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  1. Officials to study prison deficit
  2. State going all the way in cutting aid to halfway houses
  3. Corrections Department accused of reaching into furniture market
  4. Online personal ad features child killer Susan Smith
  5. Director says S. Carolina needs new type of prison
  6. Ozmint says state needs alternatives to prison sentences
  7. Budget woes force cut of prison visiting hours
  8. Ex-prison guard to serve a year of probation
  9. Broad River Correctional Institution
  10. Charleston County Jail
  11. Greenville County Detention Center
  12. Security Procedures
  13. Suicide - Another One Laid to Rest
  14. Article: Director hopes to keep kids out of prison
  15. This is Great! Wateree River Correctional Institution, Camden,SC
  16. DNA Costs- The Word is getting out!
  17. News article - ‘Nation’s Cheapest Prisons’ another honor we could do without
  18. Article: Attorney General to use state grand jury to investigate gangs
  19. Article: Former Anderson County Inmates Suing Over Spider Bites
  20. Perry Correctional Institution - Two Inmates Assaulted
  21. Inmate found kissing at State House
  22. Article: SLED looks into a 'scuffle' at Georgetown jail
  23. Article: Two former prison guards charged with alerting inmates to searches
  24. Article: S.C. official to teach Iraqis prison security
  25. Inmate found dead at Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center
  26. Inmate dies at Broad River Correctional Institution
  27. Inmate found dead at McCormick Correctional Institution
  28. 3 inmate deaths ruled suicide
  29. Greenville County Detention Center - inmate's autopsy inconclusive
  30. Greenville County Detention Center - Jail chief demoted
  31. Greenville County Judges push mental-health court
  32. Return to faith-based values could help our prisons
  33. Teen found GUILTY in Zoloft/Murder case
  34. Escape and Apprehension - Feb. 14, 2005
  35. S.C. police officers hired despite past misconduct
  36. Governor, lawmakers tackle issue of problem police officers
  37. Inmate abuse probe continues
  38. Article:Nationwide Alert Issued for S.C. Ex-Con
  39. Man Charged and Held For Ten Years Without a Trial
  40. Prisoners Restore 1,270 Donated Computers for Schools
  41. House passes bill to strengthen domestic violence laws
  42. Inmate Injured at Evans Correctional Institution
  43. lexington county solicitor charged with (DWI)
  44. juvenile justice rally in columbia SC
  45. Article: Inmate death reported at detention center
  46. TV thief out of N.C. prison after 35 years
  47. Article:Director: Prisons in S.C. may face legal problems
  48. Inmate Escapes from Trenton Correctional Institution
  49. Jury: Poor Health Care Led to Richland County Inmate's Death
  50. two officers charged with assault
  51. Authorities Capture Escaped South Carolina Inmate; Two More Still At-large
  52. Three Escape from Lexington County Detention Center
  53. Details of LCDC Jail Break
  54. Kershaw County Detention Center - Overcrowding
  55. Inmate found dead at Lieber Correctional Institution
  56. Inmate Death at Broad River Correctional Institution
  57. Inmate leaves job site in Aiken
  58. Inmate Leaves Job-Site in Charleston
  59. Inmate Commits Suicide at Lieber Correctional Institution
  60. Starved for Resources, Corrections Still Succeeds
  61. Parole Board Releases Inmate Convicted for Murder
  62. Inmate Death At Broad River Correctional Institution
  63. Escapes at Broad River Correctional Institution today
  64. Two inmates Escape S.C. Prison Via Trash
  65. S.C. Prison Escape Blamed on Budget Cuts, Errors, Toilet-Paper Heads
  66. From behind bars: what the hostage-takers wanted you to know
  67. Inmates Get Life in Prison for 2003 Riot
  68. Inmate Found Dead At Perry Correctional Institution
  69. Officials sort out details of inmate death at Perry Correctional Institution
  70. Prison Guard arrested for possession of marijuana
  71. S.C. chief justice requests sentencing-reform study
  72. Correctional School District Wins Palmetto Gold Award
  73. SC Prison Officer, Former Officer Face Drug and Sexual Misconduct Charges
  74. York County's Finest
  75. S.C. teacher charged over sex with student, 11
  76. Chief Justice Toal Wants Sentence Reform
  77. Legislation to watch and ponder
  78. Possible shake-up of staff at Wateree Correctional Institution
  79. Corrupt Cops
  80. Inmate Assaulted -- Ridgeland Correctional Institution
  81. SCDC Employees Receive Blue Granite Recognition
  82. Judge Considers Stiffer Sentence for Shortt
  83. Jon Ozmint visits Wateree River Correctional Institution
  84. Here's an interesting read about the Greenville County Detention Center
  85. Lost keys lead to Broad River Correctional Institution lockdown
  86. Inmate Killed at Lieber Correctional Institution
  87. Percentage of 85%ers
  88. Any comments on this article (re: Mcmaster/Parole, et. al.)?
  89. Inmate Assists Employee
  90. Getting More Fathers Out Of Jail
  91. Mandatory Minimums Distorting The Court System
  92. Hostage Situation at Ridgeland Correctional Institution
  93. Gov. Sanford wants $77 million for police, prisons
  94. Interesting read off the AP Wire about a state prison guard who applied for ...
  95. Rumor of a killing at leiber correctional institution
  96. Still no agreement for 85%
  97. Is there a Lock Down at Lieber Correctional Institution?
  98. SC Parole in the news
  99. Richland County officer arrested after inmate is punched in face
  100. S.C. considers cutting prison time for inmates who donate organs
  101. What is a body part worth?
  102. Inmate was murdered at Allendale prison in SC? A friend of my man
  103. Two prison officials suspended in porn investigation
  104. Poor conditions at Lieber Correctional Institution
  105. Senate to investigate possible misconduct in state prisons
  106. Corrections employees arrested in theft of cow
  107. State limit on prison quotas lifted
  108. Unusual Probe of SC's Prison System
  109. SC inmates sue prison system for overcrowding, safety issues
  110. State addresses inmate backlog Corrections Department to cut processing time
  111. Anne Louise Gordon pled guilty after 4 years at Lexington County Detention Center
  112. Inmates make a play for redemption
  113. S.C. prisoner who escaped 2 years ago found hanged in cell
  114. Two inmates escape from Broad River tonight
  115. lockdown at Allendale Correctional Institution?
  116. Corrections officer charged with having inmates beat up prisoner
  117. Lockdown @ Lieber
  118. Lieber
  119. Are November / December visitations Unlimited?
  120. McMaster announced plan to abolish parole for all crimes in S.C.
  121. Prison inmate lawsuits abound - SCDOC sued 734 times since 2003
  122. Prison charged with murder in killing of fellow inmate
  123. The new law that the Supreme Court passed
  124. Inmate escapes from Trenton Correctional Institution
  125. Former SC prison officers say they were forced to execute
  126. Riot at Lee, other prisons on lockdown
  127. Lieber Correctional Instutution on Lockdown after attempted escape
  128. ESCAPE @ Lieber
  129. start a S.C. Chapter
  130. Jailhouse 'lawyer' gets rare nod from U.S. Supreme Court
  131. Pink Jumpsuits
  132. S.C. cop uses his car to hit a runaway!
  133. Donation to PTO
  134. Lieber inmate in hospital after multiple stabbings
  135. Broad River on lockdown
  136. Linking all State Facilities and County Jails
  137. Lieber Inmate Found Dead
  138. Closing Prisons
  139. Stabbing at Lee CI
  140. SC Incident site not reporting all incidents
  141. New DUI Laws
  142. article about early release
  143. In the Charleston paper today...
  144. McMaster to tesitify on Sentencing Reform today...
  145. sc doc inmate search
  146. Son transfered
  147. Not sure if this is this Thursday or Last
  148. S.C. inmate tunnel escape attempt foiled
  149. ozmint testifies at congress
  150. Is this true - SC reducing prison population and crime rates??
  151. Inmates’ jam sessions ruining sewer system, city claims
  152. SC Supreme Court ruling on parole eligibility
  153. Inmate Killed at Broad River Correctional Institution
  154. State Senator: Corrections Director Should Resign
  155. Inmates tear gassed after S.C. prison fight (Lee)
  156. Audit finds no serious problems in S.C. prisons
  157. SC inmates training dogs to help the disabled
  158. Corrections Officer Stabbed by 2 Death Row Inmates at Lieber
  159. SC Inmate Fatally Stabbed in Max Security Prison
  160. Possible release of 3,000 from SC system-
  161. Former NFL coach Tony Dungy to speak to 550 SCDC inmates
  162. Money scam
  163. Sanford signed reform bill June 2,2010
  164. Link To The New Bill
  165. Any News about Prison Reform bill and a Grandfather Clause?
  166. Fight at Bennettsville prison leaves 8 inmates hurt
  167. Allendale on lockdown?..Does anyone know why?
  168. HELP! Did man released from SC prison kill his wife?
  169. New law changes criminal sentencing
  170. Suspect released to DPPP in July
  171. New - SCDC Response to Legislative Audit Council Final Report
  172. DJJ Chief Tapped to Run State's Prison
  173. The new bill passed?
  174. Any release info?
  175. State might have to close 2 prisons
  176. Restricted Reading: South Carolina Jail Bans All Books Except for the Bible
  177. Released inmate stats (Response to release of inmates at bus station)
  178. Columbia presses state to change inmate release policy
  179. Should we pay inmates' bus fare?
  180. How Much Does It Cost for House Arrest
  181. SCDC's Illegal Ban and Inadequate Law Libraries
  182. McCormick inmate murdered
  183. SC prisoners offered religion or starvation
  184. Early release for non violent offenders
  185. SC authorities seeking 2 escaped inmates
  186. Lieber Prison on lockdown for Inmate Riot!!
  187. R&E is on lockdown now too ...ugh
  188. No added staffing planned after Lieber riot
  189. Lieber is apparently off lockdown now
  190. My letter published in the Charleston Post & Courier
  191. Stand off at lee corrections!
  192. R&E is on 24 hour lockdown!!
  193. Evans inmate stabbed, treated to hospital
  194. Lawsuit for better mentel health treatment
  195. Upstate man sues DSS
  196. Ex-Darlington Fire Chief Arrested for Illegal Inmate Labor
  197. Ex-Saluda sheriff pleads guilty to misconduct
  198. Corrections Department closes building at Stevenson
  199. Guard taken hostage at Lee
  200. Is Perry Inst. SC on lockdown?
  201. Lee prison riots fuel a call for more funds
  202. Inmate arrested after leaving correctional center
  203. SC budget approved, raises for officers at maximum security prison
  204. Guard who survived attempt on his life now on mission to jam cellphones in
  205. Indictment: Inmates got alcohol, women and an iPad
  206. On Easter, Kershaw Inmates Follow Christ's Path
  207. 85% down to 65% ?!
  208. Ridgeland Correctional Institution on lockdown indefinitely
  209. 3 Female Prison Workers Arrested on Inmate Sex Charges
  210. New warden being sworn in today at Lieber
  211. SCDC: Suspensions, fines ordered in Turbeville Correctional grant mismanage
  212. Broad River specifically wateree dorm
  213. Haley names her chief of staff director of Corrections Department
  214. Facebook posting leads to solitary
  215. Flu Outbreak at Kershaw
  216. Columbia attorney reprimanded for rules violations
  217. EXCLUSIVE: Freed inmates to be dropped at CPD headquarters in the Vista Re
  218. Inmate charged for kidnapping, assaulting correctional officer
  219. SC Prison Population Drops, Saving$ 5.2 Million
  220. SC corrections officer arrested for sexually abusing a minor
  221. Judge finds SC prison system violates rights and lives of mentally ill
  222. To men spending decades in prison, hope walks on 4 paws
  223. Widow sues jail after inmate's suicide
  224. Prisons Department: Almost $900K Spent Defending Suit
  225. SC's criminal trial scheduling on brink of change
  226. Campbell Pre-Release Center Closing
  227. SCDC online reporting of inmate social media profiles
  228. Health Hazards in South Carolina
  229. Innocent? 24 years later convicted murderer granted parole
  230. Breaking cycle of recidivism in young prisoners
  231. Records: Detention center officer slept as inmate died in Lancaster County
  232. Ex-SC guard sentenced for helping with escape
  233. Three officers and five inmates injured during disturbance at Lieber prison
  234. Man Assaulted at Jail Gets $750K Settlement
  235. Mother of injured inmate blames prison riot on month-long lockdown
  236. Deputy fired for assisting criminals, documents show
  237. Three death row inmates granted reprieves in Dorchester County
  238. Man wrongfully convicted of murder 24 years ago may seek pardon from state
  239. Drone carrying contraband crashes at SC prison
  240. Released Offender Job Skills Report now available
  241. First Women Inmates Graduate from SC Prison Program
  242. Graying of SC prisons will cost state’s taxpayers
  243. Sealing rehabilitated SC criminals’ records: How far do you go?
  244. Corrections Director: Fewer Inmates, Units Closed
  245. Chaplain accused of bringing contraband
  246. S.C. prisons need more resources for mentally ill inmates
  247. SC pays $1M+ to inmate's estate after he died in custody
  248. Agreement reached to reform SC prison treatment of mentally ill
  249. Facebook use by inmates in SC
  250. Coastal Pre-Release Center closing