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  1. Parole attorney
  2. Parole in Texas
  3. Parole Help for Texas Inmates
  4. Parole Revocation In Texas
  5. more parole questions
  6. heads up Texans.........HB1649
  7. HELP - Parole Board Called
  8. Free Parole Advice - Texas
  9. Question about TDC procedures
  10. What is a 'parole package'?
  11. Time sheets
  12. Parole Board has wrong number! Help
  13. Board of Pardons voting
  14. The Texas Parole Points System
  15. Texas Parole Points System
  16. Texas Parole Transfers to Another State
  17. Does Anyone know? if the Texas Parole board will allow family into the hearing
  18. Result Possibilities
  19. Texas Parole questions and answers
  20. Help with Serve-All
  21. texas parole FI-2
  22. Hiring the Parole and Probation Services firm in Dallas
  23. Texas Parole Assistance
  24. FI2 Explanation please
  25. FI-9 / Pre-Release Class ?
  26. High security parole
  27. Another parole question. Help!
  28. projected release dates
  29. How To Write A Support Letter
  30. TDCJ Five Year Set Off????
  31. Parole answer of FI 6R
  32. Lawyer Info
  33. I need help with "Support Letters"
  34. We've been granted an interview. Please Help!
  35. probation violation-SAFP
  36. From there to here? Released on F12
  37. parole in Tx.
  38. Mandatory Supervision In Tx.?!??
  39. Parole ????
  40. Here is the Texas Parole quick reference if anyone is interested..
  41. Parole Eligibility Date
  42. Parole Questions
  43. shock probation in texas
  44. 4-6 Month Parole Process
  45. Parole Question from a newbie
  46. help me please with support letters
  47. Letter From Parole Board?
  49. Texas Parole Release
  50. Sending in Support Letters
  51. serve all/pre release
  52. TEXAS PAROLE STATUS - He is under review now
  53. revocation/parole question
  54. revocation of parole and appealing decision of texas parole board
  55. I have a question
  56. Parole for Fourth DWI Offender??
  57. HELP!! I need advise on hiring a Parole Lawyer....
  58. Can they revoke a parole once approved
  59. Parole Revocation Question
  60. Review for parole- Medical stuff- health issues? Should I make this known in packett?
  61. New Parole Presentation from TX BPP Site
  62. parole violators
  63. Confused about parole revokation
  64. Parole Denied - CenTexLyn Question
  65. mandatory supervision
  66. Question about probation
  67. IPO Interview--Absolutelely Necessary?
  68. where to write support letters
  69. interview
  70. Interstate Compact/Texas Parole Transfers
  71. Parole to my home ...
  72. Parole Eligability Date
  73. Parole Help!!
  74. Parole Points
  75. Support Letters
  76. Send parole letters early??
  77. another support letter quesion
  78. Which Texas Parole Board Will Review The Unit he's on
  79. Interview with the Parole Board
  80. Who can tell me why Parole was denied?
  81. Parole Info on Ad. Seg Inmates in Texas
  82. When to start Writing Support Letters for Texas Parole Board
  83. Parole question/Interstate Compact to another state
  85. Was Denied Parole
  86. is it okay for a girlfriend to request a interview with the board?
  87. After Care Plan for Parole Letter
  88. Classifications as they relate to Parole in Texas
  89. I'm here to Help/Review Texas Parole Support Letters
  90. 2004 Parole Board Appointments by Perry
  91. The Texas Parole Process - Steps on the process!!!
  92. Should I hire a Parole lawyer in Texas/General Info
  93. Texas Parole Packets....Info/Suggestions
  94. How can you find out what parole members will vote?????
  95. Info about Texas parole process
  96. What Are The Magic Words for a Parole Interview?
  97. Parole In the State of Texas-ABOUT THIS FORUM
  98. Suggesstions on Texas Inmate Parole Support Letters
  99. IPO Interview/ Inmates Parole Board Advise
  100. needing Texas Parole Packet help...please and urgently
  101. Husband Denied Right For Revication Hearing
  102. Sent In My Texas Parole Packet...Do I Need More???
  103. RMS Date? Confused
  104. The File was Pulled for Parole Review...What else can i do?
  105. Girlfriend saw parole on 11/5/2003, when should we expect an answer?
  106. Some of the positions have been announced
  107. what can i do to increase chance of parole in Texas?
  108. Can I be held responsible for his Texas parole stipulations??
  109. What address should we use for his parole?
  110. What does "Highest Level of Supervision" mean?
  111. ISF- Clarifications on time
  112. What Can Change the Projected Release Date
  113. Parole question for Texas.
  114. What determines severity of offense?
  115. Parole Posibility???
  116. Question-husband saw woman from parole last Tuesday...
  117. ? about Projected Release Date
  118. How will Line Class Promotions Effect Release Date?
  119. IPO Interview it to late to sign up classes ??
  120. Texas Parole eligible in 2005....can someone tell me the chances?
  121. On The Job Training?
  122. How long til release?
  123. visits from parole office
  124. ? about parole packet
  125. A Second Parole Packet?
  126. Can Inmates Parole Packet Be Added To IPO Files?
  127. What are his chances?
  128. Where do I start
  129. Special Consideration for Parole
  130. Still confused about Parole eligibility Date
  131. Is it taking parole longer than six months to make a decision?
  132. Changes Program
  133. Question - request for interview with Parole Board
  134. parole eligibily on life sentence
  135. Texas Parole Packet Help and Examples
  136. review process question
  137. parole lawyer help
  138. Need Help!! How To Make A Letter
  139. Photos in packet?
  140. Can anyone give me advice on what his chances are for parole?
  141. Will a Change of Address affect his Texas Parole Plan...can I move?
  142. Anyone heard of Parole Edge Services in Texas?
  143. your residence and the po
  144. Parole Info
  145. I'm Confused
  146. What's his chances for Parole?
  147. suggestion to the board?
  148. Missed IPO Meeting Becouse of Transfer......Now what????
  149. Another Parole Appointment Announced by Perry
  150. Need help please!! (Programs in Texas to help with parole?)
  151. Parole In Texas...the Real Scoop
  152. when will we get an answer/chances in making parole???
  153. Gatesville Parole Board Question
  154. Who do I need to talk to?
  155. Given his time served, what are the chances for Parole in Texas?
  156. Question about parole support letters.
  157. How much time would he hae to serve on a robbery charge?
  158. Where do you mail parole support letters in Texas?
  159. BPP Voting
  160. Texas Board Votes Requiring 2/3rds
  161. San Antonio board vacancy????
  162. need help mother up for parole after 27yrs
  163. Should I?
  164. How much time are we looking at being served?
  165. What happens to the Texas Parole process if they switch units?
  166. when to start mailing off support letters?
  167. Angleton Board
  168. What can I do from out here to help the Texas Parole efforts?
  169. Texas Parole Process Info
  170. What would you do?
  172. BPP Info about 1st Time eligibility
  173. making first parole
  174. Where can I find informaton on Texas Parole Packets?
  175. Dont know what to do
  176. 5 year set off
  177. FI-9r vote taken away 1yr set-off given - ??
  178. Fi-2
  179. Is it possible to be released before next review?
  180. Release process? FI-1?
  181. How long should I wait between phone calls?
  182. How long from file pull does it take to see the IPO in Texas?
  183. Parole Attorneys and Parole Packets--should I still make my own? KATH?
  184. Need immediate help understanding parole in Texas
  185. Violation of a condition of release question
  186. What can I do to help him make parole?
  187. Please help - need advice - recent parolee wants to marry ex-offender -is it allowed?
  188. Out early? FI-9R?
  189. Parole Packets and Support Letter Question
  190. TEXAS: Parole Packet is Finally finished Now what?
  191. Parole Board Members over Lockhart
  192. Where do I mail Parole support letters in Texas?
  193. Parole Transfer: How Hard Is It?
  194. Impact of class change on parole in Texas?
  195. When Should I sent in my Interview Request to the Texas Parole Board??
  196. parole info out of date? HELP!
  197. Parole Addresses
  198. Old parole laws vs New laws?
  199. Parole Revocation Appeal
  200. Parole questions
  201. Should I mention MY health issues to the Texas Parole Board?
  202. Special Review
  203. Parole Conditions
  204. Parole Meeting
  205. need some advice
  206. Need a good Atty.
  207. What Does Flat Time Ready Mean?
  208. What should I do???
  209. question about set-offs
  210. Why can't I get a straight answer?
  211. When the best time to start he's parole packet and where can i find one?
  212. Just need someone to proofread if they will
  213. Where Do I Send Parole Packett in Texas?
  214. Parole Percent Rate?
  215. Questions, questions and more questions.
  216. Shock Probation In Texas
  217. Parole Packett ?
  218. Need your opinion...thoughts...
  219. Blue warrant?
  220. My husband made parole
  221. Texas Parole Approval Poll
  222. Texas Parole Packet For Dummies
  223. Time cut question
  224. support letter/please proof read
  225. Time frame to call
  226. Chances of Parole in Texas
  227. Looking for answers
  228. Are the rumers about release straight from County in Texas real?
  229. James Paul Kiel-Huntsville Commissioner
  230. support letters & request for interview
  231. Needing Advice- Possible Extradition to Tx!
  232. HELP??? Credits for previous time served on same charge (Law 42-12-SSC15-1-1-3)
  233. Please help me i need answers!!!!!
  234. I received my phone interview with the board today
  235. Where Is The Vote From Telford?
  236. Att'y. needed for Probation Violation
  237. Need information
  238. Phone call from board??
  239. doing all time or not in texas?
  240. Husband given Serve All
  241. Phone numbers that might help someone else
  242. Parole process
  243. parole question for brother
  244. Just trying to make some sense of this...
  245. He Got Transferred to Goree
  246. behind the times
  247. please someone explain this to me.....
  248. His Parole Approved for FI-9!!
  249. tell me what u think?
  250. Ohmygosh!!!