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  1. Mississippi - State can't pay prison contracts
  2. Prison guard trainee, inmate's mother charged
  3. Mississippi - prison lawsuit/see photo of cell
  4. Girl, 4, suspect in killing
  5. Chris Foster recieves Stay of Execution.
  6. Lawmaker calls it spiritually wrong, calls for moratorium
  7. Officials call for drug courts statewide
  8. Ex-Texas warden named Parchman superintendent
  9. Cost of jailing a prisoner
  10. Unruly inmates at Meridian-area prison moved to Parchman
  11. Measure would allow some to work to get out early
  12. Officials mum about prison disturbance
  13. MISSISSIPPI---death row inmate re-sentenced
  14. George warden relieved of duties
  15. AN OUTRAGE: Reduction of living space will save money, relieve overcrowding
  16. Epps brings experience, budgeting skills to post
  17. Committed a crime? Expect a plea deal
  18. County Says It's Too Poor to Defend the Poor
  19. Beds added to nearly full prisons
  20. Prisoners' advocate files legal complaint: overcrowding
  21. Mississippi's corrections says he will challenge several changes ordered at Parchman.
  22. Inmates buy time with goods
  23. Library cards keep addicts out of jail
  24. Law changes what a felony is for theft
  25. ACLU prisons director to tour death row.(grr rr I am ranting)
  26. MDOC report on death row due today
  27. Mississippi ~ Death Row Ruling put on hold...
  28. Mississippi judge, prominent coast attorney indicted on federal charges
  29. Miss. sending more women to prison
  30. Miss. Sheriff Pleads Innocent to Bribery
  31. Prison operator makes corrections to expand
  32. Male prison population mostly black
  33. 8% of Miss. black men in their 20s are in prison, records show
  34. Mississippi Department Of Corrections Chief Says Prison System Finances Will Improve
  35. Barbour tells county he would reopen prison
  36. 85% LAW cause of Prison Population & CDC Budget
  37. Just an update (RE escaped inmate from Parchman)
  38. Escapee Caught In California
  39. Presley Relative Found Dead in Prison (Parchman)
  40. [Article] Feds Sue Mississippi Over Alleged Abuse
  41. Our new governor
  42. Hawaii negotiating sending prisoners to Mississippi prison
  43. Barbour names new parole board members
  44. Center Works to Improve Mississippi Juvenile Justice
  45. Update on Parchman Escapee
  46. Tallahatchie County Correctional at Tutwiler gets the ok to house out-of-staters
  47. Mississippi Judge is Hard on Drug Crimes
  48. Mississippi Lawmakers Likely To Revive Paying Counties To Keep Prisoners
  49. Lincoln County cocaine conviction upheld
  50. Hawaii officials still interested in Tutwiler prison
  51. Barbour signs deal with CCA to reopen Delta prison
  52. Mississippi prisoners to manufacture bullet-gobbling concrete
  53. Miss. considers layoffs, consolidations to cut costs including closing older prisons
  54. Pickering defends race record in '60 Minutes' interview
  55. Grand jury date for arrested judge not yet decided
  56. Mississippi death row inmates want bar to improvements lifted
  57. Forty inmates expected today at Delta Correctional Facility
  58. Greenville, Mississippi burglary suspect wins new trial
  59. Prisoner rights attorney for Mississippi is concerned about overcrowding
  60. Prisoner rights attorney for Mississippi is concerned about overcrowding
  61. Cabana returning to corrections as Parchman superintendent
  62. New warden at Winston/Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility
  63. A glance at Wednesday's action of the House and Senate
  64. Area leaders meet Delta Correctional Facility's new warden
  65. Governor Barbour will decide fate of 'Al Capone bill'
  66. Olive Branch: Former law enforcement officer calls war on drugs a ‘failure’
  67. Mississippi Supreme Court upholds murder conviction
  68. Mississippi Supreme Court refuses to hear McComb security guard's appeal
  69. New warden at Delta Correctional Facility focused on education
  70. (Mississippi) State high court agrees to consider Warren County molestation case
  71. U.S. court upholds civil rights conviction
  72. Mississippi Bill would keep state inmates in jails
  73. Mississippi high court says Musgrove prison veto unconstitutional
  74. Infuriated by news article
  75. Epps says he has more authority under Barbour administration
  76. Barbour Signs Bill Allowing More Time Off For Nonviolent Inmates
  77. Lawmakers pass jail housing bill
  78. Hawaiian Inmates to arrive in Mississippi as soon as next week
  79. Barbour to look into getting more prisoners
  80. Yet another article bragging on the Mississippi DOC for cutting costs
  81. Mississippi's Available beds are indicator of future prison populations
  82. Mississippi lawmakers looking at early release proposals
  83. News story proves that they feed our loved ones crap
  84. Legislature must raise standards
  85. Mississippi lawmakers came close to making it easier to restore voting rights
  86. If only we could get rid of Trent Lott
  87. Exactly how much does justice cost?
  88. Judge rules HIV-positive prisoners can go to community work programs
  89. Barbour vows to save money by streamlining prison system
  90. Mississppi Department of Corrections lay-offs
  91. MDOC cuts run from cars to guards
  92. Article gives a rare look into Parchman
  93. Uprising at Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler
  94. MS Corrections officials may release of some terminally ill convicts
  95. 'House arrest' prisoners still being monitored
  96. More layoffs likely at state penitentiary
  97. Judge receives unusual request in circuit court
  98. Health Department Investigates Women's Jail in Flowood
  99. Prison guard recovering from wounds after attack by Parchman inmate
  100. NEWS STORY: Juvenile Justice Proposal
  101. ACLU attorneys to tour Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman
  102. Layoffs, reorganization helps prison system save millions
  103. ACLU attorneys wrap up tour of Parchman state penitentiary
  104. Question about satellite facilities
  105. Corrections seeks additional $27 million next fiscal year
  106. 'Efficiency' must become top priority
  107. The GEO Group, Inc. Announces Renewal of Mississippi Prison Contracts
  108. Hinds hopes house arrest plan eases jail crowding
  109. MS article reminds us to register to vote....
  110. Corrections officials lay off more workers at Parchman prison
  111. New article says no guards were included in the most recent lay-offs at Parchman
  112. Prisoners want their voices heard on election day (Democratics speak at EMCF)
  113. Mentoring Organization Gets $435K Check
  114. New Prison Chapel Helping Change Lives (SMCI)
  115. Article sheds light on who can vote in MS after a felony conviction
  116. Inmates' families allege cruel and unusual punishment at State Prisons
  117. Group hopes to reduce recidivism rate by 80 percent
  118. Earned release draws criticism
  119. CCA's Tallahatchie prison to get Mississippi inmates
  120. Article: Oxford police capture prisoner who fled during transport
  121. Article: Parchman inmate stabs 3 guards
  122. Private prison awaits tranfers from state pen
  123. Inmates' relatives voice concerns in Jackson
  124. Mississippi Cure Meeting - January 15, 2005 - Jackson, MS
  125. Article: Gov. Barbour headed down South for a spell
  126. Article: Cabana to step down as Parchman superintendent
  127. Article: Shortfall may spur job cuts in Miss.
  128. Article: (Mississippi) Churches train to help children of imprisoned parents
  129. Snowden: "Financial Problem Enormous" (Mississippi)
  130. Amber Alert issued after fetus removed from mother's body
  131. Article: Clay County Jail No longer approved to house Mississippi Prisoners.
  132. Article: MADD pushing for harsher punishments for DUI offenders
  133. Article: Watchdog panel says Mississippi pays enough to house state prisoners
  134. Article: New chief named at Parchman; first woman to head Rankin prison
  135. Article: Official had inmates do yardwork
  136. Article: Package causes concern at MDOC
  137. Article: Mississippi lawmakers kick off three-month session on Tuesday
  138. Article: New jail cleared to hold state inmates
  139. Off Topic - Article: Pilot of Tupelo hospital helicopter dead in crash
  140. Article: Reputed Klansman arrested in 1964 Neshoba County civil rights slayings
  141. Article: Camacho released on bond in Mississippi
  142. Article: Man says prison sports ministry his calling
  143. Gov. Haley Barbour's State of the State
  144. Article: Didn't know parolee was arrested, MDOC says
  145. Article: State Appeals Court refuses to rehear Jones County murder case
  146. Article: Towns fail to pay off jail debts
  147. Article: Family of 15-year-old inmate who died in Forrest Co. Jail sues sheriff
  148. Article: Earnest Lee Hargon Death Penalty Trial About to Begin
  149. Mississippi Cure meeting - January 29, 2005 - Gulfport, MS
  150. Article: Hinds tries house arrest program
  151. Article: Border Patrol boosts Hancock jail
  152. Article: Corrections panel OKs house-arrest bill
  153. Interesting Quote by a MS Senator's Wife
  154. Racial factors in MS with the Killen trial, and other interesting comments
  155. Article: Juvenile reform bill OK'd by panel
  156. Article: Inmate files lawsuit against police officials in Tupelo, Lee County
  157. 2005 Mississippi Legislative Session, Bills on the Agenda UPDATED 4/28/05
  158. Article: Talk of A/C at jail heats up at board meeting
  159. Article: Corrections career tough, but rewarding
  160. Article: State employees lobby at the Capitol
  161. Article: MDOC integrates HIV inmates into community work centers
  162. Article: Standards being set for jails
  163. French Camp, MS Officer (& MDOC PO) Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty
  164. (Mississippi) Lawmakers Consider Change To Sex Offender Law
  165. Vicksburg police officer fired after alleged assault of inmate
  166. (Mississippi) Legislators debate job protection proposal
  167. Mississippi Cure meeting - February 26, 2005 - Oxford, MS
  168. City of Vicksburg wants to house city prisoners in Louisiana
  169. Area jails coping with MDOC fee reductions
  170. Rankin inmates' wristbands part of high-tech system
  171. Counties show concern over cut in jail reimbursements
  172. Five Miss. death row inmates spared by Supreme Court decision
  173. Officials: Stopping cycle beyond power of system
  174. Article: Leflore County proceeding with building plans
  175. 3 years after slaying, no trial, no closure
  176. (Mississippi) Volunteers reach out to help kids of incarcerated parents
  177. MS - New drug courts on docket
  178. (Mississippi) Officials mum over sending inmates to hospital
  179. Officials say hospitalized south Mississippi inmates don't have meningitis
  180. Two New Stories about the medical situation in Leaksville.
  181. Article: Barbour signs bill authorizing new way to track sex offenders
  182. Article: With new legislation, Miss. to see changes in juvenile justice system
  183. Article: Jackson police officer and suspect killed in shootout
  185. Mississippi DOC Official Defends Quality Of Medical Treatment For Prisoners
  186. Welcome to the Mississippi News & Events forum
  187. State to implement new sex offender tracking
  188. Article: Early release for inmates weighed
  189. Mississippi Cure - April 9, 2005 - Hattiesburg, MS
  190. Article: (Mississippi) Registration for sex offenders has kinks
  191. Judge ends litigation between ACLU and Mississippi over HIV-positive inmates
  192. Federal appeals court denies appeal by Miss. death row inmate
  193. Mississippi: Damage, injuries reported in violent storms' wake
  194. Condemned inmate found dead at Miss. Parchman prison
  195. Need info on deaths @ CMCF
  196. Article: Prisons swell by 900 inmates per week in '04
  197. North MS. CURE meeting 5-7-05 Tupelo
  198. Mississippi CURE State Meeting
  199. Experts: Killen tape could see trial
  200. Witness says patrolmen beat suspect
  201. Article: Group investigating Miss. cases
  202. Pontotoc County: Jail bonds to face supervisors again
  203. Article: Campaign aimed at keeping Miss. youth from choosing crime
  204. Mississippi Cure Board Meeting
  205. Delta Correctinal Facility: Warden Bradley bids city farewell; Parker settles in
  206. Judge: Killen trial will proceed
  207. 44 Days in 1964
  208. Court upholds verdict against former Lee deputies
  209. Winston County MS: Board drops contract with narcotics agency
  210. Article: Inmates spice up futures with kitchen training
  211. Article:Driver, 3 inmates hit, killed by train
  212. NYTimes:Prosecution Completes Case in 1964 Civil Rights Killings
  213. Training at prison select, intense
  214. Annual Camp Caritas provides guidance for children of inmates
  215. The Killen Verdict is in....
  216. Guardian:Mississippi wins its long race for justice, but other demons pose bigger cha
  217. ACLU sues provider over health care of Mississippi inmates
  218. Killen's request for new trial denied.
  219. Inmate trusties have to meet certain traits
  220. Parchman inmates eat what they grow
  221. Jail suicide--Man bound for Whitfield hangs himself before he can be transferred
  222. Delta Correctional inmate hospitalized following altercation
  223. MS - Prisoner sues state over care
  224. Hancock jail guard dismissed
  225. Former MSP Escapee Larry Hentz Receives an Additional 4 year Sentence
  226. MS Supreme Court: Indigent defense ruling upheld
  227. Mississippi Department of Corrections Partners With Siemens; Will Save More Than $6 M
  228. Guard turnover rate 70 percent at adult jail
  229. Ex-warden: Jails not for abuse
  230. State officials say Hawaii inmates hurt in Mississippi brawl
  231. Bid to Speed Death Penalty Appeals Under Fire
  232. Tupelo: Prisoner drops complaint against jail
  233. On the Outside - Prison Documentary for MS, CA, FL, WI, MI, GA
  234. Law Enforcement Defends use of Strip Searches
  235. Counties face dilemma with mentally ill
  236. Coast's year-old initiative pairs kids with mentors
  237. Siemens Building Technologies partners with Mississippi Department of Corrections
  238. Cooking At Manor In Good Hands With Patrick
  239. Pay your city court fines now
  240. More judges, facilities considered
  241. Bail review helping to ease jail crowding
  242. Escaped felon back in custody
  243. After being without water at CMCF, it is now fixed
  244. Three inmates charged w/ Death - GEO Group
  245. Jailed ex-Klansman released on bail
  246. Hood asks Supreme Court to revoke Killen's bond
  247. Hinds County, MS: Deputies allegedly sold items to inmates
  248. Jail (Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility) riot's likely cause found
  249. Mississippi CURE Executive Director makes statement regarding Hurricane
  250. Refugees' lives in suspension as they wait in Mississippi Coliseum