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  1. Help - Need a Chemist Interpretation...
  2. Marijuana: The Truth Never Changes
  3. Research: Marijuana And Alzheimers
  4. Help Keep Medical Marijuana Safe And Legal!
  5. John Stossel/ABC
  6. Medical Marijuana - Connecticut
  7. Please sign now - One more day left!
  8. Wash, DC - 34th Annual Rally, Parade and Concert to End Marijuana
  9. Marijuana Policy Project -Grant Info for Organizations
  10. Drug War! email I received
  11. cost of prison vs cost of rehab
  12. Projects - current strategies to end the war on drugs
  13. New "Drugs and Terrorism" Bill
  14. Petition for Relief from Drug War Injustice
  15. Medical Marijuana Triumph for Drug Policy Alliance and Drug Policy Reform Advocates
  16. Drug Policy Alliance 2003 Biennial Conference
  17. Drug Sentencing Reform Act
  18. The President's National Drug Control Strategy 2003
  19. Montel will do program on Marijuana
  20. Don't miss these TV and online shows!
  21. Complete List of President Bush's Drug War Prisoner Pardons
  22. Feds To Overhaul Employee Drug Testing Standards
  23. NORML's 2004 Presidential Candidates Report Card
  24. Drug War Remix Competition
  25. 145 better ways to spend that $145 million!!
  26. Budget increases for 2005 Drug War
  27. Hea Action Alert
  28. Fyi...the November Coalition
  29. Community Involvement
  31. Description: Drug by Drug
  32. Drug Czar U.S. Tour Published
  33. Drug War Facts 2004
  34. The drug war and Terrorism- 2002
  35. "Common Sense for Drug Policy"
  36. Drug Policy Alliance Website
  37. Drug War Clock
  38. Does anyone any new info on the Rockefeller getting abolished?
  39. Difference in Federal Penalty and State Jail
  40. MTV:Drug wars
  41. Finally something - it's a start. Reform of the Rockefeller Law
  42. How Many Arrests ?
  43. Government links
  44. Faculity locator
  45. Support House Bill 430 (Deter Meth Manufacturing)
  46. Bureau of Prisons stats-Types of Offences
  47. U.S. Drug Control Timeline
  48. Amphetamines (incl.Meth) Timeline
  49. Poppy & Opium Timeline
  50. Cocaine Timeline
  51. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937
  52. The True Victims of The "War on Drugs"
  53. !!! House Resolution 1528-Now before the House Judiciary Committee
  54. History: Why were the laws against drugs passed in the first place
  55. Marijuana Laws State by State
  56. Latest Marijuana Reform Ad Refused in Washington D.C.
  57. Marijuana: Myths & Facts
  58. 63% of Americans support treatment over prison for addicts
  59. Please Read: Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment 2005
  60. Book: Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing
  61. Deaths in America
  62. Link: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  63. Go out and show your support !! (one man and one horse)
  64. Books & Videos relating to the Drug War
  65. Pain Relief Network
  66. "Busted! Drug War Survival Skills from the Buy to the Bust to Begging for Mercy"
  67. Good News for A2 Felonies
  68. New Sentencing Chart on Rockefeller Law
  69. Maryland: Mandatory Rehabilitation
  70. Washington State Paraphernalia Laws
  71. Federal Definition of Drug Paraphernalia
  72. Federal Controlled Substances Scheduling System
  73. Drug Tax Stamp Information
  74. Paraphernalia Law/by State
  75. Travel Warning: Foreign Drug Laws
  76. Book: Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town
  77. Prisoner of Pain - 60 Minutes Jan 29 7PM ET/PT
  78. House resolution 1184: Financial aid for drug offenders
  79. Snitch and its abuse( on NPR now)
  80. TV Sunday March 5th 7PM 60 Minutes - The Prince of Pot
  81. The Great Marijuana Debate: Heads vs. Feds March 20th Florida
  82. 2006 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
  83. Presidential Determination/Major Drug Transit/Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries
  84. International Narcotics Control Board Report for year of 2005
  85. Interface of Science & Law in Drug Testing
  86. Need for Understanding Fed Point System:
  87. Anyone Going To Avenal From Orange County?
  88. Can Someone Give Me The Web Site For Mci?
  89. Drug Reform Coordination Network
  90. Raise your Voice
  91. Ron Paul wants to end war on drugs
  92. End The Drug War Concert & Rally - Richmond, VA, April 20th, 2012
  93. Economics of the War on Drugs and the Drug Trade