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  1. Florida wives speak out
  2. In Florida From Kay Lee
  3. Jury's Should Decide Death Penalty
  4. Florida death penalty on hold?
  5. Inmate sues - violation of rights
  6. Operation Wipe-out - Send The Florida Governor Toilet Paper
  7. Florida Supreme Court
  8. Vote No For Ammendment 1
  9. Fla. Inmates May Be Barred From Pen Pals
  10. Need Everyone's Help!! Senate bill - reinstate 65% law
  11. Florida prison population growing
  12. Prosecutors fighting DNA evidence used to proove innocence
  13. Inmates Sue Florida Over Torture Clai
  14. How many Florida PTO members are coming to the Nat. Conference in Florida?
  15. New Dorms being built at florida CI?
  16. More Gaintime Bill
  17. Inmate escapes from work detail
  18. Florida Bill: S644 (65% instead of 85% early release)
  19. Florida's Innocent
  20. Inmate's Wife Works As Death Row Advocate
  21. Florida's New Faith Based Prison
  22. Fla. Gets Nation's 1st Faith-Based Prison
  23. Turkey Blamed for Sickening Fla. Inmates
  24. CNN reporting Holiday turkey sickened inmates in Max in Florida?
  25. bad food at Raiford - Christmas
  26. A N. FL Get2Gether, Could it be possible???
  27. did you know? : penpals/florida department of corrections
  28. Christmas Food Poisonings At Union Ci
  29. 2004 65% law FILED-NEED SUPPORT
  30. Flordia Inmates rights takin away! Plz help email today!
  31. Prison bans Magazine
  32. editorial on prison phone issue
  33. conference BELLA
  34. Appeals - 4th DCA
  35. Voting Rights for Felons
  36. Florida Profiting from Prison Phone Monopoly, Lawsuit Claims
  37. Hunger Strike for Improved Conditions
  38. Escape from CFRC
  39. Brevard Co. Corrections Officer Arrested On Bribery Charges
  40. Hunger Strike
  41. Escaped CFRC Inmate Captured
  42. Conjugal Visits in FL - UPDATED 02/20/06
  43. Teen Indicted As Adult in Stabbing Death
  44. Man Charged in Attack on Magic Mascot
  45. This Is Making Me Soooo Mad....
  46. Inmates at home must go to jail
  47. Passenger Made Bomb Remark At Airport
  48. Elderly Inmates Swell Nation's Prisons
  49. Fla. Suspends 14 Over Jailed Teen's Death
  50. Drugs Missing
  51. Second DNA Test Granted To Convicted Rapist
  52. Florida - article about court records on the internet
  53. Jury clears Central Florida deputies in shootings of unarmed suspects
  54. Brevard County Jail - Informative Articles
  55. Youth Counselor Convicted of Neglect
  56. State Formally Seeks DP
  57. New Florida Law
  58. FL Bill would help prosecutors
  59. Regarding the meetings with the legislature as I referenced during the conference!
  60. Breaking the cycle - Mentors & College scholarships to kids of FL inmates
  61. Illegal Haitian Immigrants
  62. New Kosher Food Program
  63. 3 Miami Officers Convicted in Gun Cover-Up
  64. update 65% law
  65. Please Read: This Sub-Forum
  66. Some inmates to use shield at courthouse
  67. FL bail bond agents complain about nonmonetary release before trial
  68. 9-Year-Old Arrested
  69. 9-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Rabbit Theft (not a joke!)
  70. Glades C.i.
  71. More TB
  72. Request for Phone Calls for Pain Patient
  73. Man Burned When He Fires Rocket At Girlfriend
  74. Death Of Baby Born In Jail
  75. life by design (specializing in workforce education)
  76. Florida Opens First Faith-Based Prison for Women
  77. Guard Arrested
  78. Escapee from Hillsborough CI???
  79. Ombudsman
  80. Inmates Charged in Jail Attack
  81. Orange County Guard Jailed
  82. Miami Prosecutor Embraces DNA Tests
  83. update bill 644
  84. Officials deconstruct prison riot
  85. A few bad apples?
  86. Article: A tale of two punishments
  87. Female Inmates sexually abused by Therapist
  88. Orlando Sentinel, Sunday 5/23/04
  89. Group wants felon voter list made public
  90. Gomez Case
  91. Inmates charged for banking services
  92. Cruel Injustices at Liberty CI in Fla.
  93. New Release Law
  94. Carpooling Around Florida
  95. Mandatory Jail Time for Habitual MISDEMEANOR Offenders
  96. Gain Time
  97. hopefully good news or it might be bad???
  98. Banking fee
  99. Reading Teacher Booked
  100. Escapee caught after 44 years finds justice is not blind
  101. just curious to know
  102. HELP! Call forwarding no longer allowed
  103. Florida to Allow Former Felons to Vote
  104. State prison AIDS deaths drop
  105. banking fee at Sumter CI
  106. Charging Inmates for "Administration" Fees - YEAH RIGHT! Please sign!
  107. For Floridians and other states -somewhat like a G2G in your city
  108. RUMOR THAT F.D.O.C. will charge for room&board
  109. Florida DOC Needs to Change!
  110. West Boca dentist who left son inside SUV charged in his death
  111. Parents cant sue their prosecutors
  112. Missing Lady
  113. Class Action Lawsuit Filed - FLDOC Administrative Fee
  114. Public Service Groups?
  115. Restoration of Civil Rights
  116. Everglades CI
  117. Two attempt suicide in prison, officials say
  118. Medical woes kill 3rd jail inmate (news story)
  119. news about PRIDE
  120. CURE meeting in Florida
  121. FL caps PD fees - said to deny fair counsel
  122. Florida criticicized over new $4 monthly fee on inmate accounts
  123. Second Lee County jail inmate commits suicide in a week
  124. I just found out some thing on the banking charge/UPDATE.No charge taken by DOC yet
  125. Tallahassee PLEA
  126. 6 die in daytona
  127. Federal Appeals Court Rules Florida Death Row Not Too Hot
  128. Death Row not too hot for condemned inmates, appeals court rules
  129. Omg-read This!!
  130. Six-Hundred-Pound Woman Surgically Removed From Her Couch
  131. Inmate released after 22yrs
  132. Online Television
  133. Noone could prepare for the devastation of hurricane Charley !
  134. Ft Myers
  135. Charley Gives Inmates A Jail Break
  136. No safety for our loved ones in FL prison !!
  137. A little something to get the bloodpressure up
  138. after 6.5 years he is free
  139. Officers taken to court!
  140. Hurricane Francis Info, Please Post Here
  141. Article: Juvenile Justice fires Miami-Dade County jail official
  142. Vote Today 2004 Primary Elections
  143. Held since '99, inmate awaits trial
  144. Visitation cancelled due to up/coming hurricane Francis
  145. Federal Suit Against Strip Searches Wins Round One
  146. Francis has did a number of us floridians!!!
  147. Article: Three inmates, hostage hospitalized after Panhandle jail standoff
  148. Lionel Tate Arrested For Alleged Probation Violation
  149. Dad's freedom may be short-lived
  150. Visits - Update for this weekend
  151. Advocates needed
  152. Man sentenced to 6 months for swinging alligator at girlfriend
  153. Man Freed in Florida Prison after 22 Years
  154. Please sign my petition
  155. Article: Miami Gardens man charged with shooting police officer
  156. Please Read. Bush Plans To Reinstate The Draft!!
  157. Article: High court agrees to extend DNA deadline
  158. Article:Woman prosecuted for slapping Orlando boyfriend who beat her
  159. Article: Officials: 3 set off bomb in Lakeland McDonald's over bad shake
  160. Article: Police: Mental health counselor had dogs attack Frances refugees
  161. Article: Stewart could be a snowbird jailbird
  162. Article: Man freed after 13 years behind bars for Riviera Beach murder
  163. Article: Miami man in wheelchair accused of robbing bank
  164. Article: Man freed from murder sentence gets nearly 6 years for drugs
  165. Rallies in FLORIDA for Restoration of Voting Rights!!
  166. Article: Miami program aims to show teens the consequences of violence
  167. Florida, the Plywood State
  168. Article: Mom Says 7-Year-Old Should Not Have Been Arrested
  169. Article: Report: Sex predator detention center plagued by incompetence
  170. Article:Florida High Court Upholds 3-Strikes Law
  171. Article: State closes only boot camp in Florida for girls
  172. New Habitual Criminal Law in Florida???
  173. Article: Charlotte jailer accused of slipping drugs, tobacco to inmates
  174. Article: New policy on probationers aggravates crowding at county jails
  175. Suicidal inmate held naked for days
  176. First-Grader Arrested, Handcuffed After Fight.
  177. Article:Family Accuses Local Hospital Of Fatal Medical Mistake
  178. Prison panel broke law
  179. Article: Seminole jail inmate who hanged himself last month dies
  180. Article: Man testifies on killing he once was accused of committing
  181. Article: Miami-Dade police officer accused of raping woman he pulled over
  182. Article: Sales Tax Could Be Deductible For Floridians
  183. Jeb Bush ignored Felon List advice
  184. Article: Stabbed At School Over Cell Phone Allegation
  185. Article: State Wants Flu Shots For Prisoners
  186. Article: Grand jury recognizes changes in girls prison
  187. Article:It's a mistake -- back to prison
  188. Corrections officer charged with sexual battery
  189. Know What Amendments You are Voting for in Florida in 2004
  190. Florida ballot papers go missing
  191. bay c.i. panama city florida
  192. Article: $1.45 Million Settlement For Omar Paisley's Death
  193. Article: Inmate hangs himself in cell
  194. Death row inmate to get new trial
  195. Sarasota third-grader charged with sex crime
  196. Article: Prisoner charged with threatening to send president anthrax
  197. Article: Mom gets 3 years for forcing teen daughters into prostitution
  198. Article: Pinellas prosecutor charged with drunken driving in Tampa
  199. Article:Police use stun gun on 6-year-old
  200. Article: Suspect dies during struggle with K-9 dog, Marion County deputy
  201. Article: Last officers sentenced in Miami police planted-gun shootings
  202. Article: Two Orlando housing officials admit stealing more than $400,000
  203. Florida painting 'lost' for 60 years sold in NYC for $1.2 million
  204. Article: Appeals court upholds jail sentence for ex-FBI agent in DUI crash
  205. Article: Gunman shoots three, then kills self at St. Petersburg mall
  206. Article: Four facing charges of plotting break from Hillsborough jail
  207. Article: Florida woman's sex toy lawsuit against Delta goes to appeals
  208. Miami woman wins $86 million for dad's execution at Bay of Pigs
  209. Fla. Jail Nurse Accused Of Smuggling Drugs For Inmate
  210. Article: Female inmates increasing in juvenile system
  211. Article: Easier restoration of felons' civil rights picking up steam
  212. Article: Judges upholds battery charges against second-grader
  213. Article:Family Lionel Tate stays with wants him to live somewhere else
  214. Article: Florida OKs Three-Strikes Malpractice Law
  215. Opportunity to speak your mind about the florida prison system:
  216. Article: Lawsuits cite bars, workers in DUI deaths
  217. Article: Leaders support required jail time
  218. Article: Prison guard recovering after shooting
  219. Article: Couple charged in baby's death after three-day crack binge
  220. Saw this on the news last night.
  221. Article: Florida Legislation helps restore Voting Rights of Ex-felons
  222. Habitual offender wins partial appeal
  223. FPL, EPRI and Tomoka Correctional to study microturbine energy technology
  224. Article: Police: Dealers report stolen weed to Panhandle authorities
  225. Article: Former Senate President Childers back in Escambia County Jail
  226. Article: Jacksonville man dies during arrest for open container
  227. Article: Catholic dioceses in Florida, New York settle sex abuse lawsuit
  228. Broward County Jail health firm had no experience
  229. Article: 11 arrested after being directed to wrong Seminole courtroom
  230. Article: Report: Workers fired by one juvenile center hired by another
  231. Article: Homeless man dies while immobilized in restraints at Duval jail
  232. Article: Lee County Jail Deaths in Florida
  233. Florida: The State in Brief
  234. Article: Video Busts Deputy Urinating In Public Elevator
  235. So hard for ex-inmates to get a job
  236. Article: Jacksonville police asks feds to investigate 2 custody deaths
  237. Article: Panhandle prison inmate pleads guilty to anthrax threat
  238. Article: Ex-inmate sues over death of baby born over Tampa jail toilet
  239. Article: Parents arrested after 11-month girl suffers severe brain damage
  240. Article: Police: Man dies after officer shocks with Taser
  241. Article: Priest accused of abuse while serving in Florida
  242. Article: Young offenders get lost in shuffle
  243. Article: Man sentenced to life plus 100 years in Homestead cop's shooting
  244. Article: Florida socialite: double jeopardy if tried for wife's murder
  245. Article: Top ranking DCF official quits, criticizes privitization and cuts
  246. Article: Audit: PRIDE spinoff is illegal
  247. Article: Seminole County jail inmates learn to search for, raise insects
  248. Article:Murders spotlight probation system
  249. Article: Inmate vows suit over sex abuse
  250. Its Official (Florida DOC monthly bank fees)