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  1. Florida Prison System
  2. Visiting Columbia C.I,anyone help??
  3. FLORIDA - Clemency Application
  4. Polk Correctional Institution
  5. Info on Youthful Offener Prisions?!
  6. FL Dept. of "Corrections" Info
  7. Release date ?
  8. Permanent Release
  9. Anyone in Milton,FL ?
  10. Martin CI, FL - visitation?
  11. Lawtey Correctional Institution
  12. Summary of Florida State Correctional Facilities
  13. Have Your Men Check their Gain Time!
  14. Florida Prison Canteen/Clothing Lists **UPDATED LISTS**
  15. Florida Visitation - Can Ex-CO's Visit?
  16. Florida DOC: New Canteen List {Keefe!}
  17. CFRC-East
  18. FLDOC: Information for Quick Collect in Other Countries
  19. Florida Work Release
  20. Putnam Correctional Institution Question
  21. Florida Appeal Info
  22. Gaintime in Florida Prisons?
  23. Miami Reception Center ?
  24. Out Of Dept. Custody By Court Order
  25. Work Relese Rules
  26. New River East Prison in Raiford, Florida - Need Information
  27. Help!! Need Info on Work Release Centers in Florida
  28. Religious Necklace???
  29. Score sheet -- Florida DOC
  30. Hamilton Annex
  31. Mail to Calhoun & Cross City Correctional Institutions
  32. work release guidelines, question?
  33. Holidays for Extra Visitation for FL DOC
  34. Florida Rehab: Heaven's Garden
  35. Information about Desoto Correctional Institution
  36. Have you gotten married in a Florida Prison?
  37. Florida State Statute Chapter XLVI - Crimes
  38. Do Florida inmates get mail in lock up?
  39. Getting gain time off for saving a co?
  40. Polk Correctional Institution
  41. Gain Time/$ for Meds
  42. Picture at Hamilton Correctional Institution?
  43. Inmate transfers
  44. Visitation at Gulf Correctional Institution
  45. Information about Brevard Correctional Institution ??
  46. Help with Florida DOC work release
  47. Visiting at Lowell Correctional Institution
  48. Question About Road Prisons/WorkCamps
  49. Schooling for Prisoners
  50. please help me with work release question
  51. Are the release dates posted online accurate?
  52. Visiting at Avon correctional Institution
  53. Does Anyone know anything about BAY C.I. in Panama City??
  54. Latest Lowdown from Lowell Correctional Institution?????
  55. Another Florida DOC Mail Question
  56. Phone List Question
  57. Florida DOC - quarterly purchases??
  58. Doc Budget 2004-05
  59. Any info on Martin Correctional Institution?
  60. Can Visitation AND Mail be blocked?
  61. Restitution question ... ???
  62. Mr.Bush fax number
  63. does anyone know about Indian River CI ??
  64. Classifacation staus vs. custody level
  65. applying for visits..Application
  66. Visitor Attire....
  67. Past arrests
  68. Food at visitation
  69. Wakulla CI?
  70. Prisoners and audio tapes
  71. Motion of Discovery
  72. Womens Facility?!?!?!?!
  73. About work release!!!
  74. Does anybody know anything about Okeechobee CI??
  75. Florida DOC Prison Facility List
  76. Work release eligibility
  77. Current Custody on the DOC website
  78. FLDOC FAQ:Inmate Funds
  80. FLDOC FAQ: Work Release
  81. Transfer to Sumter CI or Polk CI
  82. FLDOC FAQ: Custody
  83. FLDOC FAQ: Close Management (CM)
  84. FLDOC FAQ: Inmate Transfers
  85. FLDOC FAQ: Regarding Parole
  86. Florida DOC Important Phone Numbers
  87. FLDOC FAQ: Detainers
  88. FLDOC FAQ: Medical and Health Care
  89. St. PEtersburg W.R.C.!!!
  90. Anyone know anything about Baker C.I.?
  91. going to wrc someone help with this ? please
  92. Can anyone tell me anything about Moore Haven?
  93. Gain Time Restoration
  94. Mayo CI
  95. Directions to Liberty C I
  96. Difference between main unit to annex??
  97. Any info on VOP?
  98. Can anyone tell me about RAIFORD?
  99. how long for a court date?
  100. What is visitation like at Florida State Prison?
  101. St PEtersburg W.R.C.
  102. Visitation at Brevard Correctional Institution
  103. PLEASE READ: This Sub-Forum (UPDATED 02/16/06)
  104. Florida DOC:FAQ
  105. Prison Calls Online?
  106. any info on probation tranfers
  107. Broward CI
  108. info Florida work release
  109. Hillsborough Correctional Institution - Transfers
  110. What is Reception and Medical Center-West Unit??
  111. Phone list question -DeSoto Annex
  112. What Maximum Prisons Are Near Tampa, Florida??? And Some More Questions?
  113. Reality House - Florida Rehabilitation Center
  114. I'm so annoyed! Visit Question...
  115. Holmes Correctional Institution anyone???
  116. Florida Prison Recommendation, Please
  117. South Bay Correctional Visitation Questions
  118. DOC Chapter 33 (Rules/Admin codes)
  119. please offer any relief here - SB644?
  120. What is the Point system in Florida State?
  121. Anyone visiting at Cross City Correctional Institution??
  122. Religous Necklace, how can I get it to him?
  123. Need Opinions on Florida facilities in Region 1
  124. Florida probation questions
  125. Florida Inmate Canteen Pricelist (Keefe) - updated 04/2004
  126. GLades Correctional Institution ??
  127. visitation at Glades Correctional Institution ??
  128. Question about taking money out of Florida inmates acct's for medical
  129. He's Confined!! Please help
  130. Information on Hardee C I?
  131. Information on Indian RIver C I?
  132. What is Controlled Release?
  133. Important question about release from Florida Prisons
  134. Miami, Florida HalfWay Houses
  135. Reception Rules
  136. florida visitation rules????
  137. marriage at RMC Main unit
  138. Mailing Stuff Off to Florida Inmates
  139. For those of you who know someone in Florida on DR
  140. Florida Faith and Character based prisons/QUESTIONS
  141. Work Release in Florida Correctional Institutiona
  142. Florida prisons
  143. Visits at Florida Correctional Institution ??
  144. Phone Regulation Change
  145. Need Info on Foster Care in Florida - HELP For her BABY
  146. Florida Inmate Deposit Form Question
  147. ~*What Happens After Sentencing?*~
  148. info on Taylor Correctional Institution please?
  149. Please Help - Visiting at Broward Correctional Institution
  150. Divorce from a Florida Prison
  151. Special visits
  152. Drawing On Evelope
  153. Florida Inmate spending limit?
  154. Condominuum Laws
  155. Florida State DOC Facility, Work Release Centers & Probation/Parole Lists
  156. Florida DOC Chapter 33 & Statute Crime Index *UPDATED* 08/08
  157. Can I share cigarettes at visitation at Florida Correctional Institutions?
  158. Transfers in Florida Prisons
  159. UPDATE - Florida DOC Visitation For The 18th-19th
  160. Florida Faith Base Correction Institutions?
  161. Conditional Release in Florida?
  162. Personal Property - Florida Jail to Florida Prison
  163. Sending Stuff to Florida Inmates
  164. 2004 statute it may effect your loved one
  165. Letters in the DC# for Florida Inmates??
  166. What is the difference between Florida Prison & Florida Work camp??
  167. Phone problems at Florida Correctional Institutions-HELP!!
  168. Help with FLDOC
  169. Lake Butler - Reception & Medical Center
  170. Gain time in Florida Correctional Institutions?
  171. Need Assistance in Tampa, FL area
  172. any extra gain time for christmas at Florida Correctional Institutions?
  173. Canteen prices going up again at Florida Correctional Institutions!
  174. Pictures of Florida Prisons
  175. Florida DOC - Medical Hold ... How long?
  176. A question about reduced sentences for Florida DOC
  177. Advise Please on Visitation Approval Rules for Florida DOC!
  178. Personalized CDs...will they make it into Florida Correctional Institutions?
  179. Florida DOC Inmate account question
  180. Need Info Please - Regarding Florida Confinement
  181. FL Sentencing and Public Defenders
  182. Question Regarding Release in Florida DOC
  183. Cfrc East
  184. OMG so confused - Florida parole help needed
  185. Change in Bond Status in Florida?
  186. Pinellas County Commissary List?
  187. Can you get overnight visits in Florida DOC?
  188. Where to find info
  189. Florida Inmate Furlough sponsor Info
  190. Important Question About Florida Work Release
  191. Sentence Calculation/computation
  192. New rules about getting newspapers ?????
  193. Florida Work Release Centers v. Road Prisons
  194. Sumter or Polk Correctional Institute
  195. Stamps And The FL DOC?: What Is The Deal?
  196. What Holidays can you visit on....
  197. Gain time
  198. *What Should I Do About Visitation?*
  199. Florida Aids Testing
  200. Furloughs and Florida Department of Corrections
  201. NEW Canteen List - Effective 10/4/04 (Keefe)
  202. Does FL use ion scanners?
  203. Does he REALLY need money or not?
  204. Can anyone tell me? (work release and restitution)
  205. Can Father and Son be in the same facility?
  206. 2005 Florida Criminal Justice Committee members
  207. What are the rules for a special pass?
  208. How long must you wait to reapply for visits?
  209. I have a question for you guys in Florida
  210. Sending Books to a Florida Correctional Facility
  211. Once out are there travel restictions?
  212. Update on Inmate Bank charging processing fees.
  213. Can Packages be sent to inmates in FLorida?
  214. FEDERAL Prisons in Florida. (FBOP)
  215. Fact or Rumor? (Florida DOC)
  216. Visiting Florida State Prison
  217. Who do we contact to see if florida will accept a transre
  218. Supply list for FLDOC WR
  219. Question on visitation at Taylor Correctional Institute
  220. Need marriage advice (Florida Prison)!!!
  221. Blakely v washington
  222. Visiting without ID
  223. Phone Call Times in Florida Prisons
  224. Florida Work Release Transfer Time
  225. Help! Might not be able to get furloughs!
  226. Any Info On Brevard Correctional?
  227. Questions about Wakulla CI
  228. Florida Visiting Room Foods!
  229. Any loved one's at a "PRIVATE" Prison Facility in Florida?
  230. Gain time messed her up with SS!
  231. Question: Gainesville Correctional Institutue
  232. Question on Gain time?
  233. does anyone know about if a inmate can give blood to his child?
  234. UPDATE on Florida Inmate Banking
  235. Need info on what I can send to FLDOC
  236. Motels In Panama City, Fl?????
  237. Florida Facilities with inmates taking psychotropic meds?
  238. Filling out visitation form
  239. which publisher
  240. Mailing Address
  241. Private Run Prison Facilities
  242. I'm So Frustrated With FLDOC
  243. Need a real answer about time
  244. Getting Married while he's in WRC
  245. Inmate Trust Fund Question
  246. Sentenced to 5 years FLDOC
  247. Why Is Extradition Taking So Long????
  248. Florida visitors list???
  249. I Haven't Lost Hope, But I Am Curious.
  250. Best Phone Deal For Fl Prisons?