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  1. Forum Introduction and Code of Conduct
  2. Prison Rape Reduction Act of 2003
  3. Welcome - Introductions
  4. History In The Making - A Prelude To Stonewall
  5. ‘Sexually Enslaved’ Gay Prisoner Sues for Alleged Multiple Rapes by Fellow Inmates
  6. 7UP Prison Ad Gets Locked Up
  7. Gay Con Sues Over Prison Kiss
  8. Virgin Mobile Uses Prison Rape To Sell Phones
  9. ACLU Cites "Anti-Gay Bias" As Leading Factor In Death Penalty
  10. An Open Letter To Rape Survivors From Tom Cahill
  11. Free Of Rape: An Offender's Constitutional Right
  12. Love letter from Joey
  13. U.S. Supreme Court: Gay Related Caselaw
  14. WWII Holocaust Museum Honors Gay Victims
  15. Timmy's So called "fantasy"...
  16. Patch & Teb....a BIG thank you!!
  17. What challenges come with being Gay in prison?
  18. How are your visits?
  19. From This Fourm, A New Journey Begins
  20. Michigan man reaches out to prison gay inmate
  21. what does this mean? (Same-sex act convictions)
  22. Hello And Congratulations !
  23. Article - Plight of Gay Prisoners in England
  24. Article - Strike Down Limitations On Inmate Vistis
  25. Survey - What does your loved one (Inside) think about GLBT people in prison?
  26. MDOC changing policy due to ACLU
  27. Torture & Cruelty in the Michigan Prison System
  28. lonely and frustrated
  29. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  30. Phil...Have you written under a pseudonym? LOL!!
  31. just saying hi
  32. sunday
  33. Canada to allow same-sex marriages?
  34. RayHill -newcommer to PTO
  35. fed up with it all (rant and rave#1)
  36. 06/28 Paris Gay Pride parade - Paris, France
  37. Some may be interested in this article
  38. jamie's mom from Indiana
  39. A Freind looking for a Freind
  40. Need advice to give a friend
  41. This is a blessing
  42. Domestic Partnership
  43. Lies....
  44. I'm Gay Going Into Federal - Am I Safe?
  45. An Update
  46. hate crimes in prison
  47. today
  48. re-adjusting when your loved one comes home
  49. frustrated again
  50. Need Help Here!!!
  51. Let's fight This...
  52. Needs Information on do's and dont's in ashland ky fed prison
  53. Massachusetts Court Decision possibly extending marriage rights to Same Sex Couples
  54. City Aims To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Next Week
  55. Former governor supports gay marriage ruling
  56. so close
  57. Same sex unions & message to Congress
  58. Friend in Cambridge Springs,Pa
  59. Discrimination in California Prison...
  60. Ohio Jail Refuses HIV Meds To Inmate
  61. Tehachapi
  62. State Court Says Same-Sex Couples Entitled to Marry
  63. Sign Petition:Civil Marriage for GLBT Couples
  64. my transgender son in prison
  65. Gay-Marriage Debate Continues in Mass.
  66. San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couple
  67. "Same-Sex Couples Marry in San Francisco"
  68. Youth Serving 15 Additional Years in Prison Because He is Gay
  69. Criminal Justice & Sodomy Laws
  70. "S.F. to Sue State Over Gay Marriage Ban"
  71. "Bush Backs Amendment Banning Gay Marriage"
  72. gay boyfriend in Florida prison
  73. Defenders Of The Sanctity Of Marriage
  74. Gay activisit wants parenting reform
  75. GF of 11 years in fed prison
  76. Gay marriage spreads to France
  77. Dozens of Gays Wed Legally in Massachusetts
  78. In need of a gay penpal??
  79. First gay marriage held in France
  80. wanting to give after prison
  81. New Laws in Virginia?
  82. Federal Marriage Amendment defeated in U.S. Senate!
  83. Help Needed In Understanding
  84. A question for anyone who has a loved one in a female prison
  85. Me and my best mate...
  86. Gay friend seeking penpals
  87. Key West drag queens raise money for Charley victims
  88. Looking for advice and support
  89. gay penpal
  90. Washington State judge: Ban on gay marriage unconstitutional
  91. I'm new, facing 10 years in fed
  92. Oregon: Measure 36 to ban same-sex marriage
  93. Judge Knocks Fla. Gay Foster Rules
  94. Gay Support Groups for inmates
  95. In the Life (PBS Monthly show)
  96. Article: WA State Amendment Proposed To Define Marriage
  97. Article: Virginia agrees to treat transsexual inmates
  98. Spain approves gay marriage bill
  99. Need Help with Foundation
  100. New to Women/ Need advice on my situation.
  101. Article: Voters In 11 States Approve Bans Of Same-Sex Marriage
  102. What to do..........
  103. now what
  104. Hello from C.A., i am new in the site!! Partner in custody.
  105. Privacy / outing a gay loved one in prison
  106. resource list for lgbt prisoners available!
  107. Anti G/L/B/T South Carolina
  108. California Passes Strengthened Domestice Partnership Rules
  109. Article: Christian Group Charged With Hate Crime
  110. Looking for a Gay Penpal in TEXAS
  111. Gay man going to Federal Prison looking for advise
  112. How can I make my mother understand?
  113. PTO at Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) July 9th
  114. I'm freaking out about not getting mail.
  115. que pasa todos looking for a penpal
  116. Visitation Limited 2 Boyfriends in GA
  117. I admit it's getting to me.
  118. curious
  119. Article:Should Gay Sex In Prison Be A Right?(South Africa)
  120. Article: Gay Slaying Stuns Iowa Town
  121. Two gay men sentenced in Fiji
  122. Question about Release and Transition
  123. Article: Massachusetts Says 'No' To Gay Prison Marriage
  124. Limestone Anyone Or Alabama ?
  125. Hello Im Joey T. ...
  126. He's back home and I'm about to dump him.
  127. Frank & Scott's First Anniversary!
  128. NYTimes:What's Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage? (It's the Gay Part)
  129. Gay Ex-Convict, looking to help
  130. Respectfully asking for a lesbians thoughts
  131. Canada lawmakers approve gay marriage bill
  132. Spanish MPs approve gay marriages
  133. Curious??? (same sex experience while in prison ?)
  134. Just got finished watching another episode of Queer as Folk..
  135. Just a hello Really
  136. Okay, the girls had their 'what if'
  137. Article: Iran accused of executing gay teens
  138. Article: ACLU says 20 gay inmates mistreated in L.A. county jail
  139. what shall i do
  140. Federal pre-sentence investigation question - Do they ask?
  141. New to the forum
  142. Advice on writing to Gay Penpals
  143. Gay and Facing Prison Time, Scared To Death
  144. Best friend in prison with gay roomate and fantasy...
  145. Gay/Lesbian Parents with a partner in prison
  146. Just needing to get a few things of my chest
  147. Need advice on initiating penpal contact
  148. How Did you Meet your Partner?
  149. should I or shouldn't I?
  150. I took our daughter on her first visit
  151. Anyone have a partenr in the Michigan DOC?
  152. GLBT detention centers
  153. Men who are gay in prison
  154. Kentucky bars any mail which "promotes homosexuality"
  155. Just want to try something different - Can I be with a woman while he is in?
  156. How is the same sex thing viewed?
  157. Relationship with Pen pal moving fast!
  158. Being a friend/penpal to a gay inmate
  159. Help!!!! Should I Worry about his past expierience?????
  160. Merry Christmas GLBT Forum!
  161. Prison Dreams??
  162. Worried about him getting out and having relations while in with a man
  163. Joeyoey - New member to the GLBT Forum
  164. When do you know your sexual orientation?
  165. Jail Condoms draw fire in the US
  166. Being taken for a ride or not???
  167. My Wife in Prison - married - can we change her name?
  168. The Paul Broussard Homicide in Houston
  169. Still in Danger: The Ongoing Threat of Sexual Violence against Transgender Prisoners
  170. Heartsick by gay bashing on this site
  171. Does Prison Make You Gay?
  172. Need Advice on writing a gay pen pal
  173. Is my brother safer from rape in segregation in SHU?
  174. I always feel like I'm fighting beliefs of other Christians
  175. Would you like to have a GLBT chat?
  176. Do people make you uncomfortable in the visitng room?
  177. Intro - Monkeyboi77 - TG Boi
  178. What are the GLBT Differences!?!
  179. 2006 PTO Fundraiser
  180. Catching up on the board and and update about me.
  181. Arrested Justice: When GLBT People land in Jail
  182. Is it just me or is everyone a lesbian for this reason?
  183. Me and my dream lover.
  184. Help should I pursue someone I met in Juvenile detension
  185. GLBT Chat Room Nights!
  186. life after prison
  187. All Mixed Up!
  188. GLBT Forum - What do we talk about?
  189. Some basic facts about being LGBT in prison
  190. Resources for Gay Prisoners Coming Home?
  191. GLBT Chat Tonight at 8 pm Central
  192. Contact Visits with same sex partners?
  193. Glbt Chatroom Open Tuesday At 8:00 Pm
  194. Would this forum be correct for a gay offender penpal request?
  195. girlfriend in dwcf
  196. Do you tell your PO you're gay?
  197. Interview with gay Massachusetts inmate awaiting retrial after serving 21 years
  198. association question for two guys who met in prison
  199. Parole Hearing: To be gay or not to be gay... that is the question
  200. New to prison talk - feel lost now that my loved one is inside
  201. I was desperate!
  202. Confused and scared about fantasy
  203. someone i care about is in prison ....again
  204. Any Canadians out there?
  205. Same Sex Marriage Help?!?
  206. Single gay dad needs to tell daughter about partner in prison
  207. What can I do for my friend?
  208. 2 X Falsely Advertised Photo!
  209. New to PTO, dealing with the FL DOC
  210. My Intro - I just found out there is a gay forum here LOL
  211. Article: Ad to portray HIV as gay disease UPDATED
  212. I Would Love For My Glbt Family Support On My Book!
  213. Developing a Relationship(s) in Prison
  214. Busted in Visitation !!!!
  215. question about transgender inmates
  216. Do you know a gay person at Stiles? Serious here.
  217. Need some Advice regarding my love
  218. Happy Thanksgiving to our GLBT family
  219. hello - Sisb71 - New to GLBT Forum
  220. Coming home....
  221. How are transgendered inmates treated in prison?
  222. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  223. Seeking gay penpals...
  224. Am I in love? Please help
  225. Do you take the crime into account when writing a penpal?
  226. Penpal ads and orientation...
  227. What is going on?
  228. I felt alone and betrayed by the gay community
  229. Transfer of probation
  230. Penpal to a guy
  231. relationship outside the state pen?
  232. GWM being sentenced Feb 23rd
  233. Gay Chat
  234. dont know what to do
  235. Am I clueless to all this?
  236. Same-sex marriage in prison (in Canada)
  237. Loneliness
  238. Gay, confused, and about to surrender to serve term... HELP!!!
  239. Anyone have a loved one in Florida DOC??
  240. Gay and Bisexual Pen pals
  241. She's Home
  242. Parole and Location
  243. Calif. gay partners get conjugal visits
  244. He's stressed about getting out?
  245. I've been dumped?
  246. Friend going to prison in Missouri
  247. NJ DOC Proposes existing Marriage Regs to also apply to Civil Unions
  248. Conjugal Visits for Gays and Lesbians Petition
  249. I miss my Baby!
  250. Have any of you had a conjugal visit yet?