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  1. Someone has to start this Forum, Guess that someone is me - Husband doing life
  2. A Violent Crime
  3. JD's Story.....
  4. Do you ever have doubts? - Could it happen again?
  5. The One I Loved
  6. Should I Be Scared of Him?
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  8. Son Was Not Always Violent
  9. teen away for life
  10. Teens can change
  11. i too love a violent offender
  12. Is this really happening? - Feeling helpless & confused
  13. Question about violent offender laws in NY state
  14. Comments on the Loving a Violent Offender Forum
  15. broad question, I know: "Can (or Do) they change?"
  16. "Now I really do want to rape" - Mike Tyson
  17. Killing in prison - Life sentence - Daughter now asking about father she doesn't know
  18. Mother of a Murderer
  19. Impact program at Hunts (in Louisiana)
  20. What exactly is considered a 'violent offender'?
  21. Views From a Violent Offender
  22. Family/Friends Don't Understand Why I'm With Him
  23. Hello to Everyone in The Forum
  24. The words "Violent Offender" mean nothing to me!
  25. My dad is a murderer
  26. Husband is a Violent Offender
  27. How Do I Deal With Knowing The Truth?
  28. what exactly is a violent offense?
  29. Can you accept the real story? (details of the violent offense?)
  30. well said (about loving a violent offender)
  31. Violent offender? (Is my son one?)
  32. Family member murdered by family member?
  33. Is MY HUBBIE a Violent Offender?
  34. lovin a so called offender
  35. I am In (happy) Shock... (about the support on PTO!)
  36. need some advice now (Should I be worried about my safety w/ him?)
  37. Is 1st degree burglary considered a violent offense?
  38. Reduced time?
  39. husband a violent offender
  40. Public Housing & Violent Offender Issues
  41. Resisting Officer w/ Violence...
  42. Do Child Abusers Change?
  43. Are you scared of him? (because of his violent offense)
  44. A monster in the making?
  45. Loving an HO5 and the crap that goes along with it
  46. Can a Violent Offender get a real job?
  47. Low Income Housing & Domestic Violence
  48. My Mom is a murderer
  49. My man is serving 25-life .. have questions!
  50. WA st violent offender...
  51. New to PTO and curious...
  52. My childhood friend been on Texas Death Row since he was 17
  53. Does violent behaviours stem from childhood?
  54. Update about my son...and venting
  55. No answers but lots of questions
  56. aggravated robbery and 70%
  57. 90% Questions And Other Concerns!!!!
  58. should young violent offender be given a second chance
  59. procedures for filing commutation ??
  60. The Answer to the Question - Standing by Your Violent Offender
  61. Why could'nt he be a an executive......
  62. Registering as a Violent Offender?
  63. How many of you have a loved one considered a Violent Offender?
  64. When People Ask What Did He Do
  65. Updated - The One I Loved
  66. Is He coming home or not.
  67. Anger Management
  68. my story
  69. family doesnt know
  70. i think he's lying
  71. Death row violent offenders
  72. attempt to disarm/ battery to a peace officer?
  73. I need some help with my victim's impact statement..please :O)
  74. initial appearance via video?
  75. Family using others' violent stories to scare (was: You're not going to believe this)
  76. Visiting your husband when in for Domestic Violence
  77. how can one escape a violent racial gang?
  78. What do I do?
  79. At!!!
  80. Have you been cross examined?
  81. Does he ever get depressed or have nightmares?
  82. Violence has Biological Link
  83. Does this sound good for a pre sentence statment...
  84. New to the Violent Offender Forum
  85. My angry love. The story of us.
  86. I Love My Man
  87. No Clue Of What These Words Mean
  88. violent offenders and children
  89. Heartbroken and in need of friends
  90. Violent Offender Registry
  91. penwife intro to the Violent Offender forum!
  92. babygirl intro to Violent Offender Forum
  93. e_wife03 intro to Violent Offender forum!
  94. Numb and coming to terms with the truth....
  95. well and teuly fed up
  96. I am proud of my man
  97. Has anyone ever submitted pos/neg documents to a parole board?
  98. The Feelings Trapped Inside
  99. Boyfriends Charges
  100. Have you noticed this about dealing with charges
  101. Has Your Loved One Ever Thought of Writing his/her victim if alive?
  102. Anyone's loved one in for armed robbery
  103. to me he was just a friend
  104. Will he do time and how much? What do you think?
  105. Happy Holidays VO Forum!!!
  106. Freedom Cafe, December edition!!!
  107. How to answer a child's question regarding the violent crime
  108. Did Your Violent Offender Disassociate Himself From the Crime?
  109. I'm sooo proud of him
  110. Is He Friends With Other Violent Offenders?
  111. insensitive family member
  112. Freedom Cafe'!!!! Happy New Year!!! Jan 06' Edition
  113. Why Violent Offenders Are Considered Worse than Non-Violent
  114. Are You An Addict To Prison Shows and Don't Realize?
  115. Do You Think They Are More Prone to Get In Fights While In Prison?
  116. My feelings have changed
  117. Other People's Reactin to Their Crime
  118. How Do You Write A Support Letter For A Violent Offender
  119. Kids and their friends on loved ones crimes
  120. Freedom Cafe!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!
  121. New York state Class- A felony... Any parolees/family????
  122. What are considered Violent Crimes?
  123. The title violent offender?
  124. superbowl commercials #1?
  125. Living with the stigma of his crime
  126. Anyone else has a honey with First degree assault ?
  127. How do you deal with it when the violent crime is a against a women?
  128. Am I wrong for falling in love with a man that harmed his pregnant girlfriend
  129. In Love with a violent offender-heresay!
  130. Looking for anyone with a Violent Offender Who Made Parole First Time
  131. Chances of Parole ... 2nd Deg.. MURDER
  132. his crimes are so unlike him
  133. Welcome to The Freedom Cafe - March Edition
  134. is it wrong to believe he didnt committ a violent offense
  135. How has their violent crime affected them
  136. Does It Ever Hit You Suddenly, That This Is His Life?
  137. Are you the only one standing by your Violent Offender?
  138. Who will be there when you're gone?
  139. Welcome to Freedom Cafe~~April Edition
  140. Serious and Violent offender Reentry Initiative State by State.
  141. Need to know how long he might be gone for
  142. Leave A Prayer For Our PattiD1157!!!!!!/UPDATE
  143. When Others Worry For My Safety
  144. Welcome to Freedom Cafe~~May Flowers Edition
  145. What are the chances of parole?
  146. Ex-Lifer (Former violent offender) here to answer your questions
  147. Help!!(having second thoughts about my Violent offender
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  149. POLL: violent offender Chat
  150. How Does Your violent offender Act When He Gets Angry?
  151. What are yours/his fears for when he comes home?
  152. How about when he only gears his anger at me?
  153. Day and time for violent offender chat/VO Chat is now closed
  154. Violent offender Thread to Offer Prayers or Good Thoughts
  155. How much punisment is enough? Read article
  156. How Many of You Know or Suspect that your Husband is in a Gang
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  158. Crime Vs. respect: does their crime get them more respect?
  159. Afraid that if my VO comes home he'll hurt me again
  160. 10-20-life
  161. Article:Reformed killer finds peace as a priest
  162. Do you think my guy's crime was violent?
  163. Come join us in the Freedom Cafe!
  164. I Need Help Telling My Family About My Fiance Who Is A VO
  165. FBI's Violent Crime in the United States 2004/ Update Feb 06
  166. September's~~Back to school edition of FREEDOM CAFE~
  167. FAQ's : Violent Criminal Offenses
  168. My VO is such a Teddy Bear!!!
  169. Question about no contact order
  170. AGGRAVATED robbery, Where does it fall on the list of violent offenses???
  171. Freedom Cafe~~Falling into October
  172. Violent Offender Incarceration and Truth-in-Sentencing (VOI/TIS) Incentive Program
  173. Is my boyfriend considered a violent offender?
  174. Welcome to the Freedom Cafe!!
  175. Was Your VO Ordered to take Classes?
  176. I found it scary(his violent crime)
  177. Happy Thanksgiving VO Foum
  178. Has anyone's family been able to heal?
  179. Let It Snow Freedom Café!
  180. Am I blinded by love??
  181. Nervous Pre Release Coming Up What Do I Need to be Doing To Get Ready
  182. New to the forum, and need a little support
  183. Happy New Year Freedom Café
  184. Are your VO's thinking about what kind of jobs are available to him?
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  186. Do violent offenders serve a full sentence?
  187. The Beauty of Friendship- March Edition of Freedom Cafe
  188. Loving a Violent Offender and the end of a relationship
  189. Doing The Right Thing.
  190. critisisim
  191. NEED HELP!!!Do V.O.'s have to return to county of offense after they get out?
  192. violent crime offenders
  193. they consider him a VO
  194. how often do you get to visit your VO?
  195. i don't know about time calculations
  196. Is he Violent or is it just a corrupt town?
  197. April Showers, bringing May Flowers Freedom Cafe!
  198. Paul ''Cornfed'' Schneider
  199. Violent Offender Programming and Treatment
  200. An Act of Creating a CT Violent Offender Registry
  201. Gov. Crist Signs Act Targeting Violent Offenders
  202. Offenders Must Prove They're Not Dangerous Under Proposed Bill
  203. Violent Offender Index
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  205. Freedom Cafe!! 06/07
  206. Non judgemental?
  207. Aggravate Assult Question
  208. Aggravate Assult Apeal Question
  209. Crim Poss Weap 3rd Sub 4-8 Vfo
  210. Fireworks and friends at the Freedom Cafe!!
  211. Does your violent offender lack empathy?
  212. hi i'm new to this forum
  213. A1 class felony
  214. Summertime at the Freedom cafe!
  215. Can This Label Ever Be Removed???
  216. Back to school for the Freedom cafe!
  217. Truly something I will never understand
  218. This is very hard, and I feel helpless
  219. Can you help me out? Statistics on Male vs Female VOs
  220. Autumn Days at the Freedom Cafe
  221. Scared to death :( My VO is coming home
  222. The man they make him to be, is not the man he is to me!
  223. Happy Holidays at the Freedom Cafe (Nov/Dec 07)
  224. Robbery: A violent offense or does it have to be ARMED robbery?
  225. getting out if the victim forgives
  226. Freedom cafe
  227. im new -cjnygurl1987
  228. What about Burglary, is it a violent offense?
  229. What is considered a violent offender to you?
  230. Early Release for Violent Offenders in NY
  231. Has anyone you know had sessions with his/her victim?
  232. Bond in armed robbery
  233. is risk of injury to a minor considered a violent crime?
  234. how to tell if he is in a gang?
  235. Assisted Living Residence for an (ex)violent offender
  236. Restorative Justice?
  237. Do any of you ever feel guilty for your loved one's violent offense?
  238. Can we live together if I have domestic battery charges?
  239. Deciding to Wait/Stay
  240. Violent Offender Registry
  241. The Rage Came Out .... Whoa...
  242. Anger Management?
  243. your man's a VO, are you ok with that?
  244. Is his VO against a woman?
  245. Questionnaire - Is this his first VO?
  246. What kind of employment can he look forward to?
  247. I Was A Violent Offender
  248. Does your family accept your Violent Offender?
  249. This is going to sound stupid, he was charged with burglary and now is a VO.
  250. Does your VO take meds to control his temper?