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  1. Yea he is finally home
  2. My Man Is Home...
  3. He's Finally Home!
  4. Not Quite Home, But Better Than Prison!
  5. What do you miss?
  6. Now that's he's home ....
  7. Getting Married Today
  8. Kids in the mix?
  9. My Confession...
  10. Its not fair...
  11. My penpal is now home, with me!
  12. Today...
  13. The "honeymoon" is over...
  14. Is it me?
  15. It was a year the 20th!!!!!!
  16. He's back to his old ways.....
  17. He's home and I am confused
  18. noone to talk to.....
  19. he's home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. It's now been 5 months and counting...
  21. Forum Leader
  22. He's home and everything is great!
  23. There must be a reason....
  24. He's home!!
  25. I finally saw him and he's home!!!
  26. I know this is silly but.....
  27. Expectations poll...
  28. Daddy is being selfish!!!
  29. He's acting strange......................
  30. My experience ~ Your experience
  31. For those of you who met your partner while they were in prison, what was it like
  32. Inmates are from Uranus
  33. Daddy Loves Moma!!!
  34. Dilemnas...
  35. Need help with services, registrations, etc...time limits!!!!
  36. update
  37. I'm Just a Girl...
  38. Family Ties...
  39. California Sunshine CONGRATS
  40. Sharing my GREAT news with my PTO Family
  41. It's been 5 months now
  42. He is home and we got pictures! :)
  43. Suprise! Scary's Home 62 Days Early!!!
  44. Help..........I'm soooo overwhelmed!
  45. What a roller coaster
  46. Home for the Holidays...
  47. He's on his way over...
  48. Homecoming Pictures
  49. Am I just being Selfish?
  50. Help me before I snap-PSYCHO DRAMA!!!!
  51. Adjusting to each other now that he is home
  52. Do you ever feel guilty that your loved one is home?
  53. some advice on adjustment
  54. First Christmas Home - What to get him/her?
  55. Update On The Psycho-drama At Home!
  56. Wana see my early x-mas present from my Husband?
  57. He is home
  58. Be Careful what you wish for....
  59. We got married.
  60. I don't want to lose SCARY~I NEED HELP~
  61. How can I bring back the LOVE
  62. Patty & Sebastian private bday celebration...
  63. Emotional
  64. I THINK THE DRAMA IS OVER~case thrown out
  65. ~WE are so HAPPY!~
  66. One Day At A Time!!!
  67. He's Home - I'm Drained
  68. Should I be MAD~or am I OVERREACTING?
  69. His first birthday at home in a while...
  70. UPDATE from yesterday~I feel worse~who's lying!!!
  71. OK~AND THE TRUTH HAS FINALLY COME OUT~my soap opra at home
  72. Our first set back
  73. Our 9 month update - the Christmas I thought wouldn't come for 20 yrs!
  74. Happy Holidays Now That Your Loved One Is Home...
  75. How was your holiday with your loved one?
  76. Patty and Sebastian Christmas Pics
  77. He's Home But I Am Not Happy
  78. When He Came Home - Fantasy vs. Reality
  79. Meeting or Reconnecting with family...
  80. In Laws Driving Me Crazy
  81. I am so mad at the way I acted~but he's an idiot!!!
  82. My Baby Is Home!!!!!
  83. Happy New Year Now That Your Loved One Is Home
  84. IS it ME??~OR are relationships dropping like FLIES over here?
  85. It's Always Something But You Gotta Have Faith...
  86. How's the family support, once they're home?
  87. My unexpected surprise
  88. Stupid dilemma...Man vs' cat
  89. At what point did you feel
  90. Homecoming expectations
  91. He's still mad about something from 8yrs ago...
  92. Husband is out and things arent going as well as I thought
  93. almost home 6 months/ Now Im pregnant!
  94. I'm tired!
  95. Remember the Ups and Downs~
  96. Did he change after prison?
  97. Thank You to those who post in this forum
  98. He had the police called on him
  99. Give it some time before you start a family
  100. HE is Deeply Depressed. How can I help????
  101. Where is Patty??
  102. Bad attitudes all around
  103. Did your husband sleep
  104. What GOOD things did they learn?
  105. How are they with your pets?
  106. What ever happened to these members?
  107. My counter lied...
  108. Were home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  109. The Woman I Was; The Woman I've Become
  110. we are enjoying being HOME!!!!!!
  111. First time seeing him in our new home!!!!!!!
  112. He's been home for three weeks now
  113. LiViNG WiTHOUT HiM
  114. What did you or your loved one bring home from prison?
  115. Valentines Day Plans?
  116. Another Patty & Sebastian Update
  117. Rocky Roads ( and, I don't mean ice cream!)
  118. I'm still here......
  119. hey again............
  120. He's Home!!
  121. Update Update!!!!!!!!
  122. He got a job... wasn't I supposed to be happy?
  123. We Are Having Fights!!!
  124. He's home.... And we're both still breathing! LIFE IS GOOD!
  125. The "I Love You" Thang
  126. The hardest part
  127. What do you imagine it'll be like when they're home a year or two?
  128. lil update
  129. Are you or your loved one different?
  130. Advice Needed Here
  131. Pictures!
  132. An official (and big) UPDATE
  133. hes finally home
  134. Quick Update
  135. The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach...
  136. Steps In The Right Direction
  137. what about cheating
  138. Now that he's home....... What are his eating habits?
  139. Why am I so darn emotional?
  140. Happy Valentine's Day!
  141. not so desirable valentine's
  142. survivers guilt
  143. Am I being to selfish??
  144. We've Spent More Time Together Than Apart...
  145. He's at work!! another happy story
  146. After 4 years, I am finally thawing out my wedding cake!
  147. HE's HOME
  148. HEY sellenburg ......
  149. Things couldent be better
  150. Getting Married
  151. Wanted To Share My Happiness
  152. How the homecoming really is - (please contribute what you have learned, too!)
  153. My Parents Do Not Know.....
  154. Things he's taken over since he's been home.
  155. Have any of you maintained a pen pal relationship with someone besides your loved one
  156. Close calls/LongWeek/Update w/pics...
  157. How much time did he serve?
  158. How are you feeling?
  159. It all came so quick!
  160. I think I am in shock......
  161. Stressed
  162. he's at a crossroads....
  163. What Did It Feel Like Walking Him Through The Gate
  164. update: CRAZY WEEKEND (long)
  165. Bad Dreams....what would YOU do?
  166. He's Out!!!!
  167. He wants couples therapy!!!!
  168. Looking back at letters never sent...
  169. how did you deal with the excitement??
  170. The Last of the Long Weekends.....
  171. Reflecting On His First 6 Months Home...
  172. How could I NOT want to make this work?
  173. Scared yet hopeful, glad he's home...
  174. He's Home!
  175. He Was In A Car Accident!!!
  176. Hitting Rock Bottom- and continuing on our rollercoaster ride- UPDATE WITH PICS
  177. Sundays and tradition...
  178. Now that he/she is home, does it seem like your loved one was ever incarcerated?
  179. What was the FIRST thing you guys did/went?
  180. birthday present ideas for matt
  181. It's been almost 2 weeks-UPDATE
  182. He lost his job !!!!!!!!!!
  183. I'm Running on Empty and slowly breaking down
  184. Feeling Down Today
  185. He's out!!!
  186. Help!! I need Anniversary Ideas!
  187. We're home...
  188. He is home!!
  189. My father is home
  190. He's Home!!!!!
  191. He's Home He's Home He's Home
  192. 3 month update & pics
  193. compassionate release
  194. Things are finally looking up
  195. Reflecting on 18 months he's been home...
  196. Nick is home!!
  197. Sebastian and Patty~Soooo Not Perfect...
  198. Please sign in if your loved one is now home
  199. Phil's Home
  200. Wade's been home a week now...
  201. Update on Nick & Angie
  202. lil past a month now
  203. (sigh) the update
  204. Advice Needed
  205. He's been home a week now...
  206. What does it take for your man to change?
  207. Do they go back to the way they used to be?
  208. I finally got a chance to update. He is outside sweeping.
  209. He Proposed!!!!
  210. How do I know whats best for me? (LONG ramble)
  211. Question about Release and Transition
  212. He's out and I'm so happy
  213. Do they ever get their rights back?
  214. Nick and Angie Update =)
  215. Insight into freedom realities...from Nick and Angie
  216. Happy Ending!!
  217. Struggles
  218. Mini Patty/Sebastian Update
  219. April check in spot...
  220. .What I have learned from this whole incarceration/homecoming experience....
  221. YAY! Pictures!
  222. The moment you saw him/her walk out...
  223. WOW! A dream come true...
  224. insecure me? has this experience made you feel this way?
  225. He has almost been home 1 month - UPDATE
  226. How things are going
  227. Hurray...HE'S HOME!!!!!
  228. May check in spot...
  229. Our 19 month gift...
  230. Hookers and Homecomings
  231. My Baby's HOME!!! FINALLY!!!!
  232. My check in spot.....(my rambling spot)
  233. he's home and has an eating disorder or is sick
  234. So we are having some issues..
  235. Living together...alone time? shared time?
  236. JJT and Fellah want to say.....
  237. My Man sounds really down
  238. Happy Mother's Day Now That Your Loved One Is Home family
  239. I'm so proud of him!! UPDATE!!
  240. You think they need understanding now...wait until they are free!!!
  241. What I DIDN'T dream his homecoming to be like....
  242. Feeling very thankful and blessed
  243. He's getting kicked out and his probation orders him to live at home
  244. Not out of the woods!
  245. Update: I am in HEAVEN!!!!
  246. Strangest thing happened last night....
  247. THINGS ARE AWFUL- please help
  248. He's Home!!
  249. Daddy's Home
  250. He's out!