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  1. wondring how many people met their significant others through the pen pal scenario
  2. Penpal sounds to good to be true, could he be lying
  3. Pen Pal Success Stories~
  4. Another Illinois man needs penpals
  5. Native American prisoners looking for Penpals
  6. In need of direction
  7. Hello from LostVault!
  8. Writing Those Incarcerated
  9. Inmates Not Receiving Mail
  10. How many inmates do you write?
  11. PenPal search for my brother
  12. Anybody Wanna Help Me Make a Questionnaire?
  13. pen pals who lie
  14. What made you want to write your penpal...
  15. How involved are you with your pen pals?
  16. Bath, Ontario Need PenPals
  17. friend of my baby ...
  18. Penpals staying in touch
  19. Does anyone want a pal?
  20. -spinoff thread- female pen pals..does your man have em??
  21. would you let you guy have a woman penpal?
  22. Stocking up on Supplies!
  23. Have Any Of Your pals Said They Have Feelings For You
  24. Pelican Bay/ stamps
  25. Questionnaire attached to this thread
  26. Questionnaire Part II Attached!
  27. New Pen Pal
  28. MCFP Springfield
  29. Pen Pals - surrogate siblings?
  30. I want to know his crime
  31. LostVault newsletter for September
  32. Looking for penpals
  33. Inmates: Scared to commit or too easy to fall...
  34. How is my happy writing buds?
  35. Funny stories from inmates?
  36. Words Our Penpals Wrote that We Like
  37. Partial to a particular race or background?
  38. Amazing letter..
  39. Are you very close with them?
  40. A frustrating penpal...
  41. Would anyone like a postcard from Egypt for your pal?
  42. My friend needs some PenPals!
  43. Hey Ohio Girls! I have a friend who needs a penpal!!!!
  44. he needs a pal badly
  45. Penpal Wanted For A Few Months
  46. ....but what if I "freak out"????
  47. Got Some Bad News
  48. Should I give up?
  49. Newbie - Mistake made already?
  50. I'll feel guilty now, if I don't write
  51. Article: Man takes advantage of pen pals, Wanted in many states
  52. What prisons allow inmate to inmate correspondence?
  53. How do you end your letters?
  54. Taken two more pals
  55. Ladies, Ohio Inmate Needs PenPal
  56. From letters and phone calls to reality
  57. after release..they disappear!!
  58. Cute guy from the Carolinas needs Pen Pal. Check it out gals
  59. ARTICLE: Female inmates charged with defrauding hundreds in pen-pal scam
  60. Help me out ladies!!!!
  61. You know your a Pen Pal Addict if...
  62. my mans cellie needs a pen pal
  63. Questions
  64. My first visit! CALM MY NERVES!
  65. pen pal's
  66. New ad on Lost Vault!
  67. Joke sites?
  68. Sorry...
  69. What was your first phone call with your pen pal like?
  70. Question Ladies??????
  71. Pal needed in Cali
  72. Thrown into Solitary
  73. Pimpin' out more penpals! :)
  74. In need of a little help....
  75. Please send a sympathy card
  76. How do I find a Penpal
  77. Another call!!
  78. Nephew in Childress, Texas need a pen pal.
  79. I wish I'd Googled him before I wrote
  80. Where did my pen pals go?
  81. New Pal Ad check it out
  82. Pen Pal is mighty PRESUMPTIOUS, needs to get over himself
  83. Help with LostVault!
  84. Bunny & Sewergirl
  85. A little scared...what do I do (a little long)
  86. Form letters.. is it okay to send one letter to all my pen pals?
  87. A Sad Story: someone please write him
  88. Pen Pals with married men
  89. Do you care if your man has other female pen pals?
  90. A Twist
  91. married and penpal overseas ??
  92. Seeking a pen pal
  93. Pen Pal needed
  94. My Cousin Wants a Pen Pal
  95. Seeking pen pal for my brother
  96. inmate at lexington LARC needs pen-pal
  97. cloud stamps went on sale
  98. New Ad - Ruben Flores!!
  99. nation wide letter ministry...
  100. Sort of annoyed
  101. Signs that a Pen Pal is Bad News
  102. Pen Pal called me
  103. when Is Your Best Writing Time?
  104. Questions for those who write pen pals
  105. Change of address for those writing to Ron...
  106. Is there any way to find out
  107. Keep on writing or let them go?
  108. Pen Pal ANYONE???
  109. Panpal for this gentleman
  110. Furious at the mail rooms
  111. Anyone want a new pen pal
  112. My man is locked up....whats up with online penpal sites?
  113. Nobody writes him
  114. Freind of my husband needs a pen pal
  115. How did you answer this......??
  116. Black/asian male cutie looking for a friend!
  117. Oscar and Brad
  118. Nice man needs pen-pals
  119. Two Hot Texan stud muffins looking for some
  120. Posted my husband's friends on lostvault now what
  121. 3 Guys Need Penpals Please???
  122. Spanish speaking penpal
  123. My Pal Is A Racist
  124. Romantic latino male looking for some correspondence
  125. A sexy scorpio from california!
  126. I am hurting...
  127. Etiquette
  128. Native American needs pen pal
  129. Needs A Pen Pal Asap
  130. Husband's Cellmate needs a penpal
  131. Seeking pen pal for a friend
  132. Confused - Writing a DR Inmate
  133. Is this true?? (must I enclose my last name on my letters)
  134. Brother needs a pen pal parole date Nov..
  135. N/a
  136. P.O. Box?
  137. Address passed on - common problem?
  138. Young and in prison in California.
  139. These 2 men need mail badly
  140. Yeah!! Good News! If you're writing David Spencer in VA....
  141. Writting a death row inmate
  142. Hoopa Vally Tribe, needs penpal
  143. pen pal for my son?
  144. I want a new pen pal... help!
  145. How Do I Find A Pen Pal For Hubbies Dorm-mate?
  146. pen-pal needed
  147. how are you and your pen pals get along?
  148. Friend Hasnt Gotten A Pen Pal Yet
  149. Could have been a viking
  150. Pen Pal Pet Peeves
  151. Heard of Sharp Enterprises?
  152. Newbie Questions
  153. Pen pals needed
  154. My sweet Bro is lonely
  155. how long does it take?
  156. Post card from ATL
  157. Texas boys need a Pen Pal
  158. What states require inmate #'s on backs of pictures?
  159. Pen pal needed for a very sweet guy!
  160. He is not doing to good please help
  161. Talked to another pal last night
  162. PO BOX or home Address?
  163. Michigan pen-pal wanted
  164. Anyone interested in a new penpal?
  165. Anyone planning On doing Anything Nice For The Pals For Xmas
  166. Four Super Nice Men looking for a Friend/Pal
  167. What am I thinking?
  168. Where is BunnyLV
  169. Want a pen pal but don'y know what to do...
  170. Pen Pal Wanted for Young Man
  171. My hubby's friend needs another pen-pal
  172. No Family or Friends on Outside-Needs a pen pal!
  173. Any Ideas on good books?
  174. Ok ladies...this is hard so bare with me
  175. New pen pal arresting for hate crimes...EKKK I didn't know!
  176. best friend needs a penpal, PLEASE HELP
  177. 3 guys need pen pals in texas
  178. Do you need another penpal? LOL
  179. He wants pen-pals, how am I supposed to take it?
  180. Pen Pal Search
  181. Cute guy need contact
  182. My first pen-pal, have questions...
  183. If you have extra time to write...
  184. Pen Pal needed for Idaho inmate
  185. is texas penpal site still up?
  186. Looking for pen pal for friend of mine
  187. CA Inmate seeking a pen friend
  188. Derek's a good guy - won't you drop him a line?
  189. Friendly, thoughtful inmate seeks corresponcence
  190. look what i got
  191. Artistic human being looking for friends...
  192. Can you write to more than 1 inmate at the same facility?
  193. Please write to this lonely man!
  194. he needs a ...
  195. Need a good laugh-please write Bill
  196. maybe its a sign
  197. Pen Pal Needed In New York
  198. Lonely 18 Year Old In Need Of Penpal
  199. Racism
  200. Need your help for the holidays, ladies!!!
  201. Crime abbreviations
  202. Good Man searching for real women
  203. i am sad:-(
  204. Do you know someone who?
  205. Please write to Renaldo!!!
  206. Need to ask Question
  207. Can someone help me out here?
  208. please help me help my dad
  209. 3 Penpals added to lost vault
  210. Hurt and confused !
  211. OOOH!OOOH! I got a question.
  212. Great Guy is Looking for a Pen-Pal
  213. Friend In Oklahoma Doc Needs Pen Pal
  214. Nj Inmate Looking For Penpal..
  215. Pleading For A PenPal
  216. Inmate Needs Penpal!!!
  217. Prison pen pals question
  218. My uncle needs a pen pal!!!!- CA
  219. Needs Pen Pal Please!!!!!!!!!!!- Ca
  220. How Many Pals Do You have Now?
  221. My Penpal Wants Me To Bring Her Drugs
  222. My pen pal keeps pressuring me!
  223. What do you write in letters to pen pals?
  224. Anybody have Pen pal in for crime (Murder)
  225. My newest additions to LostVault!
  226. Lack of response from my pen-pals!
  227. My good buddy would like some pals
  228. what a surprise today!
  229. Got My First Dr Letter Today
  230. Know any who needs a pen pal
  231. Pen Pals
  232. Thank you!
  233. Husbands Cellie needs a pen pal........
  234. I need help writing my first Christmas caed!
  235. Penpal being released - financial question
  236. lonely man needs a pen pal
  237. How do you know if he's still there?
  238. Im a little freaked out!
  239. How long does it take for their name to show?
  240. Advice for inmates writing penpals
  241. CAnadian Penpal
  242. 3 California Men Need Pen Pals!!!
  243. Please Help! Ca Inmate Deperately Needs pen pal (s)
  244. Share your experience w/ visiting your PenPal
  245. What made you decide to write..
  246. Sending Out Cards To Inmates
  247. These Two Guys Want Pals
  248. Can An Inmate In The <Hole> Get Writing Material??
  249. anyone want cards sent out?
  250. Yikes! Haven't heard from penpal!!