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  1. My dad really needs help..!
  2. I am pissed! Soft Cover Bible not allowed at Self Surrender
  3. Mechanics of self-surrender?
  4. Federal Prison Designation Letter Finaly Arrived......
  5. FCI Forth Woth
  6. FCC Oakdale- What should I know?
  7. Confused on why it may be federal
  8. FCI Estill
  9. USP Canaan
  10. FTC Oklahoma City - Serve all my sentence there?
  11. SS July 17th!!
  12. FCI, Florence Colorado
  13. FCI Estill camp Need Info Please
  14. need help on the Feds
  15. Can he phone home?
  16. FCI Loretto
  17. transfer, need info on USP Cannaan
  18. Best Advice for someone headed to federal prison soon
  19. Chat room for Bastrop FCI
  20. TX Federal Prisons: seagoville vs bastrop
  21. Time between Federal Sentencing and Self Surrender
  22. Any info on Canann Fed Camp
  23. Any info on Canann Fed Camp
  24. Danbury Federal Camp - anyone SS soon?
  25. USP Canaan information
  26. Surrendering next Thursday, what job will i get.
  27. Question About Letter
  28. How much time between sentencing and SS
  29. FCI three rivers
  30. Question about tranfers or placement?
  31. Need info on FCI Elkton
  32. Lexington Kentucky Federal Medical Facility Information Please
  33. Have questions and need info about FCI La Tuna
  34. Coleman II Federal Prison - Approved For Visiting/Have Questions
  35. Mandatory Imprisonment & Self Surrender A Possibility?
  36. Info on Yankton Federal Prison
  37. Camp in Atlanta, Georgia
  38. info on leavenworth federal prison
  39. Federal Habeas Corpus
  40. Does anyone have a recent commissary list for FCI Ashland or FPC Ashland
  41. Just got back from FMC Lexington Satellite Camp...
  42. Which camp is better fort Dix or Ottisville? Thank you for your help!!
  43. Questions about the federal prisons in Florence, CO
  44. Hello All. NEOCC vs Brooklyn MDC
  45. Anyone know about Herlong FCI in CA
  46. FCI Big Spring,Texas
  47. Do federal prisons all have salad bar?
  48. Florence CO question
  49. Need info on the satellite camp at Greenville
  50. Anyone Have Info on Atlanta camp?
  51. Anyone been to Devens? Have loved one there? Going away there?
  52. New Here and need some help !
  53. FCI Phoenix is your loved one there?
  54. Fci miami
  55. chance at pardon
  56. What is my classification? Min or Med?
  57. Petersburg
  58. Any info on the FPC Atlanta (Next to the USP?)
  59. Where he will be sent??
  60. Need help with Florida Federal Prison Camps for women
  61. FCI Low, how often can they go outside for fresh air?
  62. anyone know about Brooklyn MDC?
  63. Yankton Commissary List
  64. Is USP Hazelton on Lockdown?
  65. Pre-Sentencing PO Home Visit Questions
  66. Does facility decide 12 months for halfway house?
  67. FCI big spring medium security
  68. What if U dont have a ride to FPC?
  69. SS to Cumberland SCP
  70. Leavenworth USP or FCI?
  71. Questions concerning a short Federal sentence..
  72. Petersburg FCI
  73. Self surrendering question
  74. Any info on medical at Florence CO?
  75. Reporting to Butner 10/31 -- tell kids?
  76. fci waseca mn. any help please
  77. Asland Ky FCT
  78. Mom is going to FPC Coleman on Monday any info?
  79. Self Surrender to FPC Texarkana next Tuesday-any info please?
  80. Tucson Federal Camp info Please
  81. Is the Florence prison really bad?
  82. Lexington womens camp
  83. What are my chances of getting self surrender
  84. Yazoo City
  85. anyway around the $290 a month commisary money
  86. Looking for Information on FCI Texarkana
  87. question about time and then release
  88. Husband Getting Transf. from Miami, FL to Jesup, GA
  89. Prison Deaths at Carswell. Anyone heard anything
  90. Bastrop FCI
  91. woman's Federal prison in PA
  92. Cumberland SPC
  93. Central processing or straight to designated prison?
  94. My Wifes Trip From Court to Lexington SPC
  95. Self Reporting Dublin FCI 11/05/09 need info
  96. Three Rivers
  97. FCI Petersburg Medium
  98. Double time in a detention facility? 2for1?
  99. question federal prison
  100. Self Surrendering to Alderson
  101. Big Sandy Camp
  102. Sentencing Thursday & Scared
  103. SS in January and I still have a lot questions, can you help me? thanks!
  104. Any info on FMC Lexington min
  105. Clothes for SS?
  106. Need info on Pekin
  107. Info about Milan Michigan FedPrison
  108. Trying to know how much money I can deposit if I have restitution?
  109. Mdc los angeles ,ca
  110. Womens Federal Camp in Lexington KY
  111. Early designation, delay possible?
  112. terminal island
  113. pollock on lockdown!! Update-it's over
  114. Info on victorville cal. Please
  115. Ft. Worth info., PLEASE
  116. Which Camp In SE US IS Best.........
  117. FMC Lexington
  118. who is allowed to surrender?
  119. Going to camp, how long do I have to self surrender after sentancing?
  120. Question;Going To Federal from County
  121. Just got sentenced yesterday...
  122. What if I don't get a letter?????
  123. HELP! SS in 3 weeks!
  124. FCI Ft. Worth questions
  125. Any Recent Info on FPC's in NY NJ PA area??
  126. Heading to Coleman Camp 01/04/2010
  127. Is anyone else heading to Coleman Womens Camp?
  128. Bible Question
  129. Conditions in Federal Prison Camps in Texas
  130. Mom going to Marianna Camp. Help please.
  131. Surrendering 1/4/10, I'll be back...
  132. FCI Satellite camp edegfield ,sc
  133. Husband sentenced,leaves 2/1 and sent him over 1200 miles away
  134. What are the names of the medical prisons for woman?
  135. SS @ Greenville, IL Women's Camp 2/2/10 - Have Questions - Please Help!!
  136. leaving for sentensing now...
  137. Info on atlanta
  138. Current info on Otisville Camp
  139. Lompoc, CA Camp
  140. Fiance' found guilty in federal court today, sentencing in 95 days any advice
  141. How is sentencing calculated?
  142. What types of items can a prisoner purchase in federal prisons?
  143. Info on gilmer
  144. Delaying Collections of Fines and Restitution
  145. Getting more than 10% of time at HWH - Does it happen??
  146. Need info on FCI Milan, Michigan?
  147. up for review
  148. Site dedicated to the abuse of Inmates in the BOP prison system
  149. Can I self-surrender early if I got my camp assignment already?
  150. How long until I am assigned a number, can send mail, and make phone calls?
  151. sentenced
  152. Surrendering to FCI Ft. Dix Camp
  153. What are my chances of Self Surrendering
  154. ss/security level
  155. How long will the make me wait before I get surrender date?
  156. Does anyone know the best camp to go to in North TX?
  157. Info on Pollock FCC please help.
  158. Self Surrendering before designation
  159. montgomery,talladega and edgefield..pros and cons
  160. Need information for CI Eden
  161. Going to Camp Sheridan. Any info?
  162. Any info on ft dix moving inmates?
  163. I need FCI Ft. Dix help please
  164. Federal Prison - Berlin, NH
  165. SS on February 22 to FPC Bryan
  166. Fort Worth FCI need info??
  167. Federal Prison's in Georgia
  168. Surrender Notice
  169. SS to FPC Sheridan next week
  170. Just Sentenced
  171. Just received sentence
  172. Yankton FPC - Please post your specific experience with halfway house release
  173. question about 3 rivers
  174. anyone familiar with RA Dayton?
  175. USP McCreary is on Lockdown AGAIN 2/24/10
  176. Anyone an exinmate of Danbury FCI
  177. anyone been to fci fort worth?
  178. Question about sentencing, SS & best facilities
  179. FCI Fort Worth - Any Info??
  180. need info on fpc montgomery
  181. Designation
  182. FCI Elkton anyone?
  183. SPC Coleman
  184. SS next Monday
  185. Self Surrender
  186. Self Surrending Questions??
  187. Anyone from FCI Fort Worth?
  188. need id to ss
  189. I report to Big Springs FPC May 4 2010
  190. Info on Brooklyn
  191. federal prison wardens
  192. Any info about Florence satelite camp
  193. Federal prisons abriviations
  194. Which Prison Is My Son Going To?
  195. Still not showing on BOP - 9 Weeks!
  196. USP Pollock
  197. Just Sentenced recieved SS
  198. Who decides on remand or surrender?
  199. FINALLY designated!
  200. Federal Bond PLS HELP
  201. going to prison
  202. restitution, worried
  203. FTC Oklahoma City
  204. contacts?
  205. Prisons around Ft. Worth, Texas
  206. Date of SS - The Judge or BOP?
  207. Anyone have a loved one at FCI Pollock?
  208. Coleman SPC
  209. Bennettsville SC Camp
  210. Need Info about APC Atlanta? Grandson going
  211. Question-anyone have information on FCI Phoenix?
  212. Worried pot grower has questions....
  213. Oxford, Wisconsin
  214. lu0509 brooklyn
  215. Pekin, Terre Haute, Deluth or Rochester
  216. FCP Memphis, TN...
  217. Is Atlanta USP A FCI?
  218. CI Big Springs Flightline
  219. Work in Federal Camp
  220. FCI Three Rivers
  221. duluth designation
  222. Designated 2 FCI Cumberland
  223. in need of information about several federal facilities
  224. Helpless in Seattle!
  225. Fci loretto,pa anybody?? Help pls.
  226. Beaumont Low FCI - Info Please
  227. Info on Federal prison near Mcdowell West virginia
  228. Conspiracy law changes???
  229. Marion camp Illinois info please
  230. FTC Oklahoma
  231. designation changed from Duluth to Yankton
  232. is victorville on lockdown still
  233. So worried..I need to know what is happening
  234. self surrernder info?
  235. Bring in a book when self surrendering
  236. FCI La Tuna Prison Camp-TX/NM
  237. Transfer to another camp
  238. Surrendering Soon to Coleman Medium SPC
  239. Oxford Wisconsin work release
  240. Calling during transport
  241. Transferring to Petersburg Low
  242. BOP Menu
  243. FPC Montgomery
  244. Sentenced on 6/15 - still haven't received designation papers
  245. How much time were you sentenced to?
  246. What Can I take
  247. Response to Question on Blog about Surrendering
  248. Camp Placement?
  249. Sandstone Low
  250. My husband self surrendered to a camp, what now?