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  1. Something I hate about myself, but he absolutely loves
  2. I need feedback and encouragement
  3. It's been 11 years and just now getting the truth out of him
  4. I saw Him from the road!
  5. Ups and Downs In Relationships - What Keeps You Together
  6. It's Christmas time and Santa's giving you a wish - What would you like?
  7. Just found out he may have a daughter
  8. I'm really scared right now.
  9. Do you ever dream he is out and all is perfect?
  10. What 3 Qualities Would Your Man Say Describe You?
  11. All of a sudden I'm angry...Is this normal?
  12. If you found out info about your man from his ex about his past what would you do?
  13. What is your man's voice like?
  14. I think I am losing him
  15. Hoping I did the right thing (requested psych eval)
  16. How do you refer to your significant other?
  17. Oh Lord...the in-laws!
  18. Do you still take care of yourself even though your man is locked up?
  19. Is your man romantic or not?
  20. Do you need to make changes as well?
  21. Missing Him Badly
  22. Sex! How do you not have it?
  23. His strength, my strength
  24. Should I open my fat mouth or not? Opinions please
  25. The broken road that led you to him ~ did you fight for him or let him do it alone?
  26. Having a bad night!
  27. Good News - 3 months cut off his time
  28. What do you do to keep your mind off of him on lonely nights?
  29. Do you ever wonder about how you will be when he is home?
  30. So confused! Should I keep writing & visiting?
  31. What should i do to convince him I will stay?
  32. Heartbroken - my man just left for prison
  33. How should I respond? (he wants to be married sooner than I do)
  34. Angry and hurt (I think I'm being played)
  35. Is the relationship realistic?
  36. How do I tell my mom my BF is in jail when she has never met him?
  37. For those who don't send money - how would you feel if he used other women for this?
  38. Found out he was cheating - what do I do?
  39. Does he have to "prove" himself to you?
  40. Been gone for a while, I'm back but idk if I wanna deal w/my man
  41. Going thru divorce soon & worried about custody issues re my incarcerated boyfriend
  42. You never know where or when your man will pop up
  43. So Angry! (He was writing other women!)
  44. Think I found the right place...(new to PTO)
  45. Anyone else in this situation?(Getting together again after being apart)
  46. How do you keep your relationship exciting?
  47. My hubby is driving me nuts!
  48. Is this your first bid with your man?
  49. Women's empowerment hotline
  50. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...or not!
  51. How has prison tested your love?
  52. Need some advise - How can we tell his daughters mom that we are married?
  53. Is he shocked at some of the things you do for him?
  54. Do you ever wonder what they really think?
  55. Got married & I think I made a mistake, need advice
  56. Are you the insecure one at times?
  57. Was he afraid to tell you his release date because he was scared you would leave him?
  58. Panic mode setting in about how much time he might do
  59. How can we get to know the little things about each other?
  60. What would your guy's circle of friends say about you?
  61. He Doesn't Want Any Contact With Me
  62. At a complete lost for words (our communication is breaking down)
  63. I'm about to lose it! (questions about coping w/prison relationship)
  64. What are you gonna do for him?
  65. Cry Baby - having a rough day
  66. He is ready to clear the waters, not sure what to expect.
  67. What does this all mean? Men confuse me!
  68. What's your guy's (prison) nickname?
  69. What is the height difference between you and your man?
  70. does he ever ask you to do things enabling for him?
  71. Drugs or alcohol or a bunch of excuses?
  72. I'm new and just need someone to talk to
  73. What to say to family & friends?
  74. Christmas joy prior to prison life...
  75. It's our anniversary.
  76. Has your man/girl had health problems? even trips to the hospital?
  77. Does your man spend his money on you,even from prison??
  78. Would your man wait?
  79. How many times have you been in love..and why is this time different?
  80. new to this
  81. The line between being a nag and being supportive
  82. How do you feel about your man smoking (in and/or out of jail/prison)?
  83. Is there something wrong with me? I don't want to write him anymore
  84. The most romantic thing he's ever done for you?
  85. Are you embarrassed that your BF/Husband is an inmate?
  86. Other male relationships: Making new friends while your man is away?
  87. After all I did - He just wants to be friends!
  88. The worst thing I could have done! (kissed another man)
  89. The way to make me less likely to slip...
  90. Damn I Wanna Get Married Already!
  91. If he was on the run and decided to leave this country, would you follow him?
  92. So "EXCITED" to "FINALLY" have a ticker!
  93. What is the one thing you have given your repeat offender that no one else has?
  94. How to help him cope with bad news in his family?
  95. Does it ever bother you - What you gave up?
  96. How do you define "soulmates"?
  97. What's the most appealing thing about him?
  98. For those of you that were together before: What was your best/favorite date like?
  99. What is the one thing that would be a relationship breaker for you?
  100. When did you first realize you loved him?
  101. What are your man's deal breakers?
  102. Need opinions - should I stay nearer to him or move and get free schooling?
  103. My good thing is that we were MWI
  104. Was it worth it to cut people out of your life?
  105. Ever feel as if you're suffocating or short of breath thinking about the future?
  106. Would you consider yourself a "fixer"?
  107. Please help me - Husbands "friend" contacted me, need advice
  108. Cheating:What is your definition? What is your man's definition?
  109. Would you ever try and revoke his house arrest out of anger?
  110. Which coping mechanism do you prefer?
  111. He cheated when I was in, now HE is in what should i do?
  112. Missing my hubby!
  113. What does your man say about the changes you are making in your life?
  114. What do you do when you want to give up?
  115. I'm new to this - our story
  116. A Man's Pride! (Bothers him that I send money)
  117. Should I tell him that our niece's BF is hitting on me?
  118. yay!something to be happy about!!
  119. He's mad and I don't understand?
  120. Scared and confused (he's starting his bid soon)
  121. when your husband/bf is gone what do you do?
  122. What do you say to the haters in your life?
  123. What mood is he in most of the time?
  124. Is your man making good use of his time in prison?
  125. He seem different since we got married
  126. Sending an email he won't read until he's home.
  127. New to this
  128. am i losing it?
  129. What do you love/hate the most about him?
  130. Does anyone else ever wear their guy's cologne?
  131. Is he starting to get depressed because of the holidays?
  132. How jealous/protective/possessive are YOU?
  133. Are you and your guy very alike, polar opposites, or somewhere in the middle?
  134. What's the hardest thing about him being gone?
  135. how do you keep a bitch away from your man?
  136. When will this stop? (Missing my man)
  137. I'm so very sad - he was home for 6 weeks then got arrested again (VOP)
  138. Using his name again! (claiming he wrote poems or phrases when he didn't)
  139. How did you say goodbye? Did you even get a chance to?
  140. Needing Advice/Input please
  141. How much do we sacrifice for our men? Is it everything?
  142. Do you mention your loved one on Facebook?
  143. Is your life more boring without him?
  144. If it was possible to turn back time would you go back to before he went to prison?
  145. Due to his actions his family won't have much to do with him
  146. To Tell or Not To Tell? (About getting an HIV test)
  147. When does it get easier?
  148. Don't Know About Anyone Else But My Holidays Are Sucking!
  149. Sweet things they do!
  150. Dealing with annoying ex girlfriends/baby mommas/ect.
  151. I really need advice - Not sure which path to choose?
  152. Missing my man like crazy & wanted to share
  153. Holiday Blues...
  154. Just some good things about my man that I wanted to share
  155. How would you cope with seeing him hurt?
  156. Torn between love and morals.
  157. Coping with the holidays, birthdays and other special occasions
  158. Keeping a Positive Holiday Focus
  159. Just a celerbration!
  160. Help - I don't know what to do. (Catching feelings for my ex)
  161. Getting married by proxy & don't know how to break the news to my dad.
  162. My long story
  163. Women behind the inmate or the inmate who has it hardest?
  164. I can't believe how far we've come!
  165. He's mad at me because I have a job interview!
  166. How do you deside? staying or not
  167. A prison love story
  168. Would he get upset if you questioned his honesty?
  169. Dealing with his Baby Mama Drama!
  170. What to do when he meets someone else in Work Release?
  171. Should I, shouldn't I them about each other if my friend moves
  172. Boyfriend's dad passed away, what should I do?
  173. Counsellor revealed he has been 'segregated for 2 weeks due to medical reasons'!
  174. Do you ever feel like you're all alone?
  175. One of those moments - anyone have a story?
  176. Is it normal to worry that he may be using you?
  177. Possibly Some Good News - an atty is interested in taking the case
  178. Do I have a right to be annoyed/pissed off?
  179. He says I'm being weak!
  180. She wouldn't speak to him
  181. Advice from an old man to all of us
  182. Can I have a boy toy?
  183. Does your man like to be mothered?
  184. Sucky New Year's Eve night!
  185. Do they do things differently forever?
  186. Clean cut or not?
  187. Do I have the right to be annoyed if he talks to his ex?
  188. Do you feel you are sacrificing?
  189. Cheating before the wedding
  190. Being induced and sad because he will not be there
  191. Why doesn't he believe me?
  192. How long could you go with no comminicaton?
  193. Marriage Problems - another man
  194. What comforts you the most in his absence?
  195. No visits or phone calls - how do you manage?
  196. Dealing with exes - a little history about me and hubby
  197. Should I wait or Do It Now?
  198. New at this and seeking support
  199. What is something special about you & your man that you miss most?
  200. Missing him like crazy!
  201. His trust/abandonment issues
  202. Do you get jealous seeing happy couples?
  203. Here we go - new appeal process and new lawyer
  204. Does it really pay to be honest with him over my infidelity?
  205. If your guy seems low, depressed or sad, what are some ways to cheer him up again?
  206. Do you ever get anxious to fall asleep so you can dream about him?
  207. Year later, still keeping faith. Update
  208. Should I wait?
  209. Another year gone - Another year closer
  210. How Does Your Husband/Boyfriend Help You Deal With The Stress?
  211. Afraid to hope, but so excited he might be released
  212. Help! Not sure why he is acting this way
  213. OH MY GOSH I'm so happy now - his release date is much sooner than expected
  214. I need some serious advice about this, im so mad! (BF strip searched in the cold)
  215. I have given so much to him - could he be cheating?
  216. I need advice, views, anything...
  217. Do you have a hard time telling him 'No'?
  218. It's gettin harder and harder to refrain from being affectionate
  219. Help me understand, as I feel bad
  220. Does your man get P.M.S. (Prison Mood Swings)?
  221. Decisions, decisons...just recently reconnected and now he's being released!
  222. Will he ever stop getting in trouble while in prison? Please help!
  223. Have you ever recieved a letter like this from your man/husband?
  224. What to do, What to do?
  225. Surviving a Friday Night!
  226. Went in front of parole board, may be home early - keep us in prayers
  227. More Kids? Want Opinions!
  228. Do you feel more "spiritual" since you met your love?
  229. He got sentenced Wednesday (4.5 years)
  230. What do you consider cheating?
  231. Did you have a "not so good" relationship before he went in?
  232. Had To Share With You Ladies
  233. Ladies, was I wrong for turning him in?
  234. Be Honest, do you let your head or your heart make the decisions?
  235. Desperate for advice - Should I stay or should I go?
  236. SO mad & I dont want to keep in contact with his family
  237. The cute things our kids say...
  238. Do you tell him about bills/lack of money & food?
  239. Ugh! The baby momma sent him sexy pics!
  240. Are There Certain Times When You Miss Him More?
  241. Tough times
  242. Help - 2 different baby daddy's in same prison!
  243. Does he do anything to suprise you from prison?
  244. How our men just make everything instantly better
  245. When it comes to money, do you tell your man the truth?
  246. How did you meet your Boyfriend/Husband?
  247. Resisting the urge to punish him in prison?
  248. Would you want to know if your man had a boyfriend?
  249. The Bitter Sweet news i got today! He might have a chance at getting out!
  250. This is a getting even thread - Hubby played a bad joke