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  1. NEWS: "Georgia's New Commissioner Wants Inmates to Dislike Prison"
  2. Elderly inmates swell Georgia's prison rolls, add to medical costs
  3. need some info please!!
  4. Metter man found not guilty in death-penalty case (Georgia)
  5. i'm new to this pto..couple of questions..
  6. Bobby Whitworth, ex-prison chief indicted!
  7. Budget May Cause Ill Inmates' Release
  8. Rutledge Prison survives first cuts
  9. Ga. Department of Corrections Meeting
  10. What goes around, comes around!
  11. Did anyone go to the meeting in Millegville?
  12. Upset with the Govener
  13. Meeting Tonight
  14. Bobby Whitworth Convicted!!!
  15. Article on Marcus Dixon
  16. Georgia Case To Be On Court TV, April 14 '04
  17. Man sentenced to 11 years for a messy yard?
  18. PROSECUTOR sues state panel over reduced sentence - Atlanta, GA
  19. Those Emerging from Georgia Prisons Need Life Skills, Support and a Job
  20. South Georgia center changes criminal mindset (Albany Transitional Center)
  21. Georgia Inmate Escapes!
  22. Georgia Mother sentenced to probation for running over her daughter...
  23. DOC Commissioner visits South Georgia Prisons...
  24. Bill offers options for Georgia 'deadly sins' felons
  25. Teresa Fargason
  26. Georgia County Faces Latest Class Action Over Jail Procedures
  27. ARTICLE: Georgia inmate shocked three times and dies!
  28. Macon & Forsyth considered for new Georgia state prisons main office
  29. ARTICLE: Water Preservation at Rogers State Prison, Georgia
  30. Child Molester Gets 40-Year Sentence
  31. Laurens County, GA Murder Suspect found Dead!
  32. ARTICLE: In a Georgia Prison, but ready for employment.
  33. ARTICLE: Georgia Parole STALLED as an "Official" IGNORED FILES!
  34. State parole officials find 59 misplaced inmate files
  35. ARTICLE: Juvenile cases not for adult courts
  36. Boy Facing Prison Time After Standing up to Bully
  37. ARTICLE: Georgia Prisons Closing....soon
  38. ARTICLE: Georgia Parole Board officials protected by "higher-ups"
  39. ARTICLE: Georgia DFCS to check criminal background in suspected abuse cases
  40. ARTICLE: Georgia court upholds 2001 murder conviction
  41. ARTICLE: Georgia marijuana "grower" caught again!
  42. ARTICLE: Georgia's New Deputy of Juvenile Justice already being criticized!
  43. ARTICLE: GDC to cut 127 Counseling positions
  44. ARTICLE: Atlanta man dies in police custody
  45. ARTICLE: Milledgeville Hospital may take over GA Prison medical facility
  46. ARTICLE: Georgia Prosecutors seeking death penalty in burning/death case
  47. from Govenor Perdue
  48. ARTICLE: Georgia Convicted Murderer up for Parole and causing uproar in community
  49. ARTICLE" America's Abu Ghraibs... right here in Georgia
  50. GPTV interview with Commissioner Donald ?
  51. ARTICLE: GA State Prison Chief aims for new path in corrections
  52. ARTICLE: GA Detention center expansion halted
  53. ARTICLE: GA Officer recovering from being shot in the face
  54. ARTICLE: 4 Charged in 1990 GA Murder Case
  55. ARTICLE: Life sentence for kidnapping
  56. ARTICLE (UPDATE): Parole denied for Keller Wilcox
  57. ARTICLE: GDC Commissioner Donald commited to prisoner rehabilitation
  58. ARTICLE: GA Prison reform to expect uphill battle
  59. ARTICLE: New Georgia Private Prison could be opening by August 2004
  60. ARTICLE: Terrell County, GA sued by Feds for poor jail conditions!
  61. ARTICLE - 'This is Jackie' - there may still be hope for the GDC
  62. ARTICLE - Parole denied 6th time for 1979 shooting case
  63. ARTICLE - Smile, you may be on camera.
  64. ARTICLE - Court says Fulton Co. Jail is 'scary'
  65. ARTICLE: A Georgia "Success Story" in the Making
  66. ARTICLE: South Fulton jail expansion leave community furious
  67. ARTICLE: Under Federal threat, GA works to upgrade correctional system
  68. Red-faced officials admit rapper made video in jail
  69. ARTICLE: Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles Adopts New Case Management System
  70. ARTICLE: Georgia Lawmakers study the "Meth Epidemic"
  71. ARTICLE: 25 Georgia "Ex-Legislators" try comebacks
  72. ARTICLE: Georgia Fugtive Shot during chase
  73. ARTICLE: Confession offers comfort and pain in a woman's death (GA)
  74. ARTICLE: Jails shouldn't be the only option to help Georgia's Mentally Ill
  75. ARTICLE: Hall County Prisoner Denied Parole on Murder Case
  76. ARTICLE: Georgia to "bail out" local jailers
  77. ARTICLE: Georgia will reopen August Juvenile Prison
  78. ARTICLE: Georgia Inmate Lives to Serve after being on Death Row for 28 years
  79. ARTICLE: Federal Judge may take over Fulton Co. Jail, GA
  80. ARTICLE: Prisoner abuse, here and over there
  81. ARTICLE: Body Found in unmarked car puzzles Warner Robbins police
  82. ARTICLE: Overcrowded prisons
  83. Look at where your money goes! ARTICLE!
  84. ARTICLE:Atlanta jail thrown into turmoil after inmate escapes
  85. 82 transferred from Fulton County Jail
  86. ARTICLE: Esccaped Phillips SP inmate caught buying food at Arby's
  87. ARTICLE: Murder suspect sought in Dooly slaying
  88. ARTICLE: Vietnam Vet executed in Georgia for murder
  89. ARTICLE: Asst. DA spends weekend in Jail to test effectiveness
  90. ARTICLE: Teen's death stirs changes for Decatur police
  91. ARTICLE: New Fulton County Jail Administrator ready to go
  92. ARTICLE: County Sheriff Is Suspended in Georgia!!!!!!
  93. ARTICLE: Man walks away from Atlanta city work program
  94. ARTICLE: Hall County murderer denied parole
  95. ARTICLE: Grandparents say Crawford County should help pay for child conceived in jail
  96. ARTICLE: Six northeast Georgia county jails overflowing with state prisoners
  97. GDC PRESS RELEASE: Probation Center to open in Swainsboro, GA
  98. ARTICLE: Overflowing GA prisons causing "crunch" at county jails
  99. ARTICLE: Sheriff 'responsible' for jail baby
  100. ARTICLE: PAROLE HEARINGS - minus the prisoner
  101. ARTICLE: Inmates get Hepatitis B in prison, but receive no treatment!
  102. ARTICLE: Girls held in killing of teen's grandparents
  103. ARTICLE: Surviving behind bars (violence at Alto Prison, GA)
  104. ARTICLE: Group wants better conditions for teens in prison
  105. ARTICLE: Parole denied for GA man sentenced in '84 hatchet killing
  106. ARTICLE: Georgia Prison Project set to resume
  107. ARTICLE: Georgia Deputy Juvenile Justice Chief QUITS!
  108. ARTICLE: GBI investigates death of inmate at Phillips State Prison
  109. ARTICLE: Man charged after attempting to run down Effingham Co. Deputy
  110. ARTICLE: No Evidence - court favors GA defense
  111. Metro Atlanta Police Briefs 8/18/04
  112. ARTICLE: Cobb County man gets 20 years for abusing elderly mother
  113. ARTICLE: Faith-based prison programs in Georgia uplift inmates
  114. ARTICLE: Georgia Man gets life sentence for abducting, assulting girl
  115. ARTICLE: Disclosure often left undone - corruption in the Georgia Government
  116. ARTICLE: Building of Georgia Prisons Resumes
  117. ARTICLE: Georgia Jails let Federal funding slip away
  118. ARTICLE: DNA reportedly exonerates inmate
  119. ARTICLE: GBI asked to take over Spalding police probe
  120. ARTICLE: Georgia man gets 25 years in '03 fatal wreck
  121. ARTICLE: DeKalb official sought by police
  122. ARTICLE: Prison program aims to help inmates develop faith, skills to make it in out
  123. ARTICLE: DeKalb official turns self in
  124. ARTICLE: Relocation of NW Georgia Police Academy
  125. ARTICLE: Man who killed wife agrees to life without parole
  126. ARTICLE: Cobb driver charged after decapitated body found in truck
  127. ARTICLE: Federal grand jury indicts Bill Campbell
  128. ARTICLE: Death row escape plan foiled
  129. ARTICLE: Inmate dies in apparent suicide
  130. Georgia News Articles For August 31, 2004
  131. Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy... you gotta see this!
  132. ARTICLE: GDCP Death Row inmates' escape plan believed to involve PRISON EMPLOYEES!
  133. ARTICLE: Teens to face grand jury in grandparents’ slaying
  134. ARTICLE: Prison suspends guard for plot ties
  135. ARTICLE: Man pleads guilty to pawnshop killing
  136. ARTICLE: Inmates may be free early
  137. ARTICLE: Georgia Prison Guard arrested for possesion of marijuana
  138. ARTICLE: Georgia debate on young prisoners heats up!
  139. ARTICLE: Jail funding fuels budget fears in Fulton County
  140. ARTICLE: Jail funding fuels budget fears in Fulton County
  141. ARTICLE: DeKalb CEO denies ordering background checks of foes, reporters
  142. GDC Press Release:Unannounced Prison Search Yields Homemade Weapons
  143. ARTICLE: iSECUREtrac GPS Offender Monitoring Expanded to 40 States
  144. ARTICLE: H-E-L-P coming soon to Hall County
  145. ARTICLE: Actions in Connecticut, Georgia may hurt CCA
  146. ARTICLE: Jonesboro man kills self after police chase
  147. ARTICLE: Man freed from jail by DNA set to marry longtime fiancée
  148. Article: Packed GA GA Prisons leads to Parole(thought you might want to read)
  149. ARTICLE: Braves shortstop, Fucal, faces SECOND DUI charge
  150. ARTICLE: Councilman evisions prison at old B & W Plant
  151. ARTICLE: Man sought in killing of former county commissioner
  152. ARTICLE: Future looks bright for private prisons company
  153. ARTICLE: Cobb driver held in decapitation death released
  154. ARTICLE: Iron-fisted sentencing strategy shows signs of rust
  155. ARTICLE: No open-door policy
  156. ARTICLE: State budget lockdown threatens prison funds
  157. ARTICLE: 'We'll Make it Through Ivan'
  158. ARTICLE: Gay former Fayette commissioner bludgeoned to death
  159. ARTICLE: Coach faces more sex charges
  160. ARTICLE: Gordon County suspect indicted
  161. ARTICLE: Report: Fulton jail still deficient
  162. ARTICLE: Handcuffed suspect steals police car
  163. Article: Unannounced Prison Searches Continue
  164. ARTICLE: Gwinnett County ships inmates south
  165. ARTICLE: State faces prison crisis
  166. ARTICLE: S. Fulton jail suit in court today
  167. ARTICLE: Report: Sheriff made inmates do home repairs, help with re-election campaig
  168. ARTICLE: Day reporting center's location is appropriate
  169. ARTICLE: Missing Fla. girl sought in Atlanta
  170. ARTICLE: Man in police car died of heat stroke
  171. ARTICLE: Death in police custody prompts outrage
  172. ARTICLE: Felons' voting rights assailed
  173. ARTICLE: Wheeler Correctional Inst. targeted for closure!
  174. ARTICLE: Telfair state prison targeted
  175. ARTICLE: Two strikes' costs add up
  176. ARTICLE: Substance abuse program grows from family struggles
  177. ARTICLE: Georgia agencies plead for more hires
  178. ARTICLE: Cochran residents await news of possible changes for detention center
  179. Lee Arrendale Lawsuit filed
  180. MEETING Of State Depts. 10/5
  181. ARTICLE: Prison: Continuing violence alleged
  182. ARTICLE: Prison charged with failing to protect youngest inmates
  183. ARTICLE: Snellville woman slain at home
  184. ARTICLE: Cops sue Atlanta over OT
  185. ARTICLE: Law enforcement officials decry recommended budget cuts
  186. ARTICLE: Public safety officials urge legislators to not close a prison
  187. ARTICLE: Time with mom: DeKalb inmates visit with kids
  188. ARTICLE: Prison bus involved in head-on crash on Newton County highway
  189. ARTICLE: Shakedown @ August State Medical Prison
  190. ARTICLE: Augusta woman killed in stand off with Police
  191. ARTICLE: Probation Cntr. van involved in Newton Co. Hwy accident
  192. ARTICLE: Georgia escapee shot in Alabama burglary
  193. ARTICLE: Cox gets 2 years in sex case
  194. ARTICLE: Remaining three Georgia prison fugitives captured
  195. Carter Foundation News
  196. Priorities for Georgia Legislation...
  197. ARTICLE: Organizations seek volunteers
  198. ARTICLE: Former convicted felon on charge to steer others away from crime
  199. ARTICLE: Cost effecient alternatives to incarceration.
  200. Governor Perdue-2 recent articles
  201. BRAINSTORM!!!! Georgia PTO G2G 2004/2005!
  202. ARTICLE: Georgia Lays down new Probation Policies
  203. Mother and Bf charged in childs death
  204. ARTICLE: Ex judge takes post as public defender--
  205. ARTICLE: Fulton County Sheriff
  206. 14 Year Old Georgia Male Sentenced...
  207. ARTICLE: Georgia Juvenile justice system on the mend
  208. ARTICLE: Atlanta Lawyer Charged in Ecstacy Case
  209. ARTICLE: Ruling Overturns Georgia Hate Crime Law
  210. ARTICLE: Clayton school board Cheif facing charges after dog attack
  211. ARTICLE: Georgia teen charged for shooting a girl in the face
  212. ARTICLE:"Too Late" drink sales lead to 8 arrests in Atlanta
  213. Cherokee Co. Mother & Boyfriend Charged/Arrested for 4 year old's death
  214. ARTICLE: Georgia's Slow Rehabilitation Process
  215. ARTICLE: Georgia Burglar charged in Strangling attempt
  216. ARTICLE: Inmates prepare for life on outside by saving classic cars behind bars
  217. ARTICLE: DeKalb Police Chief says exit is "not on his terms"
  218. ARTICLE: Georgia Prison for mentally ill youth to RE-Open
  219. ARTICLE: Atlanta Cabbie suspect in a string of Arson fires!
  220. ARTICLE: Georgia Suspect in torture slaying arrested!
  221. ARTICLE: Cobb Co. Defendant guilty in fatal stabbing
  222. GDC PRESS RELEASE: Shakedowns at Georgia Prisons (did anyone hear about this?)
  223. Georgia November '04 Parole Board Meeting CANCELLED
  224. ARTICLE: Search Widens for Georgia Teen Fugitives!
  225. ARTICLE: Fulton Co. DA's offices keep up work on cold cases
  226. ARTICLE: Registered Sex Offender in Smyrna, GA being held for Ohio girl's abduction
  227. ARTICLE: Suspect attacks & abducts DeKalf police officer
  228. Employee pleads guilty to killings at a Georgia HoneyBaked Ham store
  229. ARTICLE: Rockdale Co. man charged with killing 2 people
  230. ARTICLE: Macon still considered for corrections facility
  231. ARTICLE: Arrested Cherokee Co. Official is forced to resign
  232. ARTICLE: Marietta suspect finds bank is broke!
  233. ARTICLE: DeKalb Co. Cop's kidnap story doesn't hold up
  234. ARTICLE: Atlanta Arson Suspect is a former Chatham cop
  235. ARTICLE: County sued for charging inmates
  236. ARTICLE: Inside a Maximum Security Women's Prison
  237. ARTICLE: Time, Scarcity Spurs Prison Ingenuity
  238. ARTICLE: Macon's new program designed to help prisoners re-enter society
  239. ARTICLE: Female prison population soaring
  240. ARTICLE: Georgia pastor starts outreach for prisoners' children
  241. ARTICLE: Shakedown @ Dooly State Prison
  242. ARTICLE: Inmate's loan leads to trouble
  243. ARTICLE: Atlanta Police search for teen who disappeared with an infant
  244. ARTICLE: Fulton Co. Man arrested for slaying of teen
  245. ARTICLE: "Warning shot" hurts Clayton Co. robbery victim
  246. ARTICLE: 4 people Charged in Fatal Drive-By in Cobb Co.
  247. NEWS BRIEF: Georgia Police Brief 11/14/04
  248. Georgia Prison Statistics (11/14/04)
  249. GDC Operation Costs for Georgia Prisons
  250. ARTICLE: Finding a way to close the prison door for good