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  1. I have a question about Parole
  2. Does any type of murder count as a violent offense?
  3. Happy 4th of July, Freeedom Cafe!!!
  4. Hot days at the Freedom Cafe!
  5. new and need some advice-will marrying a violent offender hurt my future career ?
  6. Discussing your feelings with your Violent Offender
  7. violent offender-daughters cousin was kidnapped in nov 07
  8. Was the victim "innocent"?
  9. i can't believe he's a violent offender...i thought i knew him better than that.
  10. Do you think someone who was violent towards their mate can change?
  11. Violent offense override
  12. help he going to get a 5 flat in new york
  13. Confused-how do I deal with the horrible remarks from family?
  14. What do you tell your kids about your loved one's violent offense?
  15. I'm back!!
  16. Should I be here? Confused about the violent offense charge.
  17. In love with a murderer
  18. Would Eminem be considered a Violent Offender?
  19. How do I handle this situation? Inappropriate remarks from a colleague
  20. Your Violent Offender and Anger
  21. Why am I not worried that he'll be violent with me?
  22. Hope for change? Worried about going in deeper
  23. Was/Is your violent offender's case highly publicized? i.e. television, newspapers
  24. More "good time" for VO's with Obama?
  25. Does your VO have goals that maybe hard to attain?
  26. How can I get the Court Documents?
  27. Does your violent offender have remorse?
  28. My Husband Was Charged With Aggravated Vehicular Homicide
  29. April is abuse awareness month please read
  30. What about the "Violent" Offenders?
  31. My VO is coming home.
  32. Success with Violent Offenders Getting Parole
  33. Jesus loves all of us the same. Can YOU feel the same way?
  34. A question about the early release?
  35. Questions- first violent crime and he wants help for his addictions.
  36. My ex is a Violent Offender & I am having trouble letting him go
  37. Loving a Violent Offender Staff Intro
  38. MWI: what do your friends think of your VO?
  39. Do you get scared he will be more violent upon release?
  40. Are there any signs that a VO will be violent again?
  41. How to discuss his violent crime?
  42. Question about Section 8 Housing and marrying a VO
  43. Will my daughter be housed with other violent offenders?
  44. Do you know anyone serving for attempted murder?
  45. How did your loved one come to be a VO?
  46. Do you get contact visits with your VO?
  47. Are you worried about your VO coming home?
  48. Where did the Freedom Cafe chit-chat thread go?
  49. I spent 14 yrs in prison -- not everybody commits another crime
  50. Do you find that you're judged for your loved one's violent offense?
  51. Was your loved one's violent offence out of character?
  52. A question to all you ladies/Are you ever afraid of him?
  53. VO's/Gang violence - Is your man still caught up?
  54. Is my fiance considered V.O.?
  55. Personal Opinions about violence
  56. Do any vo's get family visits?
  57. Homicide charges, has anyone been through this?
  58. Do you ever think of leaving family members behind who were predatory?
  59. My Family Told Me to choose Him Or Them
  60. New . . .
  61. Court Documents causing doubts...
  62. Help me in Educating the Public
  63. Need experience and advice about doing a packet for a VO
  64. sexually violent predator?
  65. how to respond? He wants to tell me things
  66. Frustrated with people not believing me
  67. Convicted - How did all of you get throught this?
  68. violent offence will he serve 50% if not 3g
  69. he got in trouble, i got mad so he ended it
  70. violent offenders do change
  71. I have yet let him go...
  72. Society’s Mixed Signals To Violent Offenders
  73. Is there hope?
  74. He Assaulted a CO
  75. Insensitive comments/guilt
  76. He doesn't know I love him
  77. Eye Witness to his crime
  78. Do you ever worry he'll commit another VO?
  79. When does the violence stop
  80. Worried that he may turn violent toward you?
  81. Husband took an alford plea to vo
  82. Ok I'm in my goofy mood/Do you think his bad boy persona is sexy?
  83. New to PTO & want to get to know others who love a VO
  84. What does your family say?
  85. Aggravated battery???
  86. Do You Think they should Re-evaluate the term Violent Offender?
  87. So lost right now.
  88. Do you love someone that hurt YOU?
  89. Everyone thinks Im Crazy
  90. Do violent offenders get family visits in the state of california?
  91. Murder: Do u ever have flashbacks of the night it happened?
  92. Are your friends supportive? New to PTO
  93. Here we go again
  94. Robbery 2 as non-violent?
  95. New here, just found out his classification yesterday of violent offender
  96. The beginning......I need help
  97. Violent offenders and good time
  98. Going to visit my husband tomorrow. It's our first contact visit in 3mo!
  99. To trust.... Or not.
  100. New... Confused.... Given Forgiveness... Now What????
  101. Marrying a cold-blooded murderer, but I love him
  102. Have you started a new relationship while your guy has been lockd up?
  103. Loving the man that stabbed me
  104. Family's harsh judgement
  105. Are burglary charges considered violent??
  106. He knows just what to say
  107. How do you deal with temptation while he's away?
  108. Should he know who his Counselor is?
  109. 1 violent action doesnt change my love
  110. Is it wierd to love him?
  111. How you met your love
  112. What do youu do when your man's a liar
  113. Getting strong
  114. I'm A survivor yet I feel so weak
  115. Why stress me out???
  116. Not even close to violent ! ''/
  117. Nightmares just won't go away
  118. Can you be with someone who doesn't trust you completely?
  119. Single mother dating a violent offender who is not their father
  120. Is it possible to love two people?
  121. Hello everyone
  122. How do you cope with them being violent offenders?
  123. What would you do if you were in love with an inmate and a free man?
  124. Not sure what to do --- he cheated but says he wants to be with me.
  125. Sacifices us WOMEN MAKE..READ PLEASE.
  126. Miss the hubby dominique martin
  127. Help me Please! Can I visit if there is a restraining order?
  128. what to do? Should I stay with him or move on?
  129. Being away from him
  130. New to this forum, loving a VO.
  131. Help he has asked me to lie to help him help himself
  132. Violent offenders can change....
  133. Im new here
  134. Will he get out on parole?
  135. Trial and Sentencing was today
  136. Living with that guilt
  137. Tired of the drama
  138. Babymama Drama? They STILL doing that?
  139. Am i a bad person whos wrong or right
  140. Dont you hate being accused of doing things ladies!!
  141. Marriage/Visiting need info
  142. Does it get eaiser
  143. X Co loving a violent offender
  144. It's finally here,his trial is tomorrow.
  145. mybbits almost home.....yeay
  146. Am I wrong ?!
  147. Call me crazy
  148. Why cheat?
  149. Did anybody get married in prison ?!
  150. Some of my story </3
  151. Do you know all the details of his crime?
  152. In love with a violent man....
  153. Single mom - parents disapprove - PLEASE help
  154. Inmate Serving time for Domestic Violence against someone else
  155. I've just come to realize/ believe my lo is violent
  156. My fiances first offence
  157. Have you ever tortured yourself going over the past?
  158. Lost and confused
  159. So lost
  160. Marriage while still in prison
  161. Fell for him since childhood
  162. Wondering......but I don't know what for.........
  163. Parole for violent female offenders
  164. SCARED His Appeal MIGHT Be A Reality...
  165. Visiting Approval at CIM
  166. Torn between your lover and your family
  167. Feeling overwhelmed..
  168. They call it intimate partner violence...
  169. Just Wondering...
  170. Love Lock Down
  171. Does anyone ever have doubts???
  172. Baggage from the past?!
  173. Because of his Domestic violence charge!
  174. For those with LO convicted of murder
  175. Hi there! Moderator frostwoman1954 Intro
  176. Loving violent offender and actually admitting it?
  177. Im new to this my story
  178. When violence is not an option
  179. What is it like loving a man in prison for violent crime?
  180. Doing time for Murder, what was their sentence?
  181. Was is it that attracts you to your love?
  182. Did circumstances play a part in your LO's crime?
  183. Confused trying to charge husband 20 years, he was trying to protect me!
  184. So frustrated! Friend thinks I should find someone other than my lwop bf
  185. Having a hard time...
  186. Worried by what I learned about His Past!
  187. Trial next month :( (vent post)
  188. Do you have concerns his violence will be toward you?
  189. Anger management
  190. This year will hit the half mark
  191. Coming home what to expect for someone who was a violent offender
  192. What's the best job your SO has been able to get?
  193. Gut level response to the details vs the man I know
  194. Dating A Robber
  195. PTO Xmas Newsletter
  196. Only violent when high
  197. How to deal with negativity concerning relationship w/violent offender?
  198. Anyone have any experience with murder induced by antidepressants?
  199. I am still so angry at him
  200. Violent offender and court officer, Will it effect my chances of employment
  201. Can his background negatively affect me?
  202. Anyone's violent offender received a sentence reduction / early release?
  203. Those whose L.O. Is in for Murder and MWI
  204. What are Supermax visits like?
  205. 2nd degree attempted murder sentence
  206. New relationship, DV charges, should I stay?