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  1. The California Prison Series - What is California Prison Like? - Introduction
  2. RECEPTION- Questions & Answers
  3. Calculating CDC Prison Release Dates
  4. California State Prisons Security Levels
  5. Welcome to our new sub-forum
  6. need info
  7. Question?
  8. Is this considered a violent crime??
  9. Question-visit terminated
  10. Need Help in California....
  11. Does anyone have experience with California fire camps? Quick question!!!!!
  12. Paying restitution???
  13. Looking for a classmate
  14. Money Orders
  15. really need help!
  16. Another question about fire camps...
  17. Title 15
  18. Transferring to another State?
  19. Need Help
  20. Is Soledad On Lockdown
  21. A Question About Salinas Valley.....
  22. Norco's water getting inmates sick
  23. Does Anyone know?
  24. CA Security Levels ?
  25. Does anyone know about points dropping?
  26. My son is at Mule Creek....
  27. phone call from STAF!!!
  28. What Can Be Sent To Soledad.....
  29. Mugshots
  30. I need some info!!
  31. marriage ?????
  32. Can You Visit
  33. Where to find CA Institution Docs/Lists etc?
  34. Please view post on sub-forum at top of this page
  35. HELP... message to inmate?
  36. visiting at mule creek state prison
  37. Fire Camp Info for You
  38. ??? ON restitution NEED ANSWERS PLEAse>>
  39. Wait time for 106 approval
  40. CDCR Title 15 - Question & Answers - Post Here!
  41. In House Investigation - Need Info
  42. DA referal on a 115
  43. DOM & TITLE 15???
  44. How Do You Know Lockdowns??
  45. DTF in Folsom Info Ugrent!!! (STAF)
  46. LA County Parole Violations
  47. First time in, lots of questions
  48. Need info on Calif. Fire Camps for women inmates
  49. Need Info On Visits At New Folsom
  50. someone please have an answer!!
  51. Title 15
  52. visiting appeal
  53. Chewing tobacco at CIM?
  54. CDC Link and #
  55. CDC Facts and figures third quarter 2004
  56. Reception Center Stationary Packages
  57. How long is reception and visit approval taking? 35% Time info?
  58. CA Parole-Tranfer out of state
  59. ? regarding acceptable form of ID'for fire camp
  60. Releasing from California to Oregon
  61. Visiting at Centinela Prison Ca
  62. Mail returned??
  63. Dna?
  64. Trying to get my man out
  65. Is med care getting better or worse?
  66. family visit
  67. Can a CA parolee living in FL visit cuba for a funeral?
  68. CDC General Visiting Information
  69. Reception?????
  70. visting someone in a cali state prison from los angeles
  71. Offender Search
  72. weekday visits???
  73. List Of Things You Can/cannot Send To California State Prisons
  74. CDC Parolee handbook
  75. CDC inmate mail address's
  76. Restitution Responsibilities in California - for Adult Offenders
  77. mail restrictions in the hole?
  78. CDC Facilities Map
  79. CDC general mail guidelines
  80. Does anyone know the website for access
  81. Summary of Impending Parole Reforms
  82. Sentencing ? Help need info
  83. husband gets appeal for resentencing....
  84. phone calls in the hole??
  85. visiting ?
  86. Finding out release date?
  87. paperwork sent to prison from county
  88. CA Write Up 115's - Questions and Answers
  89. Please Help me with my Question!!!
  90. Questions on Parole Transfers..
  91. Link for CDC general info and history
  92. Lifers parole hearing postponements
  93. Addition of The Legislative Liaison Office
  94. History of California's Prison System
  95. Can the governor overturn ALL parole board decisions or only ones in cases of MURDER?
  96. A Dad who has questions about the system.
  97. How do you file your tax return if you are married to an inmate?
  98. To restoreFamily visits in Califorina and all states
  99. California State Wide Lockdown!!!!
  100. Transfering from LA County to State Prison?
  101. here`s the story...
  102. Prison Birth - What Next ?
  103. lockdown phone number
  104. warrants and in prison
  105. What Did I Do???
  106. Lockdown Alert: Lockdowns/Visiting Cancellations/State of Emergency
  107. Points? How do they work?
  108. Need Phone Number for restitution ??
  109. Question Re: release date.
  110. Husband just sentenced...HELP
  111. When Can I Visit?
  112. Release Time. !!!!
  113. Parole Violation
  114. regulations on shoes?????
  115. books and mags
  116. kisses
  117. Wiring $ to Lompoc
  118. Visiting Rules or Rights
  119. Solano To Become a Reception Center?
  120. Magazines
  121. need the 411 on the visitations pleeeez!
  122. he's been able to finally call...have ?
  123. Temporary Community Leave
  124. When Visiting a CA are some things to keep in mind
  125. First time in Prison-Question about out of state transfers.
  126. Is this true?
  127. What happens if you send more items than they allow?
  128. Visiting? Will 1990 felony be a problem?
  129. visits have been suspended
  130. Nicotine Withdrawal plus Uneducated CDC Staff Equals Trouble
  131. Parole Clothes?
  132. CTF lockdown
  133. Restitution Centers?
  134. Half time, does it exist?
  135. make-up on a family visit????
  136. Need Info On Taft CCF
  137. DVI Tracy Info on Lockdown?????
  138. Interstate Parole Transfer
  139. DVI-Tracy Lockdown Info?????
  140. He Had His 115 Hearing Today
  141. Crc
  142. Change of 85% Minimum Time Served? Rumor or fact?
  143. California Lockdown for the following days
  144. How to send a M.O. to an inmat... help!
  145. ironwood phone calls
  146. Visiting Question...Please HELP!!
  147. The application for visitor approval
  148. Does Anyone Know Number For Inmates Rights In Ca?
  149. Donations to Pelican Bay
  150. Time off for passing GED test??
  151. Approved music vendors for Ironwood.
  152. inmate earning earned income credit ?????
  153. Ironwood
  154. help trying to order magazines to pvsp
  155. Visiting question please
  156. Pending California Law Question...
  157. Friends on the Outside....
  158. Live Oak Info ??
  159. visiting ironwood question..
  160. Question about Parole & Drug Testing in California
  161. Attending A Loved Ones Funeral
  162. How do i find an inmates release date???
  163. Items you CAN send to all California Prisons Men & Women
  164. Prisoner Handbook?
  165. Husband Just Got Sentenced
  166. How long did it take you to get approved?
  167. CDC Number
  168. Help with Divorce in California
  169. calipatria state prison
  170. Prisoner's income tax?
  171. URGENT: who do i send my birth certificate to for marriage approval????
  172. Can I visit more than 1 inmate?
  173. approval last year... still valid 4 differnt Prison
  174. Tehama County Jail
  175. Help! Need Info On Dvi
  176. West Valley Detention Center
  177. How do I Tuition for College
  178. 115 help
  179. New to the System
  180. How does inmate file for divorce?
  181. Can Someone Please Help Me On Nksp Calls!!!!!!!
  182. Trust Accounts... Who can make transfers? And a Letter Gripe!!!!
  183. Any one know about Union Supply QP??
  184. one ring allowed
  185. Do Shoes Have to Have a Back?
  186. Halfway decent CD catalog anywhere???
  187. Question (s) about Cali jails...
  188. HELP! I was convicted of a felony too...Will I be approved to visit??
  189. No reason checked on visiting denial!
  190. Need help searching for someone...please!
  191. Where do i send my Visiting Form??
  192. CDC106, juvenile adjudication
  193. Can someone please tell me what time to pickup an inmate at DVI in Tracy, CA?
  194. Where to mail?
  195. Can I nurse my baby in visiting???
  196. Can I visit a friend that's in the hole?
  197. Release date right?
  198. New developments for lifers w/r/t the BPT
  199. Packages to SHU?
  200. How long will he serve in California prison on a 16 month sentence for DUI?
  201. Release Date Question
  202. Prison Contact Numbers/Address
  203. Marrying A Condemned Inmate
  204. Paroling to a different region other than where the crime was committed
  205. Trouble a SVSP
  206. need info quick...
  207. Please HELP! (Child support question)
  208. bf had child porn and tuched
  209. how will i know were he gose?
  210. cor vs prison
  211. How to obtain criminal records? If person is still inside.
  212. Need to file for divorce asap I'm Done!!
  213. what kind of writing paper is ok to send?
  214. Have a question...
  215. classification
  216. La County Jail Any Info Will Help!!!
  217. Help trying to locate CDC #'s without birthdates
  218. Anyone else feel this is WRONG ??
  219. Parole in California
  220. Help! Am I Right? (pled guilty)
  221. Need information on visit with handicap
  222. How to stop tranfers?
  223. Where can I find his cdc record? Help please !!!
  224. HELP: Legal Intern new to the CDC System...
  225. Questions on Reception - California
  226. Info On all Yards
  227. Bridging Education; pending changes to directors rules
  228. More than meets the eye "lockdown"
  229. Link:CDCR Code of Conduct
  230. Letter I received from the CDCR re: transfers
  231. Link to list of CDCR staff assaults list 2003-1/05
  232. Just some questions
  233. Awful lot of riots happening lately....
  234. son transfer to SVSP in only underwear
  235. Non Programmers?
  236. He Took Me Off The Visiting List
  237. 115 in California Prison - What does that mean?
  238. Need to order radio for Quarterly Package
  239. son released Nov 6
  240. Inmate Medical Requests
  241. dept of operation manual (DOM)
  242. what determines the prison he will go to
  243. package vendors
  244. Actual Time being served on California prison sentences?
  245. APPEAL - Now What?
  246. 800 Numbers from prison
  247. Can someone help me? (CA Questions)
  248. Looking for someone at San Quentin
  249. please help me to understand.
  250. Help Pleaseeeee (CA info needed)