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  1. ARTICLE: Legislative panel OK's study of state clemency rules
  2. News Report - Stopping Burglers From Stealing Your Christmas
  3. News Report - State Prison Inmate to Go On Trial For Murder
  4. Bill no: 1486 - Reentry Program?
  5. ARTICLE - Oklahoma County Assistant DA Caught Up In Sex Sting Resigns
  6. News Report - KJRH: Retail Stores Blacklist
  7. ARTICLE - Inmate charged with using porkchop bone in prison stabbing
  8. News Report - Salvation Army Needs More Toys This Christmas
  9. Directors's News - CO's can wear BDU's now!
  10. News Report - Former Oklahoma City Prosecutor Pleads Guilty To Prostitution Charge
  11. Article - Inmate Escapes Federal Prison At El Reno
  12. Article - Former Congressman Watkins Given Deferred Sentences
  13. Article: Project offers a bridge to a reformed life
  14. Article: Corrections Corporation of America's contract with David L Moss Not Canceled
  15. ARTICLE - Boomer Sooner Schooner Memories
  16. News Report - Cell Phones Put On Hold In Oklahoma County Jail
  17. ARTICLE - Oklahoma U.S. Attorney Collections Millions From Criminals
  18. ARTICLE - Drew Edmondson Refuses To Step Aside in Juvenile Detention Investigations
  19. Article: Two are injured in fight at OSP
  20. Old articles from 1995 about banning prison "luxury" in Oklahoma
  21. ARTICLE - The Cost of Driving Drunk in Oklahoma
  22. ARTICLE - Executing Juveniles in Oklahoma
  23. ARTICLE - Money Troubles at David L Moss (Tulsa County Jail)
  24. Article: Inmates Upset Over Tobacco Being Banned In Oklahoma Prisons
  25. ARTICLE - Update on the Judge accused of Sexual Misconduct at the Bench
  26. ARTICLE - Pikepass Support Typo Gives Number For Sex Line
  27. ARTICLE - (They're at it again!) Appeals Court Judge Being Investigated
  28. ARTICLE - Fee Raised for Appointed Lawyers in Death Penalty Cases
  29. Article: Inmate chef overspends food budget by $8K
  30. ARTICLE - Inmates Deaths Increase - Tulsa CCA
  31. Article: 117 inmates moved out of Grady County Jail
  32. ARTICLE - Oklahoma's Tough Cold Medicine Law Is Working
  33. ARTICLE - Would your loved one get the same sentence as Congressman Wes Watkins?
  34. Lawmaker Opposes New Pardon Policies
  35. House sets principles for judging bills
  36. Panel urges uniformity in cocaine sentences
  37. Oklahoma Legislative Infomation System Training
  38. ARTICLE - Update to Creek County Judge Sexual Misconduct Investigation
  39. ARTICLE - It's not worth it to sneak contraband in during visits!
  40. Oklahoma Board of Corrections Meeting
  41. Article: Man who killed OSP cellmate gets execution date
  42. Advocate's mission is life
  43. tulsa area Legislative Issues
  44. Inmate found dead in lawton
  45. Oklahoma Media Addresses
  46. Aids break out in Mack Alford
  47. ARTICLE - Police Officer Steroid Use - 'Roid Rage With a Gun
  48. ARTICLE - Police Kill Thief, But Thief Partner Convicted of the Murder
  49. Judge allegedly used device to masturbate during trials
  50. UPDATE: No Smoking Policy Now In Place At All Oklahoma Prisons
  51. ARTICLE - Update on Who's Going to Run Tulsa County Jail
  52. ARTICLE - Watch our Senate on Your Computer!
  53. ARTICLE - Should Lawmakers Still Be Paid If They Are In Jail
  54. Parole Brd to consider more than 600 requests
  55. ARTICLE - Sherriff wins Tulsa Jail Back
  56. 1 dead and 5 Hurt in Cimarron Riot!!!!!!!
  57. OKDC is hiring correctional officers for locations stat
  58. ARTICLE - Stabbing at Oklahoma State Penitentiary
  59. Article: Cushing prison lockdown continues
  60. Press release on violent criminals
  61. Officers wonder if they'll make it through the shift at OSP
  62. Attention! “all Of Us Or None”
  63. ARTICLE - lobbyists give lawmakers gifts
  64. former OK dep warden's wife found with inmate
  65. Oklahoma Prison Officials Plan No Change In Segregation Policy
  66. New parole board CHAIRMAN investigated
  67. Muskogee, OK (?sp)
  68. Marriage Programs Try to Instill Bliss and Stability Behind Bars
  69. ARTICLE - Man could face life prison term in LSD scheme
  70. ARTICLE - Senator given ride home after being pulled over for erratic driving
  71. ARTICLE - Detective in forgery case is the victim's husband...conflict of Interest?
  72. ARTICLE - Sex Offender Registry: Modern-Day Scarlet Letter
  73. ARTICLE - Far too few slots available for treating sex offenders
  74. Charges Filed In Cushing Roit
  75. Anti-meth Law Credited With Fewer Prisoners
  76. ARTICLE - Illegal Immigrant Arrested After News Story For Paying Taxes
  77. ARTICLE - Bixby Installs High Tech Traffic Light Cameras
  78. ARTICLE - Putting Gangs in Thier Place
  79. Us Prison Population Soars
  80. Another Story About Cushing
  81. News Report - Oklahoma ranks third in incarcerations nationwide
  82. ARTICLE - Racial troubles continue at Cushing prison after March incident
  83. Another Stabbing at Cushing
  84. inmate and the dep warden wife
  85. Another article about Cushing.
  86. Article: Inmate charged for attacking officer
  87. 80 prison guards/lawmakers join...
  88. ARTICLE - Okla. Mom Charged in Girl's Decapitation
  89. The prison Blues????????
  90. No show CO's meeting for corrections meeting
  91. Ignition interlock bill passes
  92. ARTICLE - Court reverses another life term
  93. ARTICLE - Tulsa Jail warden leaves for Cushing prison post
  94. ARTICLE - Tulsa Jail officer fired following arrest in robbery
  95. ARTICLE - Tulsan charged with felonies involving eBay sales
  96. ARTICLE - Jackie Brannon inmate suffers minor stab wound
  97. ARTICLE - OSP Prisoner cleared in knife assault on another inmate
  98. ARTICLE - Inmate found dead in pool of blood at OSP
  99. Article: State brings wedlock tips to cellblocks
  100. ARTICLE - Drug court expansion on tap
  101. JBCC Inmate Found Dead
  102. Former sheriff to stand trial
  103. ARTICLE - Prison crowding called a persistent problem
  104. Article: Okla. inmate found dead in cell
  105. Mustang to put male inmates on loan to work
  106. State House Rejects Move To Pay For More Prison Guards
  107. ARTICLE - Studies spark TPD to review Taser use
  108. EDITORIAL - Why Drug Courts Are a Good Idea
  109. Ex-secretary of judge faces drug charge
  110. Cushing on Lockdown again
  111. Henry expands special session
  112. High Court Sides With Inmates On Religion
  113. Teen Gets Scholarship From Death Row Inmates
  114. ARTICLE - Jackie Brannon Correctional Center escapee sought
  115. Okla. prison escapee recaptured
  116. ARTICLE - Felons file suit over DNA law
  117. Article: Terry Nichols Refuses to testify
  118. legislators intervene for inmates
  119. ANOTHER "Love in Prison" article
  120. OMI helps inmates cope with marriages
  121. Grand jury to probe drug ring (Lawton)
  122. Corrections rally shakes Capitol
  123. Finally Someone Helps Out X Prisoners
  124. CCF-& more Inmates charged/murder
  125. some more info on Lawton Correctional Facility drug bust
  126. Prisons watching for racial tension
  127. Legislators to visit McAlester Prison
  128. increase in rates paid to private prisons
  129. Love prisons
  130. Woman Guard Loves A Prisoner
  131. You Or An Inmate Treated Badly? Got The Answer For You (OK C.U.R.E.)
  132. Walking around Oklahoma State Penitentiary OSP
  133. We All Need A Second Chance
  134. Walk Through in Oklahoma State Penitentiary OSP
  135. Oklahoma State Penitentiary Story On OETA/PBS
  136. Senator says prisons in crisis
  137. Senators urge more money for prisons
  138. Senators promise help
  139. Oklahoma State DOC director retires
  140. Inmate work programs planned at two prisons (Eddie Warrior & Dick Conner)
  141. Rising Inmate Count Collides With Budget Woes
  142. Oklahoma Senator wants DOC officers
  143. Oklahoma State Prison Guards Plead For More Staff
  144. Lawton Correctional Facility to add 600 beds
  145. Tulsa Sex Offenders Struggle to Find Work & a Place to Live
  146. Oklahoma State Reformatory: Inmate killed and 3 others hurt
  147. House Speaker Todd Hiett Statement on Corrections Funding
  148. No Visiting in OSR/Granite (Oklahoma State Reformatory)
  149. Corn wants session on DOC funding
  150. Lawton Correctional Facility on Lockdown Ongoing Update Thread
  151. Sample of Letters from Tulsa world
  152. Weapons at Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR) during a sweep
  153. McAlester Prison Inmate Hospitalized
  154. Update: For Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR) Visiting
  155. Oklahoma State Penitentiary Inmate still hospitalized (OSP)
  156. New Correctins Advisory Council ( FYI )
  157. Funeral marred by protesters
  158. The Oklahoma DOC Plan - (OK C.U.R.E.)
  159. $1000.00 sign on bonuses for new COs possible
  160. Oklahoma State Reformatory (Granite) Update
  161. Do the right thing Mr. Speaker(Article)
  162. Oklahoma Tax Protest Anyone??
  163. GEO Group overbilled for services - ie: Gauards who did not exist..
  164. Inmate Package Program - Commissary Supply
  165. BOC Supports Adequate DOC Funding
  166. Todd Heitt/Wants to transfer DOC funds to Centennial
  167. Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR) lockdown
  168. Private Prison's Exp. Business Surge
  169. Commission On Safety And Abuse In American Prisons
  170. Even Behind Bars They Can Do Good
  171. Mr. Speaker balks (Oklahoma 2005 Congress Special Session for CO funding)
  172. Woman has plan for tax rebate
  173. OSR Lockdown - (Oklahoma State Reformatory)
  174. Human Rights Watch Wants Info
  175. Alaska Noted For Fighting Prison Corruption ( Maybe Oklahoma Can Learn Something)
  176. Oklahoma: Four Men To Stand Trial In Prison Death
  177. Oklahoma Govenor resists speakers proposals for a special session!!
  178. Oklahoma Prison Rodeo - Multiple Articles
  179. lawmaker thinks inmates should be let loose and shot????
  180. Oklahoma Govenor Brad Henry Challenged on Parole Policy
  181. Cimarron Correctional Center on Lockdown again after stabbing
  182. Latimer County Ex-Sherriff found guilty of sexually abusing inmates
  183. Respect and Prison Must Mix
  184. Hearing On Racial Violence
  185. New info on re-entry policy
  186. dead inmate / Kate Barnard Corrections Center
  187. Republican Corrections & Public Safety Plan
  188. House & Senate GOP Leaders Announce Corrections & Public Safety Funding Plan
  189. Prison funding plan is offered
  190. OK Senate Plan Short-Changes Prison Employees & Emphasizes Early Release
  191. program gives ex-inmates a second chance at life
  192. Corrections position lures 12 applicants
  193. McALester paper on Prison Problems
  194. At the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo, Inmates Bust Loose
  195. Guidelines For Posting Copyrighted Articles
  196. Report on BOC meeting, from ok cure
  197. State worker abused job, letter claims
  198. something to make you smile??????Prison Locked Down After Warden Loses Keys
  199. TV Report - Inmates Kidnap Woman, Flee Prison In Her Van (Joseph Harp Correctional)
  200. Ex-worker claims inmate beaten (Oklahoma County Jail)
  201. Naughty girls?: Oklahoma women are twice as bad as the average American female?
  202. The Second Chance Act
  203. Several injured in prison fight OSR (oklahoma state reformatory)
  204. If you know someone.......(subjected to unnecessary searches after release)
  205. Nation's High Court Declines To Hear Inmate's Appeal
  206. Prison Dollars Low; Sex Offender Supervision Hampered
  207. New Doc director be ready for changes
  208. DOC Organizational changes
  209. Lawmakers call for agreement on corrections facility funding
  210. Jailer Charged With Supplying Drugs To Inmates
  211. press release from OK CURE
  212. Oklahoma Jails on Guard After Riot
  213. Man Tied to Oklahoma City Bombing to Be Freed
  214. Lawmakers seek change for parole officers
  215. Vermont to Send Inmates to Oklahoma
  216. Bill Glass Weekend of Champions ...
  217. Oklahoma Prison Rodeo News
  218. Study: Oklahoma Prison Population Expected To Jump
  219. Updated News on the McAlester Prison Rodeo
  220. Monitoring is needed for prisons, report says
  221. gps leg monitors
  222. Distrubance reported at Caddo County prison
  223. LCF Protective Custody Disturbance
  224. Judge sentenced for exposing himself during trials
  225. OKCure/Phone bills paying for "bonds"?
  226. News: Judge gets 4 years for exposing himself (OK)
  227. Daily Oklahoman article on ODOC
  229. Woman accused in Christmas card pot plot
  230. JBCC Warden to do stint at Stringtown
  231. oklahoma county jail to add email for inmates
  232. No surprise here...Oklahoma imprisons more than rest of the nation...
  233. Hinton Prison - Notice of Closue
  234. California to transfer inmates....
  235. Most Killers Aren't In Max Security
  236. Tracking Success
  237. Bill Calls for 25 Year Minimum Sentence
  238. New Disability Prison open- Lexington
  239. mental health court tulsa county
  240. DOC still wants families money CALL ASAP
  241. Oklahoma overcrowding
  242. Hinton Prison To Reopen
  243. Did something happen at OSP?
  244. Oklahoma's Incarceration Rate Third In Nation
  245. Prison Warning
  246. Death At Conners
  247. Prisons running out of options
  248. Facilities face critical situation, director says
  249. Prison officials seek $90 million more
  250. Set Free Reunion Oct 6th