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  1. ARTICLE: Need ARIZONA site for working against death penalty
  2. ARTICLE: Ariz. Considers Prison-Visit Kissing
  3. ARTICLE: Death Row on the Web
  4. ARTICLE: Judge Orders Halt to Arizona Law that Censored Anti-Death Penalty Web Sites
  5. ARTICLE: Lawsuits against Arizona Prison System
  6. ARTICLE: Inmates win back ability to have web pages on the net
  7. ARTICLE: Arizona-style "rehabilitation"
  8. ARTICLE: ADC charging inmates for electricity
  9. ARTICLE: Good news for Arizona prisoners?
  10. ARTICLE: Arpaio to put inmates on 2,500-calorie diet
  11. ARTICLE: Arizona sheriff introduces female chain gangs
  12. ARTICLE: Hundreds of inmates eligible for release
  13. ARTICLE: Two Guards Taken Hostage at Arizona Prison (Lewis)
  14. ARTICLE: Tension in hostage situation - news
  15. ARTICLE: Female Guard Remains Arizona Prison Hostage
  16. ARTICLE: Winslow Correctional officer shanked
  17. ARTICLE:Arizona Inmate's Letter Discusses Siege
  18. ARTICLE: Arizona Correction Officer Charged In Death Of Inmate
  19. ARTICLE: Some inmates sent to Texas agitate to return to Arizona
  20. ARTICLE: Some inmates sent to Texas agitate to return to Arizona
  21. ARTICLE: Newton Correctional Facility
  22. ARTICLE: Lewis Prison returns to normal
  23. ARTICLE: Prison Sentence Reform Urged In Az
  24. ARTICLE: AZ inmates hurt in OK
  25. ARTICLE: Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9 years old.
  26. ARTICLE: Public may never see report on prison crisis
  27. ARTICLE: Rhinestone Cowboy gets 5 days in jail
  28. ARTICLE: Sheriff lobbies for jail alteration - 3 inmates to a cell
  29. ARTICLE: Federal ruling could mean changes for Arizona sentencing practices
  30. ARTICLE: Court Opposes Jail 'Reality Show' on Web
  31. ARTICLE: 18 deaths in Lewis
  32. ARTICLE: ACLU Fights Prison Abortion Roadblock
  33. ARTICLE: Prison deaths spur probe
  34. ARTICLE: Adult prisons harden teens
  35. ARTICLE: in Phoenix New Times
  36. ARTICLE: Central Arizona Detention Center last week celebrated its 10th anniversary
  37. ARTICLE: Inmate stabbed at Lewis State Prison
  38. ARTICLE: Level one changes press release
  39. ARTICLE: Go Arizona!
  40. ARTICLE: Arizona Prisons from the Tribune
  41. ARTICLE: DR Inmate granted new sentence hearing
  42. ARTICLE: Az Court overturns law
  43. ARTICLE: Boot Camp Director Found Guilty of Manslaughter
  44. ARTICLE: Fixing our prisons
  45. ARTICLE: Officers hurt in Tucson Arizona Prison Fight
  46. ARTICLE: Arizona Prison Dining Hall Locked Down Post-Brawl
  47. ARTICLE: Prison rape victim settles in state suit
  48. ARTICLE: Third CO attacked at Winslow
  49. ARTICLE: Cashing In On Cons
  50. ARTICLE: Jury trials may be ruled out in AZ DUI cases
  51. ARTICLE: CCA Building Another Arizona Prison
  52. ARTICLE: Arizona May Build Prison In Mexico
  53. ARTICLE: Arizona Inmates Eligible For Deportation To Mexico
  54. ARTICLE: Inmate claims self defending himself best option
  55. ARTICLE: Inmate defends self in prison hostage trial
  56. ARTICLE: Yuma Arizona warden heads to Lewis prison
  57. ARTICLE: Ignition interlock could reduce DUI's in Arizona
  58. ARTICLE: Rattlesnakes Are Biting In Tucson
  59. ARTICLE: Middle-school; teacher fired for failing to report felony drug conviction
  60. ARTICLE: School monitor accused of stuffing weed into boys' mouths
  61. ARTICLE: Nine students at academy face drug charges
  62. ARTICLE: Pima County escapee caught in Phoenix Arizona
  63. ARTICLE: Task force to evaluate mentaly ill housed in AZ. county jail system
  64. ARTICLE: Package from Arizona leads to drug arrests
  65. ARTICLE: Bisbee extends inmate labor contract
  66. ARTICLE: Scottsdale probe links 154 teens to heroin, other drugs
  67. ARTICLE: Former corrections officer accused of having sex with teenage inmate
  68. ARTICLE: Free gun-locks available
  69. ARTICLE: Dangerous Fugitives
  70. ARTICLE: Arizona's Tent City violated fire laws
  71. ARTICLE: Wassenaar tells jurors he never expected to escape
  72. ARTICLE: Community college tuition set to jump again
  73. ARTICLE: Largest pot haul ever at a single Pima County home
  74. ARTICLE: Two children found living near meth lab
  75. ARTICLE: Authorities investigate body found near bales of hay
  76. ARTICLE: Prosecutors to seek death penalty in 3-year-old's death in Mesa
  77. ARTICLE: $1.4 Million Settlement for wrongfully convicted man in Arizona
  78. ARTICLE: Inmates turn 104 feet of hair into wigs for kids
  79. ARTICLE: Meth lab busted in Mesa
  80. ARTICLE: Phoenix woman gets eleven-year prison sentence on drug charge
  81. ARTICLE: County frees ill ex-fugitive it didn't want
  82. ARTICLE: Meth use has become a epidemic in Arizona
  83. ARTICLE: Vigilantes gather for Arizona round-up of illegal migrants
  84. ARTICLE: Arizona State Running Back Arrested for Murder
  85. ARTICLE: Juvenile lockups improving but still lacking
  86. ARTICLE: Phoenix fugitive eludes arrest in Flagstaff
  87. ARTICLE: Former Police Detective gets prison term for stealing drug-bust money
  88. ARTICLE: Man gets natural life prison sentence after conviction in beating death
  89. ARTICLE: Ex-offenders should have their voting rights restored
  90. ARTICLE: No reliable data on private prison savings
  91. ARTICLE: Arizona Inmate Allegedly Assaults Teen
  92. ARTICLE: US vigilantes begin border stake-out
  93. ARTICLE: Phoenix considers making own rules for meth ingredients
  94. ARTICLE: Cleared man to get $1.4 million from Arizona
  95. ARTICLE: Prisoners give $9,000 in goods to mission
  96. ARTICLE: House OKs bill to toughen penalties
  97. ARTICLE: Valley Inmate Escapes from Maximum Security
  98. ARTICLE: Some inmates being moved as Maricopa County opens two new jails
  99. ARTICLE: Maricopa County is opening two new maximum-security jails at the same time
  100. ARTICLE: Brush fire in Buckeye burning miles from prison
  101. ARTICLE: March in underwear calls attention to new jails
  102. ARTICLE: Senate approves proposal to house prisoners in Mexico
  103. ARTICLE: Meth bill on hold as sponsor seeks compromise
  104. ARTICLE: Death row inmate's murder conviction overturned
  105. ARTICLE: CO testifies in trial of inmate who held her hostage
  106. ARTICLE: Judge sets June retrial date for once condemned inmate
  107. ARTICLE: Civil Rights Review Sought in Detention
  108. ARTICLE:Pink prison parade
  109. ARTICLE: Inmate to remain in jail until new trial finished
  110. ARTICLE: Sex offenders being released from lifetime probation
  111. ARTICLE: Bullhead City man resentenced in stepdaughters slaying
  112. ARTICLE: Governor vetoes bill for prison in Mexico
  113. ARTICLE: All-female inmate wildland firefighting crew is a first for Arizona
  114. ARTICLE: New murder trial ordered after attorney admitted cocaine use
  115. ARTICLE: Inmate denies assaulting female officer
  116. ARTICLE: Supreme Court upholds first jury death sentence
  117. ARTICLE: Latest stun gun death highlights safety concerns
  118. ARTICLE: Detention officer injured during escape attempt
  119. ARTICLE: Kingman Private Prison gets go-ahead to add inmates
  120. ARTICLE: County Attorney dismisses over 500 drug cases
  121. ARTICLE: Police, residents express frustration about dropped drug cases
  122. ARTICLE: Inmate Convicted of 19 Charges in Hostage Standoff
  123. ARTICLE: Aged inmates' care puts stress on state
  124. ARTICLE: Phoenix Officer Killed
  125. ARTICLE: Arpaio jail march stalls priest’s return
  126. ARTICLE: County inmate escapes
  127. ARTICLE: Former pitcher Vida Blue allegedly violates probation
  128. ARTICLE: Man sentenced to death in Mesa triple murder
  129. ARTICLE: Voters to decide wether to deny bail to some criminal immigrants
  130. ARTICLE: Couple indicted on child abuse charges
  131. ARTICLE: Man gets 10-year prison term in marijuana case
  132. ARTICLE: Marana father gets 37 years for sexually abusing daughter
  133. ARTICLE: Arizona military, law enforcement caught in FBI trafficking sting
  134. ARTICLE: Women inmates take on challenge of firefighting
  135. ARTICLE: Prison worker accused in case
  136. ARTICLE: Slain Teen Found Buried In Woman's Grave
  137. ARTICLE: New Warden appointed for Arizona State Prison Complex-Yuma
  138. ARTICLE: Authorities arrest ten members of alleged drug group in Tucson
  139. ARTICLE: Arizona woman jailed on drug charges in Mississippi
  140. ARTICLE: Clemency article AZ Republic
  141. ARTICLE: Correctional officer loves job despite risks at Lewis prison
  142. ARTICLE: Boot Camp Chief Gets Prison in Death
  143. ARTICLE: Santa Cruz jail overcrowded
  144. ARTICLE: Sheriff's Deputy Indicted For Sexual Abuse on 15-year Old
  145. ARTICLE: 326 Arrested For DUI Over Holiday Weekend
  146. ARTICLE: Inmate gets 16 consecutive life sentences for prison stand-off
  147. ARTICLE: Boy who stole earth mover may be facing more charges/UPDATE
  148. ARTICLE: Shootout shakes up Gilbert neighborhood
  149. ARTICLE: Murder-suicide attempt in Tucson/UPDATE
  150. ARTICLE: Mesa man accused of producing ricin for self-defense
  151. ARTICLE: Man sentenced to life for kidnapping, sexually assaulting child
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  153. ARTICLE: Sheriff says new jail wing is a temporary fix
  154. ARTICLE: Jail gets hi-tech equipment to stop contraband
  155. ARTICLE: Sheriff Opens Jail Cells for Pets
  156. ARTICLE: Aged inmates care puts financial stress on state
  157. ARTICLE: Arizona's Prison Boss
  158. ARTICLE: Ruling bars evidence from frisking without basis to suspect crime
  159. ARTICLE: Ex-officer sentenced to probation for stealing
  160. ARTICLE: County guard beaten at jail hospitalized
  161. ARTICLE: Man kills 2 brothers, then himself at Father's Day barbeque
  162. ARTICLE: Cochise county mom spearheads anti-meth effort
  163. ARTICLE: Florida man arrested in 1987 murder of Tucson librarian
  164. ARTICLE: Man gets 14-year prison sentence for fatal stabbing
  165. ARTICLE: Boot camp counselor gets months in jail for role in boy's death
  166. ARTICLE: County told staff shortage at Tucson jail puts guards at risk
  167. ARTICLE: Man sentenced to 5yrs probation in death of baby daughter
  168. ARTICLE: Murder suspect can keep court-appointed attorney under certain conditions
  169. ARTICLE: County corrections officers say they are overworked and underpayed
  170. ARTICLE: Six people killed at Yuma home; neighbors ask why?
  171. ARTICLE: Panel backs ex-guard once tied to killing
  172. ARTICLE: Defendant in triple murder must pay $6 million judgment
  173. ARTICLE: Man gets jail term, probation for assaulting pregnant woman
  174. ARTICLE: Corrections officers thwart inmate's attempted suicide/UPDATED-Jail Video
  175. ARTICLE: Killer fences to be used at Tucson, six others
  176. ARTICLE: Woman gets 7yrs probation for setting home on fire with daughter inside
  177. ARTICLE: Tucson man runs halfway house for sex offenders
  178. ARTICLE: Nearly 1,000 missing from Arizona sex offender registry
  179. ARTICLE: CDC awarded 1000 bed contract by Arizona Department of Corrections
  180. ARTICLE: DOC hires company to build and run sex offender program
  181. ARTICLE: Pima county jail's TAG team deals with unruly inmates
  182. ARTICLE: 2 children missing from home where grandparents, uncle found slain
  183. ARTICLE: Prison officer killed over drug debt
  184. ARTICLE: Officer shoots, kills suspect first night of duty
  185. ARTICLE: Aunt arrested after young girl left in hot car for hours and dies
  186. ARTICLE: On the outside
  187. ARTICLE: Drug turf wars rage in Nogales, Sonora
  188. ARTICLE: Private prison mandate was wrong decision
  189. ARTICLE: Project helps female ex-cons get back into society
  190. ARTICLE: Glendale officers botched hundreds of cases
  191. ARTICLE: 4 homicides in 3 days tax police departments and taxpayers
  192. ARTICLE: Arizona ranks 5th in nation in homicides
  193. ARTICLE: Ireland Refuses to Extradite Alleged Pedophile to Arizona
  194. ARTICLE: Business is booming at county jail canteens
  195. ARTICLE: Pima County Jail gets hi-tech drug detection machine
  196. ARTICLE: 4 men get prison sentences in torture, kidnapping of woman
  197. ARTICLE: Tucson's Wilmot State Prison
  198. ARTICLE: Arizona crime rates remain highest across nation
  199. ARTICLE: Pima deputy, 2 others die after hit by truck
  200. ARTICLE: Sunnyside School District wants to hire inmate labor
  201. ARTICLE: Man gets 20-year prison term in slaying of fellow tribal member
  202. ARTICLE: Murder suspect escapes state mental hospital
  203. ARTICLE: Nearly naked inmates move to new jails
  204. ARTICLE: Pima County bringing back electronic monitoring
  205. ARTICLE: Man gets prison term, probation in fatal DUI accident
  206. ARTICLE: Crime spree ends in death for Pinal County man
  207. ARTICLE:State Court Rules as Unconstitutional Arizona County Sheriff's Policy of Limi
  208. ARTICLE: Arizonans still have right to jury trial in DUI cases
  209. ARTICLE: Tucson man to be freed from prison in plea deal
  210. ARTICLE: Tucson sex offender gets 30-month prison term in child porn case
  211. ARTICLE: 20% of minimum-security inmates test positive for drugs
  212. ARTICLE: State prison system plagued by turnover, officer vacancies
  213. ARTICLE: Feds training Arizona prison workers to speed deportation
  214. ARTICLE: Pinal County revamping jail to hold illegal aliens
  215. ARTICLE: Investigators:Lupita Goes To Jail
  216. ARTICLE: Santa Cruz County Jail overcrowded, understaffed
  217. ARTICLE: Killer asks to practice law in Az
  218. ARTICLE: Supreme Court rules against AZ death row inmate
  219. ARTICLE: Video screens edge out face-to-face visits in jail
  220. ARTICLE: Should A Prison Inmate Get A Kidney Transplant?
  221. ARTICLE: Death and Detention Inmate death
  222. ARTICLE: Murderer loses fight to practice law
  223. ARTICLE: Discovery of contraband prompts lockdown at Rincon prison
  224. ARTICLE: Pima sees drop in inmate labor
  225. ARTICLE: Prison gang members to plead guilty in murders
  226. ARTICLE: Rescued pets from Katrina housed in county jail
  227. ARTICLE: Suspect in ecoterror case found dead
  228. ARTICLE: Bishop to deliver Christmas Mass at prison
  229. ARTICLE: DOC misconduct will cost taxpayer
  230. ARTICLE: Feds clamp down on corruption in Arizona
  231. ARTICLE: Eloy Detention Center is no longer CCA
  232. ARTICLE: Prison gang members elude execution in complex plea deals
  233. ARTICLE: State prisons in dire straits
  234. ARTICLE: Deputies arrest detention officer
  235. ARTICLE: Deputy stabbed by inmate at Phoenix courthouse
  236. ARTICLE: Pretending that the prison 'solution' works for migrants
  237. ARTICLE: Jury gives $9 million to estate of inmate
  238. ARTICLE: Female corrections officer taken hostage in Tucson prison
  239. ARTICLE: Anyone hear about this? (Inmate takes guard hostage)
  240. ARTICLE: Inmate escapes from private prison in Florence
  241. ARTICLE: Girl Scouts connects daughters, imprisoned mothers
  242. ARTICLE: Escaped inmates captured
  243. ARTICLE: Jail lockdown to prevent riot
  244. ARTICLE: Number of Arizona women behind bars escalating
  245. ARTICLE: Man sues 'Dateline', prison over being called a 'snitch'
  246. ARTICLE: Inmate sentenced to prison in fraud
  247. ARTICLE: 3 officers charged with using excessive force on prisoners
  248. ARTICLE: Prison-based firm builds profits
  249. ARTICLE: Two inmates caught after jail break attempt
  250. ARTICLE: Arpaio phasing flavored fruit drink from jails’ menus