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  1. broken beyond pieces...
  2. It's over between us!!!!!!!.......................
  3. He doesn't want to talk to me.................
  4. Well, he's been home a week and it totally sucks......
  5. its over..its been over
  6. It's Over And It Should've Never Started!
  7. Our Final Goodbye...My Ex Finally Wrote BAck!
  8. Nightmare after only two months!
  9. I thought we were happy but.....
  10. The proverbial s**t is going to hit the fan.....
  11. Well, here we are and I don't know.....
  12. It's over
  13. It's over Part 2
  14. He brought my car back.....
  15. I Made Things Go Terribly Wrong
  16. Thoughts on what can go wrong in a relationship with an ex inmate
  17. I am going to be one vindictive B****......
  18. Where do I post now?.....
  19. I think he tried to call....
  20. Things REALLY aren't going as good as I thought....
  21. Can it get any worse?......
  22. Decided to end it
  23. for the ones who broke up after release....
  24. Its agreement
  25. For those of you who lost your love....
  26. It's Over
  27. He's still around....
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  29. WELCOME to Our New Forum!
  30. WTRIO Staff & Member Intros - Please join in!
  31. How is your day today?
  32. Do you ever feel guilty?
  33. Ideas on things to do to help you get 'him' out of your mind
  34. Helpful Books, Reading Material and Websites
  35. Helpful PTO Discussion Threads
  36. I got a letter......
  37. Loss of a relationship...7 stages of loss
  38. YIPPPEEE! we have our own "place" on PTO!
  39. What helped you/is helping you cope?
  40. Tears....
  41. Just sitting here and I have to share........
  42. I think I'm leaving him...
  43. Do you have support?
  44. Daily Words to Live by...
  45. What boggles your mind the most about this?
  46. {{{{hugs}}}}}
  47. Are holidays extra hard for you?
  48. Think it's over
  49. Time For Me To Move On
  50. **stuck in the middle**
  51. Did you throw out the letters?
  52. Confused.....why am I so mad at him for NOT trying to contact me???
  53. this is the point i want to get to!!!!
  54. My son validated my decision to move on...
  55. Happy Easter Everyone!
  56. I'm Still Confused!!!
  57. I said Goodbye..........
  58. How long has it been since the break up?
  59. Hope This Helps !!!
  60. The best part of being single....
  61. My breaking point
  62. I start counseling tomorrow
  63. Really Bad Day
  64. New relationships
  65. Grrrrr household chores,hate being single!
  66. He's CRAZY
  67. Darn that guilty letter came
  68. I have officially lost my mind i'm sure!!
  69. He just called me!!!
  70. There is so much going on........
  71. How much more am I suppose to take????????
  72. I took his call....
  73. Depressed
  74. Would you take them back?
  75. He Called Tonight!
  76. Way down in the dumps....suggestions?
  77. The Ex showed up at my house last night....
  78. Well It's Over, He broke up with me Kinda..
  79. I got the letter that I was dreading today. He ended it!
  80. UGH!!! I fell weak!
  81. Got A Reply Letter, It Was Vicious!!
  82. Saw him for the last time, heartbroken... :(
  83. He broke up with me, the pain is unbearable
  84. His PO was here the other day.......
  85. It ain't over....
  86. I feel like something is wrong......
  87. I'm Breaking Up With Him.....(sorry, Kinda Long!)
  88. Oh Good Lord, I think I just got asked out.....
  89. For those of you recovering and trying to move on....
  90. He Didnt Choose Me
  91. I can't live like this.........
  92. How long have you held out hope that the relationship wasn't over?
  93. Our new forum: one month down
  94. It's Over
  95. I just don't know what to do........venting..quite long
  96. Are any of you dealing with a lot of anger?
  97. How to Survive a Break-Up
  98. Friends or not
  99. feel I have wasted my life
  100. well after 3 months
  101. Don't act like it never mattered!
  102. Sharing some of my thoughts of one of my breaks up.
  103. I Feel Better Every Day
  104. Well I Did It
  105. Sad and confused about moving on.....
  106. The blues have struck again/update more messages from him!
  107. Very confused... and getting pissed. :(
  108. new to this forum
  109. Gonna be hangin around
  110. Insecurities...Did the break up give you any?
  111. need help, analyze this email thread.... kinda long... help plz
  112. I didn't see him b/c i was mad...then i find out the reason he didn't write sooner...
  113. Advice please...what to do?
  114. I don't know what to think now.....
  115. Okay, where do I hang my hat now?:)
  116. ...And now it's over
  117. It's over,Temporarly.
  118. I am filing for divorce from my husband.
  119. I got Hurt Again!!!
  120. Oh god help me.... going to a "singles" party!
  121. I now belong in the over forum
  122. OH BOY! X's family
  123. He had His new Girlfriend send me break up letter
  124. Tell us something lovely or beautiful......
  125. husband going through mood swings
  126. Help! I am fighting a guilt trip here......
  127. This is sssooooo crazy!!!!
  128. is he saying goodbye part 2
  129. Today is a real bad day
  130. And just when I thought it was all over...this happens
  131. And it just keeps on going and going.......
  132. Maybe I'm still holding onto false hope!
  133. IT must be Friday the 13th.....another little
  134. What to do now? he's gone
  135. Its Over.........30 Yrs Gone........
  136. Prayer for End of Relationship
  137. Just tryin' to get through the day
  138. I think it's over!!!!
  139. Now he is Lashing Out on his Daughter
  140. When it's over
  141. After 10 years IT'S REALLY OVER
  142. I Think That He Is Obsessed
  143. I'm electing to join this side of the life..
  144. It all came crashing down (he left, update)
  145. He wants me back
  146. Here is the GOODBYE letter!!!!!!
  147. This day is going so bad and I don't know....
  148. Would you still keep pictures/letters
  149. I belong to this forum now
  150. I belong here now! :(
  151. Break up/Heart Break quotes
  152. gone
  153. Jasons in jail........
  154. Got the move on letter, need to vent.
  155. still convused about if he really loved me
  156. Letting Him Go!!!!
  157. Today sucks!!!
  158. What's the worst thing about the break-up that makes you mad?
  159. I think I am going CRAZY!!!!
  160. I wrote him a not so nice letter
  161. I had my First Date
  162. My ex is getting married next Sunday...
  163. feeling bad>>>>>>>>>
  164. ARRRRGGGHHH! His brother just called here
  165. Broken Sprit/Confused by his actions...missing him.
  166. UPDATE:GOODbye Letter
  167. Got Letter & Bday Card from Ex
  168. What to do now?
  169. Off to jail he goes, handcuffs and all
  170. Need a friend to talk to
  171. A big thank you to the forum family!
  172. Ah #@*% just got sad/good memories
  173. Well girls.....
  174. Language Of Letting Go~June 3
  175. The Awakening
  176. A NEW Update: Goodbye Letter
  177. I found out he has a wife & Babies Momma!!!!
  178. Forward his friends scathing letter to him or not?
  179. Stop by and congratulate Sunnie a new Moderator!
  180. Feeling Hopeless dont know what to do...
  181. divorce for a dollar?
  182. I found out...
  183. More bad checks :angry:
  184. I need lots of prayers.....
  185. We are divorced now...
  186. Cleaning my room and found x-rated tape of ex....
  187. Confusion while transitioning to be single
  188. Dumped and don't know why
  189. Do you ever get your hopes up but know they won't happen?
  190. it's over, so leave!!!
  191. Well, my suspicions have been confirmed.....
  192. He called.What a mess.
  193. We Are Not Together Anymore!
  194. Hello Again
  195. should I be done
  196. I am writing him.........
  197. How did you decide to still write???
  198. Used and Dumped!?!
  199. should i stay or should i go
  200. So I went and told him...
  201. Should i stay or should i go Part 2...More info
  202. He Isn't Getting It!!!!
  203. I finally said GOODBYE and it HURT like.....
  204. I saw J today.
  205. When did you say enough was enough?
  206. His brother called here again today!
  207. I really am over him....
  208. Had thoughts of wanting him back...
  209. Has anyone ever looked back and wondered....
  210. First Love (dying)
  211. July check in spot........How are we?
  212. Weird phone call hopefully not related to HIM!
  213. Hey everyone I'm back with a update..It's been a while
  214. Sentencing Anniversary
  215. Has the break up had an effect on your self esteem?
  216. Got another letter today......
  217. Received The Call!!!!!
  218. Do you ever read your old posts about your ex?
  219. What Is Really Going On!!!!
  220. Ever thought about going back??????/
  221. Do any of you ever miss our ex?
  222. Healing A Broken Heart! When the Relationship is Over.
  223. He is doing good without me
  224. It's only been a month since I said GOODBYE.....
  225. Decided to End it
  226. It's over for good
  227. Missing Him Alot!!!
  228. Kicked him to the curb for what he's said/done
  229. It's Officially Over!!!!!!!!
  230. Did He Get Your Named Tatooed
  231. Don't know what to think, feel, or do...
  232. Oh where, oh where are the REAL men at....?
  233. Back in jail; and a sigh of relief
  234. I think its over
  235. Food for Thought.......
  236. having your face tatted then its over..
  237. honestly, am i crazy??
  238. Well is it happening again?.......
  239. Looks like its over you knew I couldn't stay...
  240. divorce almost over....
  241. Going to see him for ME
  242. I told him tonight
  243. I don't know if I made a mistake
  244. Still having a rough time
  245. Thank God for Prozac.........!
  246. How long will it hurt?
  247. It's over
  248. Annulments for prison marriages
  249. I want to visit my ex
  250. he finally agreed!