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  1. Town Meeting
  2. article from Kinross CF re: phone system
  3. Teen sex offenders face years of stigma
  4. Early Release Proposal
  5. Michigan's prison visit rules face Supreme test
  6. Doing away with Mandatory Minimum
  7. DOC projects prison bed shortfall in 2003
  8. get in on a Federal class action lawsuit regarding phones
  9. New Michigan Law on Mandatory Minimums
  10. CO to be charged
  11. An interesting article: Is jail the answer for deadbeats?
  12. Attorneys Lose Fight To Stay On Prison Property
  13. Reccommendations to Granholm
  14. Michigan - Free Law Day Coming Up....important Read
  15. dumb law - Three-Strikes for Parents?
  16. Prison Ministry work helps student net scholarship!
  17. Sister files suit over brother's death in Michigan Prison
  18. Genesee County Board of Commissioners chooses highest bid on jail phone rates
  19. PLease help - Michigan Truth in Sentencing
  20. inmate dies--suit filed
  21. MDOC employee fired over hostile e-mails regarding inmate
  22. Guard faces 10 felony counts
  23. Michigan Father who fails to pay child support sentenced to prison!!!
  24. Arizona may send inmates out of state
  25. Prisoners Pull Woman From Burning Car!!!
  26. Did You Know - Michigan Facts
  27. Truth in Sentencing Questions?
  28. He gets to maybe keep his job, what the?
  29. Supreme Court Affirms Prison Visit Limits
  30. Public Hearing on revising rules for Center
  31. Supreme Court Accepts Appeal From Inmate/You Go Muhammad
  32. DNA Evidence Clears Man in '94 Rape Case
  33. 18 Detroit Police Officers to be Indicted
  34. Michigan planning on expanding drug courts
  35. Freed man: Michigan exoneration is reminder to watch over legal system
  36. Bans on gay couples no longer enforceable in Michigan!!
  37. Activist Nuns facing Prison
  38. Michigan Kids Views on Fathers - LONG POST - Tissues recommended
  39. 92 Arrested in 2 Days!
  40. Granholm speaks out
  41. Suicide at Brooks Facility
  42. MDOC SIGN Causes Stir/Laughs!!!
  43. Campaign to get Drunk Drivers off Michigan Roads
  44. Sergeant's Work With Eminem's Wife Criticized
  45. Michigan Fugitive Found and Killed
  46. Lapeer Correctional Facilities Chain Gang
  47. $3.4 million paid to jailed witnesses; Detroit lockup policy prompts 100 lawsuits
  48. Pontiac Murder Suspect Shouldn't Have Been Paroled
  49. Michigan 8 year old to be charged in sex crimes
  50. Michigan Case to be Featured on A & E
  51. Former HUD official charged
  52. Prisoners working in Braille Transcribing Program
  53. Dominator Faces Charges/Prison
  54. New approach to criminal justice pushed
  55. Police Chief and Internet Solicitation
  56. Great News - New Legislation For Grandparents
  57. U.S. court in Detroit hears possible death penalty case
  58. Ombudsman-free press editorial
  59. Transition of Prisoners Program
  60. Editorial: Price of Freedom: State should compensate those exonerated of crimes
  61. Plymouth Township fights prison unit
  62. The Great Jail Debate going on in Midland County
  63. Michigan breast-feeding driver convicted of some charges
  64. Michigan Truth in Sentencing?
  65. Wayne County Prisoner Fund Misused!
  66. Jackson Max to Stay Closed!
  67. Michigan prison population declines
  68. Truth in Sentencing question
  69. Meeting schedule with the Public Service Comission regarding inmate calls
  70. Sentenced to Fail - A Look at MDOC Failures
  71. Caruseo Says She's Ready To Do Her Job
  72. Granholm appoints leader of juvenile panel
  73. TIS question
  74. Michigan Friend of the Court - Seizing/Selling Property
  75. Parolee crashes Police car
  76. what is truth in sentencing
  77. EX-C/O Jailed for Sex Assaults on Inmates
  78. Visitation Editorial
  79. Drug court will try to break meth addiction
  80. Bay City Times Editorial
  81. State Mental Health Care to be Probed
  82. Large Scale Embezzler Stole Church Funds
  83. Go To Jail - But Pay a Fee First!!
  84. 3,000 State employees--including MDOC guards picket in Lansing
  85. Death prompts Bill Support
  86. New Jury Law Lessens Pool
  87. C/O Charged with Drug Trafficking
  88. Fire at Southern Michigan Prison Ruled Arson
  89. Corrections Case Manager Facing Drug Charges
  90. Hb5070!!!!
  91. Interview with new MDOC Director Pat Caruso
  92. Armed robber says "I've paid my price."
  93. Cain case ruling--prisoner rights
  94. Deficit Even Bigger 918.7 Million
  95. Article from LSJ re: Budget Tour
  96. Local 4 Defenders investigation Friday at 5
  97. check out this letter that I found
  98. Granholm on budget cuts
  99. I know this isn't prison related, but NEED HELP from MI Members
  100. Michigan could free inmates to save cash
  101. Poll on wnem tv 5
  102. The Buzz is Still out there for releases
  103. Cannel 4 wants your questions for the Gov.
  104. $9 mill. last minute spending spree
  105. Latest News Article on Granholm Tour
  106. Urgent - Cast Your Vote On What Gets Cut - Wdiv Poll
  107. tis
  108. Safe and Timely Releases can save state millions
  109. Saginaw CF Inmate files Phone Suit
  110. legislature looks to "fix" sex offender list
  111. House Bills--need to contact your senator
  112. Judge gets 2 months for assault and promises not to run again
  113. truth in sentencing
  114. Column: State's prison policy locks up lots of cash
  115. State Threatens to Cut Muskegon County budget due to high number going to prison
  116. Office of Community Correction-2004 Annual Report
  117. michigan prisoners to wisconsin
  118. Inmates settle 15 yr. suit!
  119. Truth in Sentencing - TIS
  120. Latest Article From The Freep On The Budget Cuts...agreement Reached!
  121. There is justice sometimes......
  122. Tis
  123. Layout of the actual cuts to MDOC
  124. Article:man caught in MT
  125. Change could mean more safe releases and savings--Detroit Free Press
  126. Packed jails give inmated early releases
  127. Early Release & TIS
  128. State revamps security levels to add more inmates
  129. MDOC Legislative Report 2/1/04
  130. ACLU Urges Appeals Court to Enforce Fire Safety Regulations in Michigan
  131. MI Legislature Question...
  132. Vote on the budget and what to cut or increase in the Detroit News...
  133. Proposed Changes in sentencing guidelines 2/12/04
  134. Proposed Changes to Sentencing Guidelines draws fire!
  135. SB 973 Amendment for Parole of Lifers
  136. Granholm Opposes Death Penalty
  137. HJR W (2204) The DP Bill
  138. House Approves Bill Regarding Teachers convicted of a felony
  139. Community Leaders getting Fed-Up
  140. Additional Budget Recommendations as of 2/19/04
  141. Facility changes are in store - from MDOC website
  142. GOP Bill flops in House
  143. Federal appeals court upholds state sex offender registry
  144. Two Attempt (and almost) Escape from St. Louis!
  145. Opponents of the Death Penalty
  146. Granholm's Message to her Colleagues
  147. Five Year Plan to Control Prison Growth
  148. TIS - Need information
  149. Prisoners perceive weighty world
  150. Death Row Survisors Heard on Stage
  151. :( More DP Talk
  152. Michigan House committee delays death penalty vote
  153. PCAP Something Positive for Prisoners
  154. Law-enforcement officials suffer another blow to morale, reputation
  155. State moving to take Youth Sex offenders off Registry!
  156. Vote against the Death Penalty in Michigan! (2004)
  157. Freed Woman Ordered Back to Prison--For LIFE after 15 years out
  158. Spirits Sensor being considered
  159. Editorial regarding Youthful Sex Offenders
  160. Michigan getting tough on deadbeat parents
  161. Opening Doors
  162. Marshall cleared in shooting of unarmed man
  163. $5.9 million cut for Hep C, Substance Abuse, education/vocationaL in Michigan prisons
  164. The reality of what Cox is doing regarding the registry
  165. Lawyers offer to buy defendant's tether
  166. Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative Grantees
  167. Slow down for Construction - PLEASE!
  168. State Lawmakes asked to provide more funds to treat prisoners with Hep C
  169. Prison time battle brews.
  170. Prison time battle brews
  171. Crooked Prosecutor?
  172. Sheriff being sued over inmate phone deal
  173. Michigan prisoners accused of tax fraud
  174. prison phone lawsuit
  175. College Students - Not so smart after all
  176. State wants jails to receive more prisoners
  177. Informational picket scheduled for 5/17 by MDOC guards
  178. Parole Legislation
  179. in today's Oakland Press by Caruso
  180. Michigan Unions Unite to take on Walmart!
  181. Federal Jury Clears Detroit Cops of Abuse!
  182. State high court widens basis for weapons-case convictions
  183. Prisoners Family gets Nothing
  184. Cuts to MDOC approved on 5/20!
  185. Innocent until proven guilty??? This man hasn't even had a pre-lim yet
  186. Prison Guards Allegedly Allow Inmates To Strip Prisoner
  187. Legislation aimed at helping parolees obtain ID cards
  188. Budget Update 6/10/04 from MDOC website
  189. Legislation would make it easier for parolees to get identification
  190. Granholm and Cox overturn medical commutation for inmate
  191. Michigan Prisoner Re-entry initiative-FYI
  192. Prison privatization promoted by Michigan fiscal policy person
  193. A Very Long Night of FEAR - Update - CAPTURED!
  194. Lighter sentence bill pulled - Detroit News 7/4/04
  195. Sex registry may remove teen lovers Detroit News 7/4/04
  196. Prisoners building beds for needy children
  197. CMU Students Submitted Budget Balance
  198. Woman's life term reinstated due to appeals technicality
  199. US Supreme Court ruling - How does it affect Michigan?
  200. Cops to visit parolees in gun search
  201. Community Corrections offers many 2nd chances
  202. Trial by television
  203. Suspended Judge may Teach
  204. Oakland County jail strains at seams
  205. Michigan prisons could swell over new gun rules
  206. Sentencing Guidelines Defended
  207. UPDATE - Carter - May he rest in Peace
  208. Most police keeping Taser stun guns
  209. ACLU joins rehab appeal
  210. Gov. approves drug court
  211. Bay County Sheriff not happy with new gun law!
  212. Judge Jails Pregnant Crack Addict until Baby is Born!
  213. Candidates Past Haunts Local Race
  214. MDOC to set up smoke free zones inside facilities!
  215. Capps ~ MI - Please participate in a mass mailing!
  216. Planted Evidence Leads to New Trial
  217. This Works
  218. Look at what WDIV did to this guy.....
  219. ACLU Fights Crime Database
  220. Parole violators targeted
  221. outbreak in Mid Michigan Correctional.
  222. Supreme Court rulings favor law enforcement
  223. Scammers prey on vulnerable-HUH? WHAT?
  224. Elections are coming up...
  225. Woman Mailed Meth to Inmate
  226. Anthrax Scare Came From Jail Inmate
  227. Crime doesn't pay, but criminals just might
  228. started in Delaware - would be great for Michigan!!!!
  229. Lawyer's first case gets inmate $200,000
  230. Chaplains, religious volunteers bring hope to inmates
  231. Article - Rules prevent easy re entry
  232. Female Prison Guards file lawsuit at Pugsley for sexual harrassment
  233. Program profiles POW camps
  234. Youth home management faulted
  235. Child Support
  236. Prison guard busted for marijuana
  237. Arrests-even if innocent-add up to a million $ a year in funding for Detroit Cops
  238. New policy has parolees facing 30 days in jail for violating parole
  239. Escape attempt foiled at Michigan prison
  240. Fed court cuts hurt Michigan
  241. Officers protest proposal to remove prison gun towers
  242. Rep. Mortimer criticizes gun tower cuts
  243. Interesting Commentary from a Michigan Judge
  244. Program targets mentally ill inmates
  245. Program puts ex-cons on path
  246. Macomb to hire an ombudsman
  247. Phone Issues-Upcoming meetings by PSC
  248. MI-CURE Annual Membership meeting-Oct 2
  249. Western Wayne women's prison closing delayed
  250. 2nd chance sought for prisoners serving life