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  1. My Dad is Dying
  2. VICTORY-NJ Prisoners Will Get Hep C Rx.
  3. Info on Hep C.
  4. More Info on Hep C
  5. Even More info on Hep C
  6. CDC calls on all states to test some prisoners for Hepatitis C
  7. Need Help to add content to this forum ASAP
  8. Hep-C what it is
  9. Getting the proper treatment for Hepatitis C is important!
  10. History of Hep C
  11. Hep C & Pregnancy
  12. Research
  13. Control/Testing/At Risk info
  14. Hepatitis in Prison
  15. IN RESPONSE TO A PM from "someone"
  16. CIA Report: Global Infectious Disease Threat & It's Implications for The U.S.
  17. Jan 31 released STATS on Hep C and Prisons...SHOCKING!!!
  18. Is Hep C a HOLOCAUST???
  19. SYMPTOMS of Hep C
  20. How is HEP C spread?
  21. Hepatitis lessons aimed at prisons
  22. HEP A is not HEP B is not HEP C is not HEP D, or E, or G!!!
  23. N.C. Dropping HCV Treatment?
  24. i was wondering if you could provide me some info?
  25. Generic Ribavirin Soon to be Available--Will Lower Cost of Hep C Medication
  26. What Are Genotypes?
  27. Powerful Support for Liver Health
  28. Kids and Hep B Vaccination
  29. Article - Hepatitis C -- A Silent Menace
  30. Some random questions about Hep C
  31. More Hep B Vaccination Information
  32. Article - Liver Restoration - A Herbal Approach
  33. Milk Thistle or Siliphos - Article
  34. Herbal and Vitamin liver remedies
  35. Herbal and Vitamins to AVOID
  36. Hepatitis - What to do and what not to do
  37. I received an email pleading for help
  38. This Forum - Forum Introduction
  40. Science is dicovering even Cirrhosis is reversible!
  41. Should you get a liver biopsy?
  42. What is FIBROSIS and CIRRHOSIS?
  43. What is Ribarin? Interferon? Peglyated Interferon?
  44. What if COMBO THERAPY doesn't work for you?
  45. ANOTHER HOPE? Liver Dialysis Machines
  46. The PRICE of Hep C drugs is getting lower!
  47. Don't assume that because you have no symptoms yet...
  48. THIS needs to go to EVERY Prison Warden in the country.
  49. Great News!
  50. What is this new "TT VIRUS"?
  51. The Truth about Tattoos and Hep C
  52. My defence against doubters of herbal and Native Medicine!
  53. Treatment success rates in State Correctional facility
  54. What does my test mean?
  55. WHY alcohol is so dangerous to YOU!
  56. 70% in Canadian Prison have Hep C
  57. FILM about Cummins Plasma Unit Scandal
  58. BAXTER is STILL selling contaminated blood!
  59. CDC recommends ALL inmates get tested
  60. TIMELINE - The tainted blood scandal - OUR 18 year battle!!
  61. Prison Syringe Exchange Programs ARE a Success!!!
  63. STEVE ATCHLEY! 75% of American Hep c cases are VIET NAM Veterans?????
  64. Hep C virus in present in SALIVA
  65. Access Assurance number Know more!
  66. Access to HepC Treatment for Prisoners - Help Suport the TX ACLU with this cause.
  67. Inmates not entitled to hepatitis C treatment
  68. Forget marriage in Vermont, if you have Hep C!!!
  69. Anyone ever heard of or had success with Noni Juice in treating hepatitis?
  70. Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C (HCV)
  71. How long does it take to start having symptoms?
  72. HepC Treatment in Federal Prisons - Need Information
  73. Need Some Info, Help? How is Hepatitis A, B, and C transmitted?
  74. From Hep-C Site (Movement for Awareness)
  75. Articles and Petitions about HEP C
  76. Hep C Patients Find Pegasys More Tolerable
  77. Riddle May Be Solved on How Hepatitis C Virus Targets Liver
  78. FDA Approves Test to Measure Hepatitis C Virus RNA
  79. Providing information and support to HCV and HIV/HCV+ Prisoners
  80. Autoimmune Hepatitis
  81. I now have Hepatitis C
  82. Good News...the results are Negative!
  83. Is there anything being done for Hep B & C in California prisons?
  84. What to do about chronic fatigue???
  85. Vitamins B & C - ordered by a prison doctor?
  86. Canadians need our help!
  87. Sonny's Hep is Dormant!
  88. Dealing with Hep C Discrimination
  89. The Ten Commandments for Hepatitis Survival
  90. FYI: olive leaf extract
  91. What over-the-counter meds are safe?
  92. My father has this illness
  93. Untreated Hepatitis in New Jersey prisons
  94. HCV treatment, WA state-How do you fight the system to give them treatment
  95. What if any treatment will he receive in prison for Hep?
  96. Why Treat Hep C in Prisons? Good Argument!!!
  97. Hep C Veterans Rally and Demonstration
  98. Sexual transmission?
  99. QUESTION about hep. c? can u die?
  100. How is it contracted?
  101. Hep C in Texas
  102. Post from Hep-C site! (interesting)
  103. Immune system
  104. Hep-C and Herbal Remedies
  105. Can I get Hep C from my boyfriend?
  106. Hep C in Arkansas Penal System
  107. Jail contractor to treat hepatitis C
  108. Tattoos in Prison
  109. Meet your new Research Assistant for Hep C
  110. HCV in Mississsippi
  111. Could Someone Please Tell Me (How One Contracts Hepatitis C)
  112. What Is Hepatitis C
  113. Kissing and Hep C
  114. I will never leave him
  115. More Info source C. Evvert Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General plus phone numbers
  116. Hep C...Here is a good website about basic facts of Hep C
  117. Aluminum..kind of metal taste in mouth...does anyone know about
  118. Fitness press release on wrong!!!
  119. Jackson Diagnostics
  120. Daughter has hep C
  121. Autoimmune Hepatitis
  122. What can I do to help my husband who is in Eastham Unit in Texas?
  123. Fighting medical abuse
  124. Letter from; William Easter; TDCJ# 100096
  125. I need help in Indiana
  126. My Son has Hepititis
  127. FDA Finally Approves Affordable HCV Medication
  128. What is Hepatits C?
  129. Had To Have Baby Tested
  131. A Texas inmates view on Hep C.
  132. Doctor called yesterday...
  133. Prison tattoo parlors-Canada
  134. A Mom's Questions.....
  135. Could someone please help with some questions?
  136. It's taking me a week and a half....(My man has Hep C)
  137. Even the Medical Community Doesn't Know What the Heck Hep C Is
  138. I'm a little confused
  139. Can inmates get Hep C by jailhouse tats?
  140. Interferon Treatment - Update: Treatment Completed 8/19/04
  141. My spleen is enlarged
  142. No real risk of sexual transmission as long as blood to blood contact is avoided.
  143. HCV Advocacy for Prisoners
  144. My Best Friend/Angel died from Hep C
  145. The Liver List - Prisoner Focused HCV Newsletter
  146. Just a little info FYI
  147. Confused and overwhelmed
  148. Viral Load ?
  149. It's over!! Test results came back-- HEP C is GONE!!!
  150. Needles in prison...What do you think?
  151. Just Found out
  152. Fight for the Rights of Prisoners with Hep-C
  153. October Issue of "Liver List" Now Available--Free & Online
  154. Hep C...TN does nothing for these inmates?
  155. Moving prisons, getting tested, and not given results????
  156. Bad news today
  157. Web MD: Hepatitis C Take Action Center
  158. Help for Hep C in Tennessee!
  159. Scared to death.........literally
  160. Boils/Cysts and Hep C?
  161. Is there anything after Pegasus?
  162. Is hep B the same as hep C?
  163. Can I kiss him
  164. Congressional Hearing on Hep C.....
  165. I have a question about Liver Bio
  166. Starting treatment..don't want to.....also, any recommendations of docs in so cali
  167. Test results back.
  168. Resources-Hepatitis C
  169. Here is a good, interesting hep site!
  170. Hep C info site
  171. I need info on Hemochromatosis
  172. Viral load now 4 million
  173. Hep. C Question
  174. What can I expect?
  175. conflicting hep c stories from 2 different med. workers.
  176. How long can someone survive with hep c?
  177. Cost of Pegasus question
  178. I am confused...My boyfriend seems to think I have it
  179. B/f at FMC - scared to catch hep c.....please help!
  180. Acetaminophen, Taken as Directed !!!!!!
  181. Have a Question Regarding T.I.P.S. procedure for Hep C
  182. My brother needs help
  183. Weekend for Awareness Update!!
  184. Hepatitis/HIV--Tats
  185. Stop by and give Kudos to Sunnie who's moved up to Moderator!
  186. What are the danger of going untreated....He just won't listen!!
  187. Medical Treatment Denied
  188. Can Caffeine Prevent Liver Damage?
  189. Hep C and ibuprofen
  190. Will they start interferon in prison for inmates with hep c?
  191. Healing Hep C on the inside
  192. What do I need to watch for and is there any info. I can get for him?
  193. Benefits..Does a person with Hep C qualify for State Disability?
  194. Needle exchange call to curb spread of Hep C in prisons
  195. Let's Welcome Valerie To the HEP C forum
  196. I was diagnoised with liver problems and
  197. What is Hep C ? (a reminder)
  198. Hep C and drug users
  199. Question about treatment
  200. Hep C and now they claim Cancer
  201. Hepatitis C genome
  202. I think my husband has Hep C? Please Help!
  203. Did Anyone know you can get Hep from Raw oysters?
  204. Question about Hep C
  205. Hep C Main Concerns& Who Here Knows Someone Who Has It
  206. HepC~~~Check In Here
  207. Happy Holidays to My Hep C Family!!
  208. Will routine tests find it?
  209. How long for test results
  210. How do I get the results?
  211. Brain fog? confusion? erratic behavior?
  212. Just how high is too high?
  213. They will not treat him. Is there someone I can contact?
  214. Why Are So Many Offenders Going To Die With Hep C And Weren't Being Treated?
  215. Hep c questions
  216. I need some answers about Hep C
  217. Has a loved one gone through Hep C treatment while locked up?
  218. Hep c and self medication
  219. An emerging experiment to pump up sagging U.S. blood supplies
  220. "HCV & Sexual Transmission"-one of many fact sheets from HCV Advocate
  221. Will Not Treat!!
  222. RDC testing vs Prison Doctors testing
  223. Symptoms of Autoimmune Hepatitis
  224. Kind Of Lost About Hep C
  225. Can he get it being housed with another person?
  226. What do I need to do to get his medical records?
  227. Can you BE EXPOSED but not HAVE IT?
  228. Plz any info on prison care for hep-C end stage cirrhosis
  229. If you or a loved one needs treatment...
  230. Tatoos & hepatitis?
  231. Hep. question please
  232. What kind of treatment do they have for Porphyria
  233. New here-HepC Advocate
  234. Hepatitis c (Meds in prison?)
  235. Sex and Hep C
  236. He Asked Me Babe What Should I Do In The Letter
  237. What? Is this a problem??
  238. Information about Hepatitis B
  239. Treatment For Hep C @ Ccc
  240. How do they get Hep C in prison anyway?
  241. Having HepC And Not Wanting Treatment?
  242. Prayers please - biopsy tomorrow
  243. How does one get tested for hep-c?
  244. Need Arizona protocol for hep c
  245. With so much scares about tatoos & hep . . .
  246. My Boyfriend Has Hep C and now Hep B Is Hep B just as Bad?
  247. Interfron for Hep B or C
  248. My Fiance Was Just Told He Has Hep. C
  249. Vitamins with Iron & Hep C ?
  250. Hep C and nutrition