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  1. Article: VICTORY!!! NJ Prisoners to Get Hep C Rx.
  2. Article: NJ Prisoner Hepatitis C Update
  3. Article: NJ Specific Info--CDC: Test all inmates at risk for Hep C
  4. Article: Life At Trenton-"egs" quoted in article
  5. Article: NJ Parole Board--Under Investigation Again!!!
  6. Article: Citizen's Hearing on NJ Prisons/Prisoners
  7. Article: Bayside Beatings of '97 Come Out of the Closet-Part I
  8. Article: After 5 Years, NJ will investigate Bayside Beatings
  9. Article: Former judge picked to lead Parole Board
  10. Article: NJ Parole chief target of conflict probe
  11. Article: More NJ Parole Board Troubles....
  12. Article: NJ Parole Board--MORE Troubles....
  13. Article: State prison lifts lockdown
  14. Article: No More Jerry Springer in NJ Prisons!!!
  15. Article: One NJ Prison Guard kills Another Guard
  16. Article: Don't Boast on National TV--You may get jail time!!!
  17. Article: Major Fire At Southern State-NJ
  18. Article: Prison fire deemed accidental
  19. Article: NJ Prisons & Comm. Brown--Rehab Focus
  20. Article: NJ Parole Board in the News....again!
  21. Article: America's Apartheid Detention Program
  22. Article: More NJ Parole Board Blunders...
  23. Article: Muslim prisoners lose ruling
  24. Article: Oops, They Did It Again....NJ to Check Sentences of every Prisoner
  25. Announcement: NJ Community & Corrections Working Summit 11/8/03
  26. Article: Jailing Drug Offenders
  27. Article: NJ Prison Guard Union Petitions to Fire Commisioner Devon Brown
  28. Article: Inmates allege abuse after guard killed at New Jersey Prison
  29. Article: Claims of Beatings Persist in a 1997 Prison Episode
  30. Article: Fire at East Jersey State Prison
  31. Article: Ex-Officers Sentenced in Brutality Case
  32. Article: NJDOC's Plans for Prisoner Re-entry!!!
  33. Article: NJ Prisoner Reentry A Big Problem
  34. Article: Prison reformers urge: Let's find other, better ways
  35. Article online -- Jury: Excessive Force Used in NJ Prison Lockdown
  36. Article: Community Education Centers Web Page URL
  37. Article: Tully House II Opens as Adult Correctional Facility
  38. Article: Road gangs lend hand and a smile
  39. Article: FOP opts out of jail panels
  40. Article: NJ Commission to Review Sentencing Guidelines - A 1st Look
  41. Article: Howell man held in Brick teen's slaying
  42. Article: Staph strikes 7 inmates at Monmouth County Jail
  43. Article: 66 possible new cases of staph found at jail
  44. Article: Kintock Group Brings Comm. Release Program to Bridgeton w/ NJEDA Financing
  45. Article: Mountainview on Lockdown
  46. Article: Our Governor resigns because of his sexual relations
  47. Article: 18 inmates now infected with staph
  48. Article: Monmouth County Jail locked down after hand tool found hidden in milk crate
  49. Article: "Families file suit in deaths of 2 inmates" at Essex Co. Jail
  50. Article: A Guide to Filing for Litigants without Lawyers Office of the Clerk
  51. Article: Medical services lacking at jail
  52. Article:Man found shot to death in parking lot (Resident of Kintock IV in Bridgeton)
  53. Article: An article from our governor
  54. Article: Two inmates attack officer at county jail (ESSEX)
  55. Article: Fine dining prepared and served by inmates at training restaurant
  56. Article: Agri industries Pages Added To Njdoc Web Site
  57. Article: Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) Meeting in NJ
  58. Article: from The Gloucester Co. Times - State prisons prepare for 'blue flu'
  59. Article: from The Bridgeton News - DOC: We are negotiating
  60. Article - Glou Co Times - Corrections staff develops 'blue flu,' rallies for contract
  61. Article : Officers suspended after inmate suicide in New Jersey
  62. Article: Parents Anonymous launching support group
  63. Article: CMS Will No Longer Provide Mental Health Services in NJ Prisons-eff. 1/05
  64. Article: "Drug Court Eligibility Should Be Less Stringent" - Editorial
  65. Article: WPVI.COM - N.J. Docs Face Fines for Flu Shots
  66. Article: Prisoners Would Pay Rent in Prison Under Proposed Law
  67. Article: NERA applies to Vehicular Homicide Convictions in NJ
  68. Article: Bayside Guard - "Guard faces jail time after soliciting loan from prisoner"
  69. Article: World's Largest Bottle Of Wine Sells To New Jersey Business
  70. Article: Camden tops dangerous cities list
  71. Article: Full-security Kintock II will hold 240 inmates
  72. Article: Prison Riot[?] at Bayside on 1/1/05-prison is now on lockdown
  74. Article: New Jersey Commision To Review Criminal Sentencing
  75. Article: Six Inmates Charged In New Year's Melee At Prison
  76. Article: Pair escapes Stokes prison
  77. Article: gloucester County Times: Mandatory minimums unfair, say opponents
  78. Article: Two Top Bayside Administrators Will Exit
  79. Event: Reentry Panel Discussion 2/26 in Camden-Free and Open to All
  80. Article: LINKS-Quarterly Newsletter of AJFA now available & is attached to this post!
  81. Article: Increasing NJ Prison Tensions felt Statewide: CO's vs. Comm. Brown vs. Gangs
  82. Article: Judge's role in jail terms goes on trial in top court
  83. Article: Lawyers ask justices to toss sentencing rules
  84. Article: CNN breaking news: Van overturned carrying prisoners
  85. Article: 5 GSYCF Counselors fired over KKK skit
  86. Event: Free Health Care/Stress Mgt., Ed. & Prevention Panel - 4/16 10a-12p-Camden
  87. Article:Group wants inmates barred from making stars and stripes
  88. "The best social service program is a job" -Re-Entry Panel, Camden 5/14 10a-12p
  89. Article:Jail officers credited with thwarting escape plot
  90. Article: 14% Drop in NJ Prison Pop. - Defies Trend
  91. Article: NJ Corrections Budget Inflated by Patronage Jobs
  92. Article: NJ DOC Commissioner Devon Brown-Are his days numbered?
  93. Article:Inmates tell students ‘It’s all about choices’
  94. Article: NYTimes:Banker Charged With Assault and Lewdness
  95. Article: Wife Allegedly Hacks Up Husband, Dumps Body In Ocean
  96. Article: Bergen Co. Jail: No more can friends visit prisoners
  97. Article: NYTimes:Officials Pleaded Guilty, but Town Was Changed Forever
  98. Article: State Supreme Court Changes Sentencing Guidelines
  99. Article: Visits at jail will go to video
  100. Article: Visitors can stay out of prison
  101. Article: Guard Charged With Supplying Drugs To Inmates
  102. Article: With OT, NJ [Monmouth Co.] jail guard makes more than State's Governor!!!
  103. Article: NEW Prison Alert System for NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!
  104. Article: NJDOC Gang Unit @ NSP: Identified as a National Model
  105. Article: Is It Proper To Let Sleeping Jurors Lie?
  106. Article: NYTimes:New Jersey Med School Board Faces Ethics Charges
  107. Article: NYTimes:Agency Still Fails New Jersey Youth, Report Says
  108. Article: The bloody newspapers--I HATE them
  109. Article: County jail sends inmates to state
  110. Article: Study N.J's death penalty
  111. Article: Inmates give computers 2nd chance
  112. Article: Jury mulls prison riot indictments
  113. Article: Time to Repeal the NJ Death Penalty: Star-Ledger Editorial
  114. Article: Asbury park press
  115. Article: SAME TIME FOR CRIME,August decision hasn't changed many sentences
  116. Article: Convict pleads guilty to attack on two inmates
  117. Article: Comm. Brown--A Prisoner of Politics
  118. Article: Star-Ledger Report Brown has Resigned--It is NOT true!!!
  119. Article: NJ ex-offender/recovering addict loses school job after 6 years employment
  120. Article: Panel: No Credit For Good Behavior In County Jail
  121. Article: Inmates, Guards Tell Different Versions Of Prison Fight
  122. Article: Task force gives ideas for combatting prison gangs
  123. Article: Inmate, 35, found hanged in her cell
  124. Article: DOC Executive fired for misusing prisoner labor-still collect hefty pension!
  125. Article: Wouldn't you need more Parole Officers?
  126. Article: Camden City May Limit Sex Offenders' Residency
  127. Article: Bracelets Keep tabs on Sexual Offenders
  128. Article: NJ's Finest and Worst Counties to Raise Kids
  129. Article: Megan's Law
  130. Article: Permanent Sentencing panel
  131. Article: 25 year old incarcerated man's death at Wagner CF ruled a homicide
  132. Article: Ex-priest headed to prison for protest
  133. Article: Appeals court upholds Internet postings about SO
  134. Article: Another Bayside CO
  135. Article: Jail Garb
  136. Article: Jail guard indicted in sex assault on 2 inmates
  137. Did You Hear the News? Corzine tours SouthWoods--Trenton may be next on his list!!!
  138. Trenton Diocesan Prison Ministry Forum- 4/22/06, Neptune, NJ [FREE]
  139. Article: NJ Parole Board paying BIG BUCKS for un-used substance abuse rx. beds
  140. Article: 7 Prison Execs To Lose Free Housing
  141. Awarding of jail work...
  142. Grieving Families Urge Tougher Law for killers of Children
  143. CEC Expands Delaney Hall by 286 additional beds
  144. NJSPB Program Launched to Address Needs of Mentally Ill Offenders Returning Home
  145. Article: Sex Offender must tell date's parents
  146. Article: County looks to prevent jail overcrowding
  147. Article: Bail Jumping No Crime, Ocean County Judge Rules
  148. Article: NJ Assembly Regulatory Committee looks at barriers to prisoner re-entry
  149. Article: Bayside Never Ceases To Amaze Me!!!
  150. Article: Truck was Prisoners Ticket to Freedom
  151. Article: Newton tables ban on Sex Offenders
  152. Article: State Slams door on media access to prisons
  153. Article:NJ Prison Security Sys. Recommendation Ignored:Hayman was to get reprimand!!!
  154. Article: 2 pulled out of state jobs amid probe
  155. Article: State to End Prison ban on interviews
  156. Article: Gangs Prison Plot Foiled
  157. Article: Corzine ignoring problems with DOC
  158. Article: Searches, restrictions follow threat to prisons
  159. Article: Paroled Rapist Guilty of Violating GPS Bracelet Law
  160. Article: State acts to fire officers for inmate escape
  161. Article: Two Prison Guards to be fired for inmate Escape
  162. Article: Pilot program shows Promise
  163. Article About New Budget
  164. Reliable Sources Tell Me That...
  165. Article: High court hones rules for appeals
  166. Article: Death Penalty Foes call for end to law
  167. Article: Prisoner hurt in gang attack at Passaic Co. Jail
  168. Article: Drug kingpin faces prison for 30 years
  169. Article: Audit criticizes inmate training program
  170. Article: Alleged gang members are arrainged via video
  171. Article: Ruling boosts inmates' rights to self-defense
  172. Article: 6 inmates join staph infection suit
  173. Article: Sex offenders register, then relocate
  174. Article: Cape May County Jail Overcrowded
  175. Article: Audit faults inmate life-skills classes
  176. Article: Trenton prisoners stay locked in cells during gun probe
  177. Article: State prison lockdown could last into next week
  178. Article: Jails use high-tech screening
  179. Article: After 3 week lockdown, no more guns found at NJSP
  180. Article: NSP CO busted for drugs/gun in car
  181. NJ ACLU: Petition that denying right to vote [parolees/prob] violates human rights.
  182. Article: CO's in NJ make some of best salaries in the US!!!
  183. Article: Study finds rape of Inmates relatively rare in NJ
  184. Article: Justices close Megan's Law Loophole
  185. Inmates threaten hunger strike
  186. Article: Study: Women Prisoners in New Jersey More Likely to Be Abused by Other Inmat
  187. Article: Panel Delays Action on Corrections Chief
  188. Article: Pedophile Free zones Challenged by state lawyer
  189. Article: Study of murder cases finds a midstate death belt
  190. Article: Governor Appointed NJ Panel Urges End to Death Penalty
  191. Article:New Evidenced Based Practice Program will re-design NJ Parole
  192. Article: Hayman approved by Senate for Commissioner Job
  193. Article: When Life Without Parole [LWOP] is Worse than the Death Penalty in NJ
  194. NJ Commission To Recommend Drug Rx. vs. Prison
  195. Article: NJ Targets Sex Offenders Internet Use
  196. NJ Supreme Court Rules that Prisoners Have Right to See Medical Records
  197. JUSTICE MONTH - Angela Davis, Sister Mary Prejean & Former Comm Brown to Speak.
  198. NJ DOC Rule Adoption: Lifers may now be eligible for halfway house placement
  199. NJ Full Senate Confirms Barnes as new Parole Board Chairman
  200. Report: Double the Corrections Officers Fired in 06
  201. DataUniverse:Host of powerful/searchable NJ public databases-Criminal Records, too!
  202. Article: NJ DOC Comes Up Short on Offender Education
  203. Article: Commentary on Prison Change by NJDOC Riverfront Administrator
  204. Employee's Baby Shower held at South Woods-Ethics Violation? Investigation Begins
  205. Princeton University Sponsors Colloquium "Locked Up & Locked Out"
  206. NJSPB Conducts Gang Prevention Program in Grade Schools
  207. Interstate Compact and Sex Offenders...NJ Style!
  208. Article: NJ Study Examines Effectiveness of Megan's Law
  209. NJ Sentencing Commission Report: Expand Drug Court & Modify Drug Free Zone Laws
  210. Article: NJ Locks Up More Than Libya, China, Pakistan, & other dictator-led countries
  211. Major Push: Close & Move Riverfront and Camden Co Jail
  212. Article: After 19 Years in Prison Byron Halsey Is Proven Innocent Thru DNA
  213. Article: N.J. Prison Guards Die In Apparent Murder-Suicide
  214. Article: South Jersey Wary of New Facility For Sex Offenders
  215. Article: Bayside CO's murder/suicide
  216. Article: Sixth Suspect Nabbed in Execution-Style Newark Slayings
  217. Article: Bergen Jail first to provide online legal aid in cells
  218. Article: His bags of books help prisoners learn a better way
  219. Article: Ex-Cons Face Up-hill Battle for Jobs
  220. "Do No Harm: Reentry of Gang-Affiliated Individuals in NJ"
  221. Article: "NJ agencies ready prisoners for release"
  222. Article: NJ County Jails Starting to Get Very Crowded
  223. Article: Beating of Rahway Prisoner may have sparked prison "revolt".
  224. Race Still Matters Conference w/ Keynote Speaker ashe bandele ["A Prisoner's Wife"]
  225. Article: NJ Needs to Change Criminal Sentencing
  226. Article: Cause of inmate's death may be unknown for 6 months
  227. "Click Here" to report online predators!!!
  228. NJ Prison Nation Radio
  229. NJ Prison Literacy Program: Media Campaign - Sign Their Petition
  230. Article: How Cell Phones Get Into Prison in NJ!!! Mafia & Bloods Join Forces
  231. Prison Nation Radio
  232. Class Action Suit-Camden Co. Jail re: Strip Searches &/or Detainment after bailout
  233. Families Against Mandatory Minimums supports special probation legislation
  234. FAMM testifies on special probation support bills
  235. Article: Women locked up with men
  236. Article: Say Bye-Bye to CMS - UMDNJ To Take Over Health Care of NJ State Prisoners
  237. Article: Program Offers New Way for NJ Prisoners/Families to Interact during Visits
  238. Article: NJ Prisons: Big Business for Prison Enterepreneurs!!!
  239. Press Release: NJDOC Administrator Indicted for Kickbacks/Fraud in State Contracts
  240. NJ Needs New Rules for Former Offenders - Editorial
  241. Brutality Exposed at NSP: Prisoner Films a Documentary
  242. Article: Drug Free School Zone
  243. Second Chance Campaign of NJ - Reentry Initiative
  244. Article: State loses attempt to toss out female inmates' rights lawsuit
  245. Article: Parole Board Troubles AGAIN!!
  246. Article: Inmates suing N.J. State Prison
  247. "Another Chance": NJ Pilot Program for Those Getting Out of Prison
  248. Article: It's About Time - ACLU files class action concerning Passaic Co. Jail
  249. NJ Criminal Justice Hearing in Somerset 11/21 3p-8p Families are focus!!!
  250. Article: Sons' crime spurs lawmaker's effort