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  1. Inmate indicted for mailing threats to federal courthouse
  2. Echols' lawyers face Aug. deadline to have new DNA tests finished
  3. Sentence of ex-policeman in shooting death cut in half
  4. Arkansas filling new cells, but county backlog lingers
  5. Years later, rapist to be sentenced
  6. Residents Welcome New Prison
  7. Arkansas corrections board might free 860 inmates
  8. Law releases data on Arkansas sex offenders
  9. 70% Law
  10. On way to jail, man just walks out again
  11. Murder at the Cummins Unit in Arkansas - 1:25am Oct 18th
  12. Cummins - another killing?
  13. Link "on the inside" at ADC
  14. Inmate murdered @ VSM today. . .
  15. Santa comes to Ark inmates
  16. Prisoners get apples, not coal for Christmas.
  17. 2 Executions at Cummins 1-6-04
  18. 2 Executions at Cummins 1-6-04
  19. Some information I just ran across thought yall might be interested
  20. Laboring inmate mothers in shackles
  21. Article: Prison Officials Look For Mistakenly Released Inmates
  22. Article: State prison numbers artificially deflated
  23. When all else fails throw soap!!
  24. Expansion of AR Prison System
  25. Inmate family member #111111 reporting for work, Sir!
  26. Arkansas Govenor Huckabee
  27. New Mentoring program for Children of Prisoners
  28. Article: Jail guard sentenced in inmate drug case
  29. Article: State Releases Inmates Under Emergency Powers Act
  30. Charging Inmates for Medical Care
  31. Staph Infections throughout ADC
  32. Article: Increasing number of women straining Arkansas’ prisons
  33. John Belken's thoughts on PTO
  34. Dashing -- has nothing to do with Snow
  35. Funding for Drug Courts and Parole/Probation Offices
  36. Local Jails Hoping For Relief
  37. Article: Washington County : Inmates get faster access to judge
  38. Article - Do we need more prisons?
  39. Governor on AETN tonight @ 7:00 . . .
  40. ADC wants new unit - interesting info..
  41. Article: Prison warden, officer in crash
  42. Arkansas Legislative update 2-2-05
  43. Article: How to Solve Overcrowded Arkansas State Prisons?
  44. "Tucker Telephone" Punishment Device
  45. arkansas legislation updated 2-17-05
  46. Arkansas Legislation update 2-17-05
  47. Have a 02/19 Arkansas Democrat Gazette?
  48. Article: Man wants apology for time in jail
  49. Prison-goods sale bill
  50. Inmate Death at Wrightsville 2/15
  51. Arkansas House & Senate Update
  52. Arkansas Senate 501-682-2902 3-8-05 up-date
  53. Legislation Update
  54. Inmate Said Given Laxative As Prank.
  55. Prosecutors subpoena dog in murder case
  56. Arkansas make the call 501-682-2902
  57. New way to send money to inmates
  58. Arkansas DOC Wants To Turn Old Jail Into State Prison
  59. Death in Arkansas Prison
  60. Your thoughts on Hoe Squad...?
  61. Article: No Room for More Inmates
  62. AR. Ranks 3rd. with 9% increase in prison population
  63. Newsweek article
  64. Article:Inmate work program aims to ease prison overcrowding
  65. Article: State’s prisons battle flare-up of infections
  66. Board OKs refinancing bonds to increase bed capacity at prisons
  67. Inmate Death-Hoe Squad?-Cummins
  68. These Are Our Children
  69. Ar. Times/CURE-MCI-ADC
  70. Child Dies/Ar. Leaders/Reward w/OK & renew contract
  71. Article: Prison guard jobs hard to keep filled
  72. IPO at Tucker - Dirty Urine - Fired?!
  73. Crazy story about hoe squad death
  74. Article: Prison breaks ground for chapel
  75. Article: Drug cases give whites a lock on prison majority
  76. Inmate stabbed at Varner?
  77. ADC Newsletter, covers rehab./ fresh veggies for inmates
  78. ADC Takes Care of it's own
  79. Improper Attire Could Mean Court Citation
  80. Article - State inmates out of Lonoke
  81. Article: Lawmakers seek more prison labor for counties
  82. Article:Alexander woman is convicted of stealing from prison inmates
  83. Article: County telling inmates a day in jail costs $45
  84. Bill 387 and others
  85. Article: Attack by inmate leaves prisoner dead in Brickeys
  86. Sebastian Co. Jail/Medical Care
  87. Lawsuit-Inmates Death-Correctional Medical Services
  88. Ex. AR. Inmate Tells of Rape vs ADC says willing
  89. Article: Aiding inmates is Snowball woman’s passion
  90. Article: Inmate’s relatives file suit in death
  91. Article: Prison official under scrutiny for purchases
  92. Article: Money for inmate ills to wait
  93. Article: Pilot project will house, guide 60 female convicts
  94. Article: Church hopes to give inmates gift of warmth
  95. Jackson County charges daily fee for stay at jail, Independence County may soon follo
  96. MCI-$100.00-Blocked Calls
  97. ATTN: Guidelines for Posting Copyrighted Articles
  98. Article: Inmate Death-Pardon-Lawsuit
  99. Article: Man's Inhumanity To Man
  100. Arkansas Event/Inmate Families/Free Dinner
  101. Event: Ark, Prison Reform Unity Project
  102. Event: Arkansas CURE News Release
  103. Article: ADC officials get free housing, food & maid service
  104. Article: Arkansas Prison Phone Calls
  105. Article: Visitation changes needed, advocate says
  106. Article: Prisons packed, 712 get early out
  107. Article: Jail Tax Rejected Again
  108. Article: Right To Worship Retained For Inmates
  109. Article: Guard-inmate sex investigated
  110. Article: Use of force on inmates is rising, numbers show
  111. Article: Prison Inmates Not Forgotten On Christmas Day
  112. Article: Inmate Death Ruled Homicide Despite Heart Attack
  113. Article: Trial over state care for mentally ill inmates ends
  114. ADC moving the $$$ around
  115. Article: Alexander woman is covicted of stealing from prison inmates
  116. Article: Jailer charged with three counts of rape
  117. Article: Gassville Police Officer Killed
  118. Article: AR. Says Pay For Your Incarceration
  119. Prison Telephone-Press Release
  120. Article: Fights unsettle Calico Rock prison
  121. Article: State pulls 19 more from Calico Rock
  122. Article: Contraband=Guards Retire & "The Hole" for Inmates
  123. Article: Inmate battle at Calico Rock seen as a ploy
  124. Article: Prison psychologist Fired for Sleeping With Inmate
  125. Article: Using Race as a Punisment
  126. Article: Gov. says Cuban cells better than AR. Cells!
  127. Article: Calico Rock "Shake Down"
  128. Article: Take DNA from family's of criminals
  129. Article: Parole Board member Zeno resigns
  130. Article: Word of God halfway house earns license, back in business
  131. Article: Newspaper sues Gov. for Parole Bd. Info.
  132. Article: Huckabee Supports Religious Prison Program
  133. Article: Professor strives to get books into the hands of inmates
  134. Article: Former Prison Employee Accused Of Sex With Inmate
  135. Article: Inmates will keep driving, prison spokesman says
  136. Article: Huckabee tells judge he will appeal order to release records
  137. Article: Ark. gov. to pardon Keith Richards' ticket
  138. R.I.P Paul Eells THE Voice of the Razorbacks
  139. Article: Private detention center to take pressure off government agencies
  140. Article: For eight women, stitches in time helping them atone for crimes
  141. Article: Stalled paroles after OKs irk board member
  142. Article: Sheriff not planning to use private detention center anytime soon
  143. Article: Decision near in prison religious rights case
  144. Article: 78 new counts filed against 6 in Lonoke
  145. Article: Prison director looks at banning inmates from driving
  146. Article: State seeing drop in suits by convicts since ’96 law
  147. Article: Early parole hearings
  148. Article: State in search of replacement Muslim chaplain for prisons
  149. Article: Sheriff in contempt for refusing prisoners
  150. Article: Candidates air views on penal issues
  151. Article: Lawsuit blames officers for death
  152. Article: Prison fires 6 in thrashing; FBI probe on
  153. Brickeys stabbing last week.
  154. Event: Arkansas CURE will hold rally, candidates & food
  155. Article: Work-release inmates to ante up for drivers
  156. Article: Stabbing at Dermott prison; 1 hurt
  157. Article: ADC on the money "hotseat"
  158. Call To Action - Prison Telephone Contract
  159. More time or More treatment & prevention
  160. Article: ADC lap tops in cyber space
  161. Did anyone else see the cartoon
  162. Article: Inmates’ advocates welcome review, hope for lower rates
  163. Arkansas Legislature Bills Intoduced
  164. Article: 2nd. suicide ADC-2007
  165. Article: Officers Accused Of Photographing Inmates Showering
  166. Article: ADC's Dina Tyler fails to follow procedure
  167. Article: Prison Phone Calls $
  168. Article: Today's Arkansas Democrat......
  169. AR. Bills in the Legislature-ACTION REQUEST
  170. Article: Prison Computer Tech Charged With Theft
  171. Article: Four More Lose Jobs At Tucker Unit
  172. Arkansas Legislation
  173. Article: State to lock 2,500 more in cells by ’11
  174. Article: Bill to test inmates for diseases snags
  175. Article: Rehear prison diet challenge, federal appeals panel orders
  176. Article: Prisons measure debated
  177. Article: State faces question of what to do about prison influx
  178. Sex Scandal
  179. Article: Rates dropping by June, prison phone callers told
  180. Article: ADC/Gov.Liason Love Fest
  181. Article: Prison officials confirm staff firings, demotion
  182. Article: Parole violators off hook in file-clearing
  183. Article: State lawmakers tackle crime with 18 bills for tougher laws
  184. Article: Fees to rise on some deposits for inmates
  185. Article: Women crowded out of offender programs
  186. Article: Foul play doubted in inmate’s death
  187. Article: Prison strain on families recounted
  188. Article: Overcrowding causes prison board to invoke EPA
  189. Article: Prison officers seek higher pay
  190. Article: Ex-guard sentenced for sex with inmate
  191. Article: Warden held not liable in assault by 2 guards
  192. Article: Community Correction gets a raise
  193. Article: Official: Convict laborers needed
  194. Article: Uh-Oh! Wrong Inmate Released
  195. Article: Officials suspend 6 prison officers
  196. Article: FBI confirms rights inquiry at prison
  197. Article: Clemency
  198. Article: Phone Call Service Fee
  199. Article: Prison worker quits in contraband probe
  200. Article: 7 guards fired for mistreating prisoners
  201. Article: There’s no reason to mistreat prisoners
  202. Public Meeting
  203. Article: Family members complain about cost of phone calls from state inmates
  204. Article: Legislature Amends Bills
  205. Article: More Prisoners Could Soon Be Released
  206. Article: Cell phone, body display cost prison workers jobs
  207. Event: AR-CURE Ten Year Celebration
  208. Training for Correctional Officers
  209. Article: AR. inmate suicide toll highest since 2001
  210. Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal [VIDEO DOCUMENTARY]
  211. Governor reviewing sentences
  212. Article: Inmate Jump Puzzles Officials
  213. Article: Drugs hidden Inside Chillies - Corrections Officer Caught
  214. Article: Clemency
  215. Prisoner Corporal Punishment Being Considered
  216. Keep Track of your State Prison News
  217. Article: Librarian lights way for Ark. inmates with books
  218. Warrant Sweeps.
  219. Article: 70 % law ruling
  220. Article: WASHINGTON COUNTY : Belts with electric jolt hold defendants in line
  221. Article: Prison Officials Ordered To Skip Privatization Meeting
  222. Article: Rubble Searched Following Deadly Tornado
  223. Article: Murderers Escape
  224. Article: Bad, Bad Arkansas DOC
  225. Article: News on Overcrowding
  226. Former Arkansas Sheriff To Have BOP Fun Time
  227. Prison Death Said Suicide
  228. Article: Sex, Not Law Enforcement Was Mainstay In Fayetteville
  229. Article: Ozark 'Taser' Cop Gets Suspended
  230. Article: Reducing Weed Penalities Being Considered
  231. Article: Five Bodies Set Afire To Cover Theft
  232. Article: A Perspective On Alamo & His Ministry
  233. ADC to try something different
  234. Article: 648 Inmates To Get Early Parole Hearings; Effort To Ease Crowding
  235. Article: Arkansas Ex-Con Sought In Killing 4 Lakewood Officers
  236. Article: The Ozark 'Taser' Cop Who Zapped A 10-Year-Old Girl Is Fired
  237. Article: Arkansas Takes Hit From Washington Governor
  238. Article: Another Man Dies In Arkansas DOC Custody
  239. Article: 4 Men Get Prison For Cross Burning Attempt
  240. New Bill
  241. Senate Bill 750
  242. The Making Money NW Arkansas Judge
  243. Racial Chasm Still Divides Arkansas Delta
  244. Arkansas Having Trouble Finding Right COs
  245. Arkansas Man Becomes 1st In U.S. Convicted Under Hate Crimes Law
  246. Arkansas Man Becomes 1st In U.S. Convicted Under Hate Crimes Law
  247. Arkansas Man Becomes 1st In U.S. Convicted Under Hate Crimes Law
  248. To all the Sex offender..please vote on this.
  249. Female guard stabbed to death at east Arkansas prison
  250. Arkansas Time after Time