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  1. Intergrity of Texas Law officers
  2. killer nurse in texas
  3. Political run around?
  4. Talking to the "board"...
  5. Texas Boycott
  6. Texas State Symbol Sewn by Slaves
  7. Texas' animal death row - don't they get enough action?
  8. Kill an inmate, get shock probation!
  9. Texas Prison Officials Implement New Rules To Curb Escapes
  10. Wackenhut Jail Guard Arrested In Drug Sting
  11. sentencing nears in VitaPro case - Former TDCJ Dir could get 70 years!
  12. Microsoft going after TDCJ for Breaking the "Law"
  13. Female guards plead no contest to sex activity at all-male prison
  14. News regarding Texas prisons
  15. Officer's relatives share grief with jury
  16. Use of Force Tapes
  17. Habeas process flunks - Study calls many death appeals 'token efforts'
  18. Revenge or Justice?
  19. Texas Criminal Court of appeals.
  20. Some new laws that a couple actually make sense.
  21. State House bills call for end of death penalty in Texas
  22. Texas undeterred by Illinois' ripple effect
  23. TONIGHT'S SUBJECT: Two Towns of Jasper...America in Black and White.
  24. More on Texas prisons & Arizona Transfers
  25. Supervisor killed by inmate in Amarillo
  26. Opening statements begin in 4th escapee trial of the Texas seven!
  27. Bills provide third option for jurors --Life-without-parole
  28. Texas Is Broke/overcrowded
  29. Parents of inmate make sacrifice in order to visit son
  30. Yolanda Torres
  31. Texas Prisons are full to the brim
  32. No change of venue, trial stays in El Paso
  33. Plan to free up prison capacity
  34. TDCJ In Huntsville Item Newspaper
  35. TDCJ officials scrutinize buget
  36. Another Huntsville Item
  37. High court ruling slaps Texas justice
  38. A drugged-up defendant can't participate in defense
  39. Gov. Perry at his finest
  40. WRONGFUL CONVICTION -- Proof of flaws should put hold on death penalty
  41. Sutton ready to leave ordeal behind
  42. Brown seeks hold on some death penalty cases
  43. Texans show solid support for executions
  44. Perry can't issue moratorium in death cases
  45. Operation Wipe Out Texas Style - March 2003
  46. Victim's son listens to man convicted in Texas dragging death
  47. Mentally ill inmate executed
  48. Limits placed on inmate correspondence, delivered publications
  49. Texas Department of Criminal Justice---Institutional Division about death row in TX
  50. 200 TDCJ workers to be gone by 5-15
  51. A better, less expensive option to Texas prisons
  52. Prison board hears how system is handling boom
  53. Bills would reduce drug penalties
  54. Cuts compromise safety at prisons
  55. Trips to Court - TDCJ Inmates
  56. Texan Gets Execution Stay for Retardation Appeal
  57. Texas Senate rejects life-without-parole option
  58. Letter from Derrick Jackson!!!!
  59. Houston Chronicle article and my response
  60. The scandal at the HPD crime lab.
  61. Article from Texas Criminal Justice Reform
  62. Article from Houston Chronical
  63. inmate correspondence notice to offenders
  64. Killing Time
  65. Court orders deletion of Mankins' KFC capital murder indictments
  66. Houstonians deserve to be able to trust crime lab
  67. Governor orders man freed
  68. Officer's killer soon to go free
  69. Uncorroborated evidence brings shaky convictions
  70. Privatizing prisons won't fix Texas' budget problems
  71. Man gets extended sentence for writing articles from his Texas prison cell.
  72. 18 pulled from truck are dead. Suspect arrested in Harris County.
  73. Bill requires conference call in death penalty case
  74. Budget-slashing lawmakers propose leaner prison menu
  75. Stop Passing The Buck On Hpd Crime Lab Scandal
  76. Judge denies bond to trucker held in deaths of 19 illegal immigrants
  77. Judge tosses Haltom jail abuse suits
  78. DPS ordered records destroyed
  79. Up Close: New DNA testing problems "Amateurish, slipshod, unprofessional"
  80. Senate panel pushing accreditation for crime labs
  81. Grand jury begins probe into HPD lab
  82. Montgomery County Jail probe widens beyond money /Jewelry, drugs also possibly stolen
  83. TEXAS----legislation to EXPAND state death penalty law
  84. Thurdays meeting of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice.
  85. The prison privatization bill is coming back to life
  86. Support Fair Habeas Representation
  87. Odd time to kill HPD inspections
  88. Battle over high court nominees takes shape
  89. Criminal Justice System Flawed
  90. D.A. to order DNA retesting in murder case
  91. Legislature failed to make needed death penalty reforms
  92. The last of the Texas Seven going to court.
  93. Prison not always answer ...LEGISLATIVE WATCH
  94. Bill giving foreign defendants consular rights fails
  95. Woman gets life in plea deal for killing of Bexar deputy
  96. Hicks innocent of killing cop, but still sentenced to 15 years.
  97. DA won't exit lab probe despite a call to testify
  98. Escapee's dad gets 10 years
  99. The Texas legislature yet again failed to address crisis with DP.
  100. Inmate life Endangered in Texas.
  101. Convicted constable surrenders
  102. HPD Crime lab suspends nine for flawed work
  103. 12 Freed in Appeal of Texas Drug Busts
  104. HPD crime lab gets assistance---City council to consider contract
  105. Another submission to Houston Chronicle
  106. InnerChange Freedom Initiative - Sugar Land
  107. 3 say chief knew of problems with HPD lab.
  108. The lesson from Tulia Texas needs an innocent commission.
  109. Chief: Texas justice unfair
  110. Inmate who threw feces on officer gets 50 years
  111. Girl, 14, may be tried as an adult in two killings
  112. Prison system needs unbiased oversight of Criminal Justice Policy Council
  113. 600 prisoners treated for food-borne illness (Darrington Unit)
  114. TDCJ Institutional Director RETIRES
  115. More Layoffs With Tdcj
  116. Then you have this kinda of garbage
  117. TDCJ C/O Arrested for MURDERING HIS WIFE
  118. Read this if you have kids that Surf the WEB!!!!
  119. They would have locked us up....
  120. Correctional officer killed in crash while transporting inmate
  121. Prisoner gets 50 years for hurling waste!
  122. Charges dropped against lawmaker who refused breath test
  123. Strip-search at prison gives girls an eyeful
  124. Fire at Ramsey 1
  125. Special Treatment For Senators Son
  126. Legislature needs to correct prison overcrowding
  127. Need a Job? Help Wanted: State troopers and prison guards needed
  128. FBI Investigates Inmate Death
  129. Texas Parole Chairman Retires
  130. Fine Prison Dining: The Cheese (and Bacteria) Come a la Carte
  131. 600 Texas inmates sickened by salmonella
  132. 78th Legislature and TDCJ
  133. Ex-Prosecuter Cleared of Drunk Driving
  134. TIFA Proposal for Offender Access to Telephones
  135. Tx Prisoner Stabbed At The Eastham Unit
  136. Texas - Going to feed Bambi to the prisoners?
  137. TDCJ Lost TIME Possible Class Action
  138. Important Announcement
  139. New 5 Year set off Applications for TDCJ
  140. Prison Reform Unity
  141. HPD Crime lab mess: worse than imagined?
  142. Fans not a luxury for inmates in state's sweltering prisons
  143. States Putting Inmates on Diets to Trim Budgets
  144. Man surrenders in 1982 slaying----DNA evidence cracks case
  145. For All Who Asked.......the Rally!
  146. Doctor's autopsies probably unlawful
  147. Forensic examiners fear new law's impact
  148. Accident Claims Life of TDCJ Employee
  149. amber alert
  150. Austin TIFA Chapter Meeting Notes Bryan Collier, Director Parole Division, TDCJ
  151. Hb7 Changes Texas Parole Board
  152. Bellies of the Beast
  153. Mexican President visits Texas
  154. Tracking terrorism in Texas prisons
  155. Salad source of salmonella at Rosharon’s Darrington Unit
  156. CO Shot to Death
  157. Confirmed cases of abuse, mistreatment double at state's juvenile detention centers
  158. Dallas businessman under scrutiny no stranger to local officials (Food Services)
  159. Fiasco in Texas...Judge Orders SO to Post Signs
  160. Former corrections officer gets probation
  161. Texas Death Row in Limbo
  162. Yea Texas!
  163. Authors incensed by TDCJ lockout
  164. Chuck Hurt/Change at Habern's office
  165. Kansas Inmates sent to Texas
  166. Gary Johnson and Ed Owens hurt in car accident
  167. Fired DNA analyst to return to work at crime lab
  168. Delays in inmate transfers cost county money
  169. Texas re-examines its throw-away-the-key approach
  170. Former Gatesville Warden Pleads Guilty
  171. Ad Seg Hunger Strike at Eastham
  172. New Policy for visitng at Eastham.
  173. Ex-FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse - 12 years in prison.
  174. Article in Houston Chronicle re Employment
  175. interesting article
  176. i don't know if ya'll have heard this or not...
  177. Inspection raises concerns about jail food contractor
  178. Editorial: If innocent jailed, the guilty go free
  179. Sutton's limbo: DA refuses to admit mistake
  180. Dallas Sheriff Expected to Be Ousted.
  181. A Triple-Shot of Good News for Tulia
  182. Houston Chronical Article on Josiah Sutton
  183. Guard Faces Probe
  184. Texas Must Kick its Addiction to Prisons
  185. Roderick Johnson Joins SPR Advisory Board
  186. Prisons: 'Thinking outside the box'
  187. Quarter of ex-cons paroled to Houston's poorest neighborhoods
  188. Passion' prompts man to admit murder
  189. State bar plans to sue Tulia prosecutor
  190. Prison Health Crisis and impending legislation for reform in Texas
  191. DNA Lab Audit Reveals Problems Throughout Texas System
  192. Prisons clean up mail
  194. Mail clean up goes even farther!!!!
  195. Wrongly convicted man refuses bail
  196. Tulia prosecuters...disbarred?
  197. State Prisoners Can Have Pinups
  198. Welcome to the Texas Prison News & Events Forum
  199. Thought ya'll might like this
  200. Gang Intelligence Asst. Director Being Investigated for Sexual Harrassment
  201. State budget cuts make Texas less safe
  202. The 'private' tale behind Perry's veto of the Criminal Justice Policy Council
  203. Hand-Tooled for the Texas Elite, These Boots Were Made in Stir.
  204. Jail Commission Seeks Answers
  205. State Official Convicted
  206. Tdcj Ombudsman Bulletin To Offender Family Groups
  207. Employment Resource for ex-offenders in Texas
  208. Texas Granny
  209. Jailer gets 5 years on sexual abuse charges
  210. Young boy found in closed car dies
  211. Mentally ill scheduled for execution TEXAS
  212. Texas Prisons also Deserve Public Scutiny
  213. "Doin' Time: Through the Visiting Glass" - Play about prisoners' families
  214. Judge who lost election in line for a lifetime job.
  215. Texas man freed after serving 26 years for killing he calls accidental
  216. Expect changes in classification after today's incident
  217. Texas Prison Boom May be Imminent
  218. Christian Based Support network
  219. More Texans Behind Bars.
  220. Prisons crack down on cell phone smuggling
  221. Unusual Sentences in Texas
  222. Former Top Prison Official Charged
  223. AWESOME Letter from Raymond Gross
  224. UT's self-regulation of prison health care won't solve problem
  226. Elders Behind Bars.
  227. Three Inmates Escape From Jail in Texas
  228. Texas Parole Rates Climb to the highest Rate in Years
  229. Article in Thursday's Ft. Worth Star-Tele re:overcrowding
  230. CBS NEWS July 15 at 5:30
  231. Harris County's juvenile justice system strained
  232. Texas, remember what the object of prison is
  233. Join the local Coalition to Free Alvaro:
  234. New policy for Dallas officers involved in shootings
  235. Vitapro Defendants still await sentencing from 2001
  236. A future Beyond Prison
  237. TX - Former prison 'sex slave' jailed after fight:
  238. TX - Former prison 'sex slave' jailed after fight:
  239. Texas leads the nation!!!
  240. Prison Wards
  241. Officials mistake the popular foliage for pot and storm home of contractor
  242. Prison system preparing for overflow
  243. Is anyone going to attend the PACT meeting in Huntsville,TX on Aug. 23rd 2004
  244. Beating a ticket could get tougher
  245. Info for Houston Press story
  246. Crime lab evidence again questioned.
  247. Prisoner's Escape!!
  248. Warden Moves.
  249. Law tough on wrongly convicted.
  250. Dallas man set free after 41 years