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  1. Vote on more good days for Fed inmates ?
  2. Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines
  3. Current Cases on Interest Before the US Supreme Court
  4. Supreme Court News 06/14/04 (Certiorari) Smith v. Massachusetts
  5. Supreme Court News 06/14/04 (Decision) US v. Dominguez Benitez
  6. Supreme court struck down sentencing enhancements in the state of washington?
  7. New Federal Bill pushes for new and tougher MM sentences; ACTION NEEDED!!!
  8. Blakely - DOJ issues memo refuting affect on Fed Guidelines
  9. Blakely and all articles relating
  10. Blakely sentencing issues
  11. Challenge to Federal Sentencing Guidelines, has there ever been?
  12. Justice Dept Pushes Supreme Court
  13. Florida Cases Already Applying Blakely.
  14. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines voted Unconsitutional
  15. "Earthquake" has Justice O'Conner's chair rock'en
  16. Interesting Facts
  17. News on Blakely
  18. Federal Magistrate puts sentencing motions on hold
  19. Judge sets aside sentencing guidelines
  20. US court of appeals rules on eligibility for community corrections
  21. Montgomery: Ninth Circuit Blakely Interpretation
  22. Here Come More Mandatory Minimums
  23. H.R. 4547 Please Read!!!!
  24. Identity Theft Mandatory Minimums?
  25. Good Time Credit (Supreme Court Ruling?)
  26. My Fear in a Post Blakely World
  27. 9th Circuit: Big sentencing win for defendants
  28. My son is in trouble and needs some answers
  29. Elwood vs US (or Elmwood)
  30. Need atty recommendation in Waco, TX for Federal drug case
  31. New Sentencing Guidelines???
  32. Another ruling on Halfway Houses being used as places of imprisonment
  33. Farrington Case
  34. Received mail - they want my DNA (and yours too)
  35. Do you think Federal Parole will return ?
  36. USCA1: 54 day argument loses again
  37. A Few Post Booker Decisions
  38. Blakely Law questions???
  39. Federal Case Start to Finish My Experience
  40. Federal Judge,Prosecutors, and Probation Officer ignoring the recent Supreme Court
  41. Change of Plea tomorrow...sentencing help please!
  42. Resentencing Is There Such A Thing?
  43. Got A question about house arrest in Florida, Please Help
  44. What happened or is happening with LERA
  45. A must read-must download for appeals and upcoming cases
  46. Ex-felons and bankruptcy
  47. What Is The Next Major Ruling?
  48. appeal approved for resentencing?
  49. CCA wary of high court ruling's
  50. Poor Ducan Fanfan
  51. Retroactivity please explain
  52. There is still hope.
  53. NYTimes:Supreme Court Rules in Ohio Prison Case
  54. Confused...Can Anyone Help?
  55. Any more news on what will happen after Booker/FanFan?
  56. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on GCT
  57. Anyone heard of the halfway house rule of 6mos
  58. Anyone heard of the federal halfway house rule of 6mos
  59. Help
  60. Federal 161 fee
  61. Confused about the Federal System! HELP!!
  63. News on sentencing guidelines and possible supreme court replacement
  64. Serving 80% of Time In CA???
  65. Looking for Help with Federal System
  66. Downward Departures in the federal system
  67. Reconsideration of Sentence?
  68. Help bring back Federal Parole
  69. Credit for Federal Home Confinement Time?
  70. Privacy Win?
  71. federal prison Illonois
  72. Supreme Court lets stand ban on voting by felons
  73. A Guide to Preparing for and Responding to Prison Emergencies
  74. Federal Court Gives Leg Chains the Boot
  75. Where Are the Voting Rights for Ex-Felons
  76. LERA and HR 4036
  77. Important 3rd Circuit Ruling
  78. Bush Pardons 11 Right Before the Holidays
  79. Disparity in Federal Sentencing? What Do You think?
  80. Reduced Sentences Recommended in Ferry Crash
  81. Re-Sentencing Set for Ex-Dynegy Executive
  82. 1st Circuit Issues Decision re Crack v. Cocaine Disparity
  83. Federal Medical Facility - lost accreditation
  84. Any reductions
  85. what is "PACER"?
  86. Help pass HR 3072
  87. Can I get time off for ADAP with a gun charge?
  88. Link to all of the US Courts of Appeal
  89. Public Defenders are well paid
  90. ? About firearms and their impact on federal drug sentences
  91. Older inmates, any new fed leg for early release?
  92. Do they have forlough in Fort Dix, PA
  93. Is it better to be indicted then plea?
  94. Career criminal Enhancements
  95. What's wrong with Pacer?
  96. Going to Prison? Know Your Rights >>>
  97. A New Decision from SCOTUS
  98. trying to get supervised release
  99. Have a few questions
  100. statue of limitaions
  101. do's anyone know about deportation
  102. Booker Law????
  103. 2255 Filed- Judge Response-Attorney Response--Nothing in 3 Mo.
  104. probable cause
  105. New Supreme Court Decision
  106. Any News on Federal Parole Bill?
  107. Rogue Cops
  108. Fruit of the tree
  109. Regarding a federal law passed supposedly last year
  110. Federal Camps Qualifications
  111. Warrant for Guns??
  112. Habeus 2241 and other questions...
  113. help please
  114. BP8 Burried , Put off by CO over & over. HELP!
  115. ? gun found in vehicle ? waiting extradition
  116. Release date SNAFU...Why are they doing this?
  117. Walmart Vice Chairman Sentenced
  118. getting reduced sentences, alterations and retrials
  119. Article: Can We Pass the Second Chance Act in 2006?
  120. Sensenbrenner Introduces Bill to Eliminate Downward Departures
  121. second chance act
  122. Judge Rules BOP Nurse does not have immunity in lawsuit
  123. Help Pass The Hr 3072 Bill
  124. 6 and 6 ????
  125. Is he really facing.......
  126. armed career criminal?
  127. Attny made poss error in sentencing guideline
  128. Good Behavior time reduced to 65%?
  129. ?? Remaining out of jail until sentencing
  130. Looking for information
  131. Another website for info
  132. Major decision for immigration cases in the Supreme Court
  133. Confused - husband with life sentence has release date in 2009
  134. He Took A Plea Now What Happens?
  135. Restitution after supervised release
  136. New Bill
  137. Restitution Question
  138. Parole Bill
  139. Drug Taxes?
  140. 10th Circuit rules on Halfway House issue
  141. Bond Hearing?
  142. Minimum Mandatory
  143. 500 Hundred Mile Rule For Inmates
  144. Time % reduction??
  145. Anything new on the Second Chance Act
  146. Need some information on Federal related things
  147. 65% Federal Time...true????
  148. getting the runaround from designation and the unit manager
  149. what else can be done after appeal
  150. Rdap
  151. federal to state inmate exchange?
  152. Clueless and seeking advice- sentence reduction?
  153. New rules???
  154. help - federal sentences/appeals
  155. 9th Circuit Upholds Closing of Federal Boot Camp
  156. Anticipatory Search Warrant, Beeper In Package
  157. Sentence reduction
  158. Ionscan in Court
  159. What is a terrorist act?
  160. second chance act pulled from house floor
  161. Protective Custody
  162. Totally new to this
  163. Seldom-Used Federal Rule helps in tax evasion case
  164. Court finds "safety-valve" NOT discretionary
  165. question about appeals
  166. " council misconduct"????
  167. rule 35
  168. Writ of Habeas Corpus?
  169. Court Case on publication by prisoners
  170. Case regarding BOP Mail Rule
  171. Sentencing Guidelines Cases Before the US Supreme Court
  172. What is downward departures
  173. Court Orders Release of uncharged "Enemy Combatant"
  174. Title 18
  175. Supremes are off their rockers
  176. Supreme Court toughens sentencing rules (Rita v. U.S.)
  177. Appeals Court rules for a lower sentence.....twice!!
  178. Please, I need help in writing to my Congressman & Senator
  179. Notary?
  180. Lost Inmate Property Case to be heard by Supremes
  181. Can Acquitted Charges Be Considered at Sentencing?
  182. Can I be Charged with 3 Things??
  183. Is there any thing new on the FEDERAL PAROLE BILL
  184. Bar Unplugs Criminal Defense Law Firm
  185. second chance act
  186. PA U.S. District Court restricts access to Ct documents
  187. Ninth Circuit Firearms Enhancement Case
  188. Anti-Gang Policies Failing Badly
  189. Parties in Court Argue Over RDAP eligibility
  190. Please help me save my friend. He needs medical help
  191. Action Alert on Second Chance Act
  193. Help please why do some Bills have the same numbers
  194. Ninth Circuit rules on waiver of appeal rights
  195. Defendant has right to speak at sentencing hearing
  196. Just when one thinks it's over...appeals can go both ways
  197. Medicaid coverage after prison - New York
  198. Need TV channel name that will show voting for BILL S1060 ?
  199. Revisions to the US Sentencing Guidelines
  200. Let"s Get These Letters Sent In Members
  201. Federal Restitution Expunged?
  202. New Action Alert on 2nd Chance Act - Louisianna members
  203. 9th Circuit rules on Drug Addiction as grounds for variance at sentencing
  204. Gonzales could get say in states' executions
  205. Judge allows ANONYMOUS testimony in closed court
  206. Defendant entitled to Notice when Court considers sentence above the Guidelines
  207. Sentenced after Apprendi decision & before Booker?
  208. 9th Circuit reverses within Guidelines sentence as "unreasonable"
  209. 2 Appeal questions
  210. New Federal Parole Bill Update
  211. Oregon Identity Theft Fast Track Program
  212. drug screenin in court?
  213. Prisoners argue constitutionality of US Criminal code
  214. Please help me with link House Report 110-240
  215. Rep. Jackson-Lee, Offered H.R. 261- The Federal Prison Bureau Nonviolent Offender Rel
  216. Judge's stand on Norfolk man's sentencing heads to Supreme Court
  217. How do you keep going?
  218. Crack:Extension of the Deadline for Public Comment Regarding Retroactivity
  219. International Prisoners
  220. Court Overturns on Acceptance of Responsibility Issue
  221. Federal Restitution Order
  222. US Sentencing Commission considers making new crack guideliens retroactive
  223. Sentences for crack offenses studied
  224. Sentences for crack offenses studied
  225. The Second Chance Act 2007
  226. Passage On 1593 Second Chance Act
  227. Retroactive Crack law
  228. Second Chance Act Amended Before Vote
  229. Federal Public Defenders
  230. 2nd Chance
  231. 9th Circuit upholds DNA testing of all fed felons
  232. Retroactive crack law vote date is here!
  233. Early Release Bill to be reviewed by subcommittee
  234. 2nd Chance Act
  235. SUPREMES give 3 PRO DEFENSE rulings today
  236. Retroactive shortening of crack sentences OKd
  237. Getting Retro Applied
  238. Bush Pardons and Commutation of Sentence
  239. new crack amendment
  240. still hangin in there
  241. Latest Info on Second Chance House Bill
  242. tune in tommorow for briefing on sentence reduction
  243. coming home physicals
  244. 9th Circuit Upholds "Open Court"
  245. Bill introduced to overturn USSC's crack retroactivity decison
  246. Bill introduced to overturn USSC's crack retroactivity decison
  247. The beginning of crack cocaine resentencings
  248. Motion 18 U.S.C. 3582(c)(2)
  249. Need Fed Inmate drug testing procedures asap
  250. Defense Attorneys Memo on Crack Retroactivity