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  1. getting inmate transferred
  2. Interstate transfer
  3. How long does it take New York State prison inmates to get transfered?
  4. Taking Action to Stop MCI Contract in NY
  5. County Jail And Transfer To State
  6. does anyone know.....(how to get my husband transferred)
  7. My husband is looking to transfer and I was wondering.....
  8. Good Time Bill In New York?
  9. Rockefeller Drug Law Information
  10. Perfecting Appeals Website
  11. Mrs. G - I have some questions
  12. What is a VFO?
  13. New to this....
  14. Transportation old posts
  15. Great News for Albany
  16. Law links
  17. Have you used these law firms?
  18. NY legal Information
  19. Hardship Transfer?
  20. Power of Attorney
  21. Please walk with us
  22. My husbands case
  23. Where can I find info on a certain crime in NY?
  24. Under 21 Prisons??
  25. experience with criminal law
  26. Testimony of The Legal Aid Society on the Effects of Incarceration on Families
  27. Questions
  28. Filing a motion in NYC
  29. Is my cousin a violent offender?
  30. Jenna's Law New York
  31. where to go
  32. Address to write for transfers?
  33. Anyone here convicted on false police reports & perjured testimony ?
  34. Divorce in NY
  35. Law for victims that takes income from ex-inmates?
  36. Link to file your taxes online
  38. Getting into college
  39. Need Help..upstate Ny Asap!!!!
  40. Filing Taxes
  41. Getting information about case
  42. The Department of Corruptions' Disciplinary Policy
  43. DUI-NY-two year sentence
  44. Merit Time Bill In New York
  45. Tier III Tickets and Hearings - Please Help!
  46. Attention, NY members please read
  47. Information needed on appealing plea sentence
  48. Differance between commissioners for Albany vs. New York City?
  49. forced to admit to a crime he never was convicted of
  50. Adventures at the metal detector:a vent
  51. Does he serve the whole 6 mths?
  52. some advice on ny parole officers and proper conduct.
  53. CASAT Appeal
  54. Criminal Law - Legal Definitions and Law Digest
  55. Please take my survey..Your opionion REALLY Matters.
  56. anyone's ever written to a judge who sent your loved one to Prison?
  57. How do I get a copy of the Ballistics Report?
  58. Why aren't we signing the merit time petition?
  59. Has Anybody Been Threatened Or Retaliated Against For Filing Grievances ?
  60. What does it mean to waive your priliminary hearing?
  61. Does anyone know of a good Lawyer?
  62. New York court fees
  63. Has anyone heard about new changes?
  64. Illegal Phone Recording In New York Doesnt This Mean Then???
  65. Crime Class and County of Commitment
  66. administrative appeals
  67. Might have a court thing Monday
  68. does anyone know about time and drug charges?
  69. NY- My kids father is going to have me arrested!
  70. Panel that freed Guy Valella to get axed
  71. Identity Theft
  72. He goes to court 9-14-05
  73. New Ammended Rockefeller Drug Laws
  74. Sexually Violated inmate in New York
  75. Has anyone heard about new sex offender laws? (shortened incarceration time)
  76. Does Anyone Know Anything About Non-violent Flat Bids And If Eligible For
  77. Need help with issue re: unfair treatment to an inmate
  78. New York Inmates Classification?
  79. what happens once an inmate applies for an appeal
  80. What is a Huntley Hearing?
  81. Some legal questions I have (New York)
  82. Civil Commitment in New York
  83. legal papers notarize-law library
  84. Is this true NY needs to release inmates?
  85. How Does An Inmate Prepare For A Divorce While In Prison In New York State
  86. Appeals process for CASAT programming
  87. They are sending him to the box for a year unjustly.
  88. need help for supervision release
  89. Went to court today
  90. Amount of Hole Time for Getting a Tattoo?
  91. Could box time effect his Conditional Release date??
  92. Baby Boy Is Sentenced To A Year And Wants To Write A Plea Letter
  93. How do F.O.I.L requests work?
  94. Convicted Felon trying to get her CNA
  95. New York State -Caught with contraband after visit?
  96. Misinformed by C.F. Staff (or my day from hell)
  97. **Attention Ny Members ~ BEFORE YOU ASK, Read!**
  98. 8 Months Or 12 Months
  99. What is ASAT?
  100. am i getting screwed
  101. Warrant In New York !!! Help !
  102. Can he Appeal ticket or get SHU time cut?
  103. Question about Us Judge
  104. when you can't get notary,copies etc.
  105. Dates changed on DOCs info?
  106. Fugitive of Justice for 15 years do new laws still apply?
  107. Power of Attorney-
  108. Question About Protective Custody?
  109. Taking Legal papers to the prison
  110. Contraband brought in, will I be banned?
  111. Release under Rockerfellar Law
  112. Involuntary Protective Custody Hearing
  113. Multiple charges/one ticket Tier III
  114. appellate division remands something back to county court, is there a deadline
  115. what is the time given on or to a first time offender with no priors?
  116. My husband took his plea deal...
  117. New DNA collection laws
  118. Power Of Attorney
  119. Question regarding a particular bill! (Crawford Bill/Law)
  120. Merit release taken without hearing
  121. What do I with his bills etc, when he goes to prison?
  122. 85% bill passing?
  123. Husband Decided Most Likely Take Civil Action And A New Discovery
  124. Looking For A Number Of A Paralegal In Albany Or Ny Pls Help
  125. Spitzer-Anyone heard about his proposals?
  126. About appeal-Should I get my hopes up?
  127. How much time will he really do?
  128. Where can I court and crime records of my loved one?
  129. Reforming Rockefeller drug laws again
  130. Can I write a letter to the Judge?
  131. Receiving money from inmates in exchange for art. Is it illegal or against DOC policy
  132. question about VFO
  133. Newly Diagnosed with cancer... How Can I Get My Son Transferred Closer to Me?
  134. can somebody answer my question regarding a divorce issue i am new 2 all this online
  135. 3-Strikes Rule in New York?
  136. A note to Commercial Drivers
  137. Assembly Bill #A7231 Passes
  138. NYS Legislation info.... SAY WHAT?!
  139. Does anyone know of a website that......
  140. DOCS cannot "add" post-release supervison
  141. Elliot Spitzer and the Merit Time Bill
  142. Charlie King for NYS Attorney General
  143. Letter to superintendant regarding marriage
  144. Failure to pay restitution fee.. What can they do?
  145. help me im not sure if my son's sentence is determinate or undeterminate ?
  146. New Hope for Indigent Defendants
  147. I need help, little bro sent to max facility for DWI?
  148. Do You Think Ever In Ny State That Class B Violent
  149. New Supplemental Merit
  150. Washington Corr Facility- Mess Hall Incident
  151. Violent Offenders?
  152. Is your loved one in prison for self-defense?
  153. Does anyone know how long it takes for a lawyer to get a police report from the DA?
  154. Warrent in NYC
  155. I have a ? regarding plea deals in NYC
  156. Need info on the appeals process.
  157. merit for stayn' out?
  158. How to get Expunged records really Expunged?
  159. Does anyone know where to find applications for Halfway Houses/Home Con in NY
  160. Having the D.A. Changed a good or bad thing?
  161. Question re NY Good Time Bill
  162. can sentencing be shortened
  163. Pataki's Executive Orders
  164. casat shortened?
  165. concurrent sentences
  166. Bench warrarnts ...Please Help
  167. Can They Do This?
  168. confusing questions on prison sentences??**
  169. How to get a Divorce in NY?
  170. Need a Criminal Lawyer in NYC
  171. Need Help A.S.A.P.-I think they are just messing with my husband...
  172. Cr Date Question!
  173. Looking for a good appeals lawyer in NYC...
  174. Can I Get His Surcharges Wavied?
  175. Can I Get A Surcharge Wavied?
  176. Please VOTE tomorrow.
  177. Vote Today!!!!!!
  178. need help asap pleaze
  179. Illegal Search??
  180. Spitzer and a 65% Rule for Determinate Sentences?
  181. which organization to join
  182. Lawyers BLOG
  183. Free lawyer
  184. Can my husband file a civil suit?
  185. Need help finding programs that may help husband get out earlier
  186. Can some1 make me understand whats goin on?
  187. Appeals
  188. can we sue or not tell me what u think???
  189. can they let him go early?
  190. Question???? I need help
  191. does nayone know a housing in the Wende Correctional Facility Area
  192. lawyers who specialize in assisting inmates for work realease or early release
  193. What does this mean ?
  194. help asap
  195. How Many Times Can U Appeal A Case And Lawyer!!!!
  196. 440 Motion Statistics
  197. Still Waiting for an Answer from Albany about appeal!
  198. prison brutality
  199. Can anyone recommend an INVESTIGATOR in Westchester County?
  200. work release
  201. Has anyone ever filed for clemency?
  202. question about sentence
  203. He got a Job !
  204. want to appeal case do we have grounds ?
  205. Need Help
  206. Buffalo Pro Bono attorney?
  207. Reconsidering Incarceration
  208. Can he stop me from moving?
  209. Rights about requesting new representation
  210. Getting copy of Rap sheet from N.Y.
  211. Anyone in Broome County area?
  212. Help with an affordable and good attorney
  213. I need advice about counsellor gone stupid
  214. Does Anyone Know
  215. Help Me!!!!
  216. Spitzer signs exec order #9 3/6/07
  217. need advice
  218. Appeal filed in August 06, How Much Longer?
  219. 2 questions!
  220. Presentence investigation?
  221. classification drop and being transfered closer to me??
  222. Question about divorce
  223. Need PRO BONO lawyer to help with Rockafeller re-sentcencing!
  224. I Have A Question For You Educated And Intelligent Pto Members Out There!
  225. Schenectady Detective...cocaine sale and possession corruption
  226. <B>Need definition of his crime<B>
  227. Does Anyone Know.....
  228. any lawyer recommendations?
  229. From legal leads... RENU contact lens solutions users read
  230. asking question for friend
  231. Brother in Critical Condition due to lack of Medical Attention who can I Talk too?
  232. Violated MY RIGHTS
  233. 440 motion
  234. First Time Violent Offenders - Work Release
  235. Child Custody
  236. Flat time for violent offender 85%?
  237. shock camp
  238. Power Of Attorney Form
  239. how can I find this?
  240. uncontested divorce
  241. Questions about different classes for crimes
  242. Found this amazing resource in NY- Bronx Defenders
  243. need a lawyer
  244. Divorce without locating spouse?
  245. time question
  246. Sentencing in NY
  247. Legal Infor for Felon applying for NY SSI
  248. Need info on Sentencing
  249. Help!!!!!Need Info On Filing 440.10 Motion In NYS
  250. Can you take a "plea" back