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  1. Parole transfers??
  2. What does this mean?
  3. Michigan parole questions: long post
  4. Parole hearing
  5. No Parole this time
  6. Messages of support for parole
  7. Psi
  8. Just sitting here thinking (Parole Appeal Help Needed)
  9. after being released victim knowing location
  10. parole hearing times....
  11. News about the Parole board
  12. Parole Board Bios
  13. Monday July 7th
  14. Parole Release Dates - UPDATE!! HE'S HOME!!
  15. homechecks
  16. Parole Board decision
  17. can anyone help
  18. Parole
  19. Parole Board
  20. parole release
  21. parole hearing
  22. Pre-parole Papers
  23. Does Anyone Know When the Parole Board Goes to Brooks In August
  24. Parole Hearing Dates on OTIS
  25. Having Parole Transferred Out Of State
  26. Members of the Parole Board
  27. Update on Hubby's August 26th Interview
  28. Stop Two (or Step Two) Program?
  29. Correct link for parole information in Michigan
  30. No date like the others!
  31. crp
  32. I Need Info On Out Of State Parole Transfers To Mich
  33. Parole Hearing Tomorrow!
  34. parole hearing
  35. 3 year paroles?
  36. Governors Pardon
  37. time reduction
  38. Leaving Prison - What Do They Get
  39. parole eligibility report
  40. Parole $$: In budget squeeze, lawmakers must review prison population
  41. help! Parole board ?
  42. Help With Letter
  43. Parole Hearing Update!
  44. ? on parole and CRP
  45. 35% are eligible for parole right now and being flopped
  46. Please help!! I am freaking out
  47. How and time between the Parole Board and it's decision and how will we know?
  48. Has anyone else heard.....seeing the board and knowing they are going home?
  49. More Parole Interviews
  50. Scores
  51. fact info needed on parole transfer!
  52. When Parole is granted - then what....
  53. Marriage and Parole
  54. parole questions
  55. TV Parole Hearing
  56. Help !! Parole Board changed date.
  57. Parole & the Parole Board
  58. Out of State Parole Transfers
  59. my brother's parole was granted
  60. Exit Interview or Reviews when leaving on parole
  61. "security screen/classification sheet"
  62. ?parole
  63. Parole and Points
  64. Special Conditions ??????
  65. More research for my hubby :)
  66. Parole Condition Codes
  67. Parole Hearing
  68. Article about Parole Board - Lets all respond!!! - UPDATE
  69. i have a ??????????
  70. Is parole mandatory if does the whole time?
  71. My Boo Is Up For Parole
  72. Latest Michigan Parole Board Recidivism Statistics!
  73. parole hearing
  74. Parole Hearing Update
  75. KB's Parole Hearing
  76. Early Parole
  77. clarifying the parole board phone number..
  78. Do they have to list a 2nd place to parole to?
  79. Length of time til parole board hearing???
  80. Parole Statistics in Michigan
  81. april 27 is his parole hearing!
  82. SB 1110 Intorduced for Parole
  83. We Have A Parole Hearing Date!!
  84. Parole board decision 2004
  85. Parole Information
  86. i'll be calling the parole board tomorrow..
  87. parole eligibility score
  88. Hubby's parole hearing is Monday (19th)...
  89. Just got back from parole hearing!
  90. Problems with the Parole Board
  91. What Parole Board!
  92. Grievance- affect parole?
  93. My guy saw the parole board today!
  94. camps??
  95. Parole Board Decision: DEFERRAL
  96. no recourse for parole denial in michigan?
  97. Deb & her husband's parole hearing!!!!--update
  98. He Got His PER!!!!!!
  99. First Parole & Criminal Sexual Conduct
  100. Please give me feedback on my support letter
  101. Question about OTIS and Parole Status
  102. Probation/Parole Statistics
  103. parole questions
  104. Going to a Center after his Parole was Denied
  105. My Man Is On Parole From Michigian
  106. Parole Violation hearing
  107. Good news .. New Trend???
  108. How long do they have to do a Parole Violation hearing
  109. Wayne County Information
  110. Parole Offices - By County
  111. flopping? ( not paroling) in Michigan
  112. Parole Legislation
  113. michigan parole and probation
  114. Need info on a parole violation warrant...
  115. Granholm & Continuance Review Info?
  116. We want to file a complaint against a Parole Officer
  117. Links to MI info (Parole)
  118. Parole Transfers
  119. When paroled...
  120. Discharge from Parole
  121. Probation or Jail? That is the question
  122. Are you willing to protest 2 the unjust?
  123. called parole board
  124. Can We Appeal My Husband's Flop?
  125. Probation Violation-What level will he be sent to?
  126. Michigan: Inmate Status: "Parolee Held In Custody"
  127. Suggestion:Class action suit to appeal parole denial
  128. Have you heard (Of prisoner removal program)?
  129. parole flops
  130. This information may be of some use to us all
  131. Got parole denial records
  132. 10000 tethers, rumor?
  133. Can someone on probation visit an inmate?
  134. Furious, Judgement without knowledge of facts
  135. parole listing on internet-Where would I find it?
  136. Parole violation and likelihood of flop
  137. Guess What?!?! He's Off Tether!!!!
  138. Good News.........
  139. Need Information on Parole status
  140. Parole hearings in the UP next week, anyone going?
  141. changed Parole board date why?
  142. Okay I NEED some help! (Parole violations and Parole Officer watching closely!)
  143. restitution (and release of parole before payment is completed)
  144. How many of us are waiting for a Parole decision?
  145. Parolee Status in OTIS
  146. Another stupid question!(No attorney visits while parole board hearings going on?)
  147. Need help... Need Info on Post-Release Programs
  148. parole violation
  149. question about P/V and relocating
  150. Parole Decision Deferral Question
  151. Being sent back on a parole violation/What to expect and timelines?
  152. Parole Board (how often do members change)
  153. Process before being paroled and can the PO talk to my apartment complex management?
  154. New member - parole violation questions - Michigan
  155. Can you believe this? PO says he has to divorce me!
  156. Receiving parole results in the mail?
  157. Taking a Plea and Early Parole?
  158. 3 Parole Board Members Fired?
  159. Need Info Please/PO won't let him move back in after a temporary address change.
  160. Changes on inmate release days?? Only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?? Anyone heard?
  161. Parole for CSC/Before the board for the first time?
  162. Transferring Parole address/location after release?
  163. Changed the date of his hearing!
  164. Interstate Transfer and no immediate family (From Texas to Michigan)
  165. What are the chances? (for parole)
  166. Can someone explain this to me? (About security levels)
  167. Release 12-1-05 Cooper Street Facility-Jackson, MI -Picking Up-CLUELESS!
  168. What can I do to help with his parole?
  169. Venting!!!!!!
  170. Attorney Referral Needed for parole denial
  171. Would like info on Parole board member-Berrios??
  172. parole board "deferral"?
  173. Parolled! Question about out of state parole
  174. 2 family members same house? Need the policy in writing..
  175. Michigan Parolee in violated in FL with a DUI - What is MI going to do?
  176. Association on parole question-Holmes Youthful Trainee Act too?
  177. Does anyone know anything about this new re-entry program???
  178. Hurry up and Wait?
  179. Not to be negative or anything....but what if he doesn't get paroled?
  180. Home Visit-When to expect one...
  181. Help with letters to the board??
  182. Finished AOP-When will he see the board again?
  183. Questions about parole
  184. Need help writing a letter to the parole board!
  185. Early release from parole?
  186. Re-Entry Program in MI
  187. Parole Agent Is Coming In The Morning
  188. Home Visit After Receiving Parole Decision?
  189. How does parole work?
  190. Need Info About Restitution As A Condition Of Parole
  191. Parole Board Hearings-Anyone else waiting to hear a decision too?
  192. Parole Violation-What will he be sentenced to for it?
  193. Question about ERD's and flops...
  194. Home Visit For INTERSTATE Parole-Any experiences!?? (OH to MI)
  195. otis-Will his ERD change when paroled?
  196. Medications question-Does it hurt their chances of parole and stopping their meds??
  197. Why haven't they transferred him yet?
  198. How Your Loved One Can Improve Their Chances of Parole
  199. A New Look for MI Parole/Probation!
  200. letter to parole board-handwritten or typed?
  201. Is there a parole supervision fee?
  202. Can you please explain what a flop is?
  203. he was paroled through the mail!!!!
  204. Getting Though the Michigan Parole Process
  205. Any one have a loved one who saw the board at Pugsley last week?
  206. can I find out about what happened at the parole hearing?
  207. He is coming downstate today!
  208. Husband sees the board on March 6th!
  209. Can you move to another state while on parole??
  210. Does Marital status have an effect on getting parole??
  211. A little confused! Wouldn't a CO see the upcoming parole when he's looked up??
  212. Can I find out if he got parole with out him knowing
  213. please help-writing support letter for electronic monitering request
  214. Help getting relinguished to parole board
  215. Ploicy Directive 03.01.102 Habitual Offenders
  216. question about short term prisoner-what are the guidelines?
  217. Statue Requiring AOP for Parole?
  218. Waiving Parole Hearing-How will it be viewed by the board in the future?
  219. I might be moving-Would he be able to parole out of state?
  220. Help me! Parole violation
  221. idrop? what is THAT???
  222. parole-how can we be sure he gets paroled?
  223. anyone know the parole board phone number?
  224. Participating in PTO website--Is it a Violation?
  225. Consultant to Appeal Parole Decision
  226. Has anyone been successful reversing a parole denial in Michigan?
  227. help dont know what to think-is he likely to parole for 2 years instead of a flop?
  228. husband gets a d.w.l.s while on parole
  229. Being A Sex Offender
  230. When does parole bored visit home????
  231. Help !! Question on Interstate Compact to Non Family
  232. Went to the parole hearing
  233. Need Help Desperately... Parole Denied
  234. would he still have to do parole????
  235. Misdeameanor Tickets on Parole- PO Grant
  236. Can a Parolee write to his former inmates?
  237. ? about electronic monitoring-who is eligible?
  238. Parole Violations/Return to Prison
  239. getting called back to the parole board
  240. how long they can keep u on a parole hold???????
  241. where to send electronic monitoring letter...
  242. new warrent and parole discharge less than a month away
  243. Denied Parole - Need to get in AOP again
  244. ***UPDATE VERY SAD*** Parole hearing decision
  245. Parole denied because of AOP
  246. can they use a ticket at the parole board they already punished him for??
  247. Parole Representatives
  248. Parole Question-What will happen?
  249. Parole Violation-Parole Reinstated after going back to RGC?
  250. Minimizing Responsibility what does it mean