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  1. introducing my four legged babies
  2. Pets
  3. I got a puppy!!!!
  4. My Poor Sick Baby
  5. PTO's Pets
  6. things aren't looking good for my parakeet
  7. Inmates raise money for pup's surgery
  8. Dalmation Sensation
  9. My Dog...almost Arrested!!!
  10. My dogs are gone
  11. my spoiled baby, roxie
  12. my cat watches to much wrestling
  13. Adopted new baby Kitten :)
  14. Becca's pet rat
  15. The new addition to our family
  16. A hilarious pic of my furry kid
  17. Losing Drake
  18. I Lost My Cat!!!!!
  19. HELP! How to introduce a bulldog and cats together...
  20. My Pookie Died 1 Week Ago Today
  21. Prison-prepped pooches graduate
  22. PTO Pets
  23. Stupid pet trick?
  24. Update on Our Dog
  25. How perceptive are your animals?
  26. Note to dog
  27. need advice on moms sick cat
  28. funny cat story
  29. How pets were created.........
  30. My newest family member !
  31. expecting grandpuppies
  32. New Grandpuppies!!!
  33. New puppy pics!
  34. Veterinary advice needed
  35. New Christmas puppy!
  36. up date on new puppies
  37. aquariums anyone???
  38. Dog or Cat
  39. Pets and their strange food cravings
  40. Pets..can be annoying!
  41. Who here own horses???
  42. Question for any "cat owners"
  43. For cat lovers
  44. PTO Puppies Have Arrived! (UPDATED - NEW PICS!)
  45. Inmates' pet project
  46. Today I put my dog to sleep..
  47. Need some cat assistance
  48. Introduction to the Pets forum - Please Read
  49. Fed-X's pets
  50. Pet Pictures
  51. My pit bull gives pit bulls a bad name....
  52. my babies
  53. Petting Zoo...
  54. My two boys...
  55. My cats are peeing everywhere
  56. The 3 Musketeers
  57. Crazy things your pets do......
  58. SIberian Husky OUT OF CONTROL
  59. Cat Issues
  60. Here is my little baby!
  61. ARG! Bad dog...I swear...any advice??
  62. Restaurant For Cats Opens In New York
  63. Cat Fights Galore
  64. I need suggestions...
  65. Really cool link to animal shelters!
  66. Stray cats with fleas puts radio off air!!
  67. What kind of pet do you have?
  68. Cutest dog ever!!!
  69. Advice needed: dog chewing on rugs
  70. Help animals in need...It's easy to do
  71. Gainesville man stabs alligator to free his dog from reptile jaws
  72. help needed!
  73. my chubby wubby
  74. Free or Low Cost Services for animals
  75. Pit Bull Dogs - Would you own one??
  76. jealous pets?
  77. I have 2 new babies!!!!
  78. Rescue Dogs
  79. Forum Leader
  80. Rainbow Bridge - remembering a family pet
  81. If you could come back as a pet????
  82. My babygirl is such a snot :)
  83. Please pray for Smokie
  84. Puppy Shoots Man
  85. Looking for links
  86. The newest member of PTO and new member of our family
  87. Hartz Flea collars for dogs
  88. My poor babies have lost their minds
  89. Company Creates Cell Phone For Pets
  90. Bark collars
  91. How did your pet get his/her name?
  92. Halti collars
  93. Canine helps children succeed
  94. Rescued Border Collie Needs Home
  95. Loss of a pet
  96. Answer this if you can???
  97. Anyone With Parakeets Help Please!!
  98. How to keep a cat from clawing?
  99. Today is my baby's birthday
  100. Our Life Long Family Pet Died Yesterday!!! And I have to tell him...
  101. Poor Dog! (Funny Picture)
  102. Alert - jail break in Michigan - well kind of
  103. clipping nails...
  104. My house is not my house!
  105. Parakeet Question adding a new one to the cage???
  106. Purchasing a Puppy for Grandaughter
  107. I really made the dogs mad now
  108. My trip to the vet with the beast cat!!
  109. Labrador Lover?
  110. Renal failure in cats
  111. Worried about my dog
  112. Need advice: How do i get puppy pee smell out of my carpet????
  113. My cat doesn't like the TV program !!!
  114. I'm going to be a new mommy!
  115. Hello... Dog Advice?
  116. My Dog - Bo-Dufus
  117. Anybody that lives in polk county florida want a cat
  118. Advice???????
  119. One more question!! vet says dog is going blind!
  120. Any thoughts on Littermaid products?
  121. We got a dog on Friday!
  122. Dolphins Protect Swimmers from Shark
  123. Article: Kittens Survive Being Shipped In Box
  124. Any one heard of this.... My cat has a cold!
  125. My Christmas Kitty!
  126. Question for the Pet Owners-do you prefer cats or dogs?
  127. I want to kill my cat!!! ...venting...
  128. My dog the Milk dud.!!!!
  129. My doggie is SO jealous of PTO!
  130. A snake as a pet?????why????
  131. What is your favorite breed?
  132. Names for little bitty dog
  133. Just need a friend... lost beloved dog George today.
  134. Article: First cloned kitten sold
  135. Tricks of The Trade
  136. Pets' New Year's Resolutions.
  137. Tsunami kills few animals in Sri Lanka
  138. I have made some resolutions that affect my pets greatly
  139. My dog died
  140. Ideas for a dog?
  141. Dog Rescues 7-Year-Old in India story
  142. stinky butt!
  143. My male Chichuahua's is Peeing all over!!!!!!
  144. Do They Spy On You Or Are My Pets Just Weird?
  145. Pet Owners Are Unique!
  146. My bad doggy peed in my CAR!!!
  147. thoughts on Names?
  148. Article: New puppy at the White House
  149. House breaking 101
  150. Tsunami-surviving hippo in Kenya seeks solace in a century-old tortoise
  151. Trip to the vet...Long but Funny!!!!
  152. can you teach an old dog new tricks?
  153. Doggy going through withdrawal
  154. How do you deal with losing a pet?
  155. Hermit Crab...Dead???
  156. Here Are My Babies!! Lookie!
  157. How to keep a dog off of the furniture?
  158. Yorkies!!!
  159. I'll hide and you try to find me
  160. Do you all send your loved ones gifts & cards
  161. Do all kittens bite and attack so much??
  162. Too Funny!
  163. My cat likes fudge... pics!
  164. An amazing Bird.
  165. Looking for good cat food
  166. The Catnip Craze!!
  167. Need help with my cats! Please
  168. Little Mau-cat in memoriam :'(
  169. dog anxiety?
  170. May have to give up cat :-(
  171. Some Dog Issues
  172. Dear Dog and Cat,
  173. Article:Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip Atop Car
  174. Happy Birthday Taijah 3/7/05!!
  175. New puppy pictures!
  176. Baby swings may trigger attack
  177. PTO day at Cedar Point!!!
  178. Earth Bound Angels
  179. If you lost a pet
  180. Cat survives 2,000 kilometer ride
  181. Need info. My cat just had kittens, I don't think moma has milk.
  182. Rent-a-pup a trend in Japan
  183. got a new pet, anyone have suggestions?
  184. Preventative Care for Your Dog
  185. Bringing the cat on holidays or not ???
  186. I have been thinking of adopting a puppy!
  187. Cats: Indoors or Outdoors?
  188. Article:Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking
  189. Our new puppy is sick.
  190. Clear up this for everyone...
  191. Article:New laws in Italy protect dogs
  192. Your Daily Click Helps Animals Survive!
  193. Need help naming new puppy
  194. New pictures of my baby :)
  195. My baby gave birth!!!
  196. Meet Pandora - the newest member of the family
  197. Washington Bureaucrats Make Way for Ducklings
  198. Best Flea Medication for Cat?
  199. Stray Dog in Kenya Saves Abandoned Baby
  200. Our Newest Member
  201. Service Helps Dog Owners Interpret Barks
  202. Mo. Dog wins Hero Award for Saving Farmer
  203. This is what I have to tolerate.....
  204. Is this the season for cat's to be in heat?
  205. Good-bye to my friend
  206. He Thinks He's A Beached Whale
  207. The best dog for a 6 year old
  208. Anyone have a West Highland Terrier
  209. I am a grandmother
  210. Arthritis Treatment/Supplements? My baby is getting old!
  211. Traveling with Cats????
  212. Doggie Woes
  213. Something is wrong again :(
  214. Stop by and Congratulate rottndobelover on the move up to Moderator!
  215. "His" dog!
  216. Is this cat normal???
  217. Have a question about my cats
  218. Do You Talk To Your Pets??
  219. I have two cats, what about you?
  220. Waaaaaiiiillll!!!
  221. Chihuahua's
  222. Does anyone have a Corgi?
  223. Another New Member to our family
  224. Do you think your pet suffers too?
  225. Denver Bans Pit Bulls
  226. need names for our kittens
  227. We had a kitty crisis today - Little Blessings
  228. Top 1000 Pet Names
  229. My New Rescue Baby
  230. Home rescue alert sticker for pets
  231. help with fighting fish!
  232. I found Kittens at work in dumpster!
  233. My girls won't drink out of their bowl
  234. How Many pets Do You have??
  235. I have a question about Cats in the Summer Heat
  236. Dog Beats Most in Swim From Alcatraz
  237. Attn: petition,please help free Kei!!!
  238. Losing Tiggy
  239. Article and poll cloning
  240. Does anyone have experiance with cat kennels/boarding??? Urgent!
  241. Sassy's new baby
  242. Abused puppy remembered with grief and hope
  243. Got a new puppy b ut my Bella isn't too Happy!
  244. Dog's emotional state
  245. This is sad (loss of a pet)
  246. Need tips on a 4 month old kitten in New Jersey
  247. Advice needed: kitty's strange ritual
  248. 2 week old kittens with flees HELP
  249. Animal cruelty law finds backers
  250. Depressed Doggy