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  3. Interesting Facts on Crime and Prisons in SA
  4. Article: Libya may review Aids sentences
  5. Article: Living in Somalia's anarchy
  6. Article: Uganda MP's 'state torture' claim
  7. Article: Amnesty report blasts Sudan
  8. Article: Plot suspect jailed for 34 years (Equatorial Guinea)
  9. Inmates Swap "get out of jail free cards"
  10. Police detectives have 'inhumanly' large case load
  11. Shocking but true
  12. Article: Risky sex and the law - incompatible bedfellows?
  13. Article: Morocco Tries Ex-Guantánamo Prisoners
  14. Madiba calls for decency behind bars
  15. Judge may be lenient on 'merciful rapists' ?????
  16. Nigerian woman's stoning sentence overturned
  17. Overcrowding in SA Prisons
  18. At What Age??
  19. Our brothers' harsh keepers (long but worth the read)
  20. Senegal scraps death penalty
  21. Child Muti Murders - When are the Killers going to be caught
  22. Prison Rape
  23. Article: Kenya sets free 7,000 prisoners
  24. Article: Swazi king spends $500,000 on car while his people starve
  25. Article of Suicidal Killer Teen
  26. Article: Shoddy Yeoville police station in the spotlight
  27. Imagine how full prisons would be if ....
  28. Article : Living in the shadow of Ebola
  29. Malnutrition kills in DRC prisons
  30. 14 Yr Old Stands Trial For Murder
  31. People Starve while President gets New Palace
  32. Article: War rapists must be brought to justice
  33. Article: Kenya: Prison rot defies reform project
  34. Death Penalty in Africa :(
  35. Cold Execution
  36. Gay Prison Abuse - Warders sell gays to gangs
  37. Article: (Botswana) Departments join hands to help inmates at Boys Prison
  38. Aids Rape As Punishment
  39. Egyptian Officials Contemplate Approving Conjugal Visits
  40. Maps of Africa
  41. Does anyone else read Wilbur Smith Books on Africa?
  42. Warders stay away
  43. Prisoners 'sleeping in shifts'
  44. Ex(cell)ent cuisine for jails
  45. Jails 'bursting with hate'
  46. Rape is common, says prison doc
  47. Death Of Inmate
  48. Article: La peine de mort en question
  49. Still hope for Murderer
  50. Will they stop at nothing
  51. When South Africa Executed part 1
  52. Article-Mandela's son dies of AIDS.
  53. When SA Executed part 2
  54. Morocco pardons 478 prisoners
  55. Killer Dad was on Bail
  56. Article - Cameroon: Inmate Beaten to Death, 15 Injured in Riot in Douala Prison
  57. Mark Thatcher pleads guilty in African coup plot
  58. NYTimes:Thatcher's Son Pleads Guilty in Coup Plot, Avoiding Prison
  59. Article: Three escape from KwaZulu-Natal prison
  60. 'Abused' mom hangs herself
  61. Abuses in Zimbabwe
  62. Article: Murder Suspect Released Accidently
  63. Crime-unit head denied bail - Article
  64. Article: Cameroon: Journalist jailed for defamation
  65. Prisons union plans march in Pretoria
  66. I am shocked - disgusted
  67. Malawi judges strike for big cars
  68. Fines to be paid to tsunami fund
  69. No more jail time for Zanzibar's young mothers
  70. Lion murder accused's bail in question
  71. Swazi police accused of torture and neglect
  72. decision on future of minimum jail term
  73. Police made mother wait 24 hrs before she could declare her 6 yr old missing
  74. Mentally ill children dumped and forgotten in prisons and mental homes
  75. Top Namibian judge accused of child rape
  76. Guardian:Mandela calls for action on 'unnatural' poverty
  77. Paedophile gets life + 40 years
  78. Courts to wipe out gangsterism
  79. Victims get more say on parole
  80. For Sale: Jail in attractive setting - it's true
  81. Women jailed through poverty
  82. South Africa's Prison Crisis
  83. 'Corruption is in their genes'
  84. Thieves Necklaced and Burnt to death as warning
  85. US pair nabbed for gold fraud
  86. Murder someone and get weekend jail
  87. Husband Killer get 5 minutes Jail sentence
  88. Press Association:Thatcher denies he financed coup
  89. 'We will kill the whites, all of them'
  90. Corrupt Warders sell Children for Sex
  91. Guardian:Obituary Raymond Mhlaba
  92. Highway chaos as prisoner escapes
  93. Death Row Kenya
  94. Man gets 17 years for killing his wife
  95. Former Death-row man loses his claim
  96. Mugabe Freeing SA Prisoners????
  97. Boy murders Mom - Walks Free
  98. Guardian:Bought and sold for £250, 7,000 of the world's last slaves to be released
  99. Australian detective sick in African jail, says union
  100. Niger Slavery Denial
  101. Guardian:Tens of thousands raped by militias in Congo conflict
  102. I will be gone for about 1 and a half weeks
  103. 'Mercenaries' in Zim are 'not doing well'
  104. Man accused of kicking and treading on baby
  105. Rwanda killers face local justice
  106. Fate of death row prisoners to be decided
  107. The greatest crime against women in Africa and Middle East
  108. Middle East Prison Conditions
  109. Observer:Mubarak lets his rival out of jail
  110. Guardian:Christians flee homes after Druze youths riot
  111. Article: Bahrainis in Web site case reject bail
  112. Serial killer's hanging cheers crowd in Iran
  113. Guardian:Vanunu faces new jail term
  114. Guardian:The rabbi who pricks Israel's conscience
  115. Guardian:Tunnel finds at Iraqi prison suggest preparations for mass breakout
  116. I.R.L's ?????
  117. British MPs say world response in Sudan 'scandalously ineffective'
  118. Doctor who examined Kazemi describes horrific injuries suffered in Iranian prison
  119. Article:Survivor recalls Iranian jail hell
  120. Inmates, Guards Clash at Prison in S. Iraq
  121. Zimbabwe - Prisoners suffering terrible conditons
  122. I'm Back
  123. Witness's arms cut off
  124. 8 E Cape prisoners escape
  125. Captive New Zealander dies in rebel jail
  126. Off Topic Ebola Warning
  127. Observer:On the run, again
  128. British Reporters 'face jail' in Zimbabwe
  129. 17 000 locked up in Iraq
  130. Observer:'Return at any cost' is breach of rights
  131. Article: Egyptian report denounces torture
  132. Grandfather gets eight years for rape
  133. Israel Renews Restrictions on Vanunu
  134. SA Prison Numbers Rising
  135. Zim refuses to release journos
  136. NZ man's death 'not natural'
  137. Zim: UK journos acquitted
  138. EG denies jail starvation claim
  139. Rape Victim hands piece of mans tongue in as evidence
  140. Observer:African coup plotters 'face slow death in jail'
  141. Kid 'cheaper than prostitute'
  142. Man to walk on stilts for crime
  143. Article: Tunisia under fire over prisoners
  144. 15 to hang in Nigeria
  145. Observer:Israeli army 'lied' about Miller death
  146. Fast Justice for hammer killer
  147. Vegetable patch goes to pot
  148. ARTICLE - Saudi Arabia: Singer detained after fans cause stir in mall
  149. Guardian:Long road to justice for the diamond dispossessed
  150. BOTSWANA: The Lady Prison Boss
  151. Child-traffic suspects get bail
  152. Pregnant Mother charged with Murder
  153. Actors detained for toy guns
  154. Human Rights Militant sentenced to Jail
  155. Dissenting parents face jail
  156. 'Adulterous' woman stoned to death
  157. Article:Tunisian lawyer jailed over articles on prisons
  158. Unexpected gift helps Angel Touch reach out to African women prisoners
  159. 865 SA drug mules in jails abroad
  160. NYTimes:Egypt Detains More Than 200 in Attacks on Tourist Industry
  161. Muslim prisoners begin hunger strike
  162. Article: Prisoners awaiting trial may be moved to end crisis
  163. BBC: Kenyan inmates in beauty contest
  164. NYTimes:Lawmakers Block Women From Voting in Kuwait
  165. Zim 62 hope to go home soon
  166. 37 out of 500 High school Male pupils have killed a person
  167. UGANDA:Nakasongola Man Sentenced to Death for Stealing Goat
  168. NYTimes:Sharon Freezes Release of Palestinian Prisoners
  169. Article:SA has acute shortage of psychiatrists
  170. Article: Stop jailing women for petty crimes (South Africa)
  171. Girl, 6, cuts mom's throat
  172. Our Justice System?
  173. Thieves might keep their hands
  174. Africa Map - Please use it if you are not sure when posting
  175. Middle East Map - Please use if you are not sure when posting
  176. DRC prisoners like 'cadavers'
  177. 'Poisons used to abuse kids'
  178. Mom gets five years for childrens deaths
  179. Child porn allegations probed - Kenya
  180. NYTimes:Dragnet Arrests in Zimbabwe Send Warning
  181. Constitutional Court to rule on death row
  182. Judge to rule on 100yrs' jail
  183. Chicken thief gets 15 years
  184. Free death-row prisoners in SA
  185. Thai jail in a knot over underwear shortage
  186. A little late dont you think?
  187. Guardian:Israel to free 400 prisoners
  188. Hundreds of inmates to be freed
  189. Guardian:London couple remanded in Israel's biggest industrial espionage case
  190. '95% of child rapists go free'
  191. 'Desperate' teen killed child
  192. 'Why no white kids in jail?'
  193. NYTimes In Kenya, a Woman Called Charity Takes On the Establishment
  194. Guardian:Jerusalem orders Palestinian homes to be razed
  195. NYTimes Op-Ed:A Policy of Rape
  196. Observer:Forgotten child soldiers who want to stop killing
  197. US turns its gaze to SA over trafficking
  198. Guardian:Khartoum faces trial for Darfur genocide
  199. Don't label judge racist - HRC
  200. Cops 'jabbed kids with syringe'
  201. Court clears cops of torture
  202. SOUTH AFRICA: Death Penalty to Be Abolished
  203. UGANDA: Retain Death Penalty says Christian Coalition
  204. 3 convicts suing about uniforms (kinda funny)
  205. Saddam may face death penalty
  206. A unique way to avoid jail? - Maybe Not!
  207. Women gang-raped by 'cops'
  208. The Zuma Dilemma - SOLVED!
  209. Overcrowding in Ugandan prisons a big problem
  210. Zimbabweans queue for bread after shop raid
  211. Landmark ruling puts gang leader behind bars
  212. Warder held for murder
  213. Nigerian court charges men for burning prison
  214. Woman hired baby killers, court told
  215. The love letter that was delayed for years...
  216. 'God help us if he gets parole'
  217. Soldier guilty of manslaughter
  218. I was stripped naked in prison, says Bennett
  219. Sudan begins releasing political prisoners
  220. Fugitive from law was in jail all the time
  221. 'I killed her to punish my mom'
  222. Article:Shortage of Scientists Hits Prisons
  223. Terrorists get death sentence
  224. Gang awaiting fate for 2 years???
  225. Mom kills kids 'for God'
  226. Guardian:Suicide bomber shatters ceasefire in Israel
  227. Chained man free after 7 years
  228. Death penalty for ritualistic killings
  229. Gay Nigerian men face being stoned to death
  230. Four escapees still on the run
  231. Cops 'guilty of corruption'
  232. Article: Prison inmates starve to get ARVs
  233. Iran Executes gay teenagers
  234. Prison warders face questions after jailbreak
  235. In Pictures - A look at SA Prison Life/Update
  236. Guardian:Teenage girls stay in jail as Israel cracks down on settler protests
  237. Moodley Gets 40 Years For Killing Leigh Mathews
  238. Detainee escapes from hospital
  239. NYTimes:Entrenched Epidemic: Wife-Beatings in Africa
  240. Kid rape: 'We warned minister'
  241. I got to laugh at this one
  242. The 49 prisoners who remain in death's shadow
  243. Guardian:Polisario frees 400 prisoners
  244. No bed for 'killer' cop
  245. Man offered R500 to kill girl, court told
  246. Israeli prison conditions ranked worst among developed nations
  247. Iraq stampede toll to hit 1,000
  248. FBI had eye on SA 'porn guy'/Update
  249. Saddam's execution, Iraqi state seems keen
  250. Woman faces 7 charges of Murder