1730
  89. House Bill 1841
  90. Article: DOC Toothpaste
  91. Article: Work Release
  92. Plan to eliminate mandatory min. sentences
  93. Article: NC inmate freed after 18 years (wrongfully convicted)
  94. Article: Aging prison population increases Department of Correction costs
  95. House Bill 1730
  96. Suicide at N.C.C.I.W.
  97. Lawmakers face choices due to prisoner growth
  98. NC study: 1 in 5 jail inmates foreign born
  99. Carolina’s overcrowded prisons and jails have become treatment centers by default
  100. Judicial candidate married to inmate.
  101. Article: This was in Sunday's paper
  102. A Punishment of Unusual Cruelty - The Case of Derek Twyman
  103. DOC reports another suicide
  104. Article: Another NC prosecutor gone amuck?
  105. 2008 Presidential Candidates' Platforms on Criminal Justice‏
  106. My email to Beverly Perdue and her offices response
  107. At least 8 states ponder mass prison release...Will NC?
  108. Article: Overcrowding
  109. Article: Inmate Dies at Cabarrus County Jail
  110. New Bills on Legislation
  111. New Medium/Close Custody Prison Open - Tabor
  112. Article: State doctor has sex crime on his record
  113. Riots at Brown Creek
  114. Has anyone heard about funding?
  115. Article: No-risk inmates' release debated
  116. NC mim prisions closed
  117. Anyone heard of any updates
  118. This is unfair - Marvin Sutton
  119. Has anyone heard of a recent suicide at NCCIW?
  120. 2 Spaces left in Charlotte Video Making Class for Youth with parents in prison jul 20
  121. Is there a bill to release inmates early?
  122. Domino's Pizza scandal
  123. Article: Another innocent man freed
  124. Support for NC s491
  125. Brunswick county Sheriff Ron Hewitt
  126. Death at Tabor City
  127. Event:Organize to help people with criminal records get jobs!Meeting 5pm October 20th
  128. Have you been following the news? Letting lifers out this month?
  129. Article: State officials find loophole to keep prisoners in jail
  130. Dec 1 changes - Rowan, Anson & Cleveland
  131. Article: North Carolina Deputy, Suspect Die In Shootout
  132. Article: Day Care Operated As One Stop Moonshine Shop
  133. Article: Denying Black Man Restroom Lands 3 White Men In Prison
  134. Transfers for Tuesday - Cancelled
  135. Question about DWI sentences and parole
  137. NO on constitutional amendment on Nov. 2/North Carolina
  138. Class H Felony sentence questions
  139. Lanesboro CI administrator arrested
  140. Increased Job Credit
  141. Justice Reinvestment reform act
  142. Is there a new Early Release bill??
  143. Eliminate NC Mandatory Minimum Sentencing-Senate Bill 589
  144. New bill passed regarding school?
  145. ride shares to Butner
  146. Warden steps down, deplorable conditions
  147. Food Strike in North Carolina
  148. NC Lawyers??
  149. North Carolina Participating in Sept 9 Solidarity Demonstration
  150. Inmate dies in fight, Lanesboro DOC NC
  151. Warden suspended after forcing inmates to rub hot sauce on their genitals
  152. Hunger Strikers in NC Protesting Basic Conditions
  153. North Carolina Prisoners' Preliminary Victory on Use of Force Lawsuit