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  1. Half Time????
  2. Green River killers trial could be nation's biggest
  3. Washington Legislative Changes
  4. British Airways Concord lands in Seattle
  5. Jail Inmate Unexpectedly Gives Birth
  6. Real Deal On Early Release In Washington
  7. Prison woes: population boom brings huge price tag
  8. Grassroots coalition victory
  9. NEW proposed legislation??????????
  10. Wa Phone Bill Passes!!!!
  11. FYI: Child Molester Set Free on Technicality (article)
  12. Washington State Corrections Department Plans to Ban Smoking Inside State Prisons
  13. Con-tact News!!! Have you signed up?? 1rst Issue Free
  14. EMS class, prison-care, pharmacy programs seek to improve care (article)
  15. Business Behind Bars (Monroe-Article)
  16. Article: Murder case divides community
  17. Article: Yakima Bank Robber Wanted Life In Prison, Upset That He Only Got 8-1/2 Years
  18. Earned Release Time Impact ESSB 5990
  19. How many of our guys will lose jobs because of Supreme Court ruling??
  20. Con-Tact News- OR/WA, we have been challenged!!
  21. PURDY PRISON: Court slams door on business
  22. Article: Prisons not the solution for social problems
  23. Article: A Question Of Age... How young is too young?
  24. Tough DUI Laws in Washington are in effect
  25. Article: Wildfire Season Kicks Into Gear Near Spokane
  26. Space Needle files lawsuit after being (onion) ringed!!
  27. Article: Management Contract with Corrections Corporation of America
  28. Clallam Bay: Prison mistakenly releases inmate
  29. Article: Porn is banned, smoking follows
  30. Article: Benton jailer fired over blackmail allegations
  31. Are they implementing the half time thing again?
  32. Article: In prison for 5-cent debt?
  33. Article: Prison labor edict stirs debate
  34. 11:00 News just had a report of a prison riot.
  35. Rare look inside state crime labs reveals recurring DNA test problems
  36. Article: Serial Rapists may be Taxi Driver
  37. NEW BILL for Drug Offenders
  38. Airway Heights Inmates Staying in Colorado
  39. Wa State Bill On Phone Calls
  40. Article: Making jails work
  41. Mary Kay Letourneau Freed; Ex-Lover Wants To See Her
  42. Prosecutors may soon ask juries for stiffer penalties
  43. WSP to make new license plates
  44. Audio Report: Private Operators of U.S. Prisons Challenged
  45. Any info. on the revised half-time bill?????
  46. Article: Hundreds Ordered Evacuated Near Growing Wildfire
  47. Washington State Three-strikes life terms fewer than expected
  48. Article: Federal grant will be used to beef up prosecution of gun crimes
  49. Western Prison Project: Call for Submissions for Children of Incarcerated Parents
  50. 13-year-old murder defendant gets new attorney.
  51. Article: Snohomish County Corrections has 55 new positions to fill
  52. American Civil Liberties Union of Washington investigates immigrant sweeps
  53. Article: Coyote Ridge counts on cash to expand
  54. Grass roots: Accountability program helps felons get lives back on track
  55. Editorial: 3 WA State Supreme Court Seats on Sept 14 primary
  56. Monroe Correctional Complex new Warden
  57. Ft. Lewis Soldier from Lynnwood gets life prison term
  58. Article: Judge seeks to oust a justice over felony murder law
  59. Washington Judge vacating seat... election information thread.
  60. Pierce County: Judges give different answers on extra prison time
  61. Article: Broad improvements are under way in Washington state's foster care system
  62. Article: State, union agree on contract
  63. Gregoire, Rossi Advance In Governor's Race
  64. Article: Former public defender gives tearful testimony
  65. Early Release/Good Time Law Code in effect UNTIL July 1, 2005
  66. Article: Tacoma School District Wants To Ban Recess
  67. Corrections agencies offer free labor to local businesses
  68. Article: Driver Shot and Killed, 8 Year Old Boy Steers Car
  69. Article: Danged if you do, darned if you don't
  70. Fishery send Chum to DOC as food product (after pet food companies)
  71. Taser Test Shocks Police Chief, NAACP President
  72. WA State House races: Criminal justice tops list of issues in campaign
  73. Prosecutor Cleared In Violent Parking Dispute (once again)
  74. Two earthquakes jolted residents in Clallam County early Friday morning.
  75. Update: 'Volcano Advisory' Issued for Mount Saint Helens, Washington
  76. Hey North Sound!!! Going to get noisey in the neighborhood!! NASCAR coming to town!
  77. DOC will rent beds from new Snohomish County Jail
  78. Black Prison Inmates Seeking To Modify Three-Strikes Laws
  79. Recovering addicts hold election forum, 10/30 - Vancouver, WA
  80. Random Ferry-Line Searches 'Possible, Even Likely'
  81. Trucker convicted of killing tax auditor dies in prison
  82. First sentence to be vacated after errors by state crime lab
  83. Volcano Update: Steam Eruption Begins At Mount St. Helens
  84. Article: Penitentiary officer arrested for heroin possession
  85. Attitudes like this is why we should vote!!
  86. Seattle Police chief says he plans to eliminate 23 civilian jobs
  87. Article: State's online archive rescues records from history's dustbin
  88. Cellmates warning fails to save prisoner
  89. Jefferson County settles in jail death suit. Parents to get 1.6 million
  90. Last Day to Register to Vote!!! (in WA)
  91. Officer Accused of Smuggling Heroin
  92. Airway Heights Optic Lab Able to Help
  93. MCC (Monroe) Community Work Crew is making a positive community impact.
  94. School district bans halloween
  95. Article: Benton County to offer Spokane jail space
  96. Article: Suspect waived rights, say detectives
  97. 150,000 state residents can't vote because of a prior felony conviction
  98. WA State Violent crimes down, homicides up, 2003 Statistics
  99. Homeland Security being a bully in Sequim, WA
  100. Prisons in Washington state will go cold turkey on Monday
  101. For felons, it's pay up or no vote
  102. Dance gets personal for Graney, prison inmates
  103. Welcome to the Washington NEWS & EVENTS Forum!!
  104. Ear-biting conviction sends 40-year-old to prison for life in Wa.
  105. Prisoners step toward future
  106. CNN Article: 'My daddy killed me with a butcher knife'
  107. Board won't free killer grandmother
  108. Man pleads guilty in slaying
  109. Hope inside the walls
  110. DNA evidence could be destroyed after Dec. 31
  111. Benton County to offer Spokane jail space
  112. Lawyer sentenced to prison
  113. State looks to beef up Coyote Ridge
  114. Two people sue Florida prison company for alleged abuse
  115. Prison workers, state reach settlement
  116. Meeting on Sex Offender Legislation
  117. Court declines to hear appeal in Torres wrongful death suit
  118. Killer's death sentence lifted
  119. Exonerated man starts project to investigate innocence claims
  120. A Report to State Legal Barriers Facing People with Criminal Records
  121. Supreme Court won't consider whether felons can sue for right to vote
  122. View of police varies by race
  123. Court overturns conviction in toddler's death
  124. Man guilty in HIV assault case faces sentence of 137 years
  125. Court to consider convicts' prison terms
  126. Program aims to get drug users off street -- and keep them out of jail
  127. Job Application May Put Your Credit At Risk
  128. SB 5168: Authorizing reduction of interest on legal financial obligations.
  129. Court calls case unconstitutional
  130. Prisons seek electronic medical records system
  132. Convicted murderer found hanged in cell
  133. Paroled murder convict sought
  134. Article: New warden seen as stabilizing force
  135. Plans For Sex Offender House Dropped
  136. Man Shot By Police Dies, Possible 'Suicide By Cop'
  137. Loving Those State Prisons
  138. Murderers get new trials
  139. Thanksgiving Celebration at Washington Correction Center Womens (Purdy)
  140. Death of inmate at BIA jail investigated
  141. Ruling clarifies beating law
  142. Prosecutor will try again for death
  143. Actor who stalled evaluation may get jail time
  144. State to open new women's prison near Belfair
  145. Wants Your Pet Pictures!
  146. Jail booking fees
  147. King County budget avoids service cuts
  148. Rossi Wins Recount For Governor!!!!!!!!!
  149. Snipers won't be charged in woman's death
  150. Family seeks $5 million in jail inmate's death
  151. Officer's killer is spared death penalty in plea deal
  152. Man sentenced to death will get new trial
  153. New Plea Bargaining Precedents in Washington State
  154. Airway Heights Corrections Center Judges’ Tour A Success
  155. Information on the WA Supreme Court Andress Decision
  156. Drug court gives chance at new life
  157. Murderer, teenage girl were pen pals
  158. Convict Cookbook
  159. Larch Corrections Center help replace Tarbell Trail bridges (DNR)
  160. Providence House (transitional home for sex offenders) wrongly condemned
  161. McNeil Island, The newest secure treatment facility for SO's is also the finest.
  162. Hinton and OST - still needed?
  163. Snohomish County Woman first in line to be freed
  164. Tool for victim safety
  165. Million-dollar marijuana bust in Kirkland, WA
  166. What the Chief Leschi case could teach us about the war on terror.
  167. Supreme Court ruling frees woman
  168. No witnesses, no physical evidence but man convicted of 3 deaths
  169. Thurston County Litter Control Program
  170. Inmates at Cedar Creek Corrections Center give city crews a helping hand
  171. Wash. Parents Barred From Listening To Kids' Calls
  172. Stafford Creek Corrections Center inmates to produce play
  173. Supreme Court Heard Arguments In Washington Governor Recount Case
  174. 3 WA state news articles that I have read (somewhere) but cannot find again!!!
  175. Washington State Penitentiary guard arrested
  176. Washington Institution Offender Population as of October 31, 2004
  177. Snohomish County Jail wants its business back
  178. "Justice in Jeopardy: The Court Funding Crisis in Washington State"
  179. Washington Department of Corrections: Cost of Corrections
  180. Gov Locke wants early release for some prisoners
  181. Police Find Threatening Note At Kitsap County School
  182. Locke: Hike taxes to avoid cuts
  183. I hope Gregoire is NOT the new Governor of Washington State!
  184. It's time for WA lawmakers to reconsider how we treat and care for the mentally ill.
  185. Forensic scientist in crime lab tied to wrongful convictions in Oregon
  186. Laws limit routine inmate searches
  187. Street-to-jail-to-street cycle for alcoholics wastes lives, money
  188. Gaps in mental health treatment lead to safety concerns
  189. Judge Won't Let Spokane Woman Divorce While She's Pregnant
  190. State says work can begin on Seattle home for sex offenders
  191. WA DOC existing state contracts (by facility)
  192. Seattle Police Chief's Service Pistol Stolen
  193. 1996 murder conviction reduced
  194. Outgoing governor flooded with requests for clemency
  195. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office will soon be in the business of reading palms.
  196. Upcoming Calendar and Legislative meetings
  197. Public meeting: Skamania County Commission
  198. Making your voice heard in Olympia isn't as hard as you might think.
  199. Gregoire Certified As Governor Of Washington
  200. Article: Exporting county inmates
  201. Locke interview: If I had been king
  202. 'Havoc' feared in ruling on federal sentencing
  203. Doctor drops patient who refused to sign a petition
  204. Article: Prison pharmacy assistant accused of stealing drugs
  205. King County's director of adult and juvenile detention resigned today
  206. State corrections chief Joseph Lehman retired
  207. Clark County's successful Mental Health Court could close.
  208. Lawmakers start on wish list
  209. Cowlitz County accepts grant to add 64 more jail beds
  210. Burton v. Joseph Lehman (WA Supreme Court)
  211. Maxed Out Shipping inmates to private prisons is Colorado’s cheap solution
  212. Article: King Co, Washington, Bar Association adopts Resolution on State Regulation
  213. convicted felons voted illegally in the state's 2004 general election
  214. Harold Clarke, to head the Washington Department of Corrections.
  215. Building prison cells for "worst of the worst"
  216. Judges grapple with sentencing confusion
  217. 3 Strikes Update:Hearing RE-Scheduled 2/8/05
  218. HB 1147 - SO Community Protection Zones
  219. Prison Time For Teen Virus Guru,Seattle article
  220. Child killer in Washington state released early from prison
  221. Expansion of Washington State Penitentiary off to slow start
  222. Airway Heights Corrections Officer suspected of having sex with a 13-year-old girl
  223. Yakima County's costly Jail project re-examined
  224. WA State prison inmates prevail in case over bulk-mail rules
  225. Washington governor's election hangs on Sentencing Structure
  226. Legislative public hearings, Criminal Justice Committee
  227. Pressure mounting in crowded prisons
  228. KIRO Investigations
  229. Rossi Hopes For Speedy Trial In Election Challenge
  230. Constructing an alternative to our lock-'em-up mentality
  231. Civil commitments are focus of thorny constitutional debate
  232. Effort underway to keep sex offender information under wraps
  233. Medicaid cuts threaten mental health services
  234. Anyone registered w/ The Spokesman Review???
  235. Lawmakers look to fund new prison
  236. Public art for prisons may end
  237. Legislators seek to expand collection of convicts' DNA
  238. Bridging the gap
  239. Department of Corrections Wood Program
  240. KIRO 7 Consumer Investigator Puts Speed Gadgets to the Test
  241. HOUSE BILL 2062 would ease felon voting rule
  242. Court Offers Amnesty on Fines
  243. Washington Legislators push to restore prison labor
  244. MT St Helen Just Erupted!
  245. Washington state groups offer 'exit strategy' for the war on drugs
  246. Report says five of WA state's prisons do not keep track of medicines.
  247. 'Great leap' on mental health;These folks, they don't need prison; they need help
  248. Help offered inmates' children
  249. Progress House: Nasty surprise for Lakewood
  250. Prison expansion means bundle of state cash for public art