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  1. Growing Old Inside; T'aint Pretty
  2. Finally!
  3. 10+ Thanx PTO!
  4. Long timer!
  5. how can I help him after 15 years?
  6. Go for the thong Eboniizs!
  7. Introductions?
  8. He had me with his first written hello
  9. Living for today...
  10. Happy New Years
  11. He is so optimistic! I feel guilty...
  12. I need help to do this right!
  13. Some Days Are Much Harder Then Others.
  14. 5-15yrs?!
  15. Who gets visits
  16. need to suggestions
  17. Visit withdrawals
  18. What will it be like when he comes home?
  19. Negative Attitudes
  20. Just wanted to introduce myself
  21. How Can I Cope ?
  22. wnted to say hello
  23. Prison Lingo
  24. You guys Rule!
  25. Raymond and Carol's wedding
  26. How Dare She
  27. Salazar's wife needs some advice!
  28. 13years and 6 mos
  29. Just curious?? Have you ever left him?
  30. If He Was Home Where Would You Go With Him
  31. It Is 2004 Now What About 2008, 2009, 2010
  32. can someone help me with a letter to address the senator
  33. where is your loved one located?
  34. What do you write about to keep things fun and fresh?
  35. Salazar's wife has good news
  36. parole????
  37. Does your family know about your relationship?
  38. please sign my petition on 2/5 thank u
  39. 10-20 years..I am staying and I dont care!
  40. We are going through the hardest thing.
  41. My Baby Sent Me A Bird
  42. Is Anyone Else From Australia?
  43. What Will U Do To Keep Busy For The Next 10 Years Or So...
  44. How often do you get to see baby?
  45. I Received A Letter From Commission Goord Dept Of Correct Nys
  46. I am so in love with him
  47. What does he/she call you?
  48. Have the letters shortened with time?
  49. How many of you ladies have a child with your man already?
  50. Are they jealous?
  51. I'm so sick with the flu and I miss him!
  52. Got 2 letters!!!!
  53. What to say?
  54. Ladies how do you feel about...
  55. wedding date moved back one day
  56. Good News / Bad news...
  57. Those of you who arent married ((or even if you are)) you think you will make it
  58. The Time Does Creep Up On Us Girls...
  59. My Husband Has 11 More Years Can I Write Parole Now?
  60. I Am 36 Been Married 9 Years My Mom Won't Talk About My Husband
  61. Parole setbacks!!!
  62. Just back from my visit..
  63. Miss him but making it.
  64. Hubbie!
  65. denied and broken hearted
  66. Ask Ourselves Honestly How Many Of Us Will Make It Till They Come Home
  67. called down to the regional office in OKC,OK.
  68. Contact Visit
  69. All messed up today!
  70. The Other Post In Husbands/boyfriends Who's Men Are Coming Home
  71. Ok It's Me Again!
  72. Visit anyone?
  73. Opinion is back on the appeal...
  74. Visit day and no visit for me!
  75. Sweet poem from the box.
  76. newspaper article
  77. Having a bad week.
  78. Missing Him
  79. Frustrated!!
  80. Maybe I really want to be bymyself?
  81. Oh I need lots of "HAPPY" & "HOPEFUL" Prayers right now.
  82. I know its too early to be excited but......
  83. feeling down and discouraged
  84. Until 2012... This Is My Time!!!
  85. My Sweetheart
  86. Turned Down
  87. Everybody visiting this weekend...
  88. Shipping him out
  89. Ups and Downs
  90. He may be transferred out of state
  91. Half Way There ???
  92. We Spoke About The Move To Florida For 2006
  93. Will Parole Give Us Our 20th Yr Wedding Anniversary???
  94. technology???
  95. Unexpected call......suprise visit......
  96. Write About The Last 10 Years If You Were With Your Husband...
  97. Thanks Pto
  98. Has he changed?
  99. The Trailer Visits Really Help !!!
  100. applied for clemency
  101. Update on the seperation
  102. For Us Women Only Long Termers....
  103. parole questions
  104. Visitaion after 7 years!!!
  105. Do you think we will be too independent when they come home?
  106. Hey! It's my BIRHDAY!
  107. A Friend Of Mine Is Getting Married But Asked Me Questions I Couldnt Answer
  108. How To Cope
  109. How do you guys deal with the time ???
  110. New York State Law Will Be Passed But For Non Violent No More Parole...
  111. Statistics
  112. Coming Home To A Lonely Apartment
  113. Keep the faith!!!
  114. All Of Us That Have A Long While To Go Please Read And Give Me Your Advise...
  115. Don't know If I can do this....
  116. Been going through it.
  117. I'm being a Pen-friend... what more can I do?
  118. I'm goning throught it now, again..........
  119. Wow what a crazy past month....
  120. Young Luv
  121. What a long time!
  122. Dealing with the time
  123. My First Thread In This Forum.
  124. update to my dealing with the time post
  125. I miss my man!
  126. Would You Marry Your Man If He Was A Lifer???
  127. What kind of goals do you set?
  128. I'm so sick of it!
  129. Stressing over where we'll live
  130. My man wants to write a book.
  131. Do you dream of him often?
  132. It hurts
  133. Waiting For My Husband For 11 Years.
  134. Stay strong!! It wont be long!
  135. I will never let him go.
  136. A prayer to stay strong
  137. Is their family supportive?
  138. Would you have his baby?
  139. How do you help him pass time?
  140. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
  141. What do you love most about him/her?
  142. Keeping our hopes in check...
  143. Do you buy things for him even though he is away?
  144. New to this Thread, UPSet
  145. How are you doing with everything?
  146. Lots of to this whole thing
  147. How Do You Explain???
  148. How do you pass the time?
  149. For Fun
  150. How Long?
  151. What do you do with all your pictures of him?
  152. Letters
  153. Yikes!! I had a panic attack at work!!
  154. I was just wondering how often do your plans change....
  155. Does your man brag....
  156. I was wondering....
  157. 10 Years and Beyond, Please Respond...
  158. hi i'm new here and was wondering
  159. A hustler...
  160. this is soo terrible
  161. This Forum
  162. How is life for them after 10+years?
  163. Does he answer your questions?
  164. I'm in a slump....
  165. I Am Back
  166. Married, out of state, and he's a long term
  167. New here ????
  168. Effects after Long Term Incarceration
  169. DO u ever feel like this?
  170. Shu's are Harmful
  171. This web site
  172. Different religion...
  173. Helpful tips for the long haul / Staying Connected
  174. Guess what?....
  175. I want my life back!!
  176. Am I Fooling Myself?
  177. meaning of dreams?
  178. I get so scared
  179. how long...
  180. How do you deal with the long term affects?
  181. 20+ Years Inside: How is he emotionally?
  182. My Life My Husband Every Day How About You
  183. This hurts...
  184. The "Sad" Holidays Approaching...
  185. ahh how i love the court system... only not!
  186. Things are looking up
  187. Are you his Everything?
  188. How do I show tough love in this situation?
  189. Got my Visit!
  190. How do you do it?
  191. Saw him again..
  192. Reassurances and Guarantees?
  193. He finally met my mom
  194. finally (I saw him and he'll be closer)
  195. Confused
  196. They moved him, etc (long!)
  197. email govenors for family visits
  198. Questions How Will You Go On What Will Keep You Going???
  199. how to keep from being obsessed with the time left to do
  200. How do they deal with guilt?
  201. 22-35yrs.
  202. Time is not moving fast enough.
  203. Holiday depression
  204. For The Longtimers
  205. I'm not the only one
  206. How to Deal with coming home after a long term sentence
  207. Fear of him changing
  208. Almost home after a long bid?
  209. some days are worse than others
  210. New and Questioning
  211. How do I get past this?
  212. Don Diva magazine...I'm in for the long haul
  213. PTO 2005 Conference
  214. Does his crime scare you away?
  215. How much time does your loved one have?
  216. New here
  217. What do I say when they don't have long to wait
  218. He's home after 10...I need input!! PLEASE
  219. different sound in his voice!
  220. Long Sentences & Hoping to have children?
  221. hes 35, and im 21...he still has 8years
  222. Questions on others and loyalty
  223. PTO Day at Cedar Point!
  224. Parole hearing after 30 years
  225. Anyone mind if I sit here for a while?
  226. New Here...
  227. He made it!!
  228. Anyone Dealing with Attempted Murder?
  229. Anyone Dealing With Attempted Murder?
  230. Question regarding Sentencing...
  231. I've been so Sad.. 4/18
  232. Would they care if he truly changed???
  233. Long sentencing and wanting children
  234. What changes have you made?
  235. what do u say to ppl who think your man will turn gay?.....
  236. To All Of Us That Are Waiting Is It The Right Thing For Us???
  237. Personal "bedroom" question
  238. what do you all consider "long term sentenced?"
  239. What can I do to reassure him?
  240. What do you do that helps brighten thier day?
  241. What do you do when they act like they DON'T want you to brighten their days?
  242. Flames burning out
  243. What about more children?
  244. Cheap Thrills
  245. Find myself angry at him sometimes - I miss him terribly
  246. New to this forum
  247. 27years how do i cope? PLEASE HELP ME!!
  248. Life could be easier ...
  249. Lately Its Been Hitting Hard...
  250. I Miss Him So Much...I'm really going through it right now...